Minty’s Update|What to do? Minty’s Plans and Goals for BAYOG?

Minty’s Update|What to do? Minty’s Plans and Goals for BAYOG?

Hello, BAYOG Fam!~ It’s Minty again! I’m back for another chill chat with y’all~ Everyone is talking about their new goals and visions for their blogs and their selves for the new year. I don’t know if y’all know this… but I literally don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve just been kind of winging it on the blog… lol I thought I’d share what my plans and goals are. Of course, BAYOG is run by a group of friends. I can’t speak for the BAYOG Bros. So I’m just speaking on my own plans for BAYOG. To be honest, I’ve never really set goals. I just make vague and very general hopeful wishes haha~ I think the only time I made a post with goals for the new year was back in [2019]. It was basically stuff like hoping to post more frequently and wanting to be more positive. Thinking about it now… Guess I’m on the right track~

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I’ve never really been one for actually and thoroughly planning things and trying to achieve goals or anything. I’m not sure if you’ve all noticed, I’m pretty chill, go with the flow, and tend to do things on whim. At most, I’ll set like a very general frame or outline. However, I’m mostly spontaneous. I leave things to how I feel. If I’m in the mood for it, I’ll work on a post. If not, I’ll just go chill. The most detailed kind of planning I’ll do is plan out possible posts on the BAYOG calendar. However, I’m always changing that. Sometimes I’ll skip it, change the topic of the post, or just shift things around. I also have the memory of a goldfish too. So often times I might forget things or just put things on the backburner because I have no time or motivation to deal with it.

General Goals

Honestly, I just want to continue trying to grow BAYOG. I don’t know what I’m doing. After all, I never really planned on being a blogger. I thought it was a temporary and occasional thing. However, I grew to love blogging. Although I joined BAYOG later, it’s my baby. We’ve managed to hit some milestones and have some crazy things. So I’d like to continue on that path. Still, I’ll probably mostly leave it to fate while continuing my efforts. Right now, I think my only general goal would be to continue to try to expand my network. Again, I’m a painfully shy introvert and hella socially awkward. I’d like to make more friends. It’s been really great that I’ve been able to expand my network a bit over the past year. I’m really glad I’ve been able to get to know more bloggers and creators! I’m really happy to have made such wonderful new friends! I’d really like to continue meeting new people and making new friends~ We’re also at a great start so far because I was even reached out to by [Manta]! It was surprising, but I’ll talk about that another time~ Though I won’t be setting out to accomplish it, it’d be cool if we get another chance to be friends or be in contact with some other platforms too.

Goals for Stats?

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While we had some [crazy and unbelievable stats for 2020], I’m still not really planning to do anything for specific stats. We never really set those kinds of goals. We’re pretty chill and just let things happen. 2020 really was an unexpected surprise though. Honestly, I think we were just really lucky. I enjoy looking at our stats as I see it as an indicator of our growth. However, I personally don’t put importance on view stats. So I don’t plan on doing anything different. Rather than a goal, it’s my hopeful wish to possibly increase our followers. I know we have alot of lurkers though (I’m super thankful for y’all!). I know one of the goals the bros had was to build a community. So I’d like to at least try to get some more active engagement in followers, comments, and likes. At the very least, I figured it’d be good indicators to help me see what people like. That way I could talk about those things more often or something. I also just want to get to know everyone and make friends too~ Follow us, talk to us, and let’s be friendsss~

Discord Server Goals

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Oh! I’d also really love if I could get more people to join our Discord server. For the most part, the [BAYOG Discord server] was used amongst BAYOG Crew and our friends. It’s also mostly sort of dead… It’s mostly still alive because I live and always spam the music channel. I drop new releases and like starting music discussions. We did get a couple of random readers join our server this year! It was really surprising! A happy surprise! Unfortunately, alot of people seem to be lurkers. Everyone seems to be a tad shy. We did manage to make it a bit more lively. I’ve been having alot of fun discussions about webtoons and novels with my new friend Lyla, a random reader who joined and is basically my twin on the server. We’re trying to revamp the server a bit too. I added a bunch of channel roles to help with with tagging and to see everyone’s interests. I’m the Trash Queen btw…

Come be trash with meeee

If possible, I’d really like more people to join the server. I’d like to make it livelier and have more active discussions with people. It’d be great to make new friends and have more conversations. I’m thinking we could even do drama/movie watch parties. Concert stream watch parties as well! BAYOG just recently watched the Big Hit Labels New Year’s Eve concert together. So maybe we’ll do those more often too.


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That being said, I do have ideas. I want to be more productive and try new things too. There are alot of things I’ve put on the backburner. I’ve definitely pushed back alot of posts too. Mainly drama related posts. Which is a bit ironic, since Real People Stuff is my thing and what I was originally brought onto BAYOG for.

