BAYOG Playlist|Lovely & Sweet Vibes— Valentines Themed Playlist

BAYOG Playlist|Lovely & Sweet Vibes— Valentines Themed Playlist

Hihi my BAYOG luvs!~ It’s yo’ girl Minty with another themed BAYOG Playlist!~ We’re in February now. So to fit Valentines, I made a playlist of LOVEly and Sweet tracks~ Confession songs, songs singing of love, songs appreciating your love… all that sweet stuff. We have sweet, lovely, and/or fluffy tracks. (So sweet and saccharine, it could give me diabetes…) Most of the tracks are on the soft, sweet, and chill kind of vibes. They mostly consist of K-R&B and K-Indie tracks~ But I did throw in a couple of mainstream K-Pop tracks and a few more upbeat kind of tracks. To be honest… they do feel a little out of place. However, I figured I’d throw something cute,fun, and familiar to those of you who are more familiar with mainstream K-Pop than K-R&B and K-Indie.

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You can find the BAYOG Lovely and Sweet Vibes Playlist, here:

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I just like cute and sweet stuff. Sometimes I just wanna listen to all that cute and fluffy stuff~ So that’s how I made this playlist, and I figured it’d be a cute Valentines themed playlist. But it’s also good if you want more chill songs (minus the handful of random upbeat K-Pop tracks).

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Sweet and fluffy love songs not your thing? Single, sad, heartbroken, and/or bitter? No worries. I got y’all for that too LMAO. You can check out the [BAYOG Solo Playlist] if you’re more into bitter, sad, and/or heartbroken kind of tracks. Cuz it be like that sometimes. Sometimes you just need to listen to sad stuffs lol To be honest, that one is probably my messiest playlist just cuz I had to group a bunch of different stuff together lol So you’ll find sad songs, heartbreak songs, breakup songs, songs about loneliness, songs of longing, songs lamenting past relationships, etc. There’s a few that are just more like “I’m single, who cares” and bitter songs that are like “Fuck all this love shit! There are also songs about being sad and heartbroken now, but you know you’ll be okay one day.

Sample of Tracks You’ll Find

Again, for the most part it’s more soft, sweet, and chill kind of tracks. The majority of this playlist is more K-R&B and K-Indie. However, there are a couple more upbeat tracks, and maybe a couple dozen mainstream K-Pop tracks~ Here are some of my favorite tracks, and some of the kind of tracks you’ll find on this playlist~ Let the saccharine playlist begin!~

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Some Love Here, Some Sweetness There, A Bunch of Fluff there~

Taeyeon (태연)| Playlist

Again, I’m a second gen K-Pop stan. Girls’ Generation (SNSD) will forever be my #1 group that I followed since the very beginning. They’re forever a legendary group, and Taeyeon will forever be known as one of the most talented vocals in K-Pop. “Playlist” is one of my two favorites from her recent What Do I Call You EP. “Galaxy” was my top favorite, but “Playlist” was my second~ It’s really sweet. I love the idea behind it. Also, it just seems like something I’d do too~ hehe~ It’s basically about playing a playlist and song for the person you love to express how you feel~ Yeah, definitely something I’d do since I basically always express myself with music and always make playlists~ (Actually… I think I might have low-key done something like that when I confessed to a crush in middle school… My dark past that I blocked out from my memory… l…ol)

Listen to my favorite song
I want to listen with you
I put it in thinking of you
The story of two of us

I’m shy at the familiarity
Words I couldn’t say to you
Fill it with words of songs
I want to let you hear it all

Taeyeon (태연)| Playlist|Trans. by [Color Coded Lyrics]

Play this song for me
Can you hear my heart?
Melody that resembles us
I place it as is by your ears

Can you feel it?
That moment, that day’s feeling
Oh I love, Oh I love,
Oh I love the way we flow

Taeyeon (태연)| Playlist|Trans. by [Color Coded Lyrics]

LambC(램씨)| Four Seasons

Acoustic Live Performance with Eng. subs from LambC, himself~

This is a great K-Indie/K-R&B track. I love LambC and his music. He has alot of great music. It’s a shame how underrated he is. Definitely check out his tracks if you prefer soft and chill kind of tracks. This playlist definitely has alot of his tracks cuz they’re just super sweet. This song is definitely sweet and made me go “AWWWWWW~” when I heard it~ It’s a sweet song proposal or confession~ hehe~

I want to walk with you
Through Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter
I would like you to be part of my journey
I want to stay with you
I want to share my love
Until my hair turns grey
And I want you to be that person
Yes, that person should be you

