Webtoons|My Wish Came True — Novels Getting Manhwa Serializations

Webtoons|My Wish Came True — Novels Getting Manhwa Serializations

Hello my BAYOG luvs~ It’s Minty~ I’m back from my little hiatus! My family emergency was settled and everything is okies now!~ Thank you all for the kind messages and checking up on me. Also, a “THANK YOU!~” to our lovely friend and special guest, [Lauren] ( @cattastick )! She kindly volunteered to help cover the blog during my break~ Y’all make me feel so blessed to have such sweet friends!

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During my break I also took the time to relax and refresh myself since it’s been a while since I took an actual break. It felt weird not working on blog posts…lol Anyway, I admit taking a break throws me off. So I wasn’t sure what to write. Then I remembered I had been meaning to update you on my manhwa and novel reads!

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As y’all know, I read a [ton] of [manhwa] and Korean [novels]. There are alot of interesting series out there. I’ve mentioned how I get sad cuz I’ll find an interesting manhwa, only to find that’s it’s just a [promo one shot for a novel]. There are alot of those series and novels that I really wished would get full manhwa serializations.

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Well… my wishes have been granted! Several of them did in fact get a manhwa serialization, or at least will be getting one! Surprisingly nearly all of those promos and novels I listed did in fact get serialized, or at least in production stages. So let’s see which novels are getting manhwa serializations, shall we?~

상수리나무 아래

[Content/Trigger Warning: Mental abuse, ViolenceGaslighting]
Genre/Theme: Romance, Fantasy, Josei, Historical, SmutEcchi
Spicy Level: VERRRY Spicy/NSFW — It’s verrry spicy. Like “OH MYYYY” Thai Hot spicy level spicy. Like you probably need Lord Cheezus spicy.
Rage/Frustration Level: Mild? — It’s only mildly frustrating because of misunderstandings. A big part of it is the female protagonist’s very timid and naive personality. Although, it’s also understandable…considering how she was basically neglected and abused.
Webtoon Status: Released August 2020
Official English Version: [Manta Comics] January 2021

A flawless love story of the flawed.

Stuttering lady Maximilian is forced into a marriage with Sir Riftan, but he leaves on a campaign after their wedding night. 3 years later, he triumphantly returns, ready to cherish her. As life with her husband finally begins, she only has one question — does she deserve this love and happiness?

Synopsis: [Manta]

I previously talked about this in my [Under the Oak Tree post]. The webtoon came out back in August 2020 under Ridibooks. Max and Riftan are really sweet. It’s a cute and awkward love story of two people who are seen as flawed. I actually did read part of the original novel, and I did enjoy it. Unfortunately, WordExcerpt was unable to continue translations even after they went legit. So I’m really glad there’s a manhwa adaptation for me to see the story unfold. Honestly, I was surprised to see that this was picked up for a manhwa release. I didn’t expect one of the smut series from my list to be picked and receive a manhwa adaptation so quickly! lolol The manhwa is a bit spicy, but definitely less spicy than the smut in the novel. It’s cute though. The art is also really pretty! Max is really pretty, and Riftan is… goddamn sir! Though he is a bit rough and crass, but he’s a sweet guy. I will say that based on the illustrations, dude is HUUUUGE. I mean in stature, y’all. Like he’s 3 Max’s wide! But I mean, I guess my statement could also apply to the other thing too…lolol I’m not even sure how Max survived… lolol

The webtoon was officially released by Manta Comics was back in January 2021. I was really surprised that an official English release of the webtoon was picked up fairly quickly. I also talked about [Manta] a while back. Again it’s a new webtoon app from RIDI. I think they launched in November 2020? It’s great though since the Korean webtoon is originally published on Ridibooks! It’s great to able to directly support the author, artist, and publishers. Manta has also improved alot in such a short span of time. I was actually surprised that they actually contacted me very shortly after my post to ask for my opinions on how to improve the app. They actually did take it into account and I did see those changes were implemented! It was a pretty cool experience and they were super sweet, genuine, and a pleasure to talk with.

