The Me and Music Tag

The Me and Music Tag

Hello my BAYOG luvs~ Today’s a tag post! It’s always fun to get tagged in these things because it’s like, “AWW! They thought of me?!~” Although I’m pretty bad at doing these because I always tell myself I’ll do them later, but end up forgetting to do them… My bad friends… Anyway, my lovely friend Rise from [Phoenix Talks Pop Culture] was kind enough to tag me for The Music and Me Tag!~ This one looked like alot of fun and very me! So I was super excited. If y’all did notice by now… I really, really, reallllyyyy love music. I love singing, writing lyrics, playing my ukulele, and listening to music! I’m not kidding when I say I’m ALWAYS listening to music. I also love exploring and finding new artists and tracks, and sharing music I like~ I can talk about music for ages too! As you can tell with my BAYOG Playlists, I also love making playlists. Part of it is stress relief, but also… sometimes I’m in a certain mood for a specific type of music, mood, or vibe~ I have a playlist for EVERYTHING~

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Me all day, everyday.

My music library consists mostly of Korean, Japanese, Thai, and Chinese music. I honestly enjoy a wide variety of genres. The bulk of my library is probably Korean R&B/Hip-Hop and K-Pop though. While I enjoy alot of different genres, my preferences tend to lean more towards R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop, and Rock. Again… I really love music and could talk about it for ages. I also don’t have just one or two favorites. It’s hard for me to pick between songs… So yeah, this is going to be a long one haha~ But I hope maybe you find some tracks that you might recognize, or maybe you’ll find new tracks and artists you’ll like. So let’s goooo~


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(2) For every prompt you choose to do, name 1-5 songs (you can use Sophie’s graphics).
(3) Have fun and play your music LOUD!

Home Town Glory

  • Songs that remind you of home

I basically have two home towns: Miami (South Florida in general) and Bangkok (Thailand).

I was born in Miami, and grew up all over South Florida. I spent alot of my younger years in Miami; Particularly in South Beach. My grandma used to live there and she and some of my other relatives had restaurants there. We were one of the first Thai restaurants in South Beach~ So when I was younger I’d run off and get lost. Of course everyone knew where to return me lol I think Will Smith’s “Miami” is basically the first song anyone thinks of when they think of Miami so voila. Also, I remember always walking along those exact locations on Collins Avenue and Ocean Drive. So it’s a bit nostalgic.

So if you didn’t know, I’m Thai. Both my parents are from Thailand. I used to spend every summer in Thailand. I have relatives all over Thailand, but spend most of my time at my grandparents’ in Bangkok. Even when I hadn’t been back in Thailand for several years, it still feels like home to me when I go back. “Open Happiness” was like a campaign song for Coca-Cola ages ago. Each country had it’s own spin to it. The [main version] had Brendon Urie, Cee-lo Green, Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy), Janelle Monae, and Travis McCoy. The [Korean version] was by 2PM (AYYY NICHKHUN)~ The [Japanese version] by Monkey Majik was good too~ I loved the Thai version because of the use Thai instruments to add Thai flair to it~ Plus there’s alot of other cute Thai characteristics in the MV, the people, and location~ It always makes me happy and feel like “AYYY~ It showed a part of my culture~” Ahhh… I’m feeling homesick now~

It’s a Love Story

  • your favorite songs about love

Ahhh I love love songs~ Oddly enough though, I tend to listen to and enjoy more heartbreak tracks haha. Anyway, I have too many favorite love songs lol But here are some of my faves from the top of my head that remind me that I’m forever alone:

Jukjae X HYUK| [동백꽃(Camellia)]

동백꽃(Camellia) by Jukjae and HYUK!~ AHH~ The song and the MV is just super sweet. It’s a beautiful and sweet love story and makes me cry~ Like I said in my [Music Monday post], it’s a sweet and beautiful ballad about a love that’s true, eternal, and heartfelt.

