A GIF Story of BAYOG Playing Phasmophobia on Halloween [Spoop Fest]

A GIF Story of BAYOG Playing Phasmophobia on Halloween [Spoop Fest]

Hello BAYOG Fam!~ The time has come to officially end BAYOG Spoop Fest 2020. Again, I apologize for the lack of spoopy content this year. Again, it was just bad timing and circumstances. I promise I’ll try to do better next year! Anyway, I just talked to you all about a spoopy game we’ve been enjoying called [Phasmophobia]. For Halloween, BAYOG and friends hung out in a Discord call and played Phasmophobia (then Golf With Friends). It was our friend Phouthone, Marc ( @cmdrcluckcluck ), Loha ( @loheezy ), me, and Jess (my bestie and also Loha’s girlfriend). I took over for Marc, and he watched us through Loha and Phouthone’s streams. Loha streamed it on his Twitch account, so you can watch it [HERE]. Mind you… it was Jess’ first time, and honestly…my girl can’t do spoopy. Loha…I think he was also a noob. As for me, I was level 20 something. Since I’ve been playing for a few weeks with Kenny and friends, I had the most experience. However, I usually had Kenny, Phouthone, and Justin carry me. And again, I suck at games. So I’m a useless noob too. So enjoy 3 noobs trying to figure out WTF to do, crying, and trying to not die. Anyways, I did another gif story. It might not be super exciting, because I’m honestly dead tired right now. Still, it was a fun way for me to relive our fun, yet terrifying time. It’s mostly Supernatural gifs to relate to the spoopy and spoop hunting themes. But also cuz Jess and I are huge Supernatural fans, and that’s one of the things we bonded over in the beginning of our friendship. Anyway enjoy.

Team Free Will Supernatural GIF - TeamFreeWill Supernatural SamWinchester GIFs

How Jess thought it would be like.

This Is Crap GIF - Crap Spn GIFs

When the spoop picks on Jess and she realizes it’s not what she thought it’d be.

Umaru Chan Scared GIF - UmaruChan Scared Peur GIFs

Jess remembering that she doesn’t do horror.

Taeyeon Kim Taeyeon GIF - Taeyeon KimTaeyeon 태연 GIFs

Me, Jess, and Loha being hella nervous and anxious about spoops.

Scared Supernatural GIF - Scared Supernatural GIFs

Me and Jess when the dudes be screamin’ the spoop’s name.

Spn Wait GIF - Spn Wait What GIFs

Anytime we heard a creak or any sound.

Bts Jin GIF - Bts Jin Scared GIFs

Being told that me, Jess, and Loha are on our own.

Supernatural Death GIF - Supernatural Death NotGoingToEndWell GIFs

Realizing that they were serious about having the 3 noobs doing this on our own. Also me realizing that as the highest level out of the 3 of us, I should be leading… so we’re fucked.

Spn Supernatural GIF - Spn Supernatural DeanWinchester GIFs

Being told we gotta be left alone in the dark room to try to take a pic of the spoop.

Sucks Spn GIF - Sucks Spn GIFs

Phouthone and Marc ( @cmdrcluckcluck ) leaving us to die.

Supernatural SPN GIF - Supernatural SPN MishaCollins GIFs

Initially trying to rile up the spoop.

Assbutt Supernatural GIF - Assbutt Supernatural Castile GIFs

The three of us trying to get the spoop to show up or do something

Nope Supernatural GIF - Nope No Supernatural GIFs

When the spoop says something on the spirit box or if it whispers, breathes, croaks, or sings in our ears.

Supernatural Spn GIF - Supernatural Spn Crowley GIFs

The spoop as it breathes or croaks in our ears… or freaks us out in anyway.

Supernatural Dean GIF - Supernatural Dean Scared GIFs

Me and Jess 99% of the time

Not Cool GIF - Not Cool Spn GIFs

Whenever the spoop is just fucking around with us.

拍肩 安慰 兄弟 想哭 GIF - TapOnShoulder Console Brother GIFs

Trying to comfort a freaked out Jess…even though I’m scared too lolol

Jess and I quickly ditching Loha to go to safety in the truck.

Bts Jhope GIF - Bts Jhope What GIFs

Loha finally realizing we ditched him and left his ass alone in this spoopy house.

Hoseok Jhope GIF - Hoseok Jhope Scream GIFs

That time the spoop suddenly breathed in our ears and we just straight up NOPED outta there.

Bts Jungkook GIF - Bts Jungkook Kpop GIFs

When we hear that creepy croaking sound that means it’s in our face.

Supernatural IDont Like GIF - Supernatural IDontLike NoOne GIFs

Me and Jess the whole damn time we get spooped as we play this game.

Supernatural GIF - Supernatural GIFs

Jess being so over this.

Deanwinchester Deansupernatural GIF - Deanwinchester Deansupernatural Supernatural GIFs

Jess: …Who bought you this game? (Why did I want this game??)
Me: I bought you this ga– Oh Kenny told me to, and I listened to Kenny.
Jess: How dare he!

Bts Btsrun GIF - Bts Btsrun Btsvszombie GIFs

The three of us in the room when the spoop showed up.

Supernatural Jensen Ackles GIF - Supernatural JensenAckles DeanWinchester GIFs

Us when the spoop appears or starts hunting.

Run Bitch GIF - Run Bitch Supernatural GIFs

Me running and telling everyone we need to GTFO when we finally get the spoop picture.

Suga Bts GIF - Suga Bts SaveMe GIFs

Jess realizing the door closed as I stepped out the front door and the spoop starting hunting.

Jess realizing the spoop is on her ass.

Abyss Kdrama GIF - Abyss Kdrama Drama GIFs

Jess as the spoop hunting her ass and is killing her.

Jensen Ackles Dean Winchester GIF - JensenAckles DeanWinchester Dean GIFs

Jess by the end of the game after dying, and wondering WTF she’s playing this.

Supernatural Dean Winchester GIF - Supernatural DeanWinchester SamWinchester GIFs

The rest of us laughing at Jess’ dead body glitched through the wall.

Not gifs, but actual screencaps of what happened to Jess… Jess dead in a wall

Anyway, that’s it. Spoop Fest 2020 is officially closed. Do you guys play Phasmophobia with friends? Do you get spooped? What spoopy games do you enjoy?~ Also I should note that I may take a brief break soon since I’ve been teetering with burn out. If anything, I might just not be posting anything for a week or two. I’ll most likely start this break either this week or next week. It honestly depends on how tired I am. I might post my trash covers before I begin my break~ As usual… take care, stay safe, and have a wonderful day friends!~

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