Webtoon|Timid Palette — Hurt My Cinnamon Roll and I Will Fight You

Webtoon|Timid Palette — Hurt My Cinnamon Roll and I Will Fight You

Hello BAYOG Fam! I’m late, but I made it in time for Webtoon Wednesday!~ Where my webtoon and manhwa fans at? Cuz yo’ girl got another recommendation for you!~ Today’s webtoon recommendation is a series called 소심한 팔레트 or Timid Palette. The Spoop season is among us, so I’ll be switching gears on content for Spoop Fest posts in October. However, I just wanted to talk about something cute and light-hearted before I jumped into Spoop Fest~ Also… I know I’ve mostly done music posts, so I figured I’d squeeze in a cute webtoon~

Timid Palette is a webtoon that’s currently being [published by Naver]. It’s by 한민기/Han Mingi. The series started publication in 2019. Unfortunately this gem hasn’t been officially published in English yet. It’s currently being fan translated online.

Genre: Romance, Josei, Slice of Life
Theme: University, School, Art
Release: 2019
Publisher: Naver
Official English Version Available?: No. There is currently no official English release. Not yet anyway. However, it is currently being fan-translated online.


Han Bitna is a freshman starting her university life at Sinsang University. However, she has a rough start. She’s incredibly timid and quiet. Not only that, she looks a bit unkempt. She’s also socially awkward. It doesn’t help that Bitna is extra cautious due to her past experiences. Due to this, Bitna has a hard time making friends. People seem nervous and too uninterested to approach her. However, the truth is that Bitna is a really sweet, innocent, and cute girl. She’s a cinnamon roll. She’s also incredibly talented at art. A female sunbae is impressed with Bitna’s art and invites her to join Palette, her illustration club. It’s a club with the intent of making one’s imagination a reality. Through the club, Bitna starts to meet new people and gain new experiences. Will Bitna finally be able to change? Perhaps Palette and love will fill her world with new colors, as well as to allow her own colors to shine through.

Yeah… Y’all know I suck at writing plot summaries and such. I tried though. Anyway, I honestly love this series. Again, it was another title I picked up on a whim to kill time. I thought the art was interesting. I honestly just loved it. You guys know I’ve been [reading] a ton of [historical webtoons/manhwa/manga] and webnovels lately. So it was kind of nice to finally find an interesting contemporary series. Most of the series I had been reading have been fantasy too. So it was nice to have a realistic slice of life series. Honestly, it kind of reminds me of [Cheese in the Trap] in that we’re exploring the lives of different college students and their relationships with each other. So if you’re into that kind of story, this might be up your alley.

I’ll be honest. At first I didn’t feel anything in particular in regards to the art style of the webtoon. The thing I did notice and like immediately was how the art in this webtoon was colored and shaded. However, I now think the art as a whole is actually really pretty. I especially love the art styles and details of the drawings the characters make too. I really, truly, love Bitna’s art. It’s so freakin’ pretty. I love how they make it look legit too. It legit looks like a real color pencil drawing. It also stands out from the webtoon’s art style. I know this seems trivial, but I’m truly impressed at how accurate they got the texture of a color pencil drawing.

First off, we have Bitna herself. I love her so much. She’s honestly just a sweet, quiet, shy, but kind girl. She’s honestly super squishy and really cute. She’s also rather innocent and socially awkward. She’s a cinnamon roll that must be protected. Unfortunately, Bitna is a bit gloomy and pessimistic, due to something from her past. She seems to be trying a fresh new start in college. The poor girl just wants to make friends. However, everyone just initially judges her based on her plain and frumpy appearance. (Honestly, I think they’re crazy cuz she looks fine???) However, people like Sihyeong, Kangmin, and Jinah realize how charming and sweet Bitna really is. Underneath that frumpiness, gloom, and pessimism, Bitna is actually cute both inside and out. It’s no wonder the male leads are drawn to her. Bitna is also mad talented with art, but she’s also super humble. She’s kind and patient, and is willing to help others. You can tell she’s passionate about art and loves it. I think she really, truly shines when she’s doing art or talking about it.

Honestly, I really like Bitna alot. She kind of reminds me of Sawako from Kimi ni Todoke. Even moreso because I can relate to her. I’m pretty quiet and socially awkward. I still am… I always want to try to make more friends and talk to more people, especially fellow bloggers. But again, I’m shy and socially awkward… Although I grew alot since back when I joined college. I was very much like Bitna when I started college too. I was shy, but wanted to push myself to try new things and meet new people. I wanted to expand my world and try to improve myself. I actually joined alot of different student organizations to try to change myself and make friends. Even then, it took me a while to warm up to people because I was just hella shy. It was still worth it though. I had alot of new, different, and fun experiences. I also met alot of wonderful friends, including BAYOG’s very own Marc and Nick! So I can understand Bitna’s struggle.

Praise the Bishie Lord for blessing us with wonderful bishies.

