Webtoon/Webnovel|Under the Oak Tree

Webtoon/Webnovel|Under the Oak Tree

Hey BAYOG Fam! I got a quick webtoon post for you guys! So remember how I posted [what webnovels I’ve been reading]? I said how I really wanted some webtoon adaptations of some of these. I was really hoping for [My Sister Picked Up the Male Lead]. I got lucky, because BOOM. It was announced that it was indeed picked up for a webtoon adaptation. I totally hoped more would be announced. I did not expect one of the spicy ones to get picked up for a webtoon adaptation! So yeah guys. There’s now a webtoon adaptation of 상수리나무 아래, or Under the Oak Tree.


상수리나무 아래|Author: Kim Soo Ji

Again, 상수리나무 아래/Under the Oak Tree is originally a webnovel by Kim Sooji. The webnovel had previously been translated by WordExcerpt. However, it seems that those translations have been halted as they’re under negotiations for the licenses with the publishers. However, it seems that they’ve been able to publish the translations for the webtoon instead.

As of January 2021, the manhwa is officially being published in English by RIDI’s Manta Comics. You can find it [HERE] and on Manta’s app from your app store. Manta is a monthly subscription service, but you get unlimited access to all their titles for about $4 a month.

You can also now read the official English release of the novel on Amazon Kindle [HERE].

[Content/Trigger Warning: Mental abuse, ViolenceGaslighting]
Genre/Theme: Romance, Fantasy, Josei, Historical, SmutEcchi
Spicy Level: VERRRY Spicy/NSFW — It’s verrry spicy. Like “OH MYYYY” Thai Hot spicy level spicy. Like you probably need Lord Cheezus spicy.
Rage/Frustration Level: Mild? — Still in the beginning-ish of this webnovel. It’s only mildly frustrating because of misunderstandings. A big part of it is the female protagonist’s very timid and naive personality. Although, it’s also understandable…considering how she was basically neglected and abused.
Webtoon Adaptation Available: YEAH

The daughter of a duke, the stuttering Maximilian, married a knight of lowly status at her father’s coercion.

After their first night, her husband departed for an expedition without another word.

He comes back three years later, this time as a famous knight in the whole continent.

How would Maximilian face him on his return?

Synopsis from [NovelUpdates]

Seriously though. It can get pretty spicy…

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The webtoon dropped at the end of August 2020. Basically like a few days right after my webtoon reading list post. Again, I was super surprised. I didn’t expect one of the 19+ spicy novels to get picked up for a webtoon adaptation. However, the art is really pretty. So I’m really interested to see it unfold in webtoon form. The webtoon is a bit spicy, but definitely not as spicy as the original webnovel. The webnovel was just straight up detailed smut. Honestly, the webtoon is just barely spicy. Because it kind of just cuts away for the most part. So it’s not as NSFW as the webnovel. But then again, we only like 5-6 chapters in. However, there’s plenty of good PLOT if you’re into that. By PLOT, I mean Protagonist Lacking of T-Shirts. So many shirtless scenes of Riftan if you’re into that. Dude be jacked af that it’s kinda scary LOL

EDIT: You can also now read the official English release of the novel on Amazon Kindle [HERE].

I was only in the beginning-ish part of the webnovel. However, it was rather interesting. Maxi is a really pitiful character. She’s the oldest daughter of a ducal family. To outsiders, it’s believed that she’s the treasured daughter of the Duke. However, she’s been neglected and abused both mentally and physically. She’s never received any warmth or love. The girl has a stuttering problem and is viewed and told that she’s a nuisance because of it. She’s also treated as inferior to her “more beautiful” sister. She honestly doesn’t deserve to be treated that way because she really is just a naive and sweet girl. She’s always afraid due to the abuse.

She’s been told by her father how useless she is and how she should’ve just died like her mother. All the poor girl wanted was to be loved, to be showed some affection. Then she’s suddenly being forced to marry a guy she doesn’t know. Her father forces and demands her to so that she can “be useful for once”. In public, he acts as if he cares for her, but he doesn’t give a shit about her. Her family isn’t even happy about the marriage either. They look down on Riftan for being a lowly, common-born knight. He just forced the marriage to push Riftan and his men to fight instead the dragon expedition instead of them.