방탄소년단 BTS| [Trivia 承: Love (RM Solo)]

Y’all know I’m BTS trash heheheh~ But on a serious note, I really like this B-side track. It’s a solo by Namjoon (RM). This is one of the instances where I’m more drawn to the song because of it’s lyrics. The lyrics for “Trivia 承: Love” are really cleaver and make you think. It talks about how love can be small and gradual things that you might not even notice. They’re things that we’re used to and just feel as natural as the moon rising after the sun. I don’t know, I just like the idea that love doesn’t have to be something grandiose. Rather, the small things can make it really special. Also, like I said the lyrics are clever. So honestly, I recommend checking out the full translations and notes from [Genius]. For example it makes alot of references to 사람/Saram (person) and 사랑/sarang(love), and plays on how they look and sound similar. It’s a clever idea of wordplay that also demonstrates how love can really change a person~

LambC| [Fallin’]

I love LambC. I definitely recommend checking out his tracks if you’re looking into an indie artist. Anyway, as I mentioned in my [Music Monday post] I really love “Fallin'”. It perfectly captures that sweet, exciting, and happy feeling of when you’re falling for someone~

Cocktail| [คู่ชีวิต]

Again, I’m Thai~ I always listened to Thai music because it helped me feel more connected to my Thai culture. Plus, it really helped my Thai language skills too~ “คู่ชีวิต”, or “Soulmate”, is a song by a Thai rock band called Cocktail. The song is really beautiful and sweet. The lyrics get me every time. It’s one of those songs I’d like to have at my wedding if I ever get married lolol Ohm, the lead singer, actually wrote this song for his wife and performed it at [their wedding]. It’s a super popular song and there’s also a [different version] (by two different artists) for some lakorn (Thai drama) OST. A few years ago, I also wrote and sang an [English version] myself~ I finished writing it as a [wedding gift] to my uncle and his wife. They actually dead ass made me perform it at the wedding at the last minute. I mean they told me during my layover in Korea. Y’all I was literally going to the wedding right after I landed. So if you’re too lazy to read subtitles you can check out my version cuz I specifically write my English covers to be as close to the original as possible. Shameless plug… I know, but I like sharing Thai music and that’s the point of my covers~

Epik High| [Map the Soul [Worldwide Version] (Feat. Kero One & MYK)]

This one is gonna be the odd one. Epik High released a track called “Map the Soul”. It had a Korean version and a Worldwide version that was all in English. The Worldwide version had Tablo’s verse and featured verses from MYK (aka SALTNPAPER) and Kero One. I liked the Worldwide version as it explored the different ideas of love. It looks into the romantic relationship kind of love that we would expect in MYK’s verse and part of Tablo’s verse. However, it also explores love in the form of Mother Nature and birth in Tablo’s verse. Kero One’s verse looks into love in the form of religion and his love for God. It’s reminds us that there are different forms of love, and love can be different for all of us.

Might I suggest checking out my [Lovely & Sweet Vibes BAYOG Playlist] if you want to check out some of my other favorites~

Shut Up and Dance

  • Songs you have to dance to

AHH! AGAIN! SO MANY FUN SONGS THAT MAKE ME DANCE! lol I literally can’t sit still when I hear some of these songs haha~ Especially if it has a super fun choreography~ I love watching choreo, even if I can’t dance to save my life…

Jay Park| [All I Wanna Do (K) (Feat. Hoody & Loco)]

I just really love the beat and choreo for this track~ Jay Park has alot of fun songs that make you want to dance. Cha Cha Malone just produces great music haha.

2NE1| [내가 제일 잘 나가 (I Am the Best)]

Second gen K-Pop just had alot of good bops to dance to~ I have fun memories of dancing to this track with friends for a school performance lol 2NE1 basically made the girl crush concept a standard in K-Pop. Before K-Pop cemented it’s mainstream status in the western market with groups like BTS and Blackpink, 2NE1 was helping K-Pop make waves on the international and western market. “I Am The Best” is one of the songs that quickly caught attention and became popular with the international crowd. It was even used in a Microsoft ad. It’s one of the tracks that helped popularize K-Pop international, and was a stepping stone in helping later K-Pop groups cement K-Pop’s mainstream popularity in the western market. Also, this track was produced by Teddy of 1TYM. If you didn’t know 1TYM is my OG favorite Korean group and what got me into Korean music. Teddy basically produced most of the big hits from YG artists too (Big Bang, 2NE1, Blackpink, iKON, Winner, etc) thatare also legendary hits in K-Pop history.


I love MAMAMOO~ “HIP” is such a fun song too~ They’re one of my favorite female artists and third generation idol groups. This track is just really fun and just exudes confidence and boss energy.