언니가 남자주인공을 주웠다

[Content/Trigger Warning: Abuse, Child Abuse, Violence]
Genre/Theme: Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo, Josei, Isekai, Reincarnation, Comedy, Supernatural
Spicy Level: Mild? — The sexual tension be strong with this one, but it’s on a more innocent level? Although grown up Nox be shirtless and in full ab glory for like the first 5 chapters…
Rage/Frustration Level: None really? — Other than the frustration of those tension moments. All the sexual tension from a seemingly clueless Nox should be illegal.
Webtoon Status: Released August 2020
Official English Version:
[Copin Comics] | November 2020

The female protagonist finds out she’s been reincarnated in a fantasy novel as a character named Amy. In the original novel, Amy and her sister, Diana, were seemingly minor side characters. The only importance they had was that Amy’s sister had fund and saved a small child in the forest. The child unfortunately had lost his memory, thus the Diana took him in and cared for him. Unbeknownst to them, the child was actually the male lead, a full grown man, who was suffering under a curse that turned him into a child at during the day. Diana is the first to show love and care to the male lead, thus becoming his first love. However, her fate is to die so that the male lead progresses in the novel’s plot.

To avoid the her sister’s original tragic fate, Amy takes it upon herself to take over the death flag and try to change the story. She successfully takes over the flag once she names the boy Nox. During the day, Nox is like a cute little puppy that’s attached to Amy. At night, she meets a grown and sociopathic Nox who’s more like a hungry wolf. It seems what Amy ended up with was a love flag.

A poorly made synopsis from me lolol

This is another series I previously talked about in my [My Sister Picked Up the Male Lead post]. The manhwa was released back in August 2020. This series was one of my favorite novels that I really enjoyed. Although I was sad that the fan translation was dropped. Still, it’s great that I can continue seeing the series unfold in manhwa form! It literally just caught up to were I left off in the novel too! I really liked the story and characters. Baby Nox is so sweet and adorable. Grown up Nox… he’s basically hot bishie who causes hella sexual tension without trying or even be aware of it LOL It’s a cute, fun, funny, and sweet series!

Bts Jungkook GIF - Bts Jungkook Kpop GIFs
I’m excited for cute baby Nox, and bishie grown up Nox~

The official English version of the manhwa was released on Copin Comics back at the end of November 2020. Although I do admit that Copin Comics isn’t one of my favorite webtoon platforms…not yet anyway. However, I do understand that they’re also fairly new. I think they had just launched back in November – December 2020. Considering how long they’ve been around, they’re alright. I could see they might need some tweaking. For this particular series, I wasn’t keen on the font/typesetting. It just low-key bugs me, but I can still enjoy the series. While Copin doesn’t have as many titles as other platforms, but they do have some interesting ones. That’s a topic for a whole other post though.

아빠, 나 이 결혼 안할래요!

[Content/Trigger Warning: Abuse, Violence]
Genre/Theme: Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo, Reincarnation, Comedy, Isekai, Villain/Villainess
Spicy Level: Mild — Nothing really. Unless you count when Max was accidently on top of Juvelian
Rage/Frustration Level: Nothing really? — Other than frustration over how dense the female lead can be at times? Like, GIRL. Also the frustration over CONSTANT misunderstandings. The whole thing is about misunderstandings,but… Y’ALL NEED COMMUNICATION.
Webtoon Status: Released February 2021
Official English Version:
Father, I Don’t Want This Marriage!
[Tappy Toon] | February 2021

Juvelian is a villainess so hated by everyone that even her lover and father leave her to die a pitiful death. Just as she’s about to face her fate, she gets the chance to change the course of her story. In order to avoid the tragic end she knows awaits her, she breaks up with her lover and gives up trying to win her father’s love. Instead, she focuses on using his wealth to enjoy her new life to its fullest! But while she prepares for her extravagant life as a lady, her father begins looking for her new suitor. Afraid that he’ll marry her off to the infamously unpredictable and stormy prince, she lands on a desperate solution: a dating contract. And the best candidate is none other than her father’s student.

