Webtoon|My Sister Picked Up The Male Lead — Distracted By The PLOT (ABSSS)

Webtoon|My Sister Picked Up The Male Lead — Distracted By The PLOT (ABSSS)

BAYOG FAM! Y’ALL. Y’all know I spent 6 months of quarantine just reading a crapton of webtoons/manga and webnovels. I even told y’all about [how badly I wanted webtoon adaptations] for some [webnovels I had been reading]. There was one title in particular that I really liked. That would be언니가 남자주인공을 주웠다/My Sister Picked Up The Male Lead. Funnily enough, guess what happened after I bitched about how I wished it would have a full webtoon adaptation? It happened, y’all. I got my webtoon adaptation! HELL YEAH! If only buying lottery tickets had the same result…

Original Webnovel

[언니가 남자주인공을 주웠다/My Sister Picked Up The Male Lead], which we’re gonna refer to as MSPUTML from this point on, was a surprisingly cute and funny webnovel. I honestly did just picked up the promo webtoon on a whim cuz I was like “???” with the title, and the art looked pretty. Eventually, I reached the point where I ran out of webtoons/manga to read. That’s when I started picking up webnovels. I honestly didn’t think it’d be one of the webnovels that I’d enjoy most. Anyway, its by Moon Sihyun who also did 감방에서 남자주인공을 만났습니다/I Met The Male Lead In Prison. That’s another webnovel that I’ve been enjoying too haha. Anyway, the story is by Moon Sihyun, while the art for the promo webtoon was by c.seryl. The art for the webtoon series adaptation is by 듀부/Duboo. The webnovel was published by Kakao. The webtoon just dropped in August 2020, and is also published by Kakao. As of me writing this right now (Sept. 8, 2020), there is no official English version of the webtoon…yet. However, it is currently being fan translated online. I ain’t linking it cuz I don’t want it to get dropped. But you can message me here, Discord, or my socials.
Edit: There is now an official English publication of the webtoon over at [Copin Comics] and [Tappy Toon].

Webtoon Adaptation

[Content/Trigger Warning: Abuse, Child Abuse, Violence]
Genre/Theme: Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo, Josei, Isekai, Reincarnation, Comedy, Supernatural


(Poorly written by me… My bad…)

The female protagonist finds out she’s been reincarnated in a fantasy novel as a character named Amy. In the original novel, Amy and her sister, Diana, were seemingly minor side characters. The only importance they had was that Amy’s sister had found and saved a small child in the forest. The child unfortunately had lost his memory, thus the Diana took him in and cared for him. Unbeknownst to them, the child was actually Lennox Iberich, the male lead of the novel. Grand Duke Lennox Iberich was a full grown man who was suffering under a curse that turned him into a child at during the day. Diana is the first to show love and care to the male lead, thus becoming his first love. However, her fate is to die so that the male lead progresses in the novel’s plot.

To avoid the her sister’s original tragic fate, Amy takes it upon herself to take over the death flag and try to change the story. She successfully takes over the flag once she names the boy Nox. During the day, Nox is like a cute little puppy that’s attached to Amy. At night, she meets a grown and sociopathic Nox who’s more like a hungry wolf. It seems what Amy ended up with was a love flag.

Promo Vid for the Webtoon

[Warning: Some Spoilers Ahead]

Baby Nox must be protected

Yeah, I know it might not sound all that interesting. Like I said, I picked it up on a whim. I didn’t think I’d be invested in it. Man, I was wrong. LOL Mini Nox is adorable as hell. Lennox, aka grown-up Nox, is just…for lack of a better word…hot. LOL He a fine bishie. Although it’s heartbreaking because both smol and grown-up Nox can’t seem to understand pain. Despite the memory loss. It’s a result of his trauma of having been neglected and abused since he was a child.

Kpop Bts GIF - Kpop Bts JHope GIFs

Honestly, my heart broke. Like especially for smol Nox. Cuz he’s a precious, sweet, and innocent little kid who says things like, “Amy don’t get hurt. I’ll get hurt for you.” (ಥ﹏ಥ) Grown-up Nox is a bit rough. He’s basically a sociopath. He’s kind of a tsundere at first, but he’s also like a big puppy (wolf??) that’s very attached to Amy. You can tell that Amy is special to him. He often says the same kinds of things that smol Nox says. Including how he doesn’t want to see her get hurt. Although, it’s kind of a different vibe from how cute smol Nox says it. This series got me on a roller coaster, y’all. One moment it’s hella innocent and sweet. Then you got this like these scenes with grown-up tsundere Nox where it be like “Okay…it be gettin’ kinda hot in here, sir.” There hasn’t been smut or anything like that. However, the chemistry and the sexual tension, bruh… Things feel pretty steamy at times LOL Although, most of the time it doesn’t seem like Nox is doing it on purpose…or is he? LOL But you also have these really sweet and fluffy moments with grown-up Nox too.

[Warning: Lots of abs ahead. It’s not that it’s NSFW, really. Still, I’m just warning y’all if you’re afraid of misunderstandings and being judged if someone is looking over your shoulder…]

Amy’s first encounter with Lennox

I’m like 20+ chapters into the webnovel. It’s one of my slightly more light-hearted series that’s been fun to read so far. I was really looking forward to the webtoon adaptation. First of all, the art is freakin’ gorgeous. Like the promo webtoon art was already really pretty. Typically, I find the promo webtoon art to be prettier and more detailed than the webtoon series adaptations. However, the webtoon series for MSPUTML is actually amazing as well. So I’m super happy about that. There’s just one thing I didn’t really expect though: Grown-up Nox being shirtless like the whole damn time. It’s been nearly 5 chapters.

