Music Monday|Epik High — sleepless in ___________

Music Monday|Epik High — sleepless in ___________

Happy Monday, BAYOG Fam!~ It’s Minty again!~ It’s Monday, and y’all know what that means… It’s Music Monday!~ As y’all know my theme for autumn tracks tend to be the more chill, soft, and/or somber types of tracks. Basically tracks that are more on the emotions. Basically tracks you’d vibe to when lost in thought. I was thinking of what album to recommend and finally thought that Epik High’s sleepless in __________ EP would be a perfect recommendation~

I’ve previously covered some background info on Epik High in my Music Monday post on their song [Fan]. So honestly just copying what I wrote last time… lol Basically you have 2 emcees and a DJ who formed a band after grabbing some pho. ablo is also the front man of the group. The man had a great podcast [The Tablo Podcast]. He’s also a literal genius, grew up in all sorts of places like Canada, and graduated from Stanford. They formed in 2001 (over a bowl of pho apparently). They debuted in 2003 with their first album, Map of the Human Soul. They hit mainstream success with their track “Fly” and their Swan Songs album. They’ve also worked with several different artists, including fellow K-Hip Hop legends like Dynamic Duo, Tiger JK, Yankie and Verbal Jint. They’ve also worked with Younha, BTS’ Suga, IU, Crush, Taeyang (BigBang), Mino (Winner), Lee Hi, Lee Suhyun (AKMU), OHHYUK (Hyuk Oh), Beenzino, Clazziquai, Kim Jong Wan (Nell), Lee Sora, and more. Anyway, they’re a great group of musicians. They’re also the first Korean act to perform at Coachella too~ They make such deep, serious, and though provoking music. But they’re basically goofballs through and through. Super nice, chill, and down to earth guys. You can watch the Intro to Epik High clip that Tablo made above~

Artist: Epik High/에픽하이
EP: sleepless in _________
Genre: K-pop, Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Lo-Fi
Language: Korean, English
Release: 2019

Again, I personally love Epik High. They’re one of my favorite bands. I just love that the music and lyrics have a purpose and meaning. It’s just personal and profound. It’s basically literature, and it’s pretty clever. Epik High is super down to earth and I like that they use their music to address different issues that affects them and that many others are familiar with. I’m particularly thankful for their music that addresses mental health issues. Again, their music is relatable, so personal, and you can tell it comes from genuine place. sleepless in __________ dropped in March 2019. Apparently while working on new music and what ended up becoming this album, Epik High (particularly Tablo) faced insomnia and alot of sleepless nights. Thus, that kind of became the theme of the EP. People become sleepless for a variety of reasons: heartbreak, anxiety, loneliness, depression, longing, the things we hold dear, the things we fear, etc. Epik High translated those ideas and feelings into music that really resonates with the listener. Epik High did a very short little [documentary] on the creative process and mentality behind the EP. I recommend watching it if you’d like a better idea of how this EP came to be.

Lofi Browsing GIF - Lofi Browsing Studying GIFs

Honestly, this EP is one of my favorites. I immediately loved every single track when I first heard it. The sound and vibe if it were totally my style. I loved the lyrics. It also had some really great collabs on it. Most of all, it just really related to the whole album. The sounds and the lyrics hit hard, and I just really felt it all. So it really resonated with me. I’m also pretty sleepless most of the time. I get consumed with an overwhelming feeling of anxiety, depression, emptiness, stress, and overthinking. Sometimes you feel a certain way, or all these things, but you can’t really describe it. It can weigh you down. For me, this album made me feel, “Ah… This… It’s this feeling. Someone understands.” The difficult and ambiguous feeling of what one feels can be difficult to express, but these it’s like these tracks do that perfectly. It’s really comforting and helps take off some of that weight.

