Music Monday|Ateez — One Day At A Time

Music Monday|Ateez — One Day At A Time

Alright BAYOG Fam! This is my final summer Music Monday post~ Our final song to end summer with is “One Day At A Time” by ATEEZ.

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Again, I’m from the much older generation of K-Pop (OG gen up to second gen). I’ve only just barely grasped third gen after having trying to leave K-Pop. All I know is ATEEZ are rookies that debuted in 2018, and they’ve been doing pretty well. It seems that people are anticipating great things from them. Anyways, all I know is they debuted in 2018 under KQ Entertainment. The member line up includes: Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho. All I know is that they are pretty popular with the younger/current fans of K-Pop.

GENRE: K-Pop, EDM, Synth Pop, Hip Hop
LANGUAGE: Korean/English

Anyway, the track for this post is “One Day At A Time”. It was included on their album ZERO: FEVER PART 1. It literally just dropped back in July. So yeah, it’s a 2020 summer release. This track is actually all in English. To be honest, the track itself doesn’t really scream summer. Although the album cover and name says otherwise. The track is more of a mellow track, but it does have a bit of a summer feel to it.

You can find “One Day At A Time” and ZERO: FEVER PART 1 on Spotify, here:

You can listen to “One Day At A Time” on YouTube, here:

2020 has been a crazy year, y’all. It’s changed alot for all of us. I know it definitely affected alot of people’s summer plans, including mine. I was originally going to be back in the motherland (Thailand) again. Yeah, obviously that didn’t happen. The other thing with 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic is that it also really affected alot of people’s mental health. I don’t know about y’all, but for me and my friends, I know we were in a slump. There was alot of anxiety, depression, and loneliness amongst other things. It doesn’t help that while we hope things get better, 2020 is like, “Hold up, here’s another thing.” It can be really stressful, scary, and overwhelming. I know we were all trying our best to enjoy the summer while also being safe. Still, stress, anxiety, and other things were there. This song is a nice song of comfort. It reminds me that I’m not alone. It reminds me of my friends, and how we’re here for each other. Things are shit, and it’s been forever since we’ve seen each other. However, we’re still here for each other.

If you’re a bit scared
You’re living on edge
It’s hard to escape your worries

If you wanna hide
You’re losing your mind
You gotta lean on somebody

I’ll be that somebody for ya
Thousand miles it don’t matter
When you’re feeling under pressure
Say the word I’ll be there

‘Cause you can reach me, easy, whenever you like
Hit me up, DM, tweet, Kakao me, or FaceTime
‘Till we’re free to meet up for a coffee and a smile
See you on the other side

Don’t let it get, don’t let it get you down
(You down, you down, you down)
It’s gonna end, it’s gonna end, no doubt

I’m out here holding my breath
I just can’t wait to see you again
Oh yeah, it feels like it’s been forever
Counting down the days

When it’s overwhelming, hold on tight
I’ll be here, don’t forget it
‘Cause in life sometimes we need a
Helping hand, you’ll be alright
Just take it slow, one day at a time

If you think you’re trapped
You’re in that box you built yourself
I’ll help you break it

And I’m gon’ catch you when you fall or when you’re sinking
And when it gets too much don’t over think it

Don’t look back, let it go (let it go)
Just keep calm and carry on, oh

Yeah they talk a lot but I ain’t tripping
Trying to drown us, keep on swimming
What we have, stay in the moment
We can’t stop just trynna be honest

Put it on lock, we could pull up
Yeah, we can keep up, it’s about love
Yeah we go up top, no this ain’t luck
Yeah they can all try but they never break us ever

When it’s overwhelming, hold on tight
I’ll be here, don’t forget it
‘Cause in life sometimes we need a
Helping hand, you’ll be alright
Just take it slow, one day at a time

Oh you’ve come so far
We’re in this together
Even though we’re apart
Won’t be for long, won’t be for long

We face stormy weather
Rain’s pouring but it never lasts
Only gets better from here

When it’s overwhelming, hold on tight
I’ll be here, don’t forget it
‘Cause in life sometimes we need a
Helping hand, you’ll be alright
Just take it slow, one day at a time


So I just wanted to let you all know that despite the stress, fear, mental struggles, and everything… You’re not alone. It’s okay. We’re here for each other, and we won’t be apart for long. We’ll meet again. Life is full of uncertainties, but let’s just take things slow, one day at a time.

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Stay safe, and have a wonderful day BAYOG Fam!

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