Music Monday|CL — +5 STARS+

Music Monday|CL — +5 STARS+

Hello my BAYOG luvs!~ It’s Minty again with another Music Monday post!~ I’m just going to get right into it! Today’s first Music Monday track recommendation is CL’s “+5 STAR+”. It’s a fun, feel-good love song. However, I honestly really wanted to share it mostly because of how cute the music video is~ Again, this track is also one of the songs included on the Valentines Playlist I made for BAYOG~ You can check that out the [Lovely & Sweet Vibes playlist post] or go directly to my [Spotify playlist].

CL Hello Bitches GIF - CL HelloBitches Group GIFs
CL from the “Hello Bitches” MV

CL’s real name is Lee Chaelin (alternatively spelled “Chaerin”). Her stage name “CL” are the initials of her name, but also sound like “ciel”, the French word for “sky”. Chaelin was born in Seoul, but grew up all over the place; Particularly in Japan and France. Having grown up abroad and attending international schools, she’s multilingual and fluent in: Korean, English, Japanese, and French. She was previously a trainee at JYP Entertainment before realizing her love for rap and hip-hop. So she moved YG Entertainment where she eventually debuted as a member and [the leader] of the legendary group 2NE1. Prior to her debut she appeared in BIGBANG’s [“Hot Issue”] in 2007, Uhm Jung Hwa’s [“DJ”] in 2008, and YG Family’s [2007 Gayo Daejun stage].

2ne1 GIF - 2ne1 GIFs

2NE1 was YG Entertainment’s first successful girl group, and is the predecessor of Blackpink. They debuted in 2009 and officially disbanded in 2016. The members included: CL (Lee Chaelin), Park Bom, Dara (Park Sandara), and Minzy (Gong Minji). They made their debut in 2009 with the song and music video [“Lollipop”] alongside BIGBANG. It was a promotional song/mv for the LG Cyon phone. Their second single [“Fire”] was their first song that they actually promoted. They gained alot of attention for being different from other girl groups. Most girl groups back then really did cute or sexy (more like semi cute and sexy) concepts. 2NE1 had these tough, bad ass, independent, edgy, girl crush vibes. Their music and style was just very different and it helped set them apart from other groups of the time. Their most famous track is probably [“내가 제일 잘 나가(I AM THE BEST)”]. (Ah… “I Am The Best” I remember those days. I remember doing a [brief performance] of it during my uni days…) Some people may forget, but 2NE1 can definitely be credited as one of the first K-Pop groups to gain international exposure and popularity. They were one of the leaders in the globalization of K-Pop. Their music and fashion style really interested alot of people. Not to mention that they had good connections and friendships with alot of big names. CL in particular was known as a fashionista and close to big names in the fashion industry like Jeremy Scott of Moschino. She was also known for her friendships with DIPLO, of Black Eyed Peas, Justin Bieber, Arianna Grande, and more.

2ne1 Cl GIF - 2ne1 Cl Chaelin GIFs

Her first official solo release was [“나쁜 기집애(THE BADDEST FEMALE)”]. She tried her hand at a solo career in the US in 2014. She was managed by Scooter Braun, who was also known as the manager for Justin Bieber and Arianna Grande. In 2015, she released her first English track [“Doctor Pepper”] with DIPLO, RiFF RAFF, and OG MACO. She also later released [“Hello Bitches”]. Her last US release was [“Lifted”] back in 2016. It seemed like she was supposed to have another release. A music video was even shot already, but it never came to light. CL did [release clips] of the video that had been filmed though. She’s also been featured in Skrillex’s [“Dirty Vibe”] with G-Dragon of BIGBANG, Black Eyed Peas’s [“DOPENESS”], and Lil Yachty’s [“Surrender”] with Shaiana. It also seems like DJ Snake and Justin Bieber’s “Let Me Love You” seemed to be originally meant for CL, or she sang the demo. Brian Lee, one of the songwriters (he also worked on Blackpink’s “Lovesick Girls”), leaked a snippet of CL’s version of [“Let Me Love You”]. In 2019, CL chose to not renew her contract with YG, and left to be an independent artist. Since then, she’s released a few track, as well as been a feature on several different tracks. She was recently featured on Epik High’s [“Rosario”] with Zico. 2NE1 and CL were huge, and I’d say they had a big impact on shaping K-Pop and edgy concepts for girl groups. It’s a shame that they had some unfortunate events and were basically in the YG dungeon. YG used to hype them up so much. In my opinion though, they were neglected and severely underpromoted and mismanaged once it was around the third generation of K-Pop. Otherwise, I believe 2NE1 and CL would’ve had the potential at successful careers in the western and international music industry. However, everyone is doing what they love and doing it how they want, and that’s all that matters.

