Music Monday|BIG Naughty — 휴(休)(Sigh) (Feat. GIRIBOY)

Music Monday|BIG Naughty — 휴(休)(Sigh) (Feat. GIRIBOY)

Hihi my BAYOG loves!~ It’s Monday, and you guys know that means it’s time for another Music Monday post!~ We’re in the fall/winter time of the year. Like I’ve said in my [Cafe/Coffeeshop Playlist post], fall/winter has me lean more towards soft and chill songs. I tend to prefer r&b, soul, chill-hop, ballads, and more acoustic tracks for this time of year. Today’s track is 휴(休), or “Sigh”, by Big Naughty and it features GIRIBOY.

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Before I get to the track I just wanted to cover something real quick. With the cooler weather of the fall/winter seasons, we also have the holidays coming up. I’ve mentioned it several times before, but this is usually the time when people get hella depression and anxiety. While the holidays are meant to be a time of joy, it’s just not always the case for everyone. For some people, it’s a time where they’re hit with alot of things mentally and emotionally. No one is at fault. That’s just how it is sometimes. I’m the type of person that likes to listen to tracks that fit my current thoughts and feelings. Especially since I have a hard time actually discussing these things with people. So yeah, I’m that person that will listen to hella sad songs when I’m feeling sad. I think it helps me feel like I’m pouring out everything that has me down. It helps me organize my thoughts and feel comfort when there’s something that seems to perfect understand and describe my thoughts and feelings. So that’s one of the reasons why I chose this track, and you’ll probably see the next couple of Music Monday tracks be chosen for the same reason. Anyway, on to today’s Music Monday track!

Artist: Big Naughty feat. GIRIBOY
Song: 휴(休)(Sigh)
Single: 휴(休)(Sigh)
Genre: K-pop, K-R&B, K-Hip Hop
Language: Korean
Release: 2019

Okay, I’ll be honest. I don’t really know anything about Big Naughty (real name Seo Dong Hyun). I just know he’s signed under H1GHER MUSIC, Jay Park’s international record label. Apparently Jay had him sign a deal after he appeared on one of the seasons for Show Me the Money! He then made his debut in 2019. I was so incredibly shocked to find out how young he is though! He’s a 2003er, so he’s currently 17 years old. Mostly since most of the artists under Jay’s labels are his/my age. So this track was basically recorded and came out with Big Naughty was 15-16! He’s basically the baby of Jay’s labels. The track also features [GIRIBOY], who is a pretty familiar but underrated name in K-R&B/Hip Hop. I do enjoy some tracks with Giriboy, so this was a nice surprise. Anyway, the track is called 휴/Hyuu. “Hyuu” is the sound of sighing, like “phew”. It was Big Naughty’s second single. Honestly, I just love the soft and melancholy, yet comforting sound to it. I heard it and could just immediately relate to it. It definitely fits that mood of when you’ve just had a long and tiring day. You feel worn out, empty, and done with everything. But all you can do is just take in a deep breath and sigh. That’s basically what the song is about. Basically, the whole song is a big mood. I love the music and the lyrics itself. However, I also really love this track because it’s just so relatable.

You can find 휴(休)(Sigh) on Spotify, here:

You can find the official audio/MV on YouTube, here:

This song and the video a total mood

Phew, let out a long sigh.
Phew, let’s count from one to ten.
Phew, the long day is over.
Phew, why don’t you forget.

Big Naughty Feat. Giriboy |휴(休)(Sigh)|Translation by [SK Compass]

Again, I love this track because it’s a big mood. Sometimes there are days where you just feel utterly worn out and defeated. It’s a melancholy, yet comforting track. It acknowledges that sometimes we have a hard time. Sometimes you’re just so overwhelmed by everything and everyone. There are times where you just want to be alone. There are times you’re overcome with stress and pressure. We’re literally being comforted and told to take a deep breath, let it out, and forget about this long and tiring day. It doesn’t dissipate all the pain and anxiety. To me it feels like despite counting down, it’s still there. However, it feels like at least you’ve let off some of that weight.

Maybe it’s time to rest
A bag of nothing
I want to leave with it on my back
Throw away all the trashy memories
To an island with no one
Head down too low

Big Naughty Feat. Giriboy |휴(休)(Sigh)|Translation by [SK Compass]
Here’s a live performance

There are too many people
It’s a world of people living
I’m scared of people
People make people but
At the edge of the cliff, I’m reeling
People keep pushing
Please help/save me
I still want to live

Big Naughty Feat. Giriboy |휴(休)(Sigh)|Translation by [SK Compass]

One, two
Three, you
Four, blue
Five, gloom
Six, cold
Seven, distressed
Eight, blank
Nine, phew

Big Naughty Feat. Giriboy |휴(休)(Sigh)|Translation by [SK Compass]

Apparently there’s a different version of this track with Shin Hakyun and Big Naughty that was released for the Soul Mechanic/Fix You drama OST. Shin Hakyun was the lead in the drama. The ost version is a bit different from the original. It has a somewhat lighter, brighter, and dreamy feel to it compared to the original. The lyrics are also a bit different as well. Shin Hakyun sang Big Naughty’s original parts. Whereas Big Naughty sings some slighty different lyrics from the original. Even though it’s still kind of a sad song. I guess it sounds a bit more hopeful? Whereas the original has that somewhat melancholy feeling to it?

In this bleak world
I’ve hidden my heart
The waves in that deep place
And the happy memories
I take them out sometimes
And get locked in my thoughts again

Big Naughty Feat. Giriboy |휴(休)(Sigh)|Translation by [Popgasa]

I need some repair
I’m here all alone
Standing here, looking at the dark sky
It’s darker than I thought
I try holding my hand out to you
But I’m too far away to reach
I’m afraid (I’m afraid)
I’m afraid of people (I’m afraid)
I’m standing at the edge of a cliff
But it’s alright, I’m letting out a sigh
Even if I run out of breath, I’ll get up again
Again, again

I still want to live

Big Naughty Feat. Giriboy |휴(休)(Sigh)|Translation by [Popgasa]

The OST version is different, but I think I prefer the original version. The sound of the original is just more my kind of style, and I think that version better embodies the feeling that the song is talking about. I feel like the original version carries that heavy melancholy feeling better. Although I do also like the lyrics in the OST version as well. I think these lyrics also embody those kinds of melancholy feelings as well.

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That’s it for today’s Music Monday post guys~ Again, I personally love this track. It’s melancholy, but I find it really comforting that it embodies how I feel. It’s just comforting to know that I’m not alone, and that someone out there understands these feelings and thoughts as well. I know anxiety, depression, and mental stress is a big thing during this time of year. I know some people are going through seasonal depression and anxiety. I’m also sure that with COVID and how 2020 has been, it’s definitely harder than usual. It’s tough. It can be soul crushing. I know how it feels to feel utterly worn out, broken, and defeated. Still, I just want you all to know that you’re not alone. Things are tough, but all we can do is press on. Remember to take a deep breath and let it out. It was a tough day, but you did it. That’s truly amazing, and I’m so proud of you. I mean that whole heartedly. Anyway stay safe, take care, and have a wonderful day friends~ May your tomorrows be a bit easier than your yesterdays.

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