Music Monday|MINMI — Shiki No Uta (Tribute to Samurai Champloo)

Music Monday|MINMI — Shiki No Uta (Tribute to Samurai Champloo)

Happy Music Monday BAYOG Fam! We’re continuing our summer themed music posts today!~ Today’s post is on MINMI’s “Shiki No Uta (Tribute to Samurai Champloo)”! It’s actually a 2019 remake of her and the late Nujabes’ “Shiki no Uta”. It’s famous for being one of the ending themes for the Samurai Champloo anime.

So first, let’s talk about MINMI/ミンミ. She was born Michiko Evwana. She’s a musician that specializes in Japanese hip-hop and reggae. Apparently she’s also the first soca (soul-calypso) artist in Japan. I’ll be honest, I don’t know -THAT- much about her. I also don’t really follow her music. I just really like Nujabes and “Shiki no Uta”. It’s probably one of my favorite Japanese tracks of all time.

As I said before, the original “四季ノ唄/Shiki no Uta”, or “Song of the Seasons”, was used as the ending theme for the Samurai Champloo anime. The anime aired from May 2004 – March 2005. “Shiki no Uta” and majority of the soundtrack albums was produced by DJ Nujabes. Nujabes basically did the beat/production while MINMI did the vocals. The track had Nujabes’ signature hip hop x jazz sound.

Nujabes/ヌジャベス was a prolific Japanese DJ, record producer, and songwriter whose real name was Seba Jun. He was really well known for sounds that had hip-hop, jazz, and rap. Again, he was one of the top contributors to the Samurai Champloo OST. In fact, you’ll find that the beat from “Shiki no Uta” is basically Nujabes’ [Beat Laments the World] from his 2003 album Metaphorical Music. I’d say they’re basically the same, it’s just that “Shiki no Uta” has vocals and some more elements added to it. Unfortunately, Nujabes did pass away in 2010 at the age of 36 due to a car collision. However, his name and music is still widely known. “Shiki no Uta” is probably his most famous work.

Artist: MINMI
Album: Shiki no Uta (Tribute to Samurai Champloo)
Year: 2019
Language: Japanese/English

Now the original “Shiki no Uta” came out in 2004. So imagine my surprise when I find out MINMI had a single called Shiki no Uta (Tribute to Samurai Champloo) come out in August 2019! It was completely re-recorded and had more of a softer and reggae kind of sound to it. Of course this means the reggae sound makes it sound more like MINMI’s style. I felt like it had more of a chill vibe to it. I also feel like MINMI’s voice sounds a bit softer and more chill as well. Despite the 2019 version having a softer and more simpler sound than the original, it does still has a groove to it. There are 2 tracks on this album. There’s an English version and a Japanese version.

You can find Shiki No Uta (Tribute to Samurai Champloo) on Spotify, here:

You can find the original version on Spotify, here:

English Version

I was already surprised that “Shiki no Uta” had a 2019 remake and release. I was even more surprised to find out that the first track was an English version! This is the version that MINMI released a music video for as well. It’s got summer vibes with the beach and sunflowers as MINMI sings in a kimono. I thought the video’s aesthetics were really pretty. However, as I was listening to the lyrics….I thought, “Wait…this sounds oddly familiar…” I’ve got a pretty good memory when it comes to music I’ve heard before. So after a few seconds, I realized that I had indeed heard these English lyrics before! The lyrics were from an [English cover by Sapphire] that was done years ago.

Suga Min Yoongi GIF - Suga MinYoongi Yoongi GIFs

At first, I was like “Wow! That’s really cool! It’s awesome that an artist she liked had liked and used her lyrics!” That is until I realized, “Wait…there’s like no credit or any mention of Sapphire for the English lyrics…” That’s when I realized and found out that they apparently never communicated to Sapphire about it. Which is really awkward and not really nice. Especially because the lyrics were Sapphire’s original lyrics that had been inspired by the original, and not a translation. I myself [write/sing English covers of Thai songs], and sometimes [other songs] ([Korean], Mandarin Chinese, or Japanese). I’m happy when the original artist [tells me] [they love my lyrics] or want to share it. I’d also be ecstatic if they ever want to use my lyrics. It’d be a dream come true if an artist I respected decided to sing my lyrics. However, it does take time and effort to write lyrics. So I think it’s only right that there’s some credit or at least a mention of it. Though artists haven’t sung my versions, I am glad that [they do] [reach out] and [credit me] for my work. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for Sapphire…

Yoongi Suga GIF - Yoongi Suga BTS GIFs

Sapphire says she’s okay with it though, and she’s just happy as long as her own cover doesn’t get taken down. I mean it’s cool MINMI wanted to do an English version of her song…and yes, MINMI owns the rights to the original song. However, it’s just really sketch that there was no communication, credit, or even a mention of the person who wrote said English lyrics… I honestly would feel pretty disappointed if an artist I respected did that to me… That’s just my 2 cents on it though…

Japanese Version

Lastly, the second track is the Japanese version. Which of course is the same instrumental, it’s just that it’s with the original Japanese lyrics. English lyrics credits aside, I think I do like the Japanese version better though. I do wish that there was a music video for the Japanese version as well.

Anime Grass GIF - Anime Grass Relax GIFs

While the 2019 isn’t bad, I honestly still prefer the original. I’m just more into the jazz hip-hop vibes and sounds. I still think it’s kinda sketch that MINMI and her company didn’t even drop a mention or credit for the English lyrics. It’s still pretty cool that they remade and re-recorded the track. While I do prefer the original, I can tell that the 2019 version has more of MINMI’s own personal style to it. Anyways, what do you think? Do you prefer the 2019 version or the original? Let me know in the comments, our Discord, or through Twitter! Stay safe, take care, and have a wonderful day fam!~

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6 Replies to “Music Monday|MINMI — Shiki No Uta (Tribute to Samurai Champloo)”

  1. Ooh, fellow translyricizer! Yeah, not asking for permission isn’t a great move. The English version works well, but I think I still adore the original more. I actually came across this song before watching the anime, and you can say that j watched the anime partially because of this song!

    1. I feel the same way. The English lyrics work, but I just enjoy the original alot more haha~ I actually came across the song before watching it too! Actually I just happened to flip the channel on when the ending theme was playing. I really liked the song, and that’s also why I started watching Samurai Champloo lol

  2. I also prefer the original japanese version.
    And for english, Sapphire’s voice is so jazzy its perfect for me.

    1. Also, thanks for the detailed post!
      I didnt even know there was an official english version until I read your blog.
      Now I remember I saw the comment on Sapphires video, but I thought “they used my lyrics” was about Youtube captions or something similar lol

      1. Thank you for taking the time to read my post! I was really surprised to find out about the official English version. I figured there were people who were also unaware haha. Yeah, I think at the time she was also having issues with YouTube’s spotty copyright system. But I guess a bunch of fans brought up the issue of the lyrics to her. It just sucks. On one hand, it’s like, “WOW! My lyrics got used!” And on the other hand, it’s like, “Oh…my lyrics got used…but I didn’t get credit.” I’m glad she was able to get her cover back up though.

    2. Hey! Sorry for the late reply! WordPress notifications have kind of been buggy. ^^”
      I’m glad to see someone else also preferred the original version as well!~ I also agree about Sapphire’s voice. Her voice had the perfect jazzy vibes for the track~

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