BAYOG Playlist|Welcome to the BAYOG Lounge

BAYOG Playlist|Welcome to the BAYOG Lounge

Why hello there!~ Happy Sunday!~ It’s Minty again! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. Especially for those of us Stateside… On top of crazy stuff happening in our country and world, I also just had a bad week in general. My workload has increased, and I got some family stuff. So I’m pretty stressed. I think I’m also being hit with random seasonal depression and anxiety. On top of that, I also had some dumb drama… Lesson learned: Don’t bother giving your time, effort, and kindness to people who can’t appreciate it and can’t understand your circumstances… The good thing from it was seeing that the BAYOG Bros were instantly there for me. I’m still just exhausted with everything though. It’s one of those moments where you just feel like you want a break and don’t want to deal with anything. So today I bring you another randomly specific BAYOG Playlist~ I welcome you to the BAYOG Lounge.

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Again, it’s been a crazy stressful and crazy time. I don’t know about y’all, but my head hurts from all of it. I just want a bit of a break from the craziness and foolishness. Honestly, I just wanna chill and vibe to some music as I drink (Note: Drink legally and responsibly~).

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Time to drinky, drinky.
Nick would approve.

Actually, I don’t drink very often. Last time I drank was… When I drank a lychee martini at Koh Tao in Thailand back in September 7, 2019 (Thank you Google photos). I also specifically remember this cuz I was slightly tipsy and messaged the BAYOG Bros LOLOL. One major reason I don’t drink often is because yo’ girl gets HELLAAAAAA Asian glow… I’m also hella pale, so my Asian glow/flush is hella noticeable. I’ll barely drink, and not even be tipsy, but I’ll be hella red cuz of Asian glow. I don’t often drink in public either. When I do drink, I tend to enjoy making and drinking soju cocktails with friends at home. However, I do enjoy occasionally drinking and chilling at lounges. I miss chilling at lounges and chill rooftop bars in Bangkok. As you know, I haven’t been back to the motherland due to COVID. I also just avoid going out all together cuz of COVID. Last time I was at a lounge or bar was like summer 2019.

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Still, I’ve been longing to drink and vibe at a lounge. I miss dressin’ up, glamming up with makeup, and feeling fancy too. Y’all know I make my playlists on very specific vibes and moods. So yeah, I made one to make me feel like I’m chillin’ at a lounge. Cuz I wanna feel fancy…woo~

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I’ll make my famous soju cocktails~

So yeah… Come, come. Bring out your choice of drinky drink and join me (who’s drinking milk tea cuz she has no soju in the house…). Let’s relax and chill at the BAYOG Lounge while vibing to some R&B, blues, jazz, soul, bossa, and more~

You can find my full BAYOG Lounge Playlist on Spotify, here:

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Spongebob Squarepants Imagination GIF - SpongebobSquarepants Spongebob Imagination GIFs

I can’t go out to a lounge and drink now… But I can sure as hell use my imagination and pretend I’m in a lounge~


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Again, this playlist features alot of more chill tracks, mostly R&B. The tracks also have some blues, jazz, soul, and bossa. There are some tracks with a band feel too. It’s stuff I figured fit a chill lounge vibe. We got a variety of tracks that fit variety of moods and vibes: bright, dark, moody, jazzy, sweet, lo-fi, etc. Although most of them are a bit on the moody side. I mostly went with vibes from sound and not lyrics though. So pick your poison~ I also think this playlist should be perfect for if you want to just chill/vibe and not stress about anything. It’s also a great night time vibes playlist~ It’s basically been my go to when I have hella anxiety or feel stressed out at night. Here’s a sample of some of my favorite tracks:

offonoff| Cigarette (Feat. Tablo (Epik High) & MISO)

I’ve put this track in alot of my playlists haha~ OFFONOFF consists of Colde (singer) and 0Channel (producer). This track features Tablo of Epik High, whom y’all know I love, and MISO. It’s a great jazzy, lo-fi hip-hop kind of track.

