DRAMA|Sweet Home — First Impressions (Ep 1-3?)

DRAMA|Sweet Home — First Impressions (Ep 1-3?)

HI BAYOG FAM!~ It’s Mintyyy~ Like I said in my previous [Music Monday post], I had a knife accident at work. So I have an injured finger, and it’s kind of hard to type comfortably and efficiently. Still… I’ve been dyin’ to work on this post about the drama adaptation of [Sweet Home]! So I’m going to do a very quick-ish first impression post based on the first 2-3 episodes for now~ I mean quick cuz it’s still kind of hard to type… lol But I promise I’ll go more in depth and do more thorough comparisons with the webtoon once I can type somewhat normally~

Note: Yeah, I’m unable to take screenshots due to Netflix and copyright stuff. Basically any screenshots just come up a giant black square…

Before we get into the series and before you watch it….

This series contains themes and depictions relating to self-harm and suicide.
This series also contains some graphic images, gore, bullying, abuse, and violence.

[Warning: Some spoilers ahead]

Meet Cha Hyun Soo, an 18 year old high schooler. He’s a social recluse with a history of self-harm. For the most part Hyun Soo keeps himself locked in his room. There, he stays in his own little world on his computer screen. Tragedy claims his entire family, leaving Hyun Soo all alone. Hyun Soo moves into an apartment by himself in the middle of nowhere. With nothing left, Hyun plans to end his life. However, Hyun Soo soon finds himself fighting for his life. An epidemic is causing people to turn into monsters. The world looks like it’s ending, and Hyun Soo finds himself trapped in the apartment building. Hyun Soo is left with two options: Hide and live in fear…or try to be a hero, face his fears, and survive. Will he and the other survivors manage to fight the monsters and survive? Most importantly, can Hyun Soo fight the monster inside of himself?

Alright, before we get into the drama… You should know that Sweet Home is a live adaptation of the Sweet Home (스위트홈) webtoon which was published on Naver. The official English release was published by [LINE Webtoon]. It is a completed series. The English version just published the final chapter a few months ago! So you can definitely check it out if you’d like to! I’m a big fan of the webtoon and had actually recommended it on our blog a while back ago in [this post]. Again, I’m not usually into these disaster, apocalyptic, and darker kind of horror series. However, I found it to be really interesting. The main reason that made it stand out was the fact that it’s a psychological series. I like that it’s not a typical zombie apocalyptical series, but rather the monsters relate to psychological issues and desires that then manifest into physical monsters. The other reason why I loved the webtoon was that the character development was just amazing. I loved seeing the characters’ journeys and growths; Particularly with Hyun.

So of course I was excited to hear that there would be a live action drama series. Funnily enough, I actually hoped there would be one. Yet at the same time, I thought it might be too obscure since horror K-Drama series like this isn’t common. Shockingly, it was announced that the drama would be produced by Netflix. However, despite being excited, I also had my doubts. Netflix has been working really hard on producing content, as opposed to just delivering already produced content. They’ve especially been working hard to globalize. Netflix is now available in several countries worldwide. I remember 10 years ago when I couldn’t even access or use my Netflix account in Thailand! Not only that, they’re producing alot of global content from movies and drama in several different languages and several different countries. Especially with Asian content. However, previous live adaptations from Netflix have faced criticism. Most notably Death Note, which was very poorly received and heavily criticized from fans. On the flip side, there was Erased. Erased was praised and received really well. I personally enjoyed it, and I know the BAYOG Bros did too. However, like I said in my [Erased post], it did look on the cheaper side of production.

When I saw one of the first teasers, it was very brief. Honestly, I figured I shouldn’t expect much. I admit that I judged it already and was like, “Oh… Is it even going to be worth it?” However, the longer trailers that were later released proved that perhaps there was still hope. Especially because this series was basically Netflix’s most expensive, if not one of the most expensive, live adaptations. It had a budget of $2.4 MILLION budget PER EPISODE! Not only that, they collaborated with two world-renowned CGI studios: Legacy Effects (Avengers and Avatar) and Spectral Motion (Stranger Things). So I wanted to hope that it would be worth the budget it was given. The Sweet Home drama was finally released on Netflix on December 18th, 2020. There were 10 episodes so far. However, it’s only season 1 and definitely not the complete series. Whether there will be a season 2 will be seen. However, it did seem to be well received. So I assume that there will be a season 2 in the future.