I am actually really happy to say that I was able to attend Epik High’s Sleepless In tour last year! Damn, it feels so long ago because of this pandemic though… But if y’all remember, I went to a relative’s wedding in Thailand in March 2019. My sis and I came back to the States first, while my parents and grandma chilled in Thailand for a month. So I basically had a month long vacation. Because of that, months prior, I made a spontaneous decision with my bestie Jess (Yes, Loha’s Jess) to go to attend an Epik High concert. We both looooove Epik High, and she knew it was on my bucket list. We also decided to splurge and get VIP tickets. That meant it included meet and greet, as well as a photo op~

Fun fact… This photo was shown on the screen on stage before the concert started~ Our photo was one of the top photos for Sleepless In Chicago for a while LOL

Kenny became a fan of Epik High when I introduced the BAYOG Bros to their music a few years ago. I think Loha wasn’t as familiar, but I know he enjoyed their songs too. Plus, his girlfriend loves Epik High too~ So of course we invited the bros to come with us. Thus, it became a BAYOG trip to Chicago!

Honestly, Sleepless In Chicago[ was an amazing and unforgettable show! Definitely one of the best concerts I’ve ever been too. Actually it was kind of scary cuz the floor was legit bouncing (the venue was on the second floor). I was actually sleepless too. From the excitement, but also because this was a day or two after I came back from Thailand. So your girl was hella jetlagged. Still, I’m so thankful to have experienced this concert with BAYOG and actually meet Epik High. Epik High are my literal heroes, as their music has gotten me through tough times with my mental struggles, but also helping me and my sis deal with her accident as well. Honestly, I like cried… It just felt like a dream and I’m pretty sure my memory blacked out. I do remember trying so hard not to burst out crying there though. I also remember my hands being hella sweaty and just shaking real bad because I was so nervous to meet Tablo, Mithra, and Tukutz. They’re honestly super amazing and down to earth people. I just wish I had the courage to say more at the time… Anyway, I highly recommend attending one of their shows! I know I definitely plan on attending another one again, and hopefully with Jess and BAYOG again. Honestly, they were the best people to experience this with, and I wouldn’t change a thing~ Side note: At the time I did not know that the [manager] who held all our shit during the photo op was [Eric Nam’s] brother LOL

You can find the full sleepless in __________ EP on Spotify, here:

Or you can find the sleepless in _________ EP playlist on YouTube, [here]:

에픽하이 GIF - EpikHigh Concert Lit GIFs


Do you have trouble sleeping?
Do you have nightmares?
Are you heartbroken?
Do you feel down, depressed, hopeless?
Do you miss someone?
Do you find that things
You once enjoyed
No longer interest you?
Are you lonely?
Are you always

Epik High|Sleepless

This track is basically the opening to the album. It starts off with some ambient night time sounds. Then you hear a bit of a music box instrumental and piano instrumental as a computer generated voice asks questions about being sleepless. As for the background of this track, Tablo said the voice is actually the sound of a phone’s assistant. He said he imagined someone being alone and sleepless in their room, while their phone suddenly asks them these questions. I think it’s a really nice set up to start up the album. It’s much like when you find yourself sleepless and you don’t know why. However, it starts to weigh a bit more on you as you think it over.

In Seoul (Feat. sunwoojunga 선우정아)

This track features sunwoojunga (선우정아). The track connects to “Sleepless”, and you can think of it as a way to complete the album title. This track covers what keeps Epik High awake and sleepless. Of course it relates to Seoul because it’s where they live, work, and make their music.

No king, no queen, no court jester
Wishing upon the night sky
But who would listen?
Even god has let go

In this city, they pick stars off the night sky and sell them off
You can’t even breathe out
Open your mouth and they’ll take your tongue away, too
Dreams are nothing but dreams
Even if you dream, you can’t wake up
Till you rest in peace

Epik High|In Seoul (Feat. sunwoojunga 선우정아)|Trans. by [Genius]

I’m sleepless in Seoul
Again, I’m tossing and turning all night
Anxious thought and regrets gather in my room
That miserable moonlight is me
That lonely starlight is me

Epik High|In Seoul (Feat. sunwoojunga 선우정아)|Trans. by [Genius]