  • More Drama/Movie posts
    I’ve pushed back drama and movie posts. Mainly it’s because I was really uninterested in more recent shows. [Constant product placements] also annoyed me. However, one of the main reasons was also because I didn’t have a balance. Most of the recent dramas I did watch were back to back really dark and heavy dramas. Oddly enough, they all had to do with psychopathic killers… Yo’ girl needs a balance. I need light-hearted fun to watch as well. Otherwise it’s too heavy and depressing. I did try to ease back into drama posts with [Sweet Home] and [True Beauty]. However, I’d been struggling to find the motivation to watch them, and mostly I’d been really overwhelmed with things. I’ll for sure do Sweet Home, but it just might take me a while cuz I need to do some prep stuff. True Beauty…not gonna lie… I keep putting it off because it was a bit too cringey for me. I probably will at least try to do a mid-series with that one though. Honestly, I have at least 6 dramas I’d been meaning to post about too. So I need to work on those.
  • More Manhwa/Webtoon posts
    The pandemic was stressful, but it did allow me to get more into manhwa and Korean webtoons. I’d previously been into a couple, but free time during the pandemic allowed me to read a plethora of series. We stopped counting after 800-900 titles. I also got into alot of different kinds of genres and stories too. So I was able to expand my interests. There were alot of fun ones I definitely want to talk about. People seemed to enjoy my manhwa/webtoon posts, and I know we got alot of new readers and friends from it. I think most of our new friends who joined the [BAYOG Discord Server] joined because of that as well.
  • More Novel posts
    With the pandemic, I also gained a new hobby of reading novels. I honestly used to hate reading novels or any books. I thought they were kind of tedious, and I’m more of a visual kind of person. I got into novels because alot of manhwa and webtoons are in fact based on novels. They ended up being pretty fun and interesting. Plus, I’ve had fun comparing novels with their manhwa/webtoon adaptations. It seems like we also gained a crowd that’s interested in novels and it was another reason why some of them did decide to join our Discord server. I admit I’m behind on my novels… especially since many were taken down. However, I would love to talk about the ones I’m still able to read. WordExcerpt has also gone legit and is launching their own publishing/webnovel platform. So I definitely plan on getting on that and reviewing it too.
  • Maybe some more anime posts from Minty?
    I haven’t done an anime post in a long time. I usually leave the guys to cover anime. I enjoy anime, but I don’t watch it too often. To be honest, I’m more about reading things. Still, there were quite a few interesting series. So I’d like to find the time to watch them and talk about it with you guys.
  • Intro & History to K-Pop Series?
    Okay, y’all know I’m K-Pop trash. Not only am I K-Pop Trash, I’m a veteran K-Pop trash. I’ve been following K-Pop since early, early 2000s. Like since I was in middle school… I’m 30 now. Marc requested I do like an intro to K-Pop. I’d also had some other friends ask me about getting into K-Pop. So that’s one reason. However, I also think the history and evolution of K-Pop is really interesting too. I’ve literally seen it change over the past two decades. I remember alot of different groups and milestones. So I think it’d be an interesting topic. However, it’s alot of stuff. So I’d been debating how I want to go about it. More on that in a bit.
  • More breaks?
    Also it may sound strange and contradicting, but I also plan on taking some breaks. I know, it sounds odd when I seemed to have planned so much. Still, I think I need to remind myself to time time for myself to relax and enjoy myself. Plus, I need me time to catch up on reading and watching things, that way I CAN write about it. Rather than breaks, I think I need to learn to just space things out and chill more. I need to prevent myself from getting burnout.
  • Chill content
    Despite wanting to take breaks, I want to stay consistent with posting content. Also, I just want to feel like I’m being productive somehow. Blogging is a happy thing for me, and keeps me preoccupied when I’m just upset or feelin’ blue & grey. So I’ll continue doing my chill Music Monday posts. However, I may end up actually doing those every other week depending on how I feel. If anything, I might still do Music Monday every week, but also have another post every other week. I figured a more chill kind of posting schedule will help me stay consistent, but not feel too much burnout.


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Now here is my major plan or possible change: Possibly doing a solo podcast. I’ve been sitting on this idea of doing my own podcast for a while now. Nearly a year. There are several reasons why I’ve been thinking about it.

