Me, Myself and I: The Kore Wa Watashi Award

Me, Myself and I: The Kore Wa Watashi Award

HI BAYOG FAM!~ It’s Minty againnnn~ So, wow! I feel super honored to have been tagged for another blogger award?! Like I said in my [3 years with BAYOG self-reflection post], I hadn’t really considered or believed myself to be a blogger until recently. I kept questioning whether it were okay to consider myself a part of the blogging community or not. However, everyone has been so kind, supportive, and welcoming. That some have even thought of me for these tags is truly touching and makes me so happy that I could legit cry. Anyway, I really want to thank [Rise @ Phoenix Talks Pop Culture in Japan] for the tag~ Definitely check out their blog! They always have interesting posts on dramas, movies, music, manga, anime, and more~ This seemed super fun, so I was super excited to do this one!

The Rules:

  • The Purpose of this tag is very simple! Describe yourself through anime! To do this you will answer all of the questions below!
  • After this is done you will tag 6 people to pass the tag onto! If you’re tagged for a second time you only have to tag 3 in your next post and 1 on your third attempt and should you so choose beyond. Tell us why you nominated these people!
  • People who ask to be tagged should be added to your tag list with a link to their blog!
  • Tell something nice about them as well.
  • Remember to have fun with the tag and be proud of who you are, you are an amazing person and the fact that so many anime and anime characters share traits with you shows you are pretty breathtaking!

Sakura Quest Confused GIF - SakuraQuest Confused What GIFs

Before we start…
Warning: Your girl probably definitely reads more manga/manhwa/webtoons than I actually watch anime. My memory is also shit…so I admit I had a hard time remembering specific anime series and characters. So I definitely struggled and cheated a bit lol

The Questions:

Describe a hobby or passion you have through an anime series! For example Shokugeki no Soma if you like cooking or Initial D if you like cars.

Carole Tuesday Mars Brightest GIF - CaroleTuesday MarsBrightest LonliestGirl GIFs

This is probably one of the easier ones for me to answer~ I think it’s obvious that I love music alot. I’m always listening to music. That’s not an exaggeration either. Getting ready for the morning? Listen to music. Taking a shower? Listen to music. Cooking? Listen to music. Eating? Listen to music. Working? Listen to music. Sleeping? Listen to music. I just love that special way music and lyrics can make you feel, or just the way they perfectly capture and describe emotions and situations. Those who know me also know that I love to sing. I play the ukulele (hella basic and not very well though), and I love to write lyrics. I like to write and sing English covers of my favorite Thai songs~ Once upon a time ago, it was my dream to be a singer in Thailand. I even used to perform for events at my university when I was a student. One time I even randomly performed at an open market in Thailand. However, I do have stage fright and I’m hella timid. So I’m just sticking to posting my covers on [YouTube], Instagram, and Twitter~ I may never be a singer. However, I was blessed enough to be recognized and complimented by some of my favorite artists who saw my covers~ I even had one offer to sing my lyrics~ hehe~

Simplify yourself to an Anime Archetype (Tsundere, Dojiko, Shota, Shounen-Protagonist etc)  don’t overthink what an archetype is, go with your gut. Name a character that is also that Archetype.

Oh man… This was hard… I think I have a bit of several types, but the two main ones would be dandere and shundere? I know, they’re like total opposites… but that’s truly just how I am.

Sawako Kuronuma GIF - KimiNiTodoke Kimi Ni GIFs
Kuronuma Sawako from Kimi ni Todoke

By default, I’m more dandere… and that’s probably how people usually see me as well. I’m really quiet and timid, especially around people I don’t know too well. Although, I do talk alot more once I get comfortable with you. I also tend to be somewhat cutsey and have a bit of aegyo/moe.

Anime Another GIF - Anime Another MeiMisaki GIFs
Misaki Mei from Another

Shundere be sad and depressed all the time. They only up about their problems with the person they love. Yeh. I mean I can be pretty bright and bubbly. However, most of the time I’m also hella sad and depressed. I was [struggling] with my mental health; Especially the past couple of years. Which is why I got my [Airbag Playlist], and why I touch on mental health alot. I’m honestly bad at opening up, or talking about my feelings and thoughts. However, with my goal to try to love myself more, I have been trying to be better at addressing things that weigh on my mind.

Describe your looks through comparing it with anime characters, you can decide how many!