Synopsis from [Tappy Toon]
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I love the dad and Max so much haha~

This was one of the other novels I had been reading! The manhwa release was so sudden and unexpected! I was super happy though! I always thought it would make for a really cute manhwa, but didn’t really expect for one to be released. I really did enjoy the novel before the translations had been dropped. Although, the novel is now officially being published in English by WordExcerpt since they’re now an official publishing house. It’s being published on WordExcerpt as [Daddy, I Don’t Want to Marry!]. Side note: We’re an affiliate~ Please be sure to use our affiliate code (BAYOGMinty) and [affiliate link] for their store~ I admit that I actually get really annoyed of Juvelian. She’s not very… bright. The series is both enjoyable and frustrating due to all the misunderstandings. Many of them being really dumb misunderstandings on Juvelian’s part. Yet, at the same time it’s a part of her charm and what makes the series funny and enjoyable? She’s still not one of my favorite female leads though… However, the best part of the series and why I enjoy it is because of Juvelian’s dad and Max! One of the big misunderstandings is Juvelian thinking her dad is incredibly cold and hates her. However, her dad is actually a super sweet and doting father who loves her dearly! He just has an intense aura, is socially awkward, and has resting bitch face. He’s just trying to do everything that he can to protect her. It’s really sweet and I love her dad. Max, the male lead, is hella tsundere. He’s your ML that seems cold, unattached, finds everything annoying, and has a temper. However, he’s sweet in his own way. He ends up always worrying about Juvelian and wanting to protect her. He has his sweet moments in his own way. So yeah, I might not like Juvelian all that much, but I’m here for the dad and the ML~

The manhwa was released on Kakao in February 2021. By the way, the original Korean novel was released on Kakao as well. The official English release basically came out at the same time on Tappy Toon. It was actually surprising since usually it takes a couple months or even years for an English release. I like the webtoon alot. It’s really pretty! The dad and Max look amazing! My only complaint is I feel like Juvelian looks somewhat odd? Like she doesn’t quiet fit in with the rest of the characters and art? I don’t know how to explain it… I feel like her design/art has been a bit inconsistent. Which I find odd, since usually it’s the female characters that always look consistent and the male characters that look inconsistent. Like I dunno… Juvelian looks off to me sometimes. I think one panel had her with a hella long neck. She looked like a giraffe. In another, she had reallllly tiny baby hands. In another panel, she had a really short neck lol Like I feel like Juvelian just isn’t that consistent and it just throws me off alot lol The manhwa is still good though~

폭군의 가정교사가 되겠습니다

[Content/Trigger Warning: Abuse, Violence]
Genre/Theme: Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo, Reincarnation, Comedy, Isekai
Spicy Level: No? — Haven’t really had anything yet. If anything, it’d be pretty PG?
Rage/Frustration Level: Nothing really? — I have nothing to rage over yet. Other than the emperor being a trashy excuse of a father and human being
Webtoon Status: Released February 2021
Official English Version: The Tyrant’s Tutor
[Tappy Toon] | February 2021

Primabelle is astonished when she wakes up to find herself in a novel of her own creation as an obscure painter who gets killed by the male protagonist, Prince Rainsis. The world she created has not been kind to Rainsis. In addition to being colorblind, he has been shunned and feared his entire life, for a prophecy had been made that “the one trapped in a black and white world shall drench the empire in blood.” Primabelle resolves to disprove the prophecy after witnessing his misery firsthand. To do so, she must track down his destined other half. The only problem? All she knows about the fair beauty is that she has black hair and crimson eyes. Will Primabelle be able to help Rainsis see the world in all its splendid colors and find true happiness?

Synopsis from [Tappy Toon]