Surprisingly, I was pretty impressed. They did a fantastic job on the sets and everything. So yay for the sets not looking cheap and fake! Definitely get points for that! Y’all know how I find a setting to be important to immerse the audience into that world. The webtoon did have a dark feel to it in visuals, not just the story. The colors were typically darker and more subdued. However, the drama does have some pops of color here and there. Yet, it still has this dark and gritty look and feel. I actually like it. It keeps that dark atmosphere, but adds a bit of trendiness to it? I honestly have a love/hate relationship with the CGI though. Some of it looked really amazing. The scene where they realize there are monsters everywhere outside of the building seems very Silent Hill-esque. Especially with that nurse monster. The eye monster and the half-face-sliced-off monster looked great! It seemed detailed and amazing, yet stayed pretty true to the original. Although, I think the giant eye one was slightly different from the original. However, that one didn’t didn’t bother me as much. However, sometimes the overall CGI work does look a bit jarring. Which is a shame. However, overall it’s still really great so far. Better than the CGI in [Hwayugi] at least. Yes, I’mma throw shade ’til the day I die. Another thing is, this is definitely waaaaaayyyyy bloodier and more graphic than the original series. It works though. Nothing negative from that.

Although, I guess it is what it is. I will say that I got excited when I saw/heard the muscle monster screaming, “Protein!” I was like, “OOOOHHH! It’s that Thomas the Train on steroids fucker!!” I hated him, but was excited to see him. I mean dude was one of the pretty memorable monsters. I know he appears in like ep 3-4. I have to say he’s the only monster I was pretty disappointed in for the live action. I thought the original webtoon design was funny. But also like how funny yet scary is it to be chased by such a silly looking thing? Live action protein/muscle monster was just gross and ugly. Like hellaaaaaa ugly. I mean scary in his own right, but ehhhh. I’m still sad they did ‘roided Thomas the Train dirty. I mean it doesn’t make a big difference, it’s just I’m personally disappointed is all… I think it would’ve been more entertaining to be chased by this huge, scary monster that had a ridiculous face. lol

Protein Sweet Home GIF - Protein SweetHome Muscle - Discover & Share GIFs
He just an ugly mother fucker…

As for characters and execution, there are some differences. I feel like webtoon Hyun came out as an extremely selfish prick at the beginning of the webtoon. In the drama, Hyun Soo is a very quiet dude with alot of baggage, and a typical hikkikomori. Like the webtoon version of Hyun, you can just see that Hyun Soo feels hopeless and is full of regret and longing for redemption. However, it’s not such a drastic change that would leave me annoyed or anything. I would just assume that the character growth and change won’t seem as drastic as when compared to the webtoon. Still, I’m excited to see how it unfolds and his growth really compares to the webtoon. I think Song Kang has been doing a great job so far.

We also have a new character named Seo Yi Kyung. She did not appear in the webtoon, and is an original character for the drama. It’s interesting to see how the story will change with her. So far, she seems to have some of the same characteristics and roles as Hyuk in the webtoon. She’s quick to take action and formulate plans. I’m just looking forward to see what she’ll bring to the story.

MAH DUDE PYEON SANG WOOK! This scary gangster looking dude was one of my favorite characters in the webtoon. The drama version seems more quiet and mysterious so far. But dude is also a freakin’ badass. You want this dude on your apocalyptic survival team. Even though he’s terrifying, I love how the live action version is so far. I’m hella looking forward to seeing him continue being a bad ass.