LambC(램씨)| Four Seasons| Trans. by LambC

No matter how many seasons pass,
Only wish that I spend it next to you
I want to tell you now,
I want to be with you tomorrow

LambC(램씨)| Four Seasons| Trans. by LambC
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If it wasn’t obvious, I’m a sucker for these kind of tracks~

Sam Kim(샘김)| The One

We just talked about Sam Kim in a [previous Music Monday post]. Again, he’s an amazing artist with great vocals and music. I highly recommend checking all his tracks out. “The One” is a sweet track with some jazz to it. I like to think it’s about being with the person you think is “The One”. It’s the person who makes it hard to sleep cuz all you can think about is them~ hehe~

I’m trying my best
Smile, smile
I don’t want anything more
It’s not cold, come a little closer
Or I’ll give you my jacket
The cold will hit this guy
You don’t have to worry
Looking at you makes me warm and smile
I’m sorry I keep saying the same thing

Sam Kim(샘김)| The One|Trans. by [SecretlyRian @YouTube]

I’m in deep,
Is this the last day?
I need sleep, oh no
I like this better than a dream
I won’t dream tonight
I won’t sleep tonight

Sam Kim(샘김)| The One|Trans. by [SecretlyRian @YouTube]

준(JUNE)|Waltz (Feat. 가호 Gaho)

First of all, I love June. He’s one of my favorite K-R&B artists, and it’s a shame that he’s also somewhat underrated. I also really love Gaho! I loved his song for [Itaewon Class]. He does some amazing covers too like a rock/band cover of Blackpink’s [How You Like That] and [Lovesick Girls]. His tracks tend to be more on the rock side, but he also does amazing on R&B tracks like this one and “Beautiful”, another June track. “Waltz” is a soft and slow, jazzy R&B track. It’s basically relating the feelings between two people as a waltz. It’s sweet and super relaxing to listen to~ If you like this track, you should also check out the [BAYOG Lounge Playlist]~

Trying not to let go of our holding hands
The reason we were close together
You pretend to ignore yet you already know
You stand watching me from a far distance
I hold your hand
And you put your arms around me
More than anything in this world us two
I look into your eyes
And you become my eyes
You bloom white as snow to me

준(JUNE) (Feat. 가호 Gaho)|Waltz|Trans. by [Planetarium Records]

Jeebanoff(지바노프)|마음으로 (Overflow)

I’m going to take another chance to introduce an underground/lesser known artist to you guys~ Jeebanoff is a lesser known K-R&B artist. He’s got really nice and chill tracks. I definitely recommend checking out his music if you’re interested in other artists outside of mainstream K-R&B. 마음으로 means “with my heart”. It’s basically about the overflow of his feelings for someone. It’s really sweet. It’s a soft, chill, and soothing lo-fi kind of track~ You can take it as a song about having an overflow of one’s feelings and even wanting to confess, or even propose~ The track was my instant favorite from his new EP, [Talking Book].

I smile when I see you and I want to tell you
I’ve been thinking about it, and how I want to take it out
Anytime, anywhere I want to see that sky with you

Jeebanoff(지바노프)|마음으로 (Overflow)|Trans. by [Flowerring꽃잉]

준(JUNE)| Beautiful (Feat. 가호 Gaho, Moti, 정진우 Jung Jinwoo)

I can’t tell you how excited I was when this track dropped because I love June, Gaho, and Jung Jinwoo! Jung Jinwoo is another one of my favorite underrated K-R&B artists~ “Beautiful” is one of the more upbeat tracks on this playlist. It’s basically a hybrid of jazzy, bossa and R&B, plus a dash of hip-hop. I love everything from everyone’s vocals and the beat itself~ It’s basically a track about a guy expressing his interest in a girl and how beautiful he thinks she is.

Oh baby, how you doin’?
I was overly thinking, yeah~
Today I’m like,
I won’t waste it, yeah~
I don’t know that well what we dreamed of
I’m so full of you like that, yeah~

준(JUNE) Feat. 가호 Gaho, Moti, 정진우 Jung Jinwoo| Beautiful| Trans. by [Planetarium Records]

Girl, I just want you
You’re beautiful, beautiful
Yeah I know how beautiful you are
I’m saying you’re beautiful, beautiful
Yeah I know how beautiful you are
If only you’re okay, yeah~
Then I will never change~
So beautiful, beautiful
From today,
Beautiful, we are, we are~