This is another novel that I was reading in my free time as well. Although, I didn’t dedicate my time to read it like the other series. I’m actually still stuck in the beginning for this one as well haha~ Still, I thought it had a interesting premise. It’s one of those series where a writer gets isekai-ed into their own story and becomes a minor character. It’s a bit of an interesting take of Beauty & the Beast. Basically the ML is a prince who is seen as a monster fated to bring doom due to him not being able to see colors. Basically his dad pissed someone off. The emperor only loved beautiful things. He had an obsession of only beautiful things. One day someone comes in giving him a rose. The emperor was pissed, thinking a common rose wasn’t a worthy gift. Even though the man who presented it said it was invaluable to him. He ordered the man to be taken away, but not before he noticed how beautiful the man’s eyes looked. So he ordered his men to take the man’s unique eyes. (Bruh…ewww…gross… WTF is wrong with you??) Anyway, the man cursed the emperor. He said that a man with only a black and white world would cause the collapse of his world and drench it in blood. Well, ML was born. He seemed perfect, except for the fact that he could only see in black and white. However, the female lead of the novel is supposed to allow him to see colors again through the power of ~LoVe~. Of course, the manhwa FL is a minor character who tries to change things and ends up gaining the attention and love of the ML.

This is another Kakao series. The manhwa was just recently released in February 2021. Surprisingly, the official English version was released on Tappy Toon around the same time as well! The art is pretty as well. The art for this series is more on the cute side~

악당 대공님의 귀하디귀한 여동생

[Content/Trigger Warning: Abuse, Violence]
Genre/Theme: Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo, Reincarnation, Comedy, Isekai, Villain/Villainess
Spicy Level: None?— I don’t think this a spicy series y’all. It’s more fluff and cute
Rage/Frustration Level: Nothing really? — I have nothing to rage over yet
Webtoon Status: Released October 2021
Official English Version: Saving the Villain from the Heroine
[Pocket Comics (App)] | December 2020

Sielle is an ordinary handmaid working for the Grand Duke Ferzei Yekarte. The thing is… she knows he’s a villain of the story she read in her previous life on Earth. With her prescience, she managed to foil an assassination attempt on her master, only to be framed for the crime! Worse yet, when she drank the poisoned wine to prove her innocence, she turns into a little girl… And now the Grand Duke wants to ship her off to a notorious family of assassins? Will she manage to survive through all this, even if she knows how it will all end?

Synopsis from [Pocket Comics (App)]

This is one of those series where female lead basically becomes a child and ends up in a family that dotes on her. So cute, fluffy moments. It’s also one of those “the villains aren’t actually so bad, and are actually really sweet” kind of series. It’s cute, fluffy, sweet, and there’s plenty of comedy~ While it isn’t one of my top favorites, I have been enjoying it~

The webtoon was released on Comico back in October 2020. The official English version was released on Comico’s Pocket Comics app in December 2020. Pocket Comics isn’t really one of my favorite webtoon platforms, but I do like it better than Copin. I also do generally like the fonts/typesetting better than both Copin and Manta. I have no complaints for the English release though. I think the font/typesetting was perfectly fine. The art for this is also nice and more on the cute side. It’s cute and funny and has been pretty enjoyable~

악당 대공님의 귀하디귀한 여동생

[Content/Trigger Warning: Abuse, Violence]
Genre/Theme: Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo, Isekai, Reincarnation, Comedy, Villain/Villainess
Spicy Level: Mild/None?— I haven’t gotten any of that at all so far.
Rage/Frustration Level: Nothing really? — Other than the rage I feel for these people abusing and neglecting little kids.
Webtoon Status: Released 2020
Official English Version:
None yet

She was reborn in the war novel as the sister of the villain who had never shed blood nor tears.
The person acting as my ‘brother’ was a villain who, after losing the war, would be sealed away by the male lead.
So all I have to do now is pretend to be his sister until he later disappears.
Or so I thought…
‘What’s that in your hand? Don’t tell me that’s the male lead’s head?’
My brother won the war.

“What’s with that suitcase?”
Dietrich’s fingers tighten on the luggage that I had packed as soon as he left for war.
“I asked you what this is.”
“It-It’s a travel suitcase, brother.”
“You want to travel? Alone?”

Dietrich’s dark eyes sparked with violence.
Having recently returned from war victorious, he sure smelled like a bloodthirsty killer.

“And leave me behind?”