We got bishies too fam! They’re my favorite kind of bishies too! The kinds that are gorgeous inside and out! The wholesome kind!~ Our bishie male leads are: Lee Sihyeong and Do Kangmin.

Sihyeong is the same age as Bitna. Although they’re in different majors, he met her during orientation. He saw her crying and was worried. He also saw her drawing and was completely drawn in (see what I did there? I pulled a Kenny…). Since then he seems to have an interest in Bitna and her art as he’s been trying to get closer to her. He’s an absolute sweetheart and totally considerate. He’s that really sweet nice guy that’s popular, gets along with everyone, and everyone really likes him. I mean it when I say he’s a soft squishy sweetheart. When he first met Bitna, he saw her crying outside in the cold. He hadn’t even really talked to her or anything, but put his coat over her. UGHHH, my heart. He’s like a cute little puppy. He’s sweet and innocent like Bitna. He also ends up joining the illustration club, Palette, because he wants to get closer to Bitna. Although he’s bad at it, he is interested in art and wants Bitna to teach him.

Next up, we have Do Kangmin. Kangmin is a music major. He’s a sunbae and in Palette. Choi Jinah, the female sunbae who invited Bitna to join, is basically the one in charge of Palette. Kangmin is basically second in charge. He seems like a mean jerk at first who’s very skeptical of Bitna. He’s unimpressed by how quiet and frumpy she seems. The club is on the verge of being shut down, and he believes they need the appeal of someone popular and outstanding. However, he soon realizes that she’s actually a nice girl. He ends unintentionally looking after her after realizing she’s just a sweet girl who has a hard time adjusting. He gives her advice, and he probably thinks of himself as a sunbae looking after a hoobae. He’s her confidante and even tries to play cupid between her and Sihyeong. They get pretty close. In fact, he’s probably the one Bitna is most comfortable with, other than Jinah, and talks with the most. However, Kangmin starts to realize his concern for Bitna is a bit strange. He’s always worrying about her, and sometimes feels a bit upset. I also love that Kangmin is really observant and he can tell something is wrong. Kangmin starts off as this rough, strict, and somewhat mean sunbae. He’s always trying to act cool, but he’s actually a really caring guy. He’s sweet and caring in his own way. There’s a part where he sees Bitna is down. So he invites her to eat with him. Dude sees she’s having a hard time eating her massive burger, so he takes it and cuts if for her. I love little gestures like this~ The moment you know Minty has become a second lead sucker again

Twice Momo GIF - Twice Momo HiraiMomo GIFs
Even if it’s a win for our girl either way.

Y’all. Second lead syndrome. I remember reading the Korean raw chapters before there were many English translated chapters. I knew right away, this is a strong case of second lead syndrome. This is one of those rare series where it’s going to be hard. I feel like she’s in good hands either way… I genuinely like both guys. They’re both really sweet and caring in their own way. Sihyeong is that sweet and friendly puppy. Kangmin is the cool, smart, and chic sunbae. They both cute. They both recognize Bitna’s worth. This is hard… Although, I think I’m leaning more towards Kangmin since he’s been closer to Bitna and trying hard to help her with Sihyeong. Y’all know I’m a serial [second lead fan].


Next up, we have Gayoung….

Bitch Holdup GIF - Bitch Holdup Kpop GIFs

I said it a bunch of times already, but Bitna is a sweet and innocent cinnamon roll. Hurt my innocent and sweet lil’ cinnamon roll, and I’mma fucking fight you. I will instantly pull out Ol’ Rusty.

I Hate Snakeu Talk GIF - IHateSnakeu Talk Afraid GIFs

Y’all remember how much I hated that snake-ass biiiiiish SooAh from [Gangnam Beauty]? Or freakin’ Trashta from [Remarried Empress]?You guys know how much I fucking hate snakessss. Well SooAh and Trashta got some competition with the biiiiiish in this series, Gayoung. Gayoung is a beautiful influencer with alot of followers. She’s also really popular too. Gayoung had been a former classmate of Bitna. However, they seem to have some kind of history between them. It’s also very obvious to us that she seems to hate Bitna.

Sunny Lee Soonkyu GIF - Sunny LeeSoonkyu 써니 GIFs
MFW Gayoung and her crew starts some bullshit again

Unfortunately, she’s good at masking herself and manipulating others. Everyone thinks she’s such a nice person. They don’t realize that she’s hiding her hate with her fake ass smile and personality. However, she’s also the one laying the bait and suggestions to cause people to start rumors and dislike my poor cinnamon roll.

It’s just simply for nothing or pure pettiness. She seems to be jealous of Bitna’s talent and dislikes how people are getting closer to Bitna. She seems particularly jealous and upset that Bitna has been gaining attention and getting closer to Sihyeong and Kangmin. From the beginning, it also seems like Gayoung WANTS Bitna to be isolated. I swear the evil bisssssh finds joy in it. On the surface she acts like a former classmate that wasn’t close with Bitna, but is trying to be nice. However, the truth is she keeps making subtle suggestions that feed other people’s jealousy into manipulating them to hating Bitna too.