준(JUNE) Feat. 가호 Gaho, Moti, 정진우 Jung Jinwoo| Beautiful| Trans. by [Planetarium Records]

Colde (콜드)|Treasure (보물)

Y’all know Colde is another one of my favorite K-R&B artists~ Probably one of my top 5 K-R&B artists. Dude has alot of great songs, so I definitely recommend checking him out! This particular track was from the soundtrack of the K-Drama, Backstreet Rookie (편의점 샛별이). I didn’t watch it, but I do love this song. It’s just my kind of vibe, and it’s just so sweet~

You’re my treasure, I feel like a rich man
Whenever I walk with you
It always feels like time is slipping away
So quickly

Colde (콜드)|Treasure (보물)|Trans. by [Popgasa]

Your sparkling eyes shine every day
Your touch wraps around me, I have nothing else to want

Take me to your dreams
I looked for you for so long, my treasure
we will always be together
our love would be forever

Colde (콜드)|Treasure (보물)|Trans. by [Popgasa]

Junggigo(정기고)|IWST(말하자면) (Feat. Hoody) (Prod. Primary)

I love Junggigo and Hoody~ Hoody is one of my favorite female K-R&B artists, so this was a collab I was super hyped for when it dropped. It’s soft and sweet~ It’s basically a song about confessing or finally telling someone that you love them~ It’s cute~ uwu

Now I can say it
I wanna say that I love you
Maybe this is too cliché
But it was hard for me say it

Now I can say it
I wanna say that I love you
From the moment I saw you until now
There was never a moment I didn’t love you

소유(SOYOU)|My Blossom

We have another track from Soyou, member of now disbanded girl group [SISTAR]. This is a cute song about not being sure of the other person’s feelings. Perhaps they want to confess, but either way you just want to be with them~

wonder how you feel
You always confuse me
But today, for some reason
It looks like you have something to say

I wonder what thoughts you have
Just getting more curious (again)
I’m obviously being cautious around you

소유(SOYOU)|My Blossom|Trans. by [Color Coded Lyrics]

You still feel awkward with me
But on a day when the
Cherry blossoms scatter
I hope we can be together

With me with you
Somewhere over the rainbow
With you with me
All I need is you

소유(SOYOU)|My Blossom|Trans. by [Color Coded Lyrics]

챈슬러 (Chancellor) x 윤하 (YOUNHA)|Walking In The Rain

Chancellor was formerly a known as Chance and a member of K-R&B/Hip-Hop group [One Way(원웨이)]. I actually did like the group back then. Since he left the group, he’s gone by the name Chancellor for his solo tracks and work as a producer. Younha… I love her~ I love her [tracks] [with] [Epik High], as well as her song [Comet] from the Bleach anime. So yes, I was excited for this track. It’s such a beautiful and sweet track. It’s basically singing about an eternal and unconditional love, even through the rainstorms~ uwu

I like this feeling like it’s our first time every time
Even your familiar facial expressions
Even if time doubts us
I still love you
As long as you’re here

챈슬러 (Chancellor) x 윤하 (YOUNHA)|Walking In The Rain|Trans. by [Popgasa]

I’m walking in the rainfall
Singing you this love song
Rain is falling, our love isn’t drying
I’ll kiss you in the rainstorm
Pulling you in closer
You’re my unconditional love

챈슬러 (Chancellor) x 윤하 (YOUNHA)|Walking In The Rain|Trans. by [Popgasa]

적재 (Jukjae)|Fixx Me

We just talked about Jukjae for our recent Music Monday posts on [Tattoo] and [Camellia]. “Fixx Me” is this smooth track from the K-Drama  [엑스엑스 XX]. I really loved the song from the drama. I also loved the main couple. They were super sweet and it was a very realistic kind of relationship. This track suited the relationship and series super well. It’s basically about realizing you’re falling for someone and your attention always seems to gravitate to and focus on them. Despite having suffered a broken heart and not thinking you’d be in love, here you are. So perhaps this love is what can fix that broken heart~

My eyes on you and I can’t breathe
Is my body broken?
Your lips so beautiful to me
Fix my heart Fix my heart
Fix my broken heart

Only you can fix
My broken heart
Please hold my heart that keeps growing
I don’t know what to do
Fix my broken heart baby

적재 (Jukjae)|Fixx Me| Trans. by [Popgasa]

Zion.T|멋지게 인사하는 법(Hello Tutorial) (feat. 슬기 Seulgi of Red Velvet)