Hi Hello GIF - Hi Hello KimiTotodoke GIFs

Oh! This one is easy! It’s still Kuronuma Sawako from Kimi ni Todoke~ Like alot of Asian gals, I’ve got pale skin, brown eyes, and naturally black hair. I’ve had bangs and long hair for years. My hairstyle hasn’t really changed much over the past decade. Other than when my bangs grow out past my eyes. Then they’re side swept. But my default hairstyle is bangs slightly above my eyes, and hella long hair. I basically only trim my hair when it’s so long that it basically wraps around my neck and nearly chokes me when I sleep…

Sawako Kuronuma GIF - KimiNiTodoke Kimi Ni GIFs

I also tend to make similar kind of facial expressions and have similar mannerisms to her too. This is embarrassing to say, but I tend to display alot of aegyo/moe. Both naturally/unintentionally, and also the extreme and cringey [Aera from Fight My Way] kind of aegyo. The latter I only really do around my close family though…

Sawako "Sadako" Kuronuma GIF - KimiNiTodoke Kimi Ni GIFs

I even also have a natural knack for looking creepy and scaring people too…

Describe your romantic bias and or sexuality through anime characters you find attractive.
*insert the Will Smith meme from at the movies/ ta-da*

Shota Kazehaya GIF - KimiNiTodoke Kimi Ni GIFs

So uh… I couldn’t think of an anime character… Every character I could think of was manga/manhwa only or had a live action adaptation, but no anime adaptation. Only anime character I can kind of sort of remember is Kazehaya from Kimi ni Todoke. Honestly, it’s been too long. So I can’t say I even really remember him. But I do remember he was sweet. Although, I suppose if I remember any other characters, they’d probably be second leads. Cuz we all know I’m a [sucker second leads].

Y’all would expect me to automatically say any bishie… Cuz all I ever bring up are bishies. Admittedly… Yes, I like bishies. However, as cliché as it sounds, I really am more about personality than looks. Ideally, yes… looks are nice. Still, whether it’s fiction or real life, I find someone who makes my heart skip a beat or go “AWWWW” more attractive than physical attractiveness. I am a romantic at heart, as y’all can tell by all the romance series I read and watch. However, I also don’t catch feelings very easily. I’ll get flustered easily due to my timidness and inexperience (솔로 모태/forever alone bitch). However, I don’t catch feelings easily. I’ve only had maybe 3-4 crushes, but I never pursued them cuz relationships were never a priority for me. It’d be nice to experience romance, but I’ve also accepted being forever alone too. Cuz all I need are my 2D and K-Pop/K-Drama bishies… lolol Fangirling > Romance lol That’s why I’m on this blog lolol

But if I were to name types I find attractive, it’d be the close friend type. Someone sincere, caring, kind, and comfortable to be with. They gotta be down to eat alot of food, watch K-Dramas with me, and don’t mind that I’m a fat ass and potato lol Again, I prefer personalities over looks, but bishie looks are a plus haha~ But if we’re talking about characters that I find attractive… y’all know I like sweet and kind soft boiiiissss~ hehe~ I’m gonna cheat and name manhwa characters… Erden from My Husband Hides His Beauty, Heinley from [Remarried Empress], and Baek In Ho from [Cheese In the Trap]. WAIT… in that case can I pick the BTS members from the [Save Me webtoon]? I’m kidding…lol But in all seriousness…I like sweet, sincere, and caring soft boiiissss~

Tell us about your day to day life and what anime that would fit into! You can be creative here!

I live a very mundane life. lol If I had to choose specific anime series that it would fit into, it would be Working!! and [Shirokuma Cafe].

Lazy GIF - Lazy Panda GIFs

I’m not a morning person. I’m definitely a night owl, and I have a bit of insomnia. When I do sleep, I hella struggle to wake up. I’m that person that needs to set at least 4 alarms. I’ll hit snooze like 10 times because I just don’t want to get out of bed.

Chihayafuru Sumire Hanano GIF - Chihayafuru SumireHanano Mascara GIFs

After struggling to get up, I get ready and do my makeup. I always have to at least have eyeliner on if I’m going out. I feel weird without eyeliner on. Plus, I feel like it makes me look more awake… Y’all know I need it, cuz I’m always tired.

Wagnaria GIF - Wagnaria GIFs

Then off to work I go. My family has a restaurant. I’m a restaurant brat. Basically grew up in the restaurant business. I’ve done every job in the restaurant business. Officially, I’m the manager and book-keeper now.