Synopsis from [MangaUpdate]

AH! This was another novel I was reading! It was one of my favorite novels to read~ Sadly the fan translations had stopped. So I was pleasantly surprised to see that a serialization came out! I’m super excited to continue the story! I think it’s basically caught up to where I left off in the novel too~ It’s really funny and full of some really sweet moments. Of course you also got some drama and action going on, so it’s not just fluff. The manhwa was released on Kakao at the end of January. Based on what we’ve seen, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s soon picked up for an official English release. Although it’s not as pretty as the novel’s cover art, the manhwa art is pretty. Its more on the cute side. I believe the serialization art is by the same artist who did the promo manhwa for the novel. Admittedly, I originally wasn’t that big on the art at first. Probably because I was just so in love with the novel cover art lolol But it grew on me and I really like it now. I think it’s just cuz it’s more on the cutsey side so threw me off lol

Jin Bts GIF - Jin Bts Funny GIFs
I screamed when I saw the serialization~

감방에서 남자주인공을 만났습니다

[Content/Trigger Warning: Abuse, Violence]
Genre/Theme: Romance, Fantasy, Josei, Isekai, Reincarnation, ComedyHarem, Supernatural
Spicy Level: Mild (+??)— The sexual tension be hella strong with this one. It’s very descriptive with some things. It might get spicier later since the novel the protagonist is in is supposed to be 18+? However, it’s currently only at PG-13 ish where I’m at in the novel.
Rage/Frustration Level: Nothing really?  Other than the rage for the abuse poor Ricdorian has to endure. Maybe frustration from the sexual tension? Cuz the sexual tension in this one is probably one of the more intense ones LOL Especially when you go from seemingly innocent Ricdorian to beast Ricdorian? Then you got dangerously beastly grown-up Ricdorian. Oh and I guess the only other frustration is that as smart as Iana is, very obvious stuff doesn’t click.
Webtoon Adaptation Status: Planning
Official English Version: None yet

One day, I opened my eyes and found myself in… prison?!
That’s right. Out of all the characters I could’ve reincarnated into, I woke up inside a 19+ rated romance novel as the villain’s younger sister. To make things even worse, I was locked up inside the infamous Kambrakam Prison for my brother’s crimes.

Deep within the very same prison lies Henrich Doran von Hel, who’s rumored to be suffering from a curse that turns him into a beast. In the original novel, he’s supposed to meet the female lead and spend an erotic night with her here in prison… but of course, the plot’s gone awry thanks to my existence. What kind of future lies in store for me now that I’ve gotten myself tangled up between the novel’s greatest villain and its male lead?!

Synopsis from [MangaUpdate]

This was another novel I was reading and liked. The promo webtoon was pretty and interesting. So yes, I’m ecstatic we’re finally getting an actual serialization! Ricdorian is that male lead that can do it all cuz he basically has 3 personalities lolol You got sweet and innocent Ricdorian, spicy and beastly Ricdorian, and then Ricdorian that’s literally like a cute puppy LMAO. It’s got it’s cute and funny moments, but you also have the hella sexual tension moments. It should be a fun series~ Plus, bishies. We got several bishies in this series~ I don’t know why, but Iana for this series feels somewhat similar to Juvelian in Father, I Don’t Want to Get Marrried! But, Iana doesn’t annoy me, cuz she at least doesn’t seem like completely dumb. It’s just obvious she’s an ordinary person, and she’s not OP. Just like Juvelian. However, Iana has more common sense lol Although, she is a bit dumb at times, but she can has a good amount of brain power and common sense to not make me rage.

Jungkook Bts GIF - Jungkook Bts Dynamite GIFs

집 잘못 찾아오셨어요, 악역님

[Content/Trigger Warning: Abuse, Violence]
Genre/Theme: Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo, Isekai, Reincarnation, Comedy, Harem, Supernatural,Villain/Villainess
Spicy Level: Pretty Mild? — There be some sexual tension in the novel, but it’s pretty PG.
Rage/Frustration Level: None really? — Unless you include frustration over some sexual tension, and frustration over how dense some characters can be? Although, I’m personally not really bothered.
Webtoon Status: In planning; No definite schedule yet
Official English Version: None yet

As if being reincarnated in the slums wasn’t bad enough, I became the test subject of a cruel experiment in a crime-plagued city.

One day, a man destroyed the research facility I was in, and upon recognizing him, I discovered I was in the world of a hopeless reverse harem novel.