Artist: CL (씨엘)
Track: +5 STAR+
Single: +HWA+
Genre: K-Pop, Rap/Hip Hop
Language: Korean
Release: October 2020

“+5 STAR+” is the second and final track on CL’s single, +HWA+. It dropped back in October 2020. Other than a few features here and there, she hadn’t dropped anything since her In the Name of Love releases. Those had dropped in December 2019 and had been her first releases since leaving YG Entertainment and going independent. Both “+5 Star” and “+HWA+” were co-written with Tablo of Epik High. It’s a feel-good type of love song with some heavy bass, brass hits, and some sweet vibes to it. CL said she wanted to express the feelings of the first encounter and stage of a relationship where you just fell in love. CL and 2NE1 didn’t have many love songs. Rather, they had alot of break up or sad love songs. So this was a nice change. It was a bit different and showed a new sound and side of CL. So yes, I actually really liked it when I first listened to it. To be honest, I personally like it more than “+HWA+”~

You can find CL’s “+5 STAR+” and +HWA+ on Spotify, here:

You can listen to CL’s “+5 STAR+” on YouTube, here:

Music Video

Official MV
Behind the scenes of making the MV

The music video is by DPR (Dream Perfect Regime), an independent multi-genre music and video group. It was founded by core members: DPR Live (Da Hong Bin), DPR +IAN(Christian Yu/Yu Ba Rom), DPR Cream (Kim Kyung Mo), and DPR Rem (Scott Kim). The MV actually also stars DPR +IAN (He’s talented and hot btw lolol). DPR +IAN, aka Christian Yu, was formerly known as Rome of the idol group ([C-CLOWN(씨클라운)], and he was originally from Australia. He stars as CL’s love interest (boyfriend?). Actually they were super cute in the video. Honestly, it was so cute I was like, “I ship~”.

Jackson Cute GIF - Jackson Cute Got7 GIFs
It’s cute and reminds you of how forever alone you are LOLOL

The song itself sounds cute and fun. Although I admit that I chose this track for today’s Music Monday more because of how cute the video was, rather than the lyrics. It’s a catchy song, and the lyrics are good. I love the melody and vibe of the song. However, I was more like “AWWWW~~~~” from the video than the lyrics~ You can check out the translations over at [Genius].

Cl Kpop GIF - Cl Kpop LeeChaelin GIFs
She so pretty here~

I should also note that this video and CL also seem to be connected to DPR IAN’s [“So Beautiful”] and [“No Blueberries”]. The order of the releases were: DPR +IAN’s “So Beautiful”, CL’s “+5 STAR+”, and then DPR IAN’s “No Blueberries (Feat. CL & DPR LIVE)”. CL made an appearance in “So Beautiful”. You’ll also find they probably shot the woods scene from both music videos at the same place and time. Lastly, CL’s vocals are featured in “No Blueberries”. “No Blueberries” is also definitely a continuation of video for “So Beautiful”. You can also tell that there were probably the same filming locations and sets as well.

2ne1 Hello GIF - 2ne1 Hello Kpop GIFs

YAY! That’s it for this Music Monday post y’all~ I hope y’all enjoyed the song and MV~ What did you think?~ Also, are y’all fans of CL or 2NE1? What about DPR IAN?~ Which of their tracks do you like?~ Let me know in the comments, my socials, or Discord! Yo’ girl is tired AF…but I’mma try to put out a second Music Monday post today huhu~ Please take care, stay safe, stay warm, and have a lovely Monday luvs~

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