A GIF Story of Minty Reading Webnovels

A GIF Story of Minty Reading Webnovels

HIHI BAYOG Fam! Y’all already know that I started reading plenty of webnovels since the beginning of quarantine. I just posted about some of the [webnovels I’ve been enjoying]. I figured I’d do a bonus post: a story of my face as I read webnovels…as told by gifs. If y’all thought I get passionate while writing stuff… Y’all should know I’m very animated IRL. I unconsciously make alot of faces apparently. Though I suppose it’s the same when I read manga/manhwa/webtoons too. Originally, I was gonna put this in the other post… However, that post was already so long… So here we are~ I know. This stupid. Whatever. Enjoy my stupid little story…

Minty’s Face When Reading Webnovels
A Story Told by GIFs

Jimin Reading GIF - Jimin Reading Bts GIFs

Me getting comfy to start reading shit. I usually put on my essential oil diffuser. I also usually have some homemade milk tea too.

I’m getting into the series. I’m enjoying it. I’m loving the characters. I’m loving the cute moments. MY HEART. HEHEH

Omg Sad GIF - Omg Sad Hoseok GIFs

This is me whenever something heart-wrenching happens… Or when some hella cute shit happens and I’m low-key jelly.

Adorbs GIF - KPop Korean GOT7 GIFs

My forever alone ass thinking something is pretty sweet and cute. However, I’m also low-key salty and jelly…

Kpop Bts GIF - Kpop Bts BangtanSonyeondan GIFs

Whenever I’m like WTF. “That doesn’t make any sense.” “WTF kind of logic is that??” Usually when someone starts doing stupid shit, or something really dumb happens. Like when characters lack hella common sense.

Top Bigbang GIF - Top Bigbang Kpop GIFs

When stupid characters first start acting up. Also MFW when the lead I was rooting for was not the endgame… You know, those moments where you’re like “FUCKING BULLSHIT!” and “MOTHERFUCKER!” Like you think it’s stupid, but you’re not quite into full rage yet. The soundtrack for this moment would be [Galactic Mermaid – The Mermaid Sisters]. Yeh.


“Um…Really??” I’m kind of getting sick of your bullshit.

Study Frustrated GIF - Study Frustrated Book GIFs

MFW when shitty characters are being ABSOLUTE garbage and doing the most stupid and infuriating shit. Trashta and Sovieshiet, we’re looking at you. You too, Riel. So done with y’all and your stupid antics. BOOHOO. Cry me a river. I’mma bitch slap all y’all. Maybe I’ll let you meet ol’ rusty. Now go jump into a volcano together or something.

Monstax Minhyuk GIF - Monstax Minhyuk Kpop GIFs

Minty being done with people’s shit and ready to kill dumb characters like Trashta and Sovieshit. Ahh…my blood pressure…

정채연 버리다 버려버리다 핸드폰 휴대폰 휴대전화 쓰레기통 혼술남녀 GIF - JungChaeyeon Annoyed Angry GIFs

When you’re just like, “Wow! This character is absolute trash!” or “This scenario is absolute trash!” Like when people stupidly believe white lotus bitch antics. Seriously, throw these characters in the trash.

Duck Face GIF - Duckface Jimin Bts GIFs

OH! Drama is about to happen? We gettin’ some tea?? We finally getting some revenge? A ship is about to sail?? FLUFFY MOMENTS??! Also Minty’s face when the villain/villainess gets rejected and they’re like “WHY??” IDK, bruh. Probably something about you being a dumb bitch.

Bts VBts GIF - Bts VBts Taehyung GIFs

Something cute and lots of fluff are starting to happen. Heart be fluttering~ It’s the uwu moments heheh.

Funny Moment GIF - Funny Moment Jungkook GIFs

Is that the making of a ship?~ When the ship is starting to sail and some cute shit happening. We’re getting hella cute moments. The relationships are progressing so well!

Bts Bangtan Soneyeondan GIF - Bts BangtanSoneyeondan Kpop GIFs

YEAAAAHHHHH. HEHEHEHEHEE. Ya, know what I’m sayin’?! Also those scenes where they talkin’ about abs and bishies.

Bts Sad GIF - Bts Sad Cry GIFs

Learning the tragic backstory of one of the protagonists…or seeing them be treated unjustly. Or that moment the pitiful character finally experiences something happy, even though we would normally think nothing of it. Minty just cries…. “Yeah…I’m totally fine…” (ಥ﹏ಥ)

Sad Cry GIF - Sad Cry Yoongi GIFs

“WHO HURT MY BABY?!!!”, or when someone killed a character Minty really liked…

Jimin Contemplating GIF - Jimin Contemplating MentalBreakdown GIFs

So much stuff is going on. So much rage. So much sadness. Like…what is life anymore?

Fangirling Excited GIF - Fangirling Excited Bts GIFs

Things are looking up. Ultimate peak of Minty’s ship sailing~ THE SHIP IS SAILING STRONG Y’ALL.

Yoongi Min GIF - Yoongi Min Cute GIFs

“Oh…There’s smut… Oh my…” This is a surprise and a little bit awkward…

edit: ailee | Tumblr

groups: ailee | Tumblr

When it’s suddenly hella descriptive smut for like 5-6 chapters straight…

Bangtansonjeondan Jhope GIF - Bangtansonjeondan Jhope Bts GIFs

Le sudden plot twist…


When things don’t go the antagonist’s way. Everything is starting to crumble for them. This pleases Minty. It pleases Minty very much.

Jungkook Bts GIF - Jungkook Bts Dynamite GIFs

Ship be sailing. Mother fuckers getting karma. Things coming around full circle. Minty just be celebrating.

Bts Dynamite GIF - BtsDynamite GIFs

Revenge completed. Karma was fully served. Everything was resolved. Minty’s ship successfully sailed. We got a happy ending.

Kpop Cry GIF - Kpop Cry Sad GIFs

Minty realizing that the story has come to an end…

Bts Bts Dynamite GIF - Bts BtsDynamite Disco GIFs

Yeah. That’s it. Thank you for enjoying my stupid post and story. What are you like when you’re reading stuff? Y’all have a wonderful day. Stay safe and take care, y’all.

Bts Dynamite GIF - Bts Dynamite Ot7 GIFs

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