Shirokuma Shirokuma Cafe GIF - Shirokuma ShirokumaCafe Cafe GIFs

However, I basically do everything. Cuz we’re a small operation. For the most part, I’m in charge of serving. My customer service persona is super sweet, happy, and extra polite Minty.

Mix Anime GIF - Mix Anime Girl GIFs

So first thing I do is kitchen prep work. Although, I’m always cranky for most of the morning because I’m sleepy. Again, not a morning person. I’m not really fully awake until like early or mid afternoon.

Sora Cooking GIF - Sora Cooking FoodWars GIFs
It’s all in the wrist y’all

We had to make adjustments due to the pandemic and my family (minus me) being immunocompromised. So we’ve suspended dine in services until further notice, and we’ve been sticking to take out from a service window only. So now I’m on full time kitchen duty.

Rage Cooking GIF - Rage Cooking Anime GIFs
Legit how I look when I’m chopping shit

My favorite part of work is chopping shit. It’s so satisfying to chop shit with a freshly sharpened knife~

Umaru Phone GIF - Umaru Phone Cellphone GIFs

Throughout the day, especially after work, I’ll read my manga/manhwa/webtoons and novels on my phone.

Definitely Time For Bed. Started Working On My Portfolio Site Today, But Still Have A Long Way To… GIF - Usagi SailorMoon Sleep GIFs

Again, I’m a night owl and probably have insomnia. I physically cannot sleep until I’m dead tired. So I’ll usually read and listen to music until I pass out at around 4-5am. Then I wake up and repeat.

Kikis Delivery Service Anime GIF - KikisDeliveryService Anime Ghibli GIFs

I have one day off, and it’s the only day the restaurant is closed. However, I’m still working. I’ll go out and do errands. Like shopping to restock on supplies and inventory. I’ll do some prep work too. The only real difference with my day off and a regular work day is that I do get to sleep in a bit longer.

Himouto Umaruchan GIF - Himouto Umaruchan Umaru GIFs

After I finish my errands and chores, I’ll chill and relax. Usually I’ll listen to music, game a bit, and snack. I’m a lazy potato and total homebody. So if it weren’t for work and errands, that’s all I’d do for the whole day.

Mio Akiyama Computer GIF - MioAkiyama Computer Anime GIFs

But of course, whether it’s my day off or not, I also always work on a blog post for a bit each night. That’s it. That’s basically all I ever do with my life. I told you… My life is hella mundane. Although, I do go on some trips/adventures on rare occasions~

Describe your hopes and dreams through an anime character.

Hmm… I think I need to cheat for this one and use a manga or manhwa character. Because I honestly can’t think of a specific anime series character…

I’d say I’m kind of similar to Bitna from [Timid Palette]. Hmm… Admittedly, I don’t really have any specific or grandiose hopes or dreams. Perhaps it’s because I spent my life living for others than myself. The things I planned or hoped for never happened. I don’t even have a clue of what my hopes and dreams would be. The only thing I could think of is that I want to try to love myself more, to experience more things, and to just be happy. I know being happy is kind of vague. I spent my life living for others, and all I do is work. It’d be nice to not be stressed and to actually enjoy life. I want to love myself and change, like Bitna. Bitna is quiet, timid, and has a hard time expressing herself. She also seems to be very insecure and full of various worries. Yet, she also just wants to enjoy what she loves (art). So she’s tried to get a bit out of her comfort zone and joined a school club called Palette. Honestly, I’m pretty similar to Bitna. I’m timid and quiet now, but I was even more timid and quiet in high school. It wasn’t until college that I tried to change. I started taking better care of myself and my appearance. I joined several student organizations to try to make friends and broaden my world. It’s also how I met BAYOG’s very own Nick and Marc!~ I pushed myself to try new experiences. I did manage to grow a bit, but I admit that my progress paused as I struggled with things over the past couple years.

However, I am trying to slowly improve myself again. Again, the same year I joined BAYOG, I had an epiphany. I was so incredibly unhappy, but I realized that I needed to love myself, flaws and all. Slowly, but surely, I have and am still learning to love and accept myself. I’m also happy to say that I’ve put in the effort to be a bit more outgoing and to try new things. I’ve also been making new friends too~ It’s been 3 years, but I like to think that I have improved. I’m still dealing with anxiety, loneliness, stress, depression, and low self-esteem. However, I think I’m in a much better state than I was 3 years ago. I’ve learned to be a bit more confident. I can also confidently say that I’m in a much better headspace. Rather than follow what every tells me what I need to do, I want to enjoy my life and experiences. Whether I have a grandiose dream or live a simple life, I think my happiness lies more in loving myself and enjoying myself.

