Music Monday|Sam Kim — When You Fall (Feat. CHAI)

Music Monday|Sam Kim — When You Fall (Feat. CHAI)

Why hello my BAYOG luvs!~ Apparently it’s Monday again… (Minty has given up on telling the time and day) Before I knew it, it was time for another Music Monday post. So I bring you another sweet winter vibes kind of track today~ Today I’m recommending Sam Kim’s “When You Fall”, which features CHAI~

Sam Kim (샘김) is a Korean-American singer/songwriter from Seattle, Washington. Sam is one of my favorite Korean artists. He’s basically K-R&B, K-Soul, indie, with some jazz, funk, and folk. He’s got this really nice, smooth, gentle, and soulful voice. It’s got some strong blues and soul sound to it. His voice just sounds so soothing too. He’s also an amazing guitarist and songwriter. He got his start in the K-Pop industry by competing in [K-Pop Star 3] back in 2013. He ended up being the runner up on K-Pop Star 3. Yoo Hee Yeol (aka Toy) was one of the judges and the Antenna Music’s CEO, signed Sam to his company. He made his official debut on K-Pop Star 5 in 2016 with his track [“No 눈치 (No Sense)”], which featured Crush. Seriously, I really love Sam Kim’s music and vocals. He’s super talented and a true artist. It’s also amazing that this guy taught himself how to play guitar and sing. It’s also amazing to see how far he’s come along from a 16 year old who couldn’t speak Korean too well, and is now recognized as an incredibly talented artist. He’s worked with some big names like Crush, IU, Loco, Zico, and Jukjae. The dude is also [savage] and [funny] as hell. I wanna be friends with him LOLOL Anyway, I definitely recommend Sam Kim and his music if you’re interested in K-Pop, but not interested in idol music, and you’re looking for something more “mature” sounding. My favorites would be [“It’s You (Feat. ZICO)”], [“Make Up (Feat. Crush)”], [“For now(여기까지)”] with [Kwon Jin Ah], and [“Like A Fool”] with [NIve]. I also love [“Who Are You”], which is an OST track from my favorite drama [Goblin].

CHAI, Crystal Yi or 이수정/Lee Soo Jung, is also another singer under Yoo Hee Yeol’s Antenna Music. Like Sam, she’s also Korean-American, and is originally from Chicago, Illinois. Also like Sam, her start in the K-Pop industry started when she competed in K-Pop Star competition as well. She competed and ended up winning [K-Pop Star 5] in 2016. She did go back to the States to complete her studies, but still performed and worked on music during that time. She made her official debut in 2019 with her single “Give and Take”. It had 3 tracks: [“Alright”], [“Give and Take”] with [pH-1], and [“Color You”] with Sam Kim. Although she doesn’t have as many releases, I really love CHAI for the same reasons I like Sam Kim. CHAI has really great vocals. It’s smooth, sweet, kind of soft feeling, soothing, yet soulful. In a way, I kinda feel like she’s a female version of Sam. I feel like their vocal styles and vibes are really similar. I just think it’s a bit of a shame, because I feel like she’s somewhat underrated. I hope more people can appreciate her vocals and music~

Artist: Sam Kim (샘김) Feat CHAI (이수정 Lee Soo Jung)
Song: When You Fall
Single: When You Fall
Genre: K-Pop, K-R&B, R&B, Soul, Jazz
Language: Korean
Release: December 2018

“When You Fall” is a slow, soft and sweet sounding track with R&B and soft jazz. It’s a really beautiful sounding track. I think the soft sound and fluttery feel of this track really fits the winter vibe. Apparently it was co-composed by Sam Kim and Chai. The lyrics were written by IU. It’s actually a somewhat bittersweet song about a breakup told by the perspectives of both the man and woman. It’s a song about two former lovers thinking about their past relationship. It was a time where they were deeply in love. It was, and still seems beautiful. They think back to it very sweetly, and wonder about how the other one is doing. Their feelings are the same, and they’re still somewhat stuck. But they’ll send their regards quietly, even if they’re still stuck, and think of them fondly. It’s just a really bittersweet, yet beautiful track. Sam Kim’s and CHAI’s voices just go together so well. They really complement each other beautifully. Especially because they have pretty similar kind of vibes.

You can find “When You Fall” by Sam Kim and CHAI (이수정) on Spotify, here:

Music Video

The music video is like a mini movie. It tells the story of a boy and girl falling in love at 19. Their happy relationship progressing even as they turn into adults, and their breakup after 6 years of being together. It shows the the man heartbroken, but still thinking back to the relationship he treasured. It’s a beautiful and bittersweet track, and the MV is beautiful and bittersweet as well. You can find the translations for the lyrics over at [Popgasa].

I feel like the song and video are something realistic that I’m sure many can relate to. Sometimes you really love someone, but sometimes it doesn’t work out and does end. However, alot of time, emotion, effort, and memories, are spent and built during a relationship. Especially in one that you’re really invested in and truly treasure. Those are things that are engraved into your heart and mind, and won’t be easily forgotten. They’re basically a part of you. Feelings can’t be cut off overnight either. But just because things end, doesn’t mean that we have to look back at a relationship negatively. We can still care and wonder about that person who was a big part of our lives. We can still wonder if they feel the same way, if they’re going through a difficult time as well, if they’ve moved on, and if they’re happy. We can still look back at things fondly, wish happiness for the other person, while still holding them and the memories in our hearts.

I know it’s kind of sad because of how bittersweet it is. But I like to think it’s not necessarily it a bad thing. It’s just part of the journey of life and a step to our own growth. The end of a relationship can be painful. Especially when you still love them very much and can’t move on. However, we’ll be okay. A part of them, the memories and experiences, will always be with us. Things feel sad and bitter now, but that doesn’t change the warmth, happiness, and love that we felt. All of that is still real, and did happen. One day we’ll be able to look back at things fondly. Maybe we’ll still wonder about the person we cared about, but I’m sure we’ll all hope that we’re happy now.

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Anyway, that’s it for today’s Music Monday! I hope you guys enjoyed the track~ What did you guys think? Are you guys fans of Sam Kim or CHAI? If so, what are your favorite tracks? Let me know in the comments, my socials, or on Discord! Also, I know I said I would be taking a break. I did want to, but admit it’s kind of hard to. I’ve been going through not wanting to do anything, but also feeling like I need to do something. I don’t like being idle too much or being stuck with my thoughts for too long. Writing can be tedious, but I do enjoy it and it’s also something to help me deal with my stress and anxiety. So I guess it’s more like I may or may not take sudden breaks is all. So if y’all don’t hear from me or see me post anything, most likely I felt that it was time that I really needed a break. It’s also possible that I might try to work on that podcast in that time as well. Still figuring it out. Anyway, please stay safe, take care, and have a wonderful day and start to your week!

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