Minty’s Update|Hiatus & Minty’s Fangirl Corner Podcast

Minty’s Update|Hiatus & Minty’s Fangirl Corner Podcast

Hey BAYOG Fam~ It’s Minty! So first off, I want to announce that I’m currently on hiatus. Hence me skipping Music Monday this week. Long story short, I had a family emergency last week. Everything is fine now though. However, I’m taking a bit of a hiatus from blogging until things have settled down a bit. You’ll probably see me again in like a week or two. I did make an announcement on my Twitter, but also figured I should make that announcement on the blog as well. I’ve learned from last year it’s important to let everyone know so that they don’t worry from me suddenly disappearing. I also want to thank all my kind friends for reaching to check up on me and the situation. Honestly, I’m super blessed to have such wonderful friends both online and offline. I’m truly thankful I got into blogging and was able to make such wonderful friends~

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Now the second thing, and point of this post… I finally did it. I did the thing. I started my solo podcast. As of now I’m just calling it Minty’s Fangirl Corner. Cringe? Yeah, I know…but I suck at naming things… So we’re gonna go with that until I have a better idea lolol If y’all remember, I had actually mentioned wanting to do a podcast since last year when the pandemic started. I also made it one of my [goals for the new year]. I was just taking my time with it because I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do and how to do it. As of now, I only have an intro episode up explaining why I wanted to do a podcast and what I hope to do with it (basically this whole post y’all). You can find my podcast on Anchor and Spotify: [Minty’s Fangirl Corner Podcast].

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Again, the idea is that it’s a separate podcast and space from the [BAYOG Podcast] that the BAYOG Bros do. This is a separate space for my fangirling nonsense. To be honest I don’t have a super clear idea of what I’m doing. I’m just gonna wing it like I do with blogging, hope for the best, and make adjustments along the way. But I know it’ll basically be me fangirling and discussing things from my areas of interest and expertise: dramas, manhwa/webtoons, novels, music, bishies, etc. It’s just a super casual and chill space to discuss things with you all~ It’ll be similar to the content on my posts, but more brief. Like it’ll probably just be little chats on brief impressions of things I’m reading, watching, and listening~

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I’m awkward, but I’m trying.
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I admit, I’m a bit awkward at this. I’m already awkward as it is. I actually hate hearing my own voice and it feels hella cringe LOL So I’m so sorry LOLOL I feel even more awkward when recording myself and talking to myself late at night (Cuz that’s the only time I’m free and it’s quiet enough). Especially with my family members constantly coming up and being all, “Are you okay? Why are you talking to yourself??” I actually did like 20 takes recording that intro episode LOL I think I just need time to adjust and get more comfortable. But yeah…please excuse my awkwardness. I’ve been awkward since I was born… I’m still going to try my best though!

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Anyway, that’s basically it. I’m still learning and adjusting, but I’m looking forward to this new little fun adventure with you all~ Again, so far I just have this awkward rambling as an intro episode. As for new episodes, I’ll probably won’t be doing scheduled releases. Rather, I’ll probably just record and release things when I can. Although, I do hope to maybe have a more proper episode before the end of March. I just saw this was a good time to drop something to force myself to do it and stick to it. After all, everyone is starting to do their podcasts now. Plus I know I can record these things more freely with this free time that I have. To be honest, I might end up deleting this and redoing it later haha~ Still, feel free to let me know what you’re interested in me talking about on the podcast! Let me know in the comments, my socials, or Discord! Anyway, your girl is exhausted after all the bad luck from the past month, and living in a hospital for the past week. I’m gonna go rest and brainstorm things~ Stay safe, take care, and have a lovely day my luvs~ I’ll see y’all on the blog again in a week or two~

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    1. Thank you Moya! 💜 My stepdad just had a really bad asthma/breathing attack, so we had to rush him to the ER. I had to stay with him in the hospital for a week, but he’s ok now!~

      And thank youuu~ 💜 I figured it was about time I try something new haha~ Either way, I figured it would be a fun learning experience~

      1. Glad to hear that he’s okay. One week at the hospital sounds tough, for everyone involved!

        It does seem like you’re all set for a fun ride. 💜

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