What a absolute douchebag…
B1A4 Kpop GIF - B1A4 Kpop Funny GIFs
I’mma fight all these assholes

She basically eggs on other students and club members to hate Bitna. She even got this dude, Sihyeong’s friend that’s crushing on Gayoung, to hate and mistreat Bitna. Like he’s hella aggressive and a total asshole to our cinnamon roll! BOYYYYY. I will slap you. I. WILL. END. YOU. She ends up making a suggestion that Bitna is two-faced and a try hard who is only trying to get close to the guys and get their attention. BITCH. That’s YOU. You’re a fucking two-faced fucking snake. She’s the one leading a dude on to bully Bitna. Yet, she’s telling everyone that Bitna is leading and stringing these dudes along. You leave my precious cinnamon roll alone! You may look pretty, but your personality is fucking ugly as heeeeeeell.

Min_suga Min_yoongi GIF - Min_suga Min_yoongi Bts GIFs
Me when I see petty bitches
Specifically these salty, petty, jealous bitches

Try all you want, but Sihyeong and Kangmin ain’t gonna give a flying shit about you. I get so mad seeing how she’s constantly stirring trouble for Bitna for no goddman reason. BIIIIITCHHHHH. You’re pretty and popular as hell already. If you hate Bitna so much, why the fuck are you spending so much time and interest in making my girl miserable??? Why are you so pressed?? Go live your life and leave my cinnamon roll alone! This is why you got shallow relationships and shit. Honestly, I don’t understand (and never will) how some girls get so petty and bitchy over this kind of stuff. Bruh, he’s just not into you. Secondly, you have no right and you didn’t try. So WTF?? Not to mention that it’s quite possible for people to just be good friends. Seriously, I can’t stand these petty self-projecting bitches.

Jinah is best sunbae/unnie~

I often get annoyed with these kinds of tropes because EVERYONE always blindly believes the white lotus biiiish. It’s unrealistic. Like, wow. There really isn’t going to be a single person who’s gonna question what this bitch be sayin’?? No one is going to try to ask for the other person’s side, or actually observe shit before coming to a conclusion?? Fortunately, this series is a bit more realistic. Other than Sihyeong and Kangmin, there are people who judge Bitna based on what they see and experience themselves, rather than the bullshit rumors spread by the salty and petty biiiiishes. There were some side characters who were skeptical and called them out on whether they were just spreading rumors they heard without seeing it themselves. EXACTLY. You tell them! I loved how there were side characters who straight up said that there was no way the rumors had any truth to them. I particularly love Jinah-sunbae. She’s honestly really kind and caring to Bitna. You can see that she’s a good sunbae that genuinely wants Bitna’s world to grow. It sounds really dumb, but it’s these things that make the story seem more believable. Usually these stories always seem so one sided, and that everyone is just always against the protagonist. It kind of bothers me because I get hella angry for the protagonist, and angry because it’s too extreme. I liked that there were characters, even side characters, who could think for themselves instead of blindly believing bullshit rumors.

Bts Suga GIF - Bts Suga Kpop GIFs

Honestly, I just love this series. It’s not just the characters, but also how believable it is. I can legit see this happening in real life. Which makes it more relatable, and I love that. It just makes everything feel a bit more real. That’s what makes this series so appealing for me. Like I can see parts of myself in Bitna. I really relate to her. I was an art kid back in the day. I was an art major, but changed it. I wasn’t good at dressing up or being stylish. I was super quiet, shy, and extremely socially awkward. I’ve been in, or seen these kinds of incidents happen. I really do like the issues it touches. Everyone is dealing with some form of pressure, insecurity, anxiety, as well as internal and external issues. It’s interesting to see how they deal with it. I like how you see that petty/salty people start baseless rumors and bully for no reason. It makes you think of how messed up it is, and realize that this does happen in real life. It’s just a series that is great at making you think and reflect on yourself and the people around you.

Jackson GOT7 GIF - Jackson GOT7 Korean GIFs

I really didn’t think I’d get invested in this series when I picked it up. I just thought it would be one of my series to read to kill time in between releases. Yet, now I’m invested in Bitna’s journey. I’m also so freakin’ ready to cut a biiiish. I think it’s a pretty good and sweet slice of life series. I turn into mush cuz of how sweet both male leads can be. I’m also mush cuz Jinah is such a good sunbae to my cinnamon roll. I definitely recommend it if you like slice of life romances that seem more believable. Not only that, it’s just a great journey to learn to expand one’s horizons, as well as loving and accepting yourself. Also, on another note. I could totally see this being adapted into a K-Drama. I would be hella down to watch it. I think it’d be awesome. Anyway, have you read the series? What do you think? Thoughts on salty/petty jealous bitches?? Let me know! And if you haven’t read it, join the Bitna Protection Squad~ hehe~ Take care, stay safe, and have a wonderful day guys!~

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