After I escaped from the research facility, I was living a normal life–until I moved in right next to the female lead’s house. I realized I’d become an extra from the novel, as well as the female lead’s neighbor!

If everything goes according to plan, the female lead would save the villain, who fainted after being fatally injured, and would become the subject of his fanatical obsession.

But why is the sub male lead villain here, unconscious in front of my house?

Lakius Avalon was the king of the dark world, as well as the fearsome man I’d met at the research facility.

I looked around quickly, then shoved his body with my foot.
“You’ve come to the wrong house, villain.”

Synopsis from [MangaUpdates]

Another novel I’m regularly reading. Again, I started the novel on a whim to kill time in between releases for my other series. I didn’t think I’d particularly like it. I ended up liking it alot. The novel was a easy/casual read. It’s pretty funny. It’s another series where the protagonist got isekai-ed as an insignificant extra character in a novel. The female lead of the series literally can’t feel emotions. It’s due to a side affect of her being experimented on. So she can come off very stoic and cold. I like that she’s actually fairly smart and a badass. At the same time, she doesn’t really notice or understand how all these male characters are interested in her. It’s fun reading her intentionally and unintentionally brush off their advances. Then you’ve got this very cold, bloody, and seemingly heartless male lead Lakis. He’s hella cold, but all uwu and desperate for the female lead. He’s kinda scary and murdery, but sweet and a total soft boy on Yuri. But he’s also ready to kill. So if you like those sort of yandere type leads, you’ll probably like Lakis. There are definitely some moments with some strong sexual tension and you’re just like “Oh myyyyy~”. However, so far it’s more comedy, and not a spicy webnovel at all. It’s one of those fun stories where the protagonist is supposed to be an insignificant extra character. Yet, she manages to unintentionally become the female lead and gaining the attention of all the male leads…and even the original female lead. I literally said in my webnovels post that I thought this would make a great manhwa~ So WOO!

예에 신난다 GIF - 예에 신난다 꺄르륵 GIFs
I’m super excited for this one~

악당들을 위한 동화

[Content/Trigger Warning: Abuse, Violence]
Genre/Theme: Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo, Isekai, Reincarnation, Comedy, Harem, Supernatural, Villain/Villainess
Spicy Level: ? — Not really sure cuz I didn’t read this one. But probably some spice in there I think.
Rage/Frustration Level: ? — I assume we gonna rage since this is a revenge series
Webtoon Status: In planning; No definite schedule yet
Official English Version: None yet

Despite being born as the daughter of a nanny, I considered myself blessed. With my loving mother, caring masters, and their three children, I couldn’t have asked for a better life.

However, this all changed during the year my mother and masters died of a plague. That was when I remembered who I was before this life.

Somehow, I was reincarnated as a side character of an angsty reverse harem romance novel. The problem was that I was the final boss in this novel, the queen of snakes who uses the young masters, the future main villains, to send the Empire to ruin.

I knew what I wanted to protect, at all costs.

Synopsis from [MangaUpdate]

I haven’t read the novel for this one. But the promo manhwa looked pretty and interesting. It seems to be a revenge series. So it’s most likely on the darker and more serious side. I like my cute, fluffy, and light-hearted series. However, it’s also fun to read the more serious ones where the characters actually gotta do some big brain thinking and strategizing. This seems interesting since it seems like a whole family is involved, rather than just a villainess on her own.

집착 서브 남주가 미쳐날뛴다

[Content/Trigger Warning: Abuse, Violence]
Genre/Theme: Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo, Isekai, Reincarnation, Comedy, Harem, Supernatural
Spicy Level: Pretty ? — Not really sure since I haven’t read the novel.
Rage/Frustration Level: ? — Again, I don’t really know for this one.
Webtoon Status: In planning; No definite schedule yet
Official English Version: None yet

I remember the story of a novel I had read in my previous life just before my marriage. If you don’t mess up the wedding, you’ll be poisoned by your husband! So I just kissed the pastor who was in charge of the ceremony.

“Commander, are you alright?”
One of the holy knights shouted as he approached the pastor who was kissed.
Huh, what?
Wait… are you the commander of the Holy Knights?