She truly believes she’s useless and deserves to be punished. She truly believes that she’s unwanted, and that no one would ever want her. That’s so incredibly heartbreaking. Then to be forced into a marriage, yet wake up to her husband being gone after consummation. He was gone for 3 years from fighting. He had to go due to the expedition. However, she was blamed by her father as a useless and unwanted woman. After 3 years, Riftan has become known as a master swordsman who defeated a flipping dragon. Because of this, it’s said that the royal family wants to propose marriage between him and the princess. So everybody believes he’s returning to get a divorce from Maxi. Turns out there’s alot, ALOOOOOOOT, of miscommunication and misunderstandings.

Maxi believes Riftan didn’t want the marriage. She thinks it’s obvious that he would choose the princess over her. She believes that had it been her sister instead, Riftan probably wouldn’t have left right after the wedding night without a word of goodbye. Riftan believes that Maxi is pampered noble lady who must be dissatisfied with being forced to marry a common-born knight. He thinks she’s repulsed by him. He believed that’s why she stayed at the ducal estate instead of his fief, where she should’ve been waiting for him. However, Maxi didn’t even know that’s where she was supposed to be…because her family never told her. Instead they continued gaslighting and abusing her. The truth though is that Maxi is just very socially awkward. She never received any proper care, attention, or education. She literally knows nothing. She’s always just been left to her own devices. She’s always been abused to the point that her main concern on her wedding night was, “What if he hits me?” She was told by her maid to just take it since he was now her husband. She didn’t hate him, she was just afraid of being treated the same way that her own father treats her. She believes didn’t want the marriage and his only acting this way out of responsibility. She thinks that she’s only a nuisance that does nothing but upset him.

Riftan is rough, curses alot, and might not have the refinement of a nobleman. However, he seems to really care about Maxi. All he’s ever thought of while fighting hell, was her. That’s how he got through it. He refused to divorce Maxi. He straight up refused to marry the princess. Because to him, marriage vows are sacred. He refuses to break them, and will only stay with Maxi. He even says he’d castrate anyone who’d break such sacred vows. (We stan a loyal man) He can be kind of crass, but he truly does love Maxi. He says that despite being married, he doesn’t plan on forcing her to do anything she doesn’t want to do. YASSSS. We only stan men who respect women and consent! He shows alot of concern and affection towards her in his own way. He’s crass, but honestly a sweetheart with her. It’s a first for Maxi to be treated in such a way. However, he still doesn’t know the truth about how she’s been treated, or that she has an issue with stuttering. So often times, he believes she’s just a pampered noble lady who’s not used to his kind of lifestyle. So he tries to pamper and treat her as a pampered daughter of the ducal household. However, Maxi isn’t used to that. Honestly, the girl is happy with the simplest things. It’s enough to be shown some care.

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There are alot of miscommunications and things, and the two of them can be a bit awkward, but it’s rather sweet. Honestly, I’m looking forward to their love unfold. I love how despite how he seems, Riftan really does treasure Maxi. I love seeing Maxi learn to accept warmth and love, to be treated sweetly and as a human being. I love seeing her try to grow and learn to love herself. I really do wish them happiness. Also, I wish for her shit family to get thrown in the trash. Seriously, throw out Maxi’s whole family though…

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Anyway, have you read Under the Oak Tree? What do you think?~ Have you read the webnovel too, or just the webtoon?~ What’s your favorite moment?~ Do you have another series or webnovels to recommend yo’ girl? Let me know~ hehe~ Stay safe and have a wonderful day BAYOG Fam~

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  1. Do you know where i can find/purchase the english translation of under the oak tree? I tried searching on word excerpt but they dont have any titles even remotely similar to under the oak tree:(

    1. Hello there~ Unfortunately WordExcerpt was asked by the official publishers to remove their fan translations. 🙁 I think it was actually a few days or weeks after I had originally made my post. Although, I believe it’s now officially being published online by Webnovel. I left a link of where to find it for you~ As for the webtoon, that’s currently being published in English through Manta Comics. 🙂


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