Um…sir…. ◉_◉

Like I said, I’ve been reading the webnovel. So like I knew he’d have moments where he’d be shirtless and stuff. The webnovel would occasionally have an illustration. Yeah, there were times I was like, “Damn, Nox! WTF??” But I feel so much more attacked by the webtoon version??? I mean I joke about bishies and abs alot y’all. Usually, I’m just like a quick glance and all, “Damn. Ok, bruh.” Then I continue reading. Y’all. For the first time ever, I was legitimately distracted cuz of Nox’s abs LMAO… I found my eyes naturally just moving towards shirtless Nox and being like, “Bruh. WTF??” Like I feel so attacked. First of all, these be some hella detailed abs. Like the shading and shit LMAO.

Me, Jess (Loha’s Jess…aka my bestie), and K-Drama Circle. Sames, Amy. Sames.
Look at the smol baby tho

And again, it was a constant shirtless Nox with abs attack for like 5 whole freakin’ chapters. I don’t think I’ve ever read a manga where the male lead was shirtless for so long. Like so far, grown-up Nox has just never worn a shirt LMAO. Amy and Diana are hiding from the people who unjustly labeled her noble family as traitors. They killed her family. So the two of them are on the run and have been hiding in a forest. So they don’t have any male clothes…or any shirts to fit grown-up Nox. Supposedly. I say it’s bullshit, and this all be just fan service. Cuz smol Nox has a big ol’ shirt in the morning.

Sir… I feel so attacked…

Seriously, though. 5 whole chapters. Shirtless Nox with his abs in like every panel. It’s a very distracting PLOT. This has never happened to me before, so it’s actually pretty funny LOL I mean… I ain’t complaining cuz bishie and abs (The K-Drama Circle requirements lol). However, it’s just so very in your face?? I feel constantly attacked LMAO This is what my new friends at [Lakorn Galaxy] call being into the PLOT: Protagonist’s Lacking Of T-shirt. Anyways, the series gets pretty funny cuz of this LOL.

Got7jb Netsircsun GIF - Got7jb Netsircsun Kpop GIFs

PLOT aside, I like that this is an isekai where the protagonist and her siblings actually get along and truly care about each other. Often times in these kinds of stories, the siblings are jerks or straight up villains. However, it’s clear that Amy and Diana are truly sisters who care for one another. I am enjoying the interactions between Amy and both versions of Nox. Amy’s motivation behind her actions are all to her self-interest of trying to spare Diana of her tragic fate. Amy just wants them to live. So her interactions with Nox didn’t start off pure. However, it’s clear that a part of her actions are genuine. She does feel pity and heartbroken for Nox. She feigns ignorance, but is well aware of his backstory in the novel. You can tell she genuinely feels sorry that such a small child had to go through negligence, abuse, and hatred. It’s heartbreaking to hear someone nonchalantly brush off pain and think no big deal of it because they’re “used to it”. The fact that he doesn’t -understand- why that’s an issue, or why it’s important that he tries not to get hurt so easily… UGH. My heart, y’all. However, Amy ends up doing things that actually let Nox experience the love and care he never received. She tutors him, feeds him, cares for him, and reads stories to him. In a way, she’s letting him experience the good things that he should’ve had. You can also see that she obviously changes grown-up Nox too. Although, he’s like kind of that obsessive tsundere type of male lead that would probably murder anyone who got near or hurt Amy. However, he has some really cute moments. The moments between Amy and smol Nox are really lovable. I’m just excited to see more moments between Amy and grown-up Nox, hehehee.

Pshh Shrug GIF - Pshh Shrug YoonGi GIFs

I also do want to point out that Nox is somewhat similar to Jung from [Cheese In The Trap] in terms of being a male lead who can’t really feel anything (emotionally numb), has no particular attachment to people or things, has difficulty understanding common logic/morals, and is kind of the obsessive tsundere-at-first type of lead. However, the difference is that Nox is more willing to kind of learn and understand, or at least discuss, things. Even if he doesn’t totally get it. Yeah, he can be pushy/selfish at times, but I think the key thing is that he had more willingness and progress to change. The other thing is his ultimate concern is always Amy’s safety and how he doesn’t want her to hate him. I’m only saying this before y’all call me out, cuz several people keep trying convince me that Jung was a good dude and not toxic at all. You’re welcome to your opinion. However, I said what I said in that post. Y’all ain’t gonna convince me otherwise because I know what toxic behavior is and I know people who were in toxic relationships. I’ll just leave it at that.

Got7 Jackson Wang GIF - Got7 JacksonWang Cute GIFs
When you distracted by the PLOT

Anyway, the summary of this post: read this webtoon cuz its really sweet and funny. Plus it’s got high quality PLOT… LOL That’s all for today’s post. I’m off to go read the raw Korean chapters. Cuz I wanna see what happens next~Have y’all read the webnovel or the webtoon? What do you think? Do you like smol Nox or grown-up Nox better? Also, y’all fans of the PLOT in different series too? LOL Take care, stay safe, and have a wonderful day my loves!~

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