I honestly would go more into the other characters, but I can’t pull screenshots. Plus it’s hard to type and it’s already taken me forever… So let’s do a quick other commentary bullet list:

  • I love the dude playing Lee Eun Hyuk. I think he’s really pulled off that very calm and smart aspect of Hyuk. However, I feel like he’s a bit more serious, cold, and stoic in the drama version? Guess I’ll find out as I continue the drama.
  • Eun Yu, Eun Hyuk’s sister, seems to be more of the rebellious type than in the webtoon version? Though I can’t really remember since it’s been a while. Definitely gonna brush up on the webtoon for that.
  • The ajumma with the stroller. Bless that woman. I can’t wait to see her in action.
  • Du Shik. One of the two cool ajusshis. I was like, “Hey~ I know that dude!” I recognize him from so many different movies and dramas LMAO. But honestly, I love his portrayal. He’s doing an awesome job and I approve. Du Shik was another character I liked from the original series.
  • The annoying grocery ajusshi… FUCK THAT DUDE. I hated him in the webtoon, and I hate him in the drama. He’s trash. Selfish, cowardly trash. Would totally yeet him out of the building.
  • The entitled “I used to live in Gangnam” ajumma. Fuck her. She’s annoying as shit. I would totally yeet her out too. I get she’s worried about her daughter. But she needs to understand that you can’t do shit if you’re dead, and you need a plan first. Also she’s basically trying to risk everyone’s lives. She’s gonna fuck them over so bad and then blame others. I bet all my boba tea funds on it.
  • Soldier dude…I don’t remember if he was in the webtoon… I like him so far. He seems nice. I’mma bet they kill him off, and I’mma be hella sad… If I’ve learned anything from the webtoon, it’s not to get too attached to characters (even though I do anyway).

Well known Korean rapper BewhY provided the ending theme for the series, “나란히 (Side By Side)”. I honestly love it. I don’t think I would’ve imagined this kind of track for the series. However, I think it’s a great track and gives a bit more of a cool, edgy, and trendy flavor to the drama instead of just hella heavy darkness. The track is more on the serious side, but it’s also kind of fun. So it kind of adds a “pop of color” to the series.

Loona Hyunjin GIF - Loona Hyunjin Kpop GIFs

So overall, I have pretty positive impressions on the drama. Again, I was a big fan of the webtoon. So it’s honestly amazing to see a live action adaptation. I also love that it doesn’t feel watered down. Which is, unfortunately, a common case with live action adaptations. I think the visuals, vibes, and the essence of the original Sweet Home webtoon are present in the drama so far. I honestly can’t see how the story unfolds, how it differs from the original, and Yi Kyung’s role in the series. Also brownie points for a great OST track. I honestly wouldn’t have expected a track from BewhY to be the OST of the drama. It’s kind of a more “noisier” track, which I usually am not too big of a fan of. However, I do like this track.

방탄 방탄소년단 크리스마스 정국 양말 GIF - Jungkook BangtanBoys Bts GIFs

Despite my skepticism, I think Netflix has done a pretty awesome job so far~ I’m excited to see how this will all play out, and whether it’ll continue to surprise me…or if it’ll end up disappointing me. I’m technically in the middle of ep 3 or 4 now. So I’ll most likely do a mid season post, or I’ll just see y’all in my final thoughts post!~ Have y’all watched the Sweet Home drama yet? Have you read the webtoon? What did y’all think? Who would you yeet out of the building?? Let me know in the comments, my socials, or Discord! Heck, come discuss it in the BAYOG Discord server~ Loha and Jess are also watching it~ Join ussss~ I know this was a quick and somewhat messy post. Forgive me. Hopefully, my injury heals soon… Anyway, I hope y’all are having a fabulous day~ Take care, stay safe, stay healthy, and enjoy your holidays!~

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5 Replies to “DRAMA|Sweet Home — First Impressions (Ep 1-3?)”

  1. If you watch stuff on Netflix using a browser, you can do screenshots. It’s a tiny bit inconvenience, but it works well. 🙂

    This show’s been on my watchlist. The strangeness of it really appealed to me haha. XD Liked reading your thoughts and can’t wait for a full review!

    1. For some reason I kept getting a black screen even when using a browser.( ╥ω╥ ) I’m still trying to see if I can find some other way to grab screen shots though.

      I honestly loved the webtoon alot. The drama was honestly alot better than I expected. I’m like a bit past the half-way point now where they really started to differ from the webtoon. So I guess I’ll see where this leads haha~ But overall, I think the premise for the webtoon and drama are interesting. The whole manifestation of one’s monsters and inner desires literally turning people into physical monsters. There’s also the question of what kind of monsters can be with morality and what not. I think it’s just a really interesting topic~ I’m excited to do a full review~ Just waiting to type more comfortably without bandaging on lol

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