Again, I have a playlist for this too lolol Go check out my [Feelin’ So Energetic BAYOG Playlist] I have alot of songs that make me wanna dance hehe~ This doubled as my workout playlist. Cuz I don’t like exercising, but I like to dance (or my pathetic attempts at it anyway). My [K-Pop Deep House/Tropical House/Moombahton BAYOG Playlist] would be my other playlist with alot of my dance tracks.

If this was a movie

  • Songs from movies/tv/broadway

Did you know that [Goblin] is my favorite drama and also has my favorite soundtrack? The drama and soundtrack are masterpieces~ I love the whole soundtrack. However, I really, really, really love the tracks from Crush, Ailee, and Sam Kim the most~

Crush| [Beautiful]

Crush is one of my favorite artists ever. He’s also one of my favorite KRNB artists. This song is just really sweet and beautiful. Also, listen to it while watching the snow fall or watching flower petals fall. It makes the moment really feel like you’re in a movie or drama~

Ailee| [첫눈처럼 너에게 가겠다 (I Will Go To You Like the First Snow]

I love Ailee~ She has such lovely vocals. She’s known for having powerhouse vocals, but she sings ballads so beautifully and with alot of emotion as well. I always feel like crying when I listen to her sing this cuz you can just really feel everything. Also a hella sad song, but nice to listen to when you watch the snow falling down.

Sam Kim| [Who Are You]

Sam Kim is definitely one of my favorite artists. I love his sound and his voice. He’s got alot of soul in his voice, but his voice is also really soothing to listen to.

Yes, I actually did have a playlist of some of my favorite OST tracks!~ Here are some of my other favorite OST tracks~

Comfort crowd

  • Songs that make you feel calm

I feel calm listening to soft and chill R&B, chill-hop, and lo-fi tracks~ I just find them super chill and relaxing. I mostly listen to Korean tracks. Alot of them are indie or underground artists. The bulk of my current Japanese music library falls under this category too. However, like 90-95% is definitely Korean tracks lol Usually it’s Colde and offonoff (which Colde is the vocalist of too). Also alot of underground kind of KRNB artists like Jimmy Brown, slchld, jeebanoff, Rheehab, Dept, and Seo actor. Sometimes I just listen to plain ol’ chill-hop and lo-fi beats, or instrumentals too though~ I’d recommend [Sweet William] if you want chill, nice, and relaxing beats.

Colde| [Your Dog Loves You (Feat. Crush)]

This is one of my favorite tracks of all time~ It’s a chill and sweet bossanova type R&B track. Colde AND Crush? My two favorite K-R&B artists collabing? This whole track was perfect. I love how chill and sweet it is. Plus it’s really cute and sweet. It’s about how pets love us unconditionally, and the sweet moments and love we have with our beloved pets. Also, look at these puppiessss~~

offonoff| [Photograph]

This is also one of my top favorite songs and KRNB songs. I love offonoff. They’re a duo group consisting of Colde and 0channel. It’s just another sweet and chill track to listen to. I think this is actually one of my most listened to tracks on Spotify… for 3 years in a row too haha. It’s just a really chill track, and it’s a perfect nighttime listening track. I also find that it’s like a track that feels makes you feel like you’re in a movie or drama as well.

Yes, I had a playlist specifically for this mood too lolol My other playlist I listen to when I want to just chill and relax is my [BAYOG Lounge playlist]. Sometimes I just wanna feel like I’m listening to chill R&B, soul, blues, and jazz vibes while drinking a cocktail or something~ It’s actually probably one of my main playlists that I constantly listen to.

Always remember us this way

  • Songs that remind you of your childhood.

Daft Punk| [Digital Love]

Daft Punk was one of my favorite artists when I was growing up. Like I mentioned in a [previous post before], I really loved their Discovery album. I specifically remember being at my grandparents’ house in Bangkok during the summer. “Digital Love”, “One More Time”, and “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” would always come up on MTV and Channel V. I was really drawn to the music videos since it was basically an anime. Those 3 tracks are my favorite, but I remember “Digital Love” being the first one that I watched. I remember instantly loving the song and getting it stuck in my head. When summer break was over, I went back to the States. I remember going to the Toonami website and just constantly re-watching the videos~ As I get older, my memory gets pretty bad. But those are some of my most vivid memories, and they were definitely happy times~

The All-American Rejects| [Move Along]

I’ve always really loved rock music. Especially when I was younger. During my middle and high school days I listened to alot of All-American Rejects, Simple Plan, and Fall Out Boy. I was one of those kids that always hung out at Hot Topic with my friends. My sister and I definitely listened to aloooot of All-American Rejects. To this day, we’ll still play and sing those songs from back then. We always sing 2-3 of their songs when we go to a karaoke room in Bangkok haha~ For some reason “Move Along” and “Swing Swing” are always our go-to songs haha.