In this society that makes you draw your own lines
There is no exit, and my body is filled with sweat
Envy and jealousy, mistakes unacknowledged
Only blaming others and taking sides
I’m only used to seeing backstabbers
Every window shows me another negative story
Of course I’d close my eyes
Probably because I’m afraid

No time to cross my arms, they make me put my hands up
This noisy city keeps me up at night

Epik High|In Seoul (Feat. sunwoojunga 선우정아)|Trans. by [Genius]

술이 달다 (LOVEDRUNK) (Feat. Crush 크러쉬)

This track features Crush~ If y’all follow any of my music posts or playlists, y’all know he’s one of my favorite K-R&B artists!~ So I was super stoked for this track! A very short snippet of the demo by Tablo can be heard on the track [TAPE 2002 7 28] from Epik High’s previous album, We’ve Done Something Wonderful. The Korean title “술이 달다” is a phrase that translates to “The alcohol is sweet”. It’s said that bitter alcohol tastes sweet during one’s hard times. So you can say the phrase is a bit of irony. Often times, people will drown their sorrows in alcohol. Some people try to use alcohol to erase the things that they want to forget. Which is the case of the “story” for this track. The official English title for the track is “Lovedrunk”, which is also a clever wordplay. This song is about being drunk on one’s failed love, while also trying to drown themselves in alcohol to erase that love and the memories revolving that love. When you consider it though, it’s almost like you’re erasing a part of yourself. There are people and connections that become a deep part of us. What’s happened has already happened, and you can’t change it. It’s a heartbreaking song. However, I just love everything about it. It’s definitely one of my favorites from this EP.

I’m trying to erase you
Like a fool
Everything’s so messed up

Maybe I

I can’t sleep
I’m thinking about you
This break up is too bitter
And this alcohol is too sweet
I’ve been tryin’ to erase ya
I’ve been tryin’ to erase ya

Trying like this
To erase you
Maybe while I was erasing you
I erased myself

The moon is cold
Alcohol tastes sweet today
I shouldn’t be doing this
I’m trying to erase you

Epik High|술이 달다 (LOVEDRUNK) (Feat. Crush 크러쉬)|Trans. by [Genius]

Tablo stated that because the song was about alcohol, they didn’t want the MV to be something obvious like a bar. So they decided an atypical fantasy period kind of martial arts mini-film would be interesting. The idea came from the director Bae Jong. Bae Jong directed the film Welcome to Dongmakgol, which starred Tablo’s wife Kang Hye Jung. The MV stars singer IU, who previously featured on Epik High’s [연애소설 (LOVE STORY)] from their We’ve Done Something Wonderful album, and actress Jin Seo Yeon. You can find more background info on the song and MV [here].

Now watch this live drunk performance of the track with Epik High and Crush LOLOL

새벽에 (Eternal Sunshine)

The Korean title “새벽에” means “At Dawn”. This reflects the color scheme of the album cover, which is meant to represent the colors of dawn. Again, this ties into the theme of being sleepless. The official English title of this track is “Eternal Sunshine”. It’s one of the more upbeat tracks on this album, and it’s honestly one of my favorites! It has a feeling of comfort and hopefulness. This track was also produced by Suga (Min Yoongi, aka Agust D) of BTS. You can hear his famous “Suga” tag at the beginning, right before Tablo starts off his part. Honestly though, I just love this song because the lyrics hit hard for me. It’s as if your struggles and everything that makes you sleepless is being acknowledged and addressed. It’s a sense of comfort in that someone understands. However, Epik High is also literally comforting us. We’re told to slow down, that it’s okay, and it’s not our fault. There’s no need to feel anxious. Things may seem difficult, but good things come in due time. We’re all struggling with the same kind of pressure, anxiety, loneliness, etc. Despite that, we still wish each other eternal sunshine, and there’s a reminder that we’re not alone.

