Drama|Sweet Home — Final Impressions

Drama|Sweet Home — Final Impressions

Hello, hello BAYOG Fam!~ I’m back again with another post for our drama fans!~ Being BAYOG’s Real People Stuff expert, it was about time I put up another drama related post. I’ve kind of been neglecting drama posts for a while. However, have been trying to slowly get back into dramas. Today is a follow up to my [Netflix’s Sweet Home first impressions] post. Y’all know I was a [fan of the webtoon series]. So I was excited for the live action drama. It was one of my first dramas in a while since this pandemic started. I also know there were several people waiting for me to discuss it. So let’s go~

My first impressions post was based on the first like 1-3 (maybe 4) episodes? There were some changes, but it seemed pretty good so far. It was better than I expected. So I had expectations and started to think, “Wow. This might be a good one.” I’d been putting it off since I hadn’t really been in the mood to watch anything dark and heavy. But I finally just finished the final episode. Although, I do admit I abused that 10 second skip button a few times… Anyway, I’m ready to give my final impressions now. However, this was just going to be a brief-ish final impressions post. Rather than brief…it’s more like pretty general final impressions. Turns out we still have a lot to talk about even in this general post. I plan on doing a later post dedicated specifically to comparisons and differences to the webtoon. Because it turns out that there were actually quite alot of differences than I remembered. I know people are also curious and looking forward to that. It’s alot of unpack though, and it’ll most definitely be full of a ton of spoilers. So that’s why I figured I’d do a separate more spoiler-y and thorough final impressions post. Also, please note that it’s been a while since I read the webtoon. Plus, I had been reading it on and off again at the time. So I might be off on a few details. It’s also why I’m going to do the detailed post after refreshing my memory a bit. Also, I’m sorry… We still got alot to talk about. So this is going to be one of my longer posts.

[Less Spoilery Version]

For those of you who don’t want to see spoilers. Here’s the mostly spoiler free summary of my final impressions of the drama. It was a beautifully done production. They got the sets and feel right. I loved the atmosphere and the settings. The CGI did look jarring a few times, but was still pretty impressive. We had some amazing actors here, and some great characters. There were also quite alot of differences from the original webtoon, starting around the middle of the Netflix series. There were some minor differences, and some major ones. It actually started to diverge from the webtoon and mostly seem to go on it’s own kind of path and story. Which is fine. I think that kind of thing is possible and can work if it’s able to make itself stand out and really become it’s own thing. However, there were some things from the webtoon that would have been beneficial to the drama. There were some changes. Some weren’t bad. While some changes made things feel weaker and more shallow than it should have been.

For the most part, I felt like there were just alot of missed opportunities. We missed out on character backgrounds, relationship dynamics or at least opportunities to show them. I was probably most disappointed with the lack of character development and growth when there was potential, and because that was one of the reasons I really enjoyed the original story in the first place. The dynamics amongst the characters, their backgrounds, and most importantly the character developments are what made Sweet Home so intriguing. Especially when we’re questioning who the real monsters are, and whether the physical monsters are the only type of monster the characters should fear. The series seemed like it had alot of potential. However, it just felt like it ended up being spread too thin, and we weren’t able to really feel a connection with many of the characters. Alot of characters and actions in the drama seemed a bit shallow. It seemed like there was more focus than necessary on less important characters, instead of using that focus on the main characters.

I felt like there were things that could’ve been built up a bit better to make it feel more impactful. It also felt a bit rushed and a little all over the place during the second half. So while it’s not a bad show, I am a bit disappointed with the second half of the series. I know I sound like a source material purist, but I swear that I’m not. I truly believe changes aren’t necessarily bad. An adaptation can be it’s own thing and could be interesting. However, it just felt like the Sweet Home drama had some wasted potential and lacked the things to make it more solid. The drama was still interesting, and despite my frustrations and criticisms, I did enjoy it. However, I have to say I would prefer the webtoon over the drama. I definitely recommend reading it. Knowing the context and background might make scenes from the drama feel different. But honestly, I recommend it just because of the character development and growth. The webtoon is completed and you can read the series over at LINE Webtoon [here].

[Warning: Some Hella Spoilers Ahead]
There are some major spoilers with the drama and webtoon ahead.

