Music Monday|Peakboy — DIET (Feat. Whee In (Mamamoo))

Music Monday|Peakboy — DIET (Feat. Whee In (Mamamoo))

HI BAYOG FAM~ I’m back with a simple Music Monday post today~ Cuz yo’ girl tired AF… I was debating whether to skip posting Music Monday today or not, but opted to do it anyway. Today’s track is Peakboy’s “Diet”, featuring Mamamo’s Whee In~ We talked about Peakboy in a [previous Music Monday post] since he was featured on V’s “Snow Flower”. It’s a really sweet K-R&B track. It’s been one of my favorites lately~

I couldn’t find too much info on Peakboy since he’s not as well known. All I know for sure is his music started being released in 2018. His genre seems to be more K-R&B and K-Hip-Hop. We also know that he seems to be a part of the Wooga Squad, Taehyung’s (V of BTS) friend circle that includes [Park Seo Jun] (actor) and Park Hyung Sik (actor and ZE:A idol member)~

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The track features vocals from MAMAMOO’s Whee In, whom we’ve also talked about in previous [Music Monday] posts. Again, MAMAMOO is a third generation K-Pop girl group consisting of: Solar, [Hwasa], Wheein, and Moonbyul. They’re one of the top girlgroups right now, especially for a group outside of the Big 4 (or is it 5 now?) companies. They’re known for being some of the most talented vocalists, as well as their quirky and down to earth personalities.

Artist: Peakboy
Song: Diet (Featuring MAMAMOO’s Whee In)
EP: Loop
Genre: K-Pop, K-R&B, K-Hip-Hop, R&B, Hip-Hop
Language: Korean
Release: August 2020

“Diet” is a track from Peakboy’s Loop EP. It dropped back in August 2020. It’s a R&B track with a bright and sweet sound to it. It’s just a really sweet and fun track to listen to. I love Wheein’s vocals in this track too, which are sweet and soulful. It’s just a track that makes me smile and feel really happy. It’s a really sweet and wholesome track. It’s a scenario where the girl feels insecure and unsatisfied with her appearance, believing that she needs to diet. However, Peakboy’s verses and raps assures her that she doesn’t need to diet. That she’s perfect and beautiful as she is. That all she needs to do is enjoy herself and be happy. (ಥωಥ)

Music Video & Lyrics

The song and MV are absolutely sweet. Also this MV makes me hungry with all of those yummy looking desserts… I’m hella craving macaronsssss. Anyway, yeah… the song and MV are absolutely sweet and wholesome. I think we can all relate to pressures, insecurity, and dissatisfaction we feel regarding our appearances. We live in a world that can also be very cruel and judgmental, especially with the prevalence of social media. We often feel like we need to be like “this” or “that”, and to fit into these standards. It can be something that’s stressful and makes one really unhappy. However, this song is sweet with Peakboy saying his girl doesn’t need a diet. She doesn’t need force herself or make herself unhappy. She’s perfectly fine as she is. He loves her the way she is. Rather, he wants her to go ahead and enjoy herself. Rather than torture herself and miss out on the things that would make her happy, he wants her to go ahead and eat those sweets that make her smile. It’s just a sweet song about someone truly loving and accepting their partner. I’m a sucker for cute, fluffy songs like this~

Live perf~ So beautiful~

[Verse 1: Peakboy]
Once again you ask me in a cute way
You have chosen an answer already but expect something different
You close your eyes in front of that cake you liked
Even when it starts to bring annoyance
It brings out scowl on the face
Baby no need to worry it’s not really needed

[Pre Chorus: Peakboy]
You just stay as you are
I will eat your worries
Yummy Yummy I will give you more
You can even include all of your worries
Absorb every amount please

[Chorus: Peakboy]
You don’t need a diet diet
Baby don’t need a diet diet
You are prеtty to me Told you it’s an unnecessary worry
You arе so beautiful

[Verse 2: Wheein of Mamamoo]
What looks so pretty in your eyes
My reflection in the mirror seem ugly to me
Even those pretty clothes in the Display
Just bring out groans I will just start again tomorrow