  • More relaxed and chill content
    I figured it’d be a very easy way to be able to have content, and have something more frequently. I see it as something very chill, won’t require as much time and effort, and won’t burn me out. Sometimes writing and formatting written posts are a bit tedious. Especially since I tend to write alot (my bad). Despite my constant typos, I’m also pretty meticulous. Even though it’s spontaneous, I’ll put in alot of thought of what to write. I’ll type things, delete them, and rewrite things a million times. Sometimes it’s just easier to say things than write them.
  • A bit more personal
    Like I said, I put in alot of time and effort with my written words. However, I’d like to just simply talk. Again, I’m an introvert who doesn’t have many friends. I don’t go out. It’d be nice to just talk sometimes. However, mostly I feel like a podcast might feel a bit more personal since you’d be able to hear how I feel in the moment. Plus, my style of blogging has always been as if I’m just chatting with friends. So I figured why not actually do it in a podcast. I’d like to think you can get to know me a bit better too.
  • Supplement my posts if needed
    I write alot. Sometimes it’s just because it’s a big topic, or there’s alot to unpack. So it’s sometimes easier to just say things than writing it. I figured I could use a podcast to supplement my posts and ideas. Especially when it comes to things that have alot of information. For example that K-Pop Intro & History series. I plan on going through like 20 years of history, bands, changes over time, trends, milestones, globalization, and more. There’s a ton of stuff. Writing it could equate to a whole damn book. So I’d rather talk about it and have some visuals, videos, and extra tidbits in written form.
  • Sometimes I just want to talk
    Again, I’m an introvert. Also, I literally don’t go out or hang out (all my friends live in different states, countries, and time zones). Other than talking with my parents or interactions with my customers, I don’t really talk. Sometimes I feel like I’m forgetting how to speak properly. So really, I’m using this an excuse to just be able to talk and enthuse about my interests.

Again, I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while. I’ve always wanted to join the BAYOG Bros for podcasts, but my schedule and circumstances make it hard to do so. I tend to have a hard time matching my schedules. So this will most likely be a solo podcast with short episodes. I can most likely see it being like 10-20 minutes long. It’d also probably be a productive project for when I’m hella sleepless. Although, if there’s a chance, I’d be happy to welcome guests to chat with me.

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This would basically be something like a spin-off podcast for BAYOG? The BAYOG Bros use our podcast to talk about anime, manga, and games. I honestly already feel bad that I’ve made the blog shift away from the original foundations of the blog by saturating it with my fangirl related stuff. So I figured I’d make a side podcast to focus on the other stuff. Basically my areas of interest and expertise: music, dramas, films, manhwa/webtoons, novels, and so on. The only thing is, I’m not quite sure how to go about it. So at this point it’s still just a general frame kind of idea while I ponder on it some more and figure out how I want to do this.

Possible ideas so far:

  • Discussions and reactions about specific chapters for manhwa/webtoons or dramas. I like discussing a series in general in the blog. I think it’d be easier for me to discuss my views and do episode reviews through a podcast.
  • Discussions on topics relating to previously stated topics. Maybe news related stuff. Opinion stuff. Probably stuff I would normally write about, but in a more chill discussion.
  • Music releases and thoughts on them.
  • General music discussions and recommendations.
  • General casual discussions relating to any of these topics. Basically I might want to talk about it, but I might not have enough to make it blog post worthy yet. Like maybe I’ll talk about a drama I’m watching, but it might not necessarily be a drama I like enough to make a post about. That kind of thing.
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I don’t know. I still have to think about it. But I’d like to know what you’d like to hear~ Got any tips or ideas? Also a very important thing… I have no idea what to call it lol Y’all have any ideas? Halp. Cuz yo’ girl is not good at naming things…

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Anyway, that’s it BAYOG Fam. That’s basically my vague planning on what I want to do. Although, I’d also like to know what you guys want too~ I know people have been waiting for more drama posts. Again, I’ll be trying to get back into those!~ But please do let me know if there’s any specific kind of things you want to see with our blog~ What content interests you most? Is there anything new you’d like to see me do or try? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on my socials or Discord! It’s freezing, and Minty is hella tired. I’mma go PTFO in my warm and comfy bed now. Please stay warm, and stay safe. Take care, friends! I hope y’all have a wonderful day and the rest of your week!

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2 Replies to “Minty’s Update|What to do? Minty’s Plans and Goals for BAYOG?”

  1. A podcast is a great idea. I’m pretty much in the same boat since I WFH and because of COVID restrictions. It’s nice that you’ve got so many goals for BAYOG. Meanwhile… I’ll see what I’ll do with my blog. haha

    1. Yeah, I originally had the idea when COVID first broke out. We shut down for 6 months to be safe since everyone, except for me, are immunocompromised. I ended up leaving it on the back burner, especially since I am working again now. But I thought it’d be a fun way to switch things up a bit~ I don’t know if I’ll be able to do everything, but I figured I’d at least have some ideas instead of blindly winging it like I usually do lol Don’t worry Rose~ I’m sure you’ll find what you’d like to do with your blog~

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