Let’s Get Down To Business

  • Songs that motivate you

방탄소년단 BTS| [Not Today]

Of course I’d have a BTS track. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of “rough”, “loud”, and “noisy” kind of tracks. However, this really grew on me. Part of it was the choreo. However, the big part was the lyrics. It’s a track that talks about the pressures, trials, and tribulation we go through. But don’t give up. It tells you to not give up, say “Not Today”, and to keep going.

Epik High| [Fly (Feat. Amin. J of Soulciety)]

Epik High is one of my all time favorite artists. This song made Epik High a mainstream success. It’s one of their first songs I listened to back in the day and when I first got into Korean music. It’s a comforting and encouraging song that acknowledges how hard and tiring things may be, but also reminds you that “You can fly!” and “You can fly higher!” On a fun note, this song actually inspired Yoongi (Suga) and Namjoon (RM) of BTS to become rappers~

Bodyslam| [เรือเล็กควรออกจากฝั่ง]

Bodyslam is one of my other favorite bands. They’re probably my top favorite Thai band. Again, I’m a big rock fan. When it comes to Thai music, I definitely lean more towards rock. I’ve been listening to them since middle and high school. They have alot of great songs. I love their sound, but it’s also their lyrics. It’s really relatable, comforting, and motivational. This particular song is called “เรือเล็กควรออกจากฝั่ง”, or “The Small Boat Departing From the Shore”. It compares one’s struggle to a small ship that departs the shore and faces a storm. Despite the anxiety, trials, and uncertainty ahead, he’ll go out and face the storm to go after what’s beyond the horizon.

Bodyslam| [dharmajāti (ดัม-มะ-ชา-ติ)]

“dharmajāti” is another track by Bodyslam. It means “nature” in Sanskrit. Thailand is predominantly Buddhist and historically has influences from India. This song is about the struggles and trials we go through. The scars that we may receive in this cruel world and life. However, it’s something to learn from and can make us stronger. Honestly, Bodyslam has alot of great motivational tracks like this. If you’re interested in more Bodyslam tracks, Thai music, or Thai rock… I recommend: [ใคร คือ เรา (“Who Are We?”)] , [แสงสุดท้าย (“Last Light”)] (**There’s the [original version], and a more unplugged version), and [ความเชื่อ (“Belief”)].

I actually had a BAYOG Playlist in the works for this. It’s incomplete, but these Korean and Japanese songs give me comfort and motivation~

Old Town Road

  • Songs from the past (like really old ones) that you love

How old is “like really old”? lol Is 15-20 something years okay? Or we talking about HELLLAAAAAAAA old? lol

Utada Hikaru| [First Love]

I’m a big fan of [Utada Hikaru], even from before her contributions to the Kingdom Hearts games. “First Love” is a classic. I feel like it’s one of her most well known tracks. This track came out back in 1999, y’all. So I was like 9 years old. I vaguely remember seeing the music video on TV when I was in Thailand as well. It’s just a beautifully bittersweet song. Also, it’s my favorite Japanese song to [karaoke to]~

Utada Hikaru| [SAKURAドロップス]

“Sakura Drops” is one of my favorite old school tracks from Utada~ It came out in 2002. Again, I vividly remember watching the MV late at night on Channel V when I was in Thailand. I just thought the song was pretty, the video was interesting, and Utada looked so pretty~ It’s one of my favorite classic Utada and J-Pop songs~


[1TYM] was like the first group that got me into Korean music. This is one of their earliest songs. I just really love that old school R&B/Hip-Hop sound. This track came out back in 2000.

Jay Chou| [七里香]

Before I got into Korean music, I was really into Mandopop. Again, MTV and Channel V in Asia were already sharing music and videos from many other different countries. C-Pop was huge in Thailand before the Hallyu wave. I’m Thai-Chinese on my dad’s side, so I originally got into C-Pop to learn more about that side of my heritage. Jay Chou was one of my favorite artists. “七里香/Qi Li Xiang”, or “Common Jasmine Orange”, was (still is) one of my favorite C-Pop/Mandopop tracks. It came out in 2004. It’s still my favorite Mandopop track. I love Zhong Guo Feng (中國風), or tracks that have that traditional element to it. I find these kinds of fusion songs to be so pretty. QLX is probably the one to really spark my interest and love of Zhong Guo Feng tracks. [“東風破/Dong Feng Po”] (“East Wind Breaks”) is probably my second favorite classic Zhong Guo Feng track from Jay Chou.

