Music Monday|pH-1 — Nerdy Love (Feat. Baek Yerin)

Music Monday|pH-1 — Nerdy Love (Feat. Baek Yerin)

My BAYOG Luvs!~ Happy Monday and welcome back to another Music Monday!~ I’ll honest, we’re keeping this short today. Long story short, yo’ girl got into another knife accident at work and almost cut off her finger…again… I’m okay. Fortunately it’s just nail and skin again, but alot of bleeding. It’s my index finger this time so it’s a bit hard to type. So yeah, gonna keep it short. Might come back and add the extra info later~ So today’s track is one of my absolute favorites. It’s pH-1’s “Nerdy Love” featuring Baek Yerin (formerly of 15&). It’s a bright, sweet, soft, and chill kind of K-Hip Hop/Rap and K-R&B track. Its chill, but has this nice groove to it~ pH-1 says, [“Bump it! It’s a nerd anthem!”]

pH-1 (Harry Park/Park Jun Won)

Not gonna go deep into pH-1’s artist background since we’ve already covered him in our [Summer Episodes] Music Monday post. Just know that he’s popular for being known as a soft, romantic, and good looking rapper who competed on Show Me the Money 777. He’s under Jay Park’s H1GHER Music, and also known for tracks like [“Like Me”], [“Cupid”], and [“iffy”] . As for Baek Yerin, she’s originally debuted JYP Entertainment as a member of the duo 15& alongside [Park Jimin, aka Jaime]. They debuted with [“I Dream”] in 2012. Their music video [“Somebody”] parodies [K-Pop Star]. Jimin originally signed under JYP Entertainment after competing and winning K-Pop Star. JYP (Park Jin Young) was one of the judges. Yerin was known as a R&B genius after appearing on [Star King] when she was younger. 15& went on hiatus in 2015. Later that year, Yerin released her [“Across the universe(우주를 건너)”] and her first solo EP Frank. In 2019, 15& officially disbanded as both members’ contracts ended and they chose not to renew it. Yerin then started her own independent label Blue Vinyl and continued an independent [solo career]. She’s also done some [OST tracks] as well.

Baekyerin GIF - Baekyerin GIFs
Baek Yerin
Artist: pH-1 Feat. Baek Yerin(백예린)
Single: Nerdy Love
Genre: K-Pop, K-R&B, K-Hip Hop, K-Rap
Language: Korean
Release: January 2020

This track dropped back in January 2020. It was produced by Mokyo. I loved it~ pH-1 says he’s a nerd himself, and that this is a nerd anthem. It’s a bright, sweet, and soft kind of track. But it also has a nice groove to it~ A part of it reminds me of summer; Particularly when during Yerin’s parts. Her vocals also give this sweet, loving, and dreamy vibe to the track. It’s basically about a guy really loving his girl, but feeling hella insecure from being a nerd. He wants to change and be better for her, but can’t seem to do it. However, she assures him not being himself isn’t love. She loves him the way he is and he makes already makes her happy. It’s not nerdy to be sweet, and that’s what she loves about him. So if he can’t stop being nerdy, she’ll just be a nerd for him too~

You can listen to “Nerdy Love” on Spotify, here:

You can listen to “Nerdy Love” on YouTube, here:

Official MV

It’s a sweet track. I think we can all relate to it. Sometimes we get insecure due to our hobbies and appearances. Especially when it’s different from what is widely popular or accepted. There are even times where you can get judged or made fun of just because of your hobby or how you are. But you’re you. Love means that you love the other person for who they are and accept those things about them. So don’t fret. Be you, love yourself, and know that someone loves you because of those things!~

[Verse 1: pH-1]
I wake up to the sound of the alarm
It rained yesterday but the sun is out now
Dress up in the outfit I picked out last night
It’s just neat, I don’t really know makers
I’m in a rush to pick you up
I heard you like yellow sunsets
I want to be a cool lover for you
But I can’t stop being so damn nerdy
Like the male lead in last week’s drama
That we watched together
I wanna show you a passionate and fiery love but

[Pre-Chorus: pH-1]
I don’t really have much
I’m not that manly
And I’m sure sometimes
You want a cool real man

[Chorus: Baek Yerin & pH-1]
That’s not what love is, stupid
If you can’t stop being you
I’ll just be a nerd for you too
You know I’m happy seeing you be yourself
If you can’t stop being you
I’ll just be a nerd for you too
It’s not nerdy boy, it’s you just sweet babe
(Can you love me, love me, love me, love me baby)
I’m happy that you’re you

[Verse 2: pH-1]
I know you’ll be compared too
Your friend’s boyfriend
He has a good build, he can piggyback his girl
When I saw you like that picture
It made me feel so small, yeah
When we’re inside a crowded subway
I’ve never pulled you close
And I don’t know how to kiss you till your head grows blank
I don’t really know baby
I’ve been feeling like a huge nerd lately
But even though I’m such a loser
Why are you looking at me with such a bright smile?
I wish I really could change for the better
Maybe your every day is a sacrifice for my pathetic self

[Pre-Chorus: pH-1]
I don’t really have much
I’m not that manly
And I’m sure sometimes
You want a cool real man

[Chorus: Baek Yerin & pH-1]
That’s not what love is, stupid
If you can’t stop being you
I’ll just be a nerd for you too
You know I’m happy seeing you be yourself
If you can’t stop being you
I’ll just be a nerd for you too
It’s not nerdy boy, it’s you just sweet babe
(Can you love me, love me, love me, love me baby)
I’m happy that you’re you
(I’m a nice guy, yeah
I hate being a nice guy, yeah)

[Outro: pH-1]
I don’t understand, what’s wrong with me?
I can’t seem to sleep every night
I’ve been losing sleep for you, yeah
My feelings are free for you
I just don’t want to regret anything
We’re special, you and I
Can’t stop being so damn nerdy
Tell me why am I so damn nerdy

pH-1|Nerdy Love (Feat. Baek Yerin(백예린))|Trans. Credit: [Genius]

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Anyway, that’s it for this Music Monday post! I hope y’all enjoyed the track~ Are you fans of pH-1, Baek Yerin, or 15&? Are you a nerd?~ I’m assuming you are if you came to our blog, cuz we’re nerds about alot of things… As you can see with just me fangirling over music, dramas, idols, manga/manhwa, novels, and all the things~ If you did like this track, make sure to check out the other songs from my [BAYOG|Lovely & Sweet Vibes] playlist~ I originally planned on posting another Music Monday post or two… But I don’t know if I can manage it. Let’s just say I’ll post it if I can ^^” I’m currently working on this post on Saturday. So if I don’t do the other post, the other track was supposed to be ELO’s [“Cupcake”]. Honestly, I had some posts planned out for the rest of February…but this injury might make it difficult. So there’s a possibility that I’ll just go on hiatus until I can type properly and not worry about all the bleeding. Anyway, take care, stay safe, stay warm, and have a lovely day and start to your week my luvs~

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