I wish you eternal sunshine
Do you get lonely?
Sick with anxiety?
Can’t trust nobody?
Well, same here

Well, I’m here

Epik High|새벽에 (Eternal Sunshine)|Trans. by [Genius]

I’m never goin’ down again
I won’t fall apart ever again
Sometimes I just wanna hug someone and cry out loud
But I’m an eternal trainee
Life is so difficult
For the better version of myself

I run as if my lungs are gonna tear apart but it still gets away

Epik High|새벽에 (Eternal Sunshine)|Trans. by [Genius]

I got trouble sleeping…
I’m suffering again
When was the last time I slept deeply
I go out with my eyes half opened. Close it halfways and go back home
I can’t even see half of the world. Does that mean my life is just half of a whole?

I hold it and run
Not because I have a dream to chase
But because I want to run away from the nightmares all around me
I know because I’ve fallen apart before
That it is higher than any other peak
The top right above the bottom

Epik High|새벽에 (Eternal Sunshine)|Trans. by [Genius]

Baby Slow down
Stop feeling suffocated
Stop feeling anxious that you might fall behind
Good things come in due time
Pay it no mind
It’s those who will leave you behind even if you miss a step
Don’t feel pressured to keep up the steps

The peoples’ “hurry, hurry”
They have already stopped, standing still
They are impatient because of their regretful youth
Every moment the fire falls on the top of your foot (you are hurried)
It means the ceiling is on fire
It’s not your fault

Epik High|새벽에 (Eternal Sunshine)|Trans. by [Genius]

No Different (Feat. Yuna)

“No Different” is an all English track with Tablo and features Malaysian singer, Yuna. This track was also produced by Code Kunst, who is one of my favorite Korean producers. This is another one of my favorites. It’s a mellow and somewhat sad song about a love that seems to be reaching a breaking point. There seems to be some differences. Yet, both sides are suffering from this condition called love. So perhaps they’re not so different. There’s an interesting thought that Tablo makes with “We tried to build a future, all we got’s a broken past”. According to Tablo, whether it be relationships, friendships, ourselves, or so on… we try to build on it. However, when you try to build something, there are times things may break. It’s not a complete negative though. We learn from what’s broken and we usually grow and become stronger from it. It’s an interesting food for thought. That aside, I think what instantly drew me to this song was Tablo’s line, “I might not be the one… Could you settle for half?”

We tried to build a future
All we got’s a broken past

Not much of me is left
But I promise if you come back
I might not be the one
Could you settle for half?
Heartbreak, two pieces
One I’ll take, one’s with you
Heartbreak, two pieces
One I’ll take, one’s with you
Heartbreak, two pieces
One I’ll take, one’s with you
And half of yours is with me

We ain’t no different, you see

Epik High|No Different (Feat. Yuna)|Lyrics from [Genius]

I might not be the one
Could you settle for half?

Epik High|No Different (Feat. Yuna)|Lyrics from [Genius]

Baby you and me ain’t no different
We are one and the same, the two of us

We suffer the same condition

Baby you and me ain’t no different
We were little insane but just enough
We suffer the same condition

Epik High|No Different (Feat. Yuna)|Lyrics from [Genius]

비가 온대 내일도 (Rain Again Tomorrow)

The Korean title translates to “It’s raining, tomorrow too”. So it’s not that far off from the official English title, “Rain Again Tomorrow”. Tablo said the idea for this track was when he was cleaning a room and noticed his cabinet that had all his cassettes and CDs with Epik High. 16 years of his life fit in such a tiny space. This is another favorite because I hella related to the lyrics. This is a seemingly more upbeat track, but has a bit of the awkward melancholy feeling to it. Sometimes we just feel really overwhelmed. Sometimes it feels like you try really hard, you really put yourself out there, and you give your all. Yet, what you get is less than your efforts or not what you expected. It’s a strange thing when you think of all the effort, time, and emotions you put into something. Yet, you have very little to show for it. It can be really tiring, disappointing, and disheartening. People tend to be optimistic and say things like, “Oh well there’s always tomorrow” or “There’ll be brighter days tomorrow”. However, sometimes it just seems like nothing changes. Rather than things being brighter, it seems it’ll rain tomorrow as well. Sometimes it just be like that. A nifty thing about this track is that at the end it starts to slow down and segues perfectly into the next track, “Lullaby For A Cat”.