But if we’re talking about like… really, really old songs… Teresa Teng songs. My top two are “月亮代表我的心/Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo de Xin” and “甜蜜蜜/Tian Mi Mi”. Teresa Teng’s version of “月亮代表我的心/Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo de Xin” came out in 1977. “甜蜜蜜/Tian Mi Mi” came out in 1979. 2 very classic and very famous Chinese songs. Also I my favorites to sing and play on the ukulele~ My Chinese friends and I always have to sing these at karaoke too lol

Cry with you

  • Songs to make you cry and cry

Oh. I have alot of these. Basically anything on my [Airbag playlist]. So basically I have a playlist of songs that I can relate to and gives me comfort. The idea is that it’s a playlist that helps act as an airbag when I’m really down and struggling.

“When I’m all cried out, thank God that there are books, films, and songs to do the job for me.

Tablo (Daniel Armand Lee/Lee Seon Woong) of Epik High | Blonote: pg 134

I think about this alot, and it’s quite true. So in the times I can’t express myself and feel to tired to even cry anymore, these are the songs that do it for me.

Tablo| [Airbag (Feat. Naul)]

Tablo’s “Airbag” is precisely where I got the name and idea of my playlist. Sometimes this great sadness is inevitable. If feels like you’re going to be slammed into it, and you wished you had an airbag to soften the blow. This is one of my top two songs I listen to when I have a really hard time.

Epik High| [Run]

This song is the other song I always listen to when I’m having a hard time. It’s a song that also got me through one of the hardest times in my life. I just really felt those lyrics. Sometimes you just want to run away. Sometimes you run, but it feels like you’re going nowhere. Yet, it’s all so frustrating and difficult so all you can do is keep running. I have a personal story with this. Back in 2010, my sister was in a freak accident. She basically got hit by a car at school. She lost her leg and became an amputee. It was a really tough time. My family is close. My sister and I are especially close. Given the circumstances of the accident and the fact that it was at a private Catholic school, it really blew up all over the news. I literally had to do a press conference for my family. It was hard seeing my sister go though something traumatic and suffer. We were also under alot of stress. We were hounded by the press and people trying to get close to us for information or clout. We already had other difficult circumstances as well. So it was a really tough time. But this song and the video gave us strength and comfort. My sis and I are both big Epik High fans. We both loved the song because we could relate. But it was also even more special because the video’s story shows an amputee running forward. I cried alot whenever I’d listen to this song.

방탄소년단 BTS| [Blue & Grey]

This is another track that really resonated with me. Sometimes you can’t help but feel “blue and grey”, overcome with sadness and anxiety. It’s difficult, and you just want to be happy. Yet you feel perpetually stuck, unsure, crushed by everything, and in pain. The sound of the heartbeat throughout the track also makes it hit even harder. It adds a comforting human touch. Yet also reminds us that despite how painful and difficult things are, our hearts are still beating. We’re still alive.

DAY6| [All Alone(혼자야)]

This track from Day6 also hits hard for me. There are times we put up a front and try to appear strong. We say that we’re okay, and that we’re not lonely or anything. We try to believe we’re alright. But it’s human to feel weak and lonely. It’s natural to want to have someone by your side and to comfort and be there with you. I get this because sometimes I’m just overcome with an overwhelming sense of loneliness, anxiety, and frustration late at night for no reason.

I think I’m in love

  • Your latest musical obsessions

OOH. I have alot of latest musical obsessions. Lately I’ve been into alot of tracks from SOLE and LambC. But there are some various tracks that I’ve been listening to alot. These are probably the ones I’ve had on repeat the most lately.

SOLE| [음음 (Mm Mm)]

I love Sole’s voice and music. This track is exactly my type of track too. It’s chill, sweet, and fun. It’s a great chill KRNB track. It’s just really pretty, relaxing, and fun to listen to~

Jeong Hyo Bean| [Starlight]

Again, I really love soft, chill, lo-fi kind of KRNB tracks. This is another track where I was like, “WAAAH! This is totally my style!” It’s just got this relaxing, chill, and dreamy feel and sound to it. It’s actually what finally pushed me to watch the Run On drama.