Rurutia, who was about to die, wanted to spend her last moment in a temple where she felt at ease the most. She started a business with her friends for the temple, and itwas a big hit.
“Miss, you have the world in the palm of your hands!”
“Are you a God who descended to earth?”
In the midst of being embarrassed by the large crown, the commander of the holy knights himself was also acting strange.

“All I wish for is to be your husband.”
He said that with eyes shining with obsession.
“Take responsibility for stealing my first kiss.”

This is all so wrong.
It seems that I changed my future.

Synopsis from [MangaUpdate]

It’s been so long since I read the promo manhwa. So let me repeat what I said in my post about promos:

I have no idea what the context of this promo was. All I know was there was a bishie and I got some questions. So yeah, I would like to continue seeing blushing bishie please.

[Me back in August complaining about promos]

Yeah, sounds like me LOLOL

Win Bts GIF - Win Bts Jhope GIFs
Me finding out all the series I’m interested in are getting manhwa serializations

That’s it y’all. There we go. Those are my wishes come true~ We’ve finally gotten or will be getting manhwa serializations for those promo manhwas and novel series! I’m super excited! It’s also crazy to see how much manhwa and webtoons have just exploded and flourished. There are tons of super fun series I’ve read and am excited to share with y’all. I also did some digging and it looks like 2021 will be a year of aloooooot more fun and interesting upcoming manhwa series! What are your favorite novels or manhwa? Any series on this list that you enjoyed or look forward to? Any that aren’t on this list that you’re excited for or want a serialization for? Let me know in the comments, my socials, or Discord! Join our Discord if you’re looking for recommendations or more discussions! I feel like Lyla and I are always finding fun series hehe~ Take care, stay safe, and have a lovely day my luvs~

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LET’S BE FRIENDS!~ (つ✧ω✧)つ

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Fangirl all the things!~

Hihi! I’m Minty! I’m Thai-American~ เป็นคนไทยค่ะ~ ยินดีที่ได้รู้จักนะคะ~
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Take care y’all. Please stay safe and take care of yourself. All jokes and fun aside…Always wash your hands, practice social distancing, and wear a mask! It’s better to be cautious than face irrevocable consequences of health complications or death.


AS A GROUP OF BIPOC, BAYOG strongly stands with Black Lives Matter. We are all too familiar with the racism that we, our friends, and family have faced on a daily basis. Every life is precious. However, as BIPOC, we also recognize that black people are a group of people that face extreme racism and at a higher risk for their safety. We’ve individually done several donations. Of course, donations to support the cause and support change isn’t the only thing needed. Support for the cause and change also requires conversation and understanding. Make sure to have those conversations. Please remember to be an active supporter, be it through donations, sharing information, and/or conversations and speaking up.

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Keep it up fam!

If you can, please consider donating. I’ve donated more than once as well. For one of my donations, I donated through the BTS ARMY x BLM project. I recommend that if you’re unsure of where to donate. This is because the donation will be split amongst several different non-profit organizations. Of course, you can also choose a specific organization(s) if you wish as well. You can find that [HERE].

You can also check out the following:


As an Asian-American, racism and hate crimes against AAPI isn’t new. It’s always been around. Unfortunately, misinformation and the pandemic has caused an insane surge in racism and xenophobia. There has also been an insane rise in hate crimes. More recently, we’re seeing a surge of hate crimes against the Asian elderly. Particularly in the California and New York areas. Some cases even leading to injuries and even death. The sad thing is that many cases do not get alot of attention, or are just looked passed. It breaks my heart and is cause for concern since it affects our community. Since some of the BAYOG Crew (including myself) are Asian-Americans ourselves, I wanted to use our small platform to help in anyway. Hate, racism, and xenophobia is an ugly thing. We’re friends, in the same community, and against the same social injustices. So be kind and let’s fight these things together.

You can also check the following for more information, ways to help, & to donate:

Please report hate crimes at Stop AAPI Hate:

You can see if your community has a volunteer chaperone or neighborhood watch/patrol program.

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    1. It feels like a special occasion since there have been so many back to back adaptation announcements haha~

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