Reaching Out Sweet Home GIF - ReachingOut SweetHome TryToReach GIFs

Again, the first couple of episodes of Sweet Home/스위트홈 surprised me. Before I watched the drama, I low-key thought that it might not be that great…that it could actually be a waste of it’s massive budget. After all, we’ve been thrown some misses in the past by Netflix (Lookin’ at you Death Note). However, I was surprised. The sets and the atmosphere were perfect. It looked great, and felt really befitting. I liked that it didn’t look cheap. It looked worth it’s budget. So I got my hopes up. For the most part, the CGI for the monsters were impressive. It was great to see the monsters from the webtoon be brought to life. Although, I am a bit disappointed about “PROTEINNN!” Monster. But that’s just my personal preference. I just liked the original design because I liked the irony of this monster with a silly face being huge, and absolutely dangerous. I know CGI was worked on by a couple big companies that have worked on big projects in Hollywood. However, there were a few times where the CGI did look a bit off and jarring.

The OST from BewhY was also great too. I honestly would’ve never expected a K-Hip Hop track for Sweet Home‘s OST. Usually I’m not a big fan of “noisy” kind of tracks, but I actually did like this one. On a side note: I was super surprised that 1Million Dance Studios collabed with Netflix’s Sweet Home and did choreo for BewhY’s track. For those of you who don’t know, 1Million Dance Studios is one of the top Korean dance studios. They’ve worked with alot of big names in K-Pop, and they choreographed several popular K-Pop hits.

Yi Kyung is ripped AF

The actors and their acting were great. I liked the actors, particularly the main cast. I especially loved Song Kang as Hyun Su and Lee Jin Wook as Pyeon Sang Wook. I also really liked Lee Si Young’s character, Seo Yi Kyung. Seo Yi Kyung was an original character made for the drama. So I was interested in her role and how it would affect, as well as change, the story. She was great too. Although, I could see that her character seemed to be made up of parts from some of the characters from the webtoon. There were some moments from her in the drama that were originally Eun Hyeok’s and Ji Su’s webtoon counterparts. Still, Yi Kyung is a bad ass, and I was all for it. Also, DAYUUUUM! This lady had some serious abs and muscles!

I also really liked other characters like Jung Jae Heon (Kim Nam Hee), Lee Eun Hyeok (Lee Do Hyun), Han Du Sik (Kim Sang Ho), and An Gil Seop (Kim Gap Soo). There were some very noticeable changes, but I was still able to grow somewhat fond of these characters. I did like some other characters like Yuri (Ko Yoon Jung) too, but honestly… the changes made their impact feel somewhat shallow. As much as I loved the characters, I felt like this was an issue for all the characters. We’re able to understand and feel more connected with the webtoon versions of the characters. However, that’s not really the case with the drama versions. We had very different relationships and missed out on character dynamics that were portrayed in the webtoon. We also lacked alot of background information for some key characters.

One of the major changes would be that in the webtoon, Ji Su is the one closest to Hyun (Hyun Su in the drama). She’s like an anchor and voice of reason for Hyun. She basically helped him keep the inner monster at bay. They were basically the main romantic ship and development in the series. There were flirty moments between Ji Su and Jae Heon, but he kept his crush to himself. Eun Yoo seemed to have a crush towards Hyun, but they honestly didn’t have as much interactions. Ultimately, the romantic relationship was more Hyun x Ji Su. However the drama version made it Ji Su x Jae Heon, and Hyun Su x Eun Yoo. There also wasn’t much interaction with Ji Su and Hyun Su. The drama also just only briefly brings up Ji Su’s trauma with her ex’s suicide. In the webtoon, this is something important as she knows Hyun had plans to die. In a way she sees her ex in him and it’s also something like a form of redemption. You can say all this made that moment with the guitar and naming the song “Sweet Home” feel deeper. Except we don’t get that kind of impact in the drama since the dynamics and relationships are changed, too brief, or completely missed over. Instead we’re left with most of the relationships and dynamics between drama characters feeling pretty superficial.