[Pre Chorus 2: Peakboy]
Sometimes you are pouty in a cute way
I will unburden your wits
Take many many for myself
You can even include all of your worries
Overflow me with your love

[Chorus: Peakboy]
You don’t need a diet diet
Baby don’t need a diet
You are pretty to me
Told you it’s an unnecessary worry
You are so beautiful

[Verse 3:Peakboy]
If love had calories
My friend probably is the fat
The readings on the scale high as an high altitude of a bungee jump is probably a sham
You know it too if eaten deliciously Everything in front of us is 0
Dessert Time is also a must
The love that’s gaining all the weight is just a plus

[Chorus: Peakboy]
You don’t need a diet diet
Baby don’t need a diet
You are pretty to me
Told you it’s an unnecessary worry
You are so beautiful

[Outro: Peakboy & Wheein of Mamamoo]
You don’t need a diet diet
(You don’t need a diet)
Baby don’t need a diet diet
(You don’t need a diet diet diet)
You are pretty to me
Told you it’s an unnecessary worry
You are so beautiful

Peak Boy Feat. Wheein (MAMAMOO)|Diet|Loop|2020| Translation Credit: [Genius]

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I personally really relate to that aspect of feeling insecure and pressured about my appearance. As a heavier set Asian gal, I’m pretty self-conscious. It doesn’t help that I’ve constantly been told, “You’d be pretty if you lost weight”. Typical of Asian families and relatives. Still, it did do a number on me. Even when I lost alot of weight, it felt like it wasn’t enough. There was a time I lost about 30 lbs in 2-3 months (mostly due to depression really). Everyone complimented me saying I looked good, but also emphasized I needed to lose more if I wanted to be pretty. It just felt like it was never enough. Plus, I was definitely not happy. I was noticeably thinner, but I looked and felt pretty lifeless. I have gone on a self-journey to love myself more though. So now I just try to enjoy myself. Still, I do tend to be pretty insecure and have a complex at times. For the most part I’m fine with how I am. But I admit that in my head, it’s made me to believe that I’m just not pretty. I’m fat and just pretty average looking. Which I’m personally fine with. I’m happier than I was before, and I’ve come to love myself more despite my insecurities and complexes. Honestly, despite my family and relatives constantly commenting on my appearance, everyone has admitted that I look happiest while eating and enjoying myself. Although, I admit that at times I do have thoughts like maybe my weight and looks make me seem so unattractive. So that’s why I’m resigned to being forever alone. But I’m okay with that. I honestly don’t need a partner to be happy, but admit it’d be nice if I ever did meet someone who happily accepted me as I am. Which is I guess, another reason why I just find this song extra cute. Anyway, I might not be pretty, but I’m still satisfied with who I am~ I’m not fishing for compliments, but you know I like having heart to heart moments with y’all. I figured people might relate~ Despite my insecurities and complexes with my appearance, I know I’m loved by people~ You too! So don’t sweat it friend~ Let’s just enjoy ourselves and focus more on being happy~

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I hope you enjoyed the track~ It’s one of my personal favorites, and definitely one of my favorite 2020 releases~ I decided to just go ahead and push through for another Music Monday post because there are too many good tracks in this world~ I love sharing music with y’all~ Especially if it’s something that you might not be familiar with. I want to share tracks that might be really popular and well known, but I especially want to share artists and tracks that aren’t as big. Plus, we all have different tastes. I know some people feel a bit overwhelmed about getting into K-Pop. Some might also not really be into standard idol tracks. So that’s why I have fun sharing different artists and genres. Of course, most of my recommendations have been more on the R&B and Hip-Hop side. I also just like sharing music because how they can be up to our personal interpretation in meaning and how we relate to it. It’s also a medium that can perfectly describe your thoughts and feelings, as well as be a source of comfort.

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Anyway, what did you think? Are you a fan of the track? Of Peakboy, Wheein, or MAMAMOO? Let me know in the comments, my socials, or Discord! The world has been crazy, and it’s been hella cold lately. Please take care and stay warm friends!~ That’s all for today~ Yo’ girl is off to pass out in her warm and fluffy comforters. Take care, stay safe, and have a wonderful day as well as a wonderful start to your week!~

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