Bts Heart GIF - Bts Heart GIFs

My Nominations:

Everyone above is super sweet, friendly, and fun to talk to~ They’re some of the bloggers and friends who’ve made me feel like, “Wow, I’m actually part of this community!” It’s always enjoyable to talk to them and read their posts too~ They’re all wonderful bloggers who cover a variety of topics~ Many of them are similar to what I cover too~ So you have anime, manga, music, dramas, movies, novels, etc~ There’s plenty of fun things for you read~ I definitely recommend checking their blogs out!~

Suga Heart GIF - Suga Heart Kpop GIFs

YAY~ That was honestly alot of fun! It was interesting because it actually made me think a bit more about myself. I definitely learned a bit more about myself as well~ Although, I do apologize. I definitely need to brush up on some more anime when I have more time haha~ I’m kind of mundane, but I hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit more about me! Anyway, remember to be proud of who you are and love yourself friends!~ Take care, stay safe, and I hope you all have a wonderful day!~

LET’S BE FRIENDS!~ (つ✧ω✧)つ

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I’m BAYOG’s hella basic Asian chick, Real People Stuffs expert, and boba addict. I’ve been a part of the BAYOG Crew since 2017~ I fangirl and mostly blog about music, live action movies/dramas, manga/webtoons, and occasionally webnovels~ When I’m not blogging, I’m usually writing/singing Thai-English covers~

It’s nice to meet all of you lovely people from around the world! Thanks for stopping by our blog!~
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Take care y’all. Please stay safe and take care of yourself. All jokes and fun aside…please, please, please, pleaaaase always wash your hands, practice social distancing, and wear a mask! It’s better to be cautious than face irrevocable consequences of health complications or death.


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Keep it up fam!

If you can, please consider donating. I’ve donated more than once as well. For one of my donations, I donated through the BTS ARMY x BLM project. I recommend that if you’re unsure of where to donate. This is because the donation will be split amongst several different non-profit organizations. Of course, you can also choose a specific organization(s) if you wish as well. You can find that [HERE].

You can also check out the following:

Stay strong. Fight racism, brutality, injustice, and bullshit. Don’t lose sight of the goal. We’re witnessing and being a part of history. Be allies and make sure change happens. Once again, BLACK LIVES MATTER.

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9 Replies to “Me, Myself and I: The Kore Wa Watashi Award”

  1. It was interesting reading about your day! “My favorite part of work is chopping shit. It’s so satisfying to chop shit with a freshly sharpened knife~” – I feel the same way, not going to lie hahaha. I’m so happy to hear that you’re in a better place now. I agree that loving yourself and being more confident is a continuous process. I have some days where my mood fluctuates and my self-esteem takes a hit. I usually go back to normal very quickly but I’m still working on it! 🙂 So, I can somewhat relate.

    Thanks for the tag! ^^

    1. I swear my favorite days at work are knife sharpening days haha~ It’s also always fun to see how thin I can cut things with a freshly sharpened knife~
      I totally feel you. I have days where my mood fluctuates too. Sometimes I’m in an awesome mood during the day, but then I just have hella anxiety and feel really low self-esteem late at night. I usually go back to normal by the day. But music helps me alot. It makes me feel like I’m able to spill out the things that have been weighing me down~

  2. h this was cute. I love a story in anime gifs! Thank you so much for the tag, I’ve already done this one but I appreciate it nonetheless.

    1. You’re very welcome! Thanks for being awesome, and thank you for taking the time to come check out the post anyway~ ^^

  3. This was so fun to read! I’m also a night owl, though I’m certainly no chef >.< It's cool that you grew up in that environment!

    Thank you for the nomination–I'm not sure when I'll get to writing it, but I'll look forward to when I can 🙂

    1. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only night owl~ haha~ Yeah, I’ve been fortunate in that aspect. It was definitely useful experience for when I was in college~

      No worries!~ No pressure to do it~ You can just take your time if you wish to do it~ I just wanted to let you know that I do enjoy your blog!~ ^^

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