The mattress has become a desert island
Even alcohol or sleeping pills don’t work anymore
Had the sleep playlist on all night long
Endless beats to relax and study to
Fuck ‘em all, man I hate this
Tomorrow, today and yesterday get mixed up
My memories are random-access
Always overloading

Epik High|비가 온대 내일도 (Rain Again Tomorrow)|Trans. by [Genius]

They say it’s raining again tomorrow
They say it’s raining again tomorrow
They say it’s raining again tomorrow
They say it’s raining again tomorrow

Epik High|비가 온대 내일도 (Rain Again Tomorrow)|Trans. by [Genius]

A sea of thoughts
I keep sinking, perhaps because I don’t know where it ends
Every night I try to swim freely
Only to end up breaking like a wave
The night only grows longer and blacker

Sometimes it goes beyond the moon and the sun
While looking for answers, I keep looking back
Because there’s no correct answer
Even when I fall, I get up
It’s not like I’ve started to walk, only to end up collapsing
I know it’s my fate to disappear
After emptying myself to fill up others
It only becomes harder to accept
Because there are so many dreams I’m chasing
I only fall asleep towards dawn
Because I only become free once my eyes are closed

Epik High|비가 온대 내일도 (Rain Again Tomorrow)|Trans. by [Genius]

Lullaby For A Cat

This one was probably my instant all time favorite on the album. It’s an all English lo-fi type of track with Tablo rapping. It nicely continues and connects nicely with that last bit from the previous track. Vibe wise, “Lullaby For A Cat” is totally my type of track. However, I also absolutely love the lyrics. Like, I felt that. This is very much me when I’m in one of those moments. So it resonates to me, and I really appreciate that Tablo made me feel like I wasn’t entirely alone. Also, the song itself has nothing to do with cats. However, it has been shown to actually make kitties nap peacefully. I even tried it on my cat heheh~ Honestly though, it’s a perfect track to put you to sleep. It’s incredibly chill and relaxing to listen too. So it really is the perfect “goodnight” to the sleeplessness. Another thing is that you can hear the vocals and melody of “In Seoul” looping in the background towards the end. It sounds and feels almost like a lullaby is being hummed to you. Thus wrapping up the album and bringing the listener back to the beginning very nicely.

Oh damn
Volume way up on my phone
Next to my head on the floor
Beats on repeat
The rain tap dancin’ on my windowpane
Whoever said no pain, no gain
Don’t know pain
Intimately like I do

As infinitely as I do
Been lied about and lied to
Too many times to fight it
Some bridges were built to burn
No need to help ignite it
A party of one or party of none
Please keep me disinvited
Tuck you in
As I tuck another tear behind my eyelids
Good night

Epik High|Lullaby For A Cat|Lyrics from [Genius]
The extended and unedited version

Tablo actually revealed that “Lullaby For A Cat” was originally longer. However, it was cut and edited in the final release. The song received alot of love and fans were dying to hear the extended version. So Epik High did upload it onto their YouTube account. It’s nice, but I think I do prefer the final cut that’s on the album. Even if it did feel too short.

Epik High Tablo GIF - EpikHigh Tablo 에픽하이 GIFs

Anyway, that’s it for today’s Music Monday post. Honestly, I really do love Epik High. They’re true artists. This EP was a beautiful masterpiece, and I appreciate every bit of it. It’s honestly one of my all favorite albums ever. I know Kenny and Loha also really enjoyed it as well. For me, I love how relatable it is. Plus, the thought and theme behind it is rather interesting… and again, something we can all relate to. It’s honestly just a perfect album to contemplate to or listen to when you’re just in those kind of feels… cuz sometimes it just be like that. So if you’re having a sleepless night, perhaps feeling frustrated and unable to express yourself, I hope this album brings you some comfort. So what makes you sleepless? Have you listened to the EP or any of the tracks? What did you think? What are your favorite tracks? Let me know in the comments, Discord, or my socials! Until next time~ I wish you eternal sunshine and less sleepless nights~ Take care, stay safe, and have a wonderful day friends!~

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