Dvwn (다운)| 마지막 (Last)

This is a nice and slow R&B track. The guitar in it is great too~ I love the lyrics and find it to be hella relatable too. I love that this song is basically also saying not to lose hope even in the most difficult times.

offonoff| 춤 (Dance)

This is another one of my favorite OFFONOFF tracks that makes alot of appearances in alot of my playlists~ It’s a chill, yet sultry R&B track with a nice groove to it. It’s a perfect late night track~

쏠(SOLE)| 음음 (Mm Mm)(prod.Cosmic Boy)

SOLE is one of my favorite female K-R&B artists. I love her voice and how soulful it is~ She always has great tracks too. This one is probably one of my favorites~ It’s a sweet track. Basically a love song inviting her lover to join her in singing this seemingly messy love song~ I have no idea what’s happening in that MV, but it’s still a great track~

윤하 (Younha)|Airplane Mode

YASSS~ My girl YOUNHAAA~ If you didn’t know, she sang “Comet” for the Bleach anime. She’s also worked with Epik High a few times, and had a track with RM from BTS. I love Younha~ She was one of my first Korean female soloists that I got into~ This is another jazzy kind of track. It’s different from her usual kind of music, but I really love it~

헤이즈 (Heize)| 작사가 (Lyricist) / 일이 너무 잘 돼 (Things are going well)

Next up is Heize! I’ve talked about her in my [Music Monday post about NIve’s 2easy]. The MV has 2 songs. The first one is “Lyricist”. It’s a smooth, jazzy, bossa track. Perfect lounge music~ The second track is “Things Are Going Well”. I’d describe it as an R&B track that’s main point would be the piano.

지우(Jiwoo)|Sooljalee (술자리) (Jiwoo Cover)

This track was [originally by Giriboy]. Jiwoo’s cover appeared on Giriboy’s Thank You Mini Album~ Jiwoo is also known as Hayake and Jiwoo. I like the different vibe. I love the original, but I just love how soft this version sounds.

Kodi Green Feat. Seiren |SAY

Honestly, I know nothing about the artists in this track. This track was a random find I stumbled upon on Spotify. I really like it though. Especially that guitar and bass.

Colde(콜드)|와르르♥ (WAR-R-R)

Cuz the live version fits lounge vibes so much~

Tadah! It’s Colde, who is also a member of OFFONOFF. You should know he’s another one of my favorite K-R&B artists. I love how easy going his vocals and the track are. It’s a nice and simple track too. This was probably my instant favorite from his album. Although the whole album is great and fits well with our lounge vibes theme~ Also, I don’t know what’s going on in the MV, but it’s still a great track.

Jinsil x Tablo (Epik High)| DODODO

Warning: MV is explicit/graphic

Warning: Contains some explicit lyrics. Again, I’m a huge fan of [Tablo and Epik High]. Jinsil was also featured on Tablo’s [Bad]. I honestly had no idea that this track existed. I was really surprised to stumble upon it on Spotify. I love Jinsil’s vocals though. It really suits the vibe we’re going for. Especially with the chorus as she’s singing “Dododo~”. It’s a track that’s on the darker side, exhibiting emotions of despair, bitterness, and exhaustion in a relationship.

Giriboy(기리보이) |교통정리 (Feat. Heize 헤이즈)

Giriboy and Heize have collabed a few times. My favorite collab would have to be “We Don’t Talk” though~ “Traffic Control” is a nice track though. It’s a bossa type of track~ Perfect for the BAYOG Lounge~ *Jazzy shimmy & swaying*

크러쉬(Crush)| 티격태격(Tiki-Taka) (Feat. DPR Live)

Y’all should know I love Crush. He’s one of my top favorite K-R&B artists~ This track features DPR Live~ It’s a chill R&B track with a bit of groove to it~ I just love Crush’s vocals in this. This whole album is great. It’s perfect night time listening.