WOO! Zion.T is one of my favorite K-R&B artists. I also adore Seulgi from Red Velvet~ This is a super cute song about being awkward in the beginning stages of a love~ Particularly with just saying “hello”~ We always want to appear smooth and cool. However, love isn’t always smooth, and sometimes we get flustered~

Practiced up until hello
There was no problem till then
But when I stand in front of you, why do I just smile like a fool?
I just need to act like I always do
Like now, so natural

Hello, hello
Hello, hello
Hello, hello
I know how to be cool and say hello
But when I see you
Woo baby baby

Zion.T|멋지게 인사하는 법(Hello Tutorial) (feat. 슬기 Seulgi of Red Velvet)| Trans. by [Genius]

프라이머리 (Primary)|When I fall in love (Feat: Meego, 수란(SURAN))

Primary is a great producer and has alot of great tracks~ I really love this sweet, wintery love song that features Meego and Suran. Suran is also one of my favorite female K-R&B artists, so of course I loved this track~ It’s a sweet song about when you fall in love~ You don’t know when or how things got to this point. But now it’s a habit to look at each other, and show each other everything. Because you’re in love~

When I fall in love, I don’t know
When did I start showing you everything
Without hiding anything,
Without me knowing
When I fell in love

When I fall in love without me knowing
I wonder if we each showed each other
Parts of us that are even hidden

프라이머리 (Primary)|When I fall in love (Feat: Meego, 수란(SURAN))|Trans. by [Shinee shi]

SURAN(수란)|Love Story (Feat. CRUSH 크러쉬)

My K-R&B queen with one of my favorite K-R&B kings? YES! I really love this track and how sweet it is~ Random note, the actor in the MV is the actor who played Hyun in the [Sweet Home drama]. Anyway, it’s a cute and sweet K-R&B love song~

I just love you, I can’t believe it
My heart says it pounds because of you
As if you’ll come but you won’t, there’s no reason
I want to hold you every day

I wanna be your star
shining star
You’re so dazzling
Feels like I can’t breathe
Even if it’s just you and me in the world
I’d fall for you again
Real love story

SURAN(수란)|Love Story (Feat. CRUSH 크러쉬)|Trans. by [Popgasa]

방탄소년단 (BTS)|Trivia 承: Love (RM Solo)

Y’all know I’m BTS trash. So of course, as BTS ARMY, I had to include a BTS track here. This is a B-side track from the LOVE YOURSELF 結 ‘Answer’ album. “Trivia 承: Love” is also RM’s solo track on the album. The lyrics are actually really sweet and cleaver. I love that it talks about love being small and simple things that may seem insignificant. They’re things that we don’t really think about or notice~ It’s something that just becomes so very natural. So honestly, I recommend checking out the full translations and notes from [Genius]. For example it makes alot of references to 사람/Saram (person) and 사랑/sarang(love), and plays on how they look and sound similar.

Is this love?
Is this love?
Sometimes I know
Sometimes I don’t

The next lyrics, um
What should I write, um
Too many words circle around me
But none of them feel how I feel
I just feel it
Like the moon rises after the sun rises
Like how fingernails grow
Like trees that shed their bark once a year
That you are the one who will give meaning to my memories
Who will make a ‘person’ into ‘love’
Before I knew you
My heart was filled with straight lines only

I’m just a human, human, human
You erode all my corners
And make me into love, love, love
We’re humans, humans, humans
In that myriad of straight lines
My love, love, love
When you sit on top of it and you become my heart

방탄소년단 (BTS)|Trivia 承: Love (RM Solo)|Trans. by [Genius]

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All these tracks got me going “Awwww~”

Anyway, that’s your Valentine’s and sweet love songs playlist from me~ Y’all got at least 16-17 hours of sweet love songs~ Or you can listen to the Solo one too if you’re not about that life lol. You’ll notice this month’s Music Monday track recommendations will be from the Lovely & Sweet Vibes playlist~ Originally I made this playlist for myself just cuz sometimes I’m just in the mood to chill to and appreciate some chill and sweet love songs~ I’m about that forever solo life, but I’m also a romanticist that appreciates a sweet track and a sweet love story~ I just figured I’d go ahead and make it into a BAYOG playlist~ Anyway, I hope y’all enjoy the tracks~ Maybe you found something you like, or you’re interested in an artist you didn’t know about~ I’m happy just sharing some of my favorite tracks with y’all and helping you find new tracks and artists~ Especially the lesser known ones~ There are plenty of amazing music and artists out there~ Anyway, enjoy the playlist and have a wonderful day~ Stay safe, take care, and have a lovely day my luvs~

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