We missed out on some background stuff that definitely would’ve changed how we felt and thought in regards to different things too. Which is a shame, because it would’ve definitely given more depth to the characters. Alot of actions, and the sacrifices too, would have felt much more impactful. An example of this would be Du Sik. We’re only briefly told in the drama that he had a family (wife and child) before. Like in the drama, the original Du Sik in the webtoon is someone who always wants to do the right thing and help others. In the webtoon, we learn that he became paralyzed after saving a kid from an accident or something. He was praised as a hero for his deed. However, he wasn’t able to do his job. He ended up losing his job, and his wife then took their child and left him. You have a guy feels some regret because he did the right thing, but lost everything. He’s always especially missed his kid. So he’s battling his regret with his belief and will to do the right thing and help others. In the end, he sticks to his principles. Monsters end up breaking through the barricades. He offers to sacrifice himself and stays behind to hold off the monsters in order to allow everyone else to escape. His monsterization showed his desire was to get his legs back. But he still does his best to hold off the monsters before fully turning into one. I feel like this kind of background should’ve been in the drama. Even if it was brought up briefly in a conversation. It would’ve given more insight and impact to his actions. Such as his sympathy, hesitation, and decision to not kill the woman who lost her baby and turned into the fetus monster. It would have also showed more of why he’s so bent on protecting the little kids and felt so bad for Hyun Su. Again, it would’ve made it so much more impactful.

Wook was one of my absolute favorite characters in the webtoon. While I loved Sang Wook in the drama, I was a bit disappointed in one of the changes. In the drama, he’s a hired killer. Although, we see he has some morals and is someone upset by a failed justice system. In the webtoon, we’re given a plot twist. It’s revealed that although Wook looks like a gangster, he’s actually a former police detective. He was fired for using excessive force on a suspect. The thing is, like the drama version, Wook has a strong sense of justice. Yes, even though he uses excessive force, but he uses it on the bad guys. Again, I think keeping this background would’ve fit better for that aspect of someone disappointed in the justice system. Plus it would be yet another example of how things are not always how people perceive them to be. The guy who looks like a mobster and bad guy isn’t the bad guy. He’s actually a really good guy who is doing everything that he can do to protect everyone. Much like how Hyun is a becoming a monster, but is a good guy. Hyun/Hyun Su is trying to fight his inner monster, doing his best to protect everyone, and trying to hold onto his humanity. Especially when we think of how there are humans who are more like monsters than the actual monsters. More on that later.

Overall though, I felt like the interactions with the characters are spread kind of thin. It felt like the drama didn’t get to show the character dynamics and relationships as well as I had hoped for. Honestly, we got very little of it, so we’re left with superficial feeling connections to the characters. There are some moments, like the moments between Ji Su and Jae Heon. However, I still feel like they still come off rather shallow. I get that there are factors and constraints when it comes to live adaptations. I know you only have 10 episodes to work with, and only like 45-60 minutes per episode. Still, I feel like they could’ve executed things different to portray more depth to the characters. I feel like they could’ve focused a little less on the really minor characters, to focus more on key aspects or dynamics with the main characters. Or like maybe cut that crazy scene of Sang Wook bashing the dude’s face in with a hammer a bit shorter. Like damn, we get it. Dude is angry. We could get that with just half the length of that scene though. Actually, I feel like they had way more recurring extra characters than really necessary. Some minor characters felt like they were split parts of a minor character in the webtoon. There was alot of focus on some minor things. Although some minor things were interesting to point out, they could’ve still been conveyed while portraying something that would’ve better enriched the main characters. I know I keep saying it, but again, I feel like there should’ve been a bigger focus on background information and character development. It would’ve made them feel more solid, and probably made viewers feel more connected to them. Scenes and certain actions would have hit more differently.

Sweet Home Song Kang GIF - SweetHome SongKang GIFs

Speaking of monsterization… I felt like the drama didn’t portray it very well. So we know that monsterization is a psychological disease and tied to one’s desires. It also involves one’s traumas too. The drama only states it clearly that it has to do with one’s desires. However, it doesn’t really portray the turmoil and battle one has with their inner monster. I think we only see it a few times, one or twice, in the drama. However, it’s not even much of a battle. We’re not even really clearly shown the process behind monsterization. Again, it’s about desires. The inner monsters then tempt people to choose their desires. From what I remember in the webtoon, the monster shows the person’s desire and their perfect reality or utopia. Once they give into that, the monster completely takes over. I believe that in Hyun’s case, it was his family. His inner monster shows him this perfect reality of being happy with his family again. However, he notices the inconsistencies and realizes that it’s a fake reality. Dude literally fights the monster and regains his consciousness and control. Again, it’s a shame. It was a missed opportunity of character development. Something I thought was what made the original webtoon stand out and be unique. With the webtoon, we go from a dude who seems like an ass at first, to seeing he actually has trauma with bullying, and now the guilt and emptiness regarding the loss of his family. We see him go from a coward who wanted to die, to someone who rejected a happy life in a fake reality, and chooses time and time again to go against his fears to do everything that he can do to survive and protect others. Time and time again, the inner monster tries to take over. However, Hyun is doing his best to keep in control… even when it’s getting harder to do so. Hyun Su is the main character. I get that the drama can’t focus on everyone as much as they did in the webtoon. However, they really should’ve at least done that much for Hyun Su in the drama. Although they do seem to be going in a slightly different direction with the monsters. Still, I feel like a look into the monsterization process and one’s literal inner battle was important and would’ve solidified the drama better.

