Throwback Thursday|周杰倫 Jay Chou — 半獸人 Ban Shou Ren (The Orcs)

Throwback Thursday|周杰倫 Jay Chou — 半獸人 Ban Shou Ren (The Orcs)

Hihi BAYOG Fam! Lately, the BAYOG Bros have been playing alot of World of Warcraft. For some reason it just randomly reminded me of this hella old Mandopop track. Oh, hey! What a surprise! Yes, we’re going with Mandarin pop instead of K-Pop today~ So I figured I’d put it in a Throwback Thursday post. It is hella old, and I feel like most of y’all might not even know this or remember this.

Anyway, the track was talking about was 半獸人/Ban Shou Ren, or “The Orcs”, by legendary Mandopop superstar, producer, and actor 周杰倫/Zhou Jie Lun… most widely known as Jay Chou. He was known as one of THE biggest Asian artists from the early 2000s to even now. Also, you might recognize him as being Takumi in the 2005 Hong Kong live action adaptation of [Initial D]. He’s also been in Hollywood films like 2011’s [Green Hornet] and 2016’s [Now You See Me 2]. Before I was into K-Pop and K-Dramas, before Korean media took over Asia and the world… Mandopop, Taiwanese dramas, and Chinese media in general were the biggest hits. Actually alot of Taiwanese dramas were live action adaptations of popular manga series. That’s a whole other topic for another TBT post though~ Back then some of the most popular Mandopop singers/songwriters/producers included Jay Chou from Taiwan, Wang Lee Hom from Taiwan, and JJ Lin from Singapore. Jay Chou and Wang Lee Hom were definitely my two top favorites though. I especially love 中國風/Zhongguo Feng kind of tracks, which is music that tends to have more traditional elements and sounds incorporated to it. [Jay Chou] and [Wang Lee Hom] are some of the most well known names of [really well known] Zhongguo Feng tracks, combining western and traditional sounds. They’re credited to helping make it pretty popular. I got into Mandopop since it was pretty popular and Mandopop music videos were always playing on MTV and Channel V when I was in Thailand. One of the earliest songs and videos that I remember is Jay Chou’s [爺爺泡的茶/Ye Ye Pao de Cha (Grandfather’s Tea)]. I was also just super interested in Mandopop because it allowed me to be exposed to and learn Mandarin. If ya didn’t know… while I am Thai, my paternal grandpa was Chinese. However, he died when my dad was really young. So I’m pretty disconnected to my Chinese heritage. So my interest in Mandopop and dramas were basically a way for me to feel a bit closer to the Chinese part of my heritage. Although I do have to admit that I don’t listen to as much Mandopop or Jay Chou anymore. I just kinda stopped keeping up within the last 10 years? I still do occasionally listen to Mandopop. However… to be honest… I prefer their [older releases] more than the newer ones. I just really like the [classics]~

Anyway, back to the topic. I know you’re all thinking, “WTF does this have to do with WoW??” Okay, so back in 2002 Jay Chou actually a spokesperson for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. His track 半獸人/Ban Shou Ren (The Orcs) was from his third album 八度空間/Ba Du Kong Jian (The Eight Dimensions). It was the promotional song for the game. Also, I should note that 半獸人/Ban Shou Ren actually means “Half beast human”. However, the official English title was known as “The Orcs” to go with the game and all.

You can find 半獸人/Ban Shou Ren (The Orcs) and the 八度空間/Ba Du Kong Jian (The Eight Dimensions) album on Spotify, here:

Ban Shou Ren is the first track~
Dat 480p… LMAO

Ah the music video though. This was from 2002 y’all. So all we got is 480p. LMAO. Jay Chou looks hella young in this. How old was he? *goes to calculate age* 23. He was like 23 years old (Dude is 41-42 now). The video is just basically cutting back and forth to Jay Chou singing and promotional footage for the game. I forget that’s how the graphics used to be LOL WOOO. What a throwback. It is a bit cheesey to look at now. Still, it feels pretty nostalgic. I can remember watching this on the computer back at my childhood home, or playing the VCD I had. Jay Chou albums and VCDs were basically some of the first amongst my album collection. I also forgot to mention to y’all, but I myself don’t actually play WoW. Nor have I played any of the Warcraft games. I’m just not interested? I remember when I first heard this track, I honestly didn’t care too much for it. I also had absolutely zero interest in the video. Heck, I wasn’t even into playing video games back then. However, the song did grow on me. It’s not my favorite Jay Chou or Mandopop song, but it does bring a sense of nostalgia for me. Also, I just automatically think of this song and MV whenever I hear Warcraft or WoW.

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That’s all for today’s post my luvs~ I just wanted to share a bit of my nostalgic moment with y’all~ Have any of you heard this track before? Have you heard of Jay Chou or listen to any of his music? What did you think? Also, do you prefer the new songs or the classics?~ Thoughts on Zhongguo Feng? Let me know in the comments, my socials, or on the BAYOG Discord server!~ Anyway, please take care, stay warm, stay safe, and have a wonderful day BAYOG Fam!~

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