Wonstein| [X (Butterfly)]

Again, I’d say my favorite music preference would be chill RNB, hip-hop, and soul tracks. I actually listen to these kinds of Korean tracks more than K-Pop idol music. I stumbled on this track by Wonstein by chance. I never heard of him before, but I love the chill vibe of the track. I’ve had it on repeat alot and just like vibing to it.

Shin Sakiura| [このまま夢で (Feat. AAAMYYY)]

I tend to listen to alot of chill R&B and soul when it comes to Japanese music. Lately, I’ve been super obsessed with this track from Shin Sakiura that features AAAMYYY~ It’s such a chill and relaxing track. Paired with AAAMYYY’s soothing vocals…ugh it’s just great~

eill| [Spotlight]

I love eill~ She’s like one of my favorite Japanese female soloists right now~ I honestly don’t listen to as much Japanese music as I used to back in the early 2000’s. But eill was a great find and prompted me to search for more Japanese R&B tracks and artists.

Honestly, I have a playlist for my current music obsession~ I’m always on the look out for great new songs and artists~ Anyway here’s my BAYOG Radio rotational playlist that’ll have whatever tracks I’ve really been into lately~

Writer in the dark

  • favorite lyrics from songs

I have alot of favorite lyrics. But my top favorites are basically anything from Epik High and Tablo. While I love the sound and vibes of a song, I feel like lyrics are what makes a song really special to me. Good lyrics can move me, make an impression, and just make it very memorable for me. I just like contemplating the lyrics. Some of them can be such profound and beautiful thoughts and poetry. Sometimes it’s interesting at how thought provoking it can be. I also just love lyrics that feel very relatable and/or convey a message. Fun lyrics are fun, and I do like them. But again, it’s the thought provoking and profound lyrics that helps engrave a song into the heart for me.


My life is a rainy night that rains 365 days.
Heart that gets smaller in every 24 hours.

TABLO| [밑바닥에서 (TRY) (Feat. Bumkey)] | Translation: POPGASA

That this small room and this low ceiling is the sky
That I am your umbrella and the rain

EPIK HIGH| [빈차 (HOME IS FAR AWAY) (Feat. 오혁 of HYUKOH)] Translation: Epik High

As I stand all alone in the rain,
I realize that if you don’t grow,
Even growing pains are nothing but pain.


Do you get lonely?
Sick with anxiety?
Can’t trust nobody?
Same here.

Well I’m here.


I might not be the one
Could you settle for half?


They say time flies, but you keep breaking it’s wings


Want a break from the world but the world wanna break you
The weight makes your back bone curl up and ache you


You ain’t missin’ nobody
You’re missin’ a heart


Blame it on terror. Computer error
The east and west coast and the post-consumer era
The mayor, the president. the air, the elements
Whatever’s relevant but never look in to your mirror
What you want, what you need is to be blameless
Don’t blame the DJ, it’s the playlist
Cause blame is a slutty word
Ex-planation, ex-ecution, ex-cuse share the same ‘ex’

방탄소년단 BTS| [EPIPHANY (JIN’S SOLO)| Translation: Genius

I’m the one I should love in this world
Shining me, precious soul of mine
I finally realized so I love me
Not so perfect but so beautiful
I’m the one I should love

Sign of the times

  • Song in the charts that you love

Not gonna lie… I don’t even know what’s charting. I don’t even listen to the radio, let alone follow the charts. I’m just always listening to whatever I find on my random music rabbit hole adventures on YouTube and Spotify… Also as weird as it sounds, I actually don’t listen to alot of western music cuz of it lol Cuz I’m just always listening to songs from artists I follow…which happen to mostly be: Korean, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, and Taiwanese… lol So I looked up the charts in Thailand… cuz I think I already posted alot of Korean jams lol This counts, right?

F.HERO x Tilly Birds| [จำเก่ง (Slipped Your Mind) (Prod. By Billy & Ohm Cocktail)]

Tilly Birds is one of my favorite alternative/rock bands in Thailand. I really liked this track when it dropped. I was actually working on an English cover of it too~

More than a memory

  • Songs you have specific memories attached toTell us the memory.