AMonster Is AMonster Cha Hyun Soo GIF - AMonsterIsAMonster ChaHyunSoo SweetHome GIFs

Another thing that I thought was something important and interesting from the original webtoon was how it makes you think, “Who are the real monsters?” It really made you think about how the grotesque looking monsters weren’t the only monsters. The webtoon also showed that there were some good monsters. Such as Hyun. There was also Myung Sook, the woman who lost her child, protected the two kids, but ended up becoming the fetus monster. They both used their monster abilities to save others. There was also another guy who was one of the criminals who came into the apartment building. I know there’s a seemingly similar character in the drama, but they’re vastly different. We’ll talk about those details in the other post. The point is you have them, Du Sik, and even Eun Hyeok who are infected, but do their best to help others. Hyun Su is a special case. He’s able to keep his consciousness, fighting with the monster to keep control. Despite being a monster he’s doing everything he can for others. Even if that means he’s the one getting hurt. And surely at times, it seems like his own pain is overlooked by many of the humans. They seem to use him, but you have people who are still very cautious, and it seems they don’t all really trust him.

This creep

Meanwhile, you have humans who seem more like monsters. Both the drama and webtoon show some survivors are just terrible people. Like absolute trash. From the child predator and murderer, the criminals, a rapist, an abusive husband, and so on. We see people who, though not physically, can definitely be considered monsters. The webtoon also had a survivor who was a woman who seemed rather cowardly, but would manipulate others. She manipulated other to try to kill, and even tried to kill other people herself. She was an example of a character who was about getting herself to survive and not caring about others, and was willing to step on and sacrifice others. It showed how selfish humans can be. Which we only get little glimpses of in the drama. Such as the guy freaking out believing that the main characters are taking all the food and leaving them to die. As well as the guy who chose to to hit that button to call the military to them. I feel like parts of her were split to make those characters.

But We Are Still Alive Sweet Home GIF - ButWeAreStillAlive SweetHome DontGiveUp GIFs

There are moments where we also have people who choose humanity, such as grocery worker guy saving the ajumma with the dog. Or that soldier guy who ran out to save Gangnam lady’s daughter, but ended up dying. (Damn, I liked him, but he was basically around for just a blink of an eye). However, those moments seem so very brief. As great as the premise is, all of these don’t hold a big impact to really make you think about it or feel super moved about it. They feel almost more like an afterthought. The webtoon also had a brief part where we see people who appear good or nice, but are proven to be awful people. We also have someone like Wook, who again, seems like a bad guy. However, we’re shown that’s he’s not a bad guy at all. So again, it’s a theme that’s really present in the webtoon. I felt like it was important, and again, one of the reasons that made the series so interesting. However, we just barely see that in the drama. It just feels super surface level to me.

Now let’s talk about the major changes. For the first like 6 or so episodes, the drama seemed to still be generally following the webtoon. It just seemed like it was missing some of the finer details. However, it really diverges from the webtoon after that. We basically get thrown some government experiments and involvement. So now we have a government conspiracy. Yi Kyung, who was a character made specifically for the drama, is really tied into this part of the plot. Turns out her missing fiancée knew about this disease, was part of the experiment (as a researcher I believe), was infected himself, and who knows what else. He apparently posted about it online, calling it a curse. Hyun Su and Eun Hyeok saw it briefly before the internet went down and left them unable to finish reading it. That online post reading scene was in the webtoon. However, I don’t remember actually seeing any government conspiracy in the webtoon. Anyway, the drama has this whole plot line of her trying to uncover the truth, her fiancée’s whereabouts, and the encounters with the military. So the difference is I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a focus on the mysteries of a government conspiracy in the webtoon. It was more about figuring out how to get out of the apartments and to survive. If I remember correctly, the only thing you really see in the webtoon is what remained of the military established survivor camps. That’s where the survivors of the apartment building managed to go to and are living at.