Giriboy(기리보이)|찰칵 (Smile, Wait For the Flash)

I love bossa vibes~ I honestly didn’t expect Giriboy to have a bossa track, but I liked it alot~

MAMAMOO (마마무)|우리끼리 (Words Don’t Come Easy)

This is a jazzy/bossa track from MAMAMOO~ I love the chill vibes and their vocals~ It’s just like a really smooth and kind of sexy track to listen to~ YEH~

정진우(Jung Jinwoo)| 비누(Soap)

Jung Jinwoo is another K-R&B artist I’ve really liked. I feel like he’s so underrated though. So I thought I’d share this track from his last album~ He’s got this soulful voice and the way he sings is just really smooth. This is basically a soft, smooth, and jazzy R&B track~


I love LEEBADA’s vocals. It’s a bit gruff, but so soulful. I’m always just getting lost in her music and vocals. They just feel kind of dreamy~

Sam Kim(샘김) Feat. Crush|Make Up

I throw in the live version to give you that live lounge vibe~

Sam Kim and Crush, aka one of my favorite KRNB singers ever? YESSS~ It’s a nice soulful R&B track~ I just find myself grooving along while appreciating the excellent vocals.

정세운(Jeong Sewoon)| DoDoDo

I know there are alot of more darker and heavier tracks. So I’ll throw in this happy track. It’s also called “DoDoDo”, but a completely different vibe and meaning from the track by Jinsil x Tablo. It’s a soft and chill track with Jeong Sewoon’s soft and sweet vocals. It’s basically about wanting to dance during a late night. It’s soft, sweet, and romantic~

Dvwn (다운) ‘자유비행 (Free Flight)

This is a pretty fresh release from Dvwn. The MV also stars Park Shin Hye. I really love this track. It not only sounds soothing, but the lyrics are soothing as well. It’s a soft and chill track with a bit of a relaxed jazzy feeling to it. It’s a comforting track.

BONUS: BAYOG Live Lounge

Tadah~ Here’s my YouTube playlist with live versions of a couple of these tracks, and some extras~ Ya’know…to give you a more realistic live lounge feel~ Put it on play and listen to it as you close your eyes~ Enjoy friends~

IU 아이유 원샷 술 한잔 GIF - KPop Drinking Alcohol GIFs
Honestly, I want soju right now. But all I have is milk tea…

Anyway, that’s it for today~ I hope you enjoyed the tracks. I know we’re all going through a crazy time. I also know I’m not the only one just overwhelmed with stress, anxiety, and other things. I hope this playlist helps you take a bit of a break and helps you relax a bit~ Are there are particular artists or tracks that are your favorite(s)? Let me know in the comments, my socials, or Discord!~ Also I do want to say that I might be taking a bit of a break soon. I think I might have another post or 2 before taking a 1-2 week break. It’s not burnout, but I’m just overwhelmed by alot of things and not really feeling right. It’s like feeling like something is off and having constant anxiety over it? I dunno. I just feel really uneasy for some random reason. Either way, I figured I’d give myself a break to sort myself out. I might or might not do this week’s Music Monday post. Most likely I’ll do a non-Music Monday post later this week… Depending on how I feel. Then I’ll take my little break. Anyway, that’s it! I hope you all have a lovely and relaxing Sunday fam!~ Stay warm, stay safe, and take care!~

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Yo’ girl off to PTFO now~

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  1. My iTunes playlist would give most people the heebie-jeebies I suspect… Because of my musical tastes, I have had Johnny Cash, followed by the Dead Kennedys, followed by an anime tune or idol song…

    1. Honestly, my overall music library is a mess. lol I just listen to such a wide and random variety of stuff. The bulk of my music tastes leans more towards r&b and rock. But I have such a weird variety from K-Pop, K-R&B, K-Hip Hop, J-Pop, J-R&B, anime tracks, J-Rock, Zhong Guo Feng (Chinese modern meets traditional tracks), Thai ballads, Thai Rock, morlam (Thai folk music), lukthung (Thai country), EDM, Pop Punk… I’m just all over the place lol But it’s always nice to have a variety!

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