ToR+ Saksit| [รักเธอ]

This is a cute love song that uses the melody from the piano to say, “I love you”. So once upon a time when I was like a freshman or something, I had to do volunteer work for service hours. I ended up volunteering for some event at some public school (I went to private school). There was a group of somewhat older kids there who kept staring at me. One of them was an Asian guy. They kept staring at me and whispering and laughing to their selves. Eventually they came over, with a red-headed girl pushing the Asian guy in front of me. “Hey, he wants to know where you’re from!” Long story short dude ended up being Thai too. He was a foreign exchange student. So we chatted, and his friends seemed excited for him? Ended up exchanging contact info for MSN messenger. He and I messaged each other for a while during his short time in the exchange program. I thought he was probably hitting on me, but wasn’t sure. Cuz I know nothing about this stuff, especially back then. I just assumed I was overthinking it. Cuz I genuinely didn’t think I was cute enough to catch any attention from boys. One day dude sent me this song…cuz yeah, I realized he was hitting on me. It was cute though. We didn’t end up dating or anything, but I think confessions with cute songs are adorable. Plus it was the first time someone was interested in me and did something like that. So now I just automatically associate this song with that.


I know. Everyone hates this song now and finds it annoying. It was great at first cuz it helped bring mainstream attention to K-Pop and broke several records. But it was definitely overplayed… aloooot. Still, this song makes me think of some college memories. I [performed it for a school event] many years ago. But so did like 10 other groups at the time lmao. I was actually added in last minute. They told me to learn it the night before. Also…I have stage fright LMAO. But I didn’t do too terribly? Funnily enough, my picture was taken and put in the local Asian-American magazine… My parents were like WTF. It was weird going to stores and seeing my face on a magazine lolol I also had friends who did the [UCF parody] of it. They had me appear in the video a few times. I regret wearing heels… It was all a bit embarrassing and somewhat like my dark history… Yet at the same time, they’re still fun memories of times I spent with friends in college.

Sing to me instead

  • Those songs you have to sing to

Utada Hikaru| [] / [Simple and Clean]

Again, I love Utada. I will always sing both the Japanese and English versions if I hear it. Also I don’t know anyone who doesn’t break out singing when they hear “光” or “Simple and Clean” from Kingdom Hearts. It’s hard to sing cuz of the key and highnotes… but [I still sing it hehe].

Girls’ Generation 소녀시대| [Gee]

Again, I’ve been a K-Pop stan since the early 2000s. I was mainly active during the 2nd gen idol era. SNSD is one of my OG favorite groups. I’m forever a SONE. This song is cringey now, but it was still a fun song. It’s also the only song I could do the whole choreo to LOLOL I have fond memories of singing and dancing this song with my friends in high school and college. I kid you not when I say I got like a room full of 20-30 of my friends to suddenly dance to this at my university. It is a bit cringey, but it’s still a fun song. Yes, I also always sing this at karaoke. Back in college we’d get up on the tables and seats as we sang and danced to it when we did noraebang (karaoke room).

I wasn’t expecting that

  • Songs you didn’t expect to love, but you do


I had to think about this cuz I couldn’t really think of anything. So I went through my playlists to see if it would trigger my memory. Yah. ITZY’s “Wannabe”! So I’m honestly chill when it comes to music. I like a wide variety of genres and languages. I can listen to just about anything. However, I do have to admit that I’m not a big fan of “loud”, “noisy” and “chaotic” type of tracks. Nothing wrong with ’em. They’re just not really my kind of tracks. I can listen to them, but I’m sure you can tell I lean more towards chill tracks. ITZY is one of those groups that’s signature sound is basically “loud” and “chaotic” for me. I wasn’t particularly fond of their tracks. So I didn’t think I’d like “Wannabe”, but it grew on me. It’s actually a pretty fun track. Plus that iconic choreo looks like fun~

Favourite record

  • Albums you can’t live without

I’ve got plenty of favorites. Nearly all the Epik High albums. sleepless in ________ is my favorite though. I just really connect to it emotionally. Other favorites would be Epik High’s [We’ve Done Something Wonderful] and Tablo’s [Fever’s End Part 1] and [Fever’s End Part 2]. I’d also like to throw in RM’s [mono.] and BTS’ [The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever]. Oh! And Agust D’s [D-2]. They all have songs that I just deeply relate to and are on my Airbag playlist.