Its ACurse Cha Hyun Soo GIF - ItsACurse ChaHyunSoo SweetHome GIFs

Again, however, the drama gives a big focus on this government conspiracy and involvement. Which I suppose is that they wanted to take a route that would actually explain monsterization and what was behind it. Because I’m pretty sure in the webtoon, no one knew. It just happened. It could also be a part of explaining the evolved/special monsters. Because I don’t think there was a clear explanation for those special monsters in the webtoon. Again, it just happened and kinda chalked up to “It’s a form of evolution”. Though that point is also briefly brought up in the drama. Although the webtoon version of evolved monsters are a pretty different from the Netflix ones. Again, we’ll get to that in the other post. I had mixed feelings on this whole new government conspiracy plot focus. I do get that it’s a logical approach to lay an explanation and backstory. It’s good that they tried to have an explanation and backstory. Yet at the same time I’m not a big fan of conspiracy theories or plot stories, and I feel like it’s such an overdone trope. I do have to say that I feel like they could’ve shifted those parts or cut it down a bit. They could’ve dedicated some more of that time on the main characters’ relationships, dynamics, and developments. I honestly felt like they could’ve prioritized the dynamics and character developments and then build on that conspiracy theory more at the end. But what do I know… *shrug* We’ll probably find out in season 2, most likely with an even bigger focus on this government conspiracy, and maybe it’ll all make more sense then.

Overall, there were some other big differences. Again, we had aloooot of minor characters here. Some felt like they were a minor character from the webtoon that had been split into 2 different characters. There were some characters who honestly felt like they weren’t all that necessary. Like shoulder-length-bob-haircut girl. Yeah, she was nice. But I don’t think she was all that necessary. She didn’t really play any key parts. Rather than focusing screen time on them, it could’ve been used towards solidifying the main characters. You can some scenarios and characters that were kind of in the webtoon, but drastically changed. Some played a part in a character’s background. For example, in the webtoon the criminals who broke in were prisoners. The boss happened to be someone Wook had arrested and put in jail. You also had some characters who again, portrayed obviously trash people who are like monsters. You also had humans who seemed like fine people on the outside, but where absolutely monsters inside. The webtoon had more instances of infected humans who weren’t really bad. The special evolved monsters were kind of different as well. So yeah, alot more differences than I originally remembered… But again, we’ll talk details about this stuff in my later post.

I will say that there were some actual plot twists and surprises though. The drama threw some curveballs at me. Having read the webtoon, I had an understanding of how the story would play out. Dramas can have some changes, but it usually sticks to the main general stuff from the source material. So I definitely knew what to expect. I knew not to get attached, cuz they’d most likely die. Of course I remembered when my favorite characters would die. Such as Gil Seob, the grandpa with a terminal illness. Drama version was a cool and sweet grandpa, but I did like the webtoon better. He was a scrawny old man, but was a clear fighter. I really liked him because he seemed like a bad ass for a scrawny old guy. So it was devastating when he died. Originally he pushes Hyun out of the way of the protein monster. Saving Hyun and saying his last words for him to live, before being stepped on by the monster. That broke my heart. So I was preparing myself during that scene in the drama. PLOT TWIST. He didn’t die. Yi Kyung just happened to come by in time and smash it with a firetruck. Instead, Gil Seob ends up passing peacefully after presumably succumbing to his terminal illness or old age. Kinda liked that he died painless here, instead of getting squished by Thomas the Train on steroids.

No One Knows Who Will Be Next Lee Eun Yoo GIF - NoOneKnowsWhoWillBeNext LeeEunYoo SweetHome GIFs

However, there were some other changes as well. In the webtoon Yuri and Wook don’t die, and they are one of the survivors who made it to the survivor camp. I know we’re all devastated, because those were 2 of the few characters we sort of felt a connection to, and we all shipped. As stated before, Du Sik’s death was a bit different as well. So I have some mixed feelings here. I’m impressed they managed to throw plot twists at people like me who read the webtoon and thought we knew what to expect. Like on one hand, that’s kinda cool. Legit curveballs. However, I’m also really upset because I was not prepared for some of those deaths. It kinda pissed me, Loha, and Jess (Loha and I’s Jess). We were just salty that alot of the awesome main characters died, while alot of the pretty useless ones made it.