Video Games

  • Name your favorite music videos

방탄소년단 BTS| [봄날 (Spring Day)]

Yes, I love BTS. “Spring Day” is one of my favorite songs. But I just really, really love the cinematography of this video? It’s basically like a movie and everything is just so beautifully shot. I just really like watching it to appreciate how beautifully shot it was.

Epik High| [Heaven + 따라해 (Wannabe)]

Epik High| [트로트 + High Technology]

I’m going to count these 2 videos as one giant music video. Epik High’s music videos for “Heaven” + “따라해 (Wannabe)” and “트로트 + High Technology” actually go together to make a crackhead parody of the movie [The Host]. It’s just completely ridiculous, and legitimately just a bunch of friends goofing off. This is the kind of shit you’d probably do with your friends haha. I stan [crackheads] apparently. It’s silly, but fun. 12 years later, and I still think of these videos.

Epik High| [빈차 (HOME IS FAR AWAY) (Feat. OHHYUK of HYUKOH]

I’ll also leave the MV for Epik High’s “빈차 (HOME IS FAR AWAY)”. I just really like the aesthetic and cinematography. I think it captures the emotions behind the song really well. You can see and feel that emotion of just being completely exhausted, wanting to break down, and feeling completely alone and out of place.

Utada Hikaru| [One Last Kiss]

Lately, I’ve been loving Utada Hikaru’s newly released “One Last Kiss”. I’ve been watching it non-stop since it dropped. I just love the simple, natural, and ordinary feeling the different casual shots give. It just makes it feel intimate and more special somehow. It makes you think of these casual, yet special and intimate moments and memories with people who care about. It also has some really aesthetically pleasing shots. The Utada’s latest contribution to the final Evangelion film. The video was directed by the SHIN EVANGELION Director Hideaki Anno. Due to COVID restrictions, it was shot without him directing the video shoot. Instead, he sent an email with the minimal tasks he wanted her to do. Utada then shot it around the outskirts of London with minimal staff help and using various devices like smartphones. They then sent the footage to Anno and his staff in Japan. Honestly, it came out really well~

LambC| [Fallin’]

Another one would be LambC’s [“Fallin'”], which I mentioned earlier. It’s like a mini-movie that’s sweet as it follows a high school couple (Ah~ Sweet, innocent love). And hilarious and full of action as you see the girl’s parents fight. Their son, who is a cop, gets involved. It’s really cute and funny when the whole family happens to stumble upon the girl on a date with her boyfriend, and as you see each family member’s reaction.

offonoff| [Photograph]

A bonus one would be offonoff’s “Photograph”, which I also mentioned earlier. Like Epik High’s “Home Is Far Away”, I love the aesthetic and cinematography. I just love how it fits the vibe of the song really well. It also makes me think of another quote from Tablo, “Photography teaches you that a second is a measure of eternity.”

Congratulations for making it to the end! LOL I know, I made it way longer than it should’ve been. I just really, really, reallllly love music. I love sharing music and talking about it, so I got a bit too excited haha~ Anyway, I’ll tag the following friends because I think it’d be interesting to see what’s on their lists~ Of course you’re not obligated to do this~ But you’re very welcome to if you’d like~

Anime Music Phone GIF - AnimeMusic Phone GIFs

Well, that’s it friends~ This was fun~ I know it seems like I just threw random stuff down, but I really did have a hard time choosing haha~ I love doing these tags~ I still have a couple to do, but I’m kind of trash cuz I forget. But I promise I’ll get to them! If anything, just remind me lol Anyway, if anyone is interested in more music I like or more of my playlists, you can check out our [BAYOG Playlists] or go directly to [my Spotify profile]. Like I said, I have a variety of playlists to suit different moods/vibes. You’ll find what I’m currently really into in my [BAYOG Radio Playlist]. My top favorite and main playlists would be: [BAYOG Lounge], [BAYOG Cafe/Coffee Shop], [Lovely & Sweet Vibes], [Chill, Relax, Vibe (っ˘ω˘ς )], [K-Pop Deep House/Tropical House/Moombahton], [Feelin’ So Energetic], and [Airbag]. Feel free to hit me up in the comments, my socials, or Discord if you ever want to talk about music or want recommendations~ I’m also happy to make a playlist for you if you’d like~ Anyway, that’s it!~ I hope you found some old favorites or new favorites~ Enjoy the tracks! Take care, stay safe, and have a wonderful day friends~

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