So I feel like the drama was off to a great start. It didn’t feel too watered down at the beginning; Even with the changes. However, it started to feel more and more shallow around the middle of the series as it diverged from the original webtoon. Which I think can work. I know sound like an original source purist, but I think original twists and changes can work. It’s just that I believe they still need to keep the essence of the original. It should also have an impact to make it stand on it’s own, or at least not feel obviously weaker than the source material. The drama was a beautiful looking series, with an amazing production. However, I just felt like it got messy around the middle and felt super rushed with the second half of the series. Especially the final episode. I felt like if I blinked I would’ve missed something. But it’s not just that. It just seemed to be a bit too focused on minor things, rather than building a more solid base for us to get a feel for the characters. So we’re not able to feel as connected to them, and we don’t really get a great feel for the relationship dynamics among the characters. Most importantly, I felt like there wasn’t enough character development. Not only that, it just felt like all the good characters were practically gone and we were only left with mostly the pretty useless ones. Everything just started feeling like it was rushed, or spread just a bit too thin. Which is a shame. Because again, it had a strong start. It seemed pretty solid at first. It just left me wishing there was a bit more from the second half. I just felt like there were missed opportunities for some background, relationship dynamics, and character development. Which again, were the things that I think made the original so appealing and the story and characters so great. Again, I don’t mind that they weren’t following the webtoon exactly. Being it’s own thing could make it interesting. The actors are solid, and the production is done so wonderfully. However, I just feel like there were things that could’ve be executed better to get a more engaging story and characters. It’s not a bad drama. I did enjoy it for the most part. I just wished they changed some of the execution for somethings, and put more focus on aspects of the main characters that would’ve really made the drama feel more solid.

I will say though that Jae Heon’s death scene was probably best executed one in terms of impact. It was also somewhat true to the webtoon. You could see and really feel the sacrifice, turmoil, regret, and loss. It’s probably the most memorable scene to me. I still feel super devastated about it, even though I knew it was coming. It’s an emotional kind of scene is when Eun Hyeok goes back to Hyun Su as everyone is trying to escape. He promises his sister he’d be back, but broke his promise. It seems like he’s infected. He sits there in the security office, listening to Eun Yoo’s CD player, looking at their old family photo she kept in there, and awaits his demise as everything around him is collapsing. Although, it is slightly different from the webtoon, and the webtoon version is, again, also more impactful. However, it was still a nice scene to get the audience feel emotional and connected with the character. I just wish we could’ve felt a percentage of that kind of impact from the other characters and scenes.

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Anyway, that’s it for this post because I know it’s gotten way longer than I intended it to be. My bad friends. I told you, there’s alot to unpack here. Especially when compared to the original. Again, I feel like being different from the source isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I think it can be done. However, I just feel like it still could have been executed better to feel like a more solid series. Have any of you watched the Sweet Home drama on Netflix? What did you think? Got any questions or want to discuss theories? Have you read the webtoon? What’s your opinion on comparing the two? If you haven’t watched the series, you can catch it on Netflix [here]. Also, sorry this is a messy post. I’m still hella sleep deprived. Minty’s brain is tired and barely functioning… Honestly, I’ve been trying to push through this post while half asleep for several days. (Falling asleep at my keyboard now…) So do forgive me… Anyway, I hope you guys take care, stay safe, and have a wonderful day!~

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Take care y’all. Please stay safe and take care of yourself. All jokes and fun aside…please, please, please, pleaaaase always wash your hands, practice social distancing, and wear a mask! It’s better to be cautious than face irrevocable consequences of health complications or death.


AS A GROUP OF BIPOC, BAYOG strongly stands with Black Lives Matter. We are all too familiar with the racism that we, our friends, and family have faced on a daily basis. Every life is precious. However, as BIPOC, we also recognize that black people are a group of people that face extreme racism and at a higher risk for their safety. We’ve individually done several donations. Of course, donations to support the cause and support change isn’t the only thing needed. Support for the cause and change also requires conversation and understanding. Make sure to have those conversations. Please remember to be an active supporter, be it through donations, sharing information, and/or conversations and speaking up.

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Keep it up fam!

If you can, please consider donating. I’ve donated more than once as well. For one of my donations, I donated through the BTS ARMY x BLM project. I recommend that if you’re unsure of where to donate. This is because the donation will be split amongst several different non-profit organizations. Of course, you can also choose a specific organization(s) if you wish as well. You can find that [HERE].

You can also check out the following:

Stay strong. Fight racism, brutality, injustice, and bullshit. Don’t lose sight of the goal. We’re witnessing and being a part of history. Be allies and make sure change happens. Once again, BLACK LIVES MATTER.

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