Hello my BAYOG lovelies!~ It’s your girl with another drama post! Today’s a short and simple drama. It’s perfect for those of you who prefer something quick to watch because you don’t have time or whatever~ It’s actually a web drama called 엑스엑스/ XX. It stars Hani from K-Pop group [EXID]. It also stars Hwang Seung Un, Bae In Hyuk, and Lee Jong Won. Honestly, I meant to post about this forever ago when it first aired. To be honest, quarantine and the pandemic made me think I watched this forever ago… Like I thought it had been a year ago. Yet I’m only just realizing this was just at the beginning of this year…my perception of time has been screwed over so bad… LOL

Genres: Melodrama, Drama, Slice of Life, Psychological, Idol
Aired: January-February 2020
10 (25 minutes each) episodes (Playlist Global/V Live/Naver TV Cast)
[*Originally for quick mobile viewing…think Quibi…kinda…]
5 (50 minutes each) episodes (Viki *Plus Kocowa/MBC TV)
Status: Complete
Watch: [Viki *Plus Kocowa] [PLAYLIST Global @ Facebook] [PLAYLIST Global @ YouTube]
**Content Warning: Cheating, Mental Health issues (There’s a scene where a character takes a fistful of pills)


Sunmi, who sang the OST, makes a cameo in one of the series’ teasers
A more proper teaser that better shows the premise of the series.

Yoon Nana is a bartender at a speakeasy type of bar called XX. It’s a popular bar that is only known through word of mouth. Nana is a amazing bartender that takes pride in what she does. She hopes to open up her own bar, or rather to one day make XX her own bar. That is until she finds out XX has a new owner. The most shocking thing is that the new boss and owner is Lee Rumi. These two women were best friends. That is until 5 years ago when Nana caught her boyfriend sleeping with Rumi. Things are still awkward and bitter between the two. Nana is still traumatized by the betrayal to the point that she’s refused to be in any relationships since then. However, the handsome bartender that works with Nana seems to be interested in her.

Yay. Another shitty synopsis by Minty. I’m sorry… Anyways, I of course started this series on a whim back when it was airing. Once again, I was looking for something to kill time with in between my other series. To be honest, I wasn’t all that interested at first because the premise sounded like “whatever” to me. However, I did get interested because of Hani. I also liked this kind of mysterious and bad bitch vibe that was paired with the theme song. I was also surprised to find out that the song was by Sunmi. I’m also not really into bars and drinking. Err…I mean I like drinking soju and soju cocktails. I’m just not someone who frequently drinks and I don’t care for bars. So that’s another reason I had been “meh” at first. However, I really loved seeing how they make the drinks in the drama. Cuz that’s some actual bar-tending shit. I was honestly interested since the food & beverage industry is my life.

I admit that it does seem kind of “slow” and “uneventful” at times. I’d say this is due to the fact that it’s such a simple and straightforward kind of story. However, I actually liked that? I liked that it was simple and straightforward. Of course there is some drama mainly regarding cheating. There’s also a theme around friendship and growing from trauma too. However, it was more of a realistic kind of take…which is why I think it may feel a bit “slow”. I kind of liked that aspect though. I liked it was being different in the fact that it was more realistic and relatable. I honestly liked that this was something I could see actually happening in real life. Another thing that really kept me following the series anyway was that it showed a strong and independent woman who had some bad bitch energy. I’m all for that.

I actually really liked the aesthetics, vibe, and cinematography too. It had this chic and classy vibe in how it was shot and presented. The shots for when they were making the drinks also looked sexy AF. Again, I don’t even care for drinking at bars. However, those sexy shots made me want to learn how to make drinks haha. I just thought everything was gorgeously shot and put together. This series has alot of jumping back and forth from the present to flashbacks of the past. However, I liked that they made those flashbacks feel almost dreamlike? I don’t know how to explain. All I know is, I liked the aesthetics and execution of the cinematography.

[Spoilers Ahead]
It’s a short and straightforward series. There’s no way I can discuss this series without major spoilers


So let’s kick this off with our main character, Nana (played by Hani). I like Hani and her group [EXID]. Y’all know I’m K-Pop trash, so naturally I’ve listened to EXID before. I’m not suuuuper familiar with EXID, but I know Hani is the most [recognizable] cuz of her viral fancam. So yeah, I started this drama because of Hani. Anyways, Nana is a bartender who takes pride in her work. She’s serious about making drinks. She’s not only good at what she does, but she’s also really pretty.

She works at this exclusive bar called XX. It’s kinda like a speakeasy. There’s no map or advertisement. Customers are also not allowed to post photos of it online. It’s the kind of bar that people want to keep to their selves. People just find the bar through word of mouth. Nana loves her job. She loves making drinks to suit the customer. She’s been working her ass off to own her own bar. Rather, she wants to own XX because she loves it so much.

My poor baby….

Unfortunately, she ends up missing out on that chance. Her boss sold the bar and it has a new owner. As fate would have it, her new boss and owner is none other than her ex-best friend. Nana is talented, and spunky. She’s actually a strong female and speaks her mind. She doesn’t like bullshit. Unfortunately, she is suffering from the trauma of heartbreak and betrayal. It’s been 5 years since she caught her best friend and boyfriend sleeping together. She never really got closure either since she basically ran away from the situation. While Nana is strong, she still gets triggered by things that remind her of her trauma. It’s also the reason why she’s refused to get romantically involved with anyone for the past 5 years. Honestly, I could totally understand. I could really feel the hurt she went through. I felt hella pissed and frustrated for her, and I definitely cried too when I saw her crying. Despite everything, Nana is just too kind.

Ayyyy *realizes he’s 8 years younger than me* NVM…you cute, but you a baby…

I started the series on a whim for Hani, but I stayed for Bae In Hyuk. His character was honestly really adorable. He was super sweet and cool. Even though this was a very short series, I thought his character was top male lead quality. He’s in my list for favorite male lead characters. I just liked how sweet, patient, and understanding he was. 2 years. This dude waited 2 years to tell how he felt because he knew she was dealing with stuff. I liked that he didn’t force himself or his feelings on her during this time. He was open and obvious about liking someone. He stated how he felt about that person. However, he never pressured Nana. I thought how it was so incredibly sweet how he’d always noticed her and subtly cared for her.

xx kdrama | Tumblr
My heart!!~~~
So cliche and old skool…yet romantically sweet~

There’s a part where a song came up and it triggered Nana. It’s a song that relates to her trauma. Nana tries to stay calm and play it off, but Danhee notices that this song does something to her. So he immediately removes it from the bar’s playlist. He also plays a different song for her. I don’t know, I’m just a sucker for sweet guys who pay attention to detail. I love subtly sweet shit. Like ughhhhhh~ They just seemed really cute together. I shipped them. Also Bae In Hyuk is cute. I know they look nothing alike, but he gave me [Sakaguchi Kentaro] vibes. So hell yeah, I stayed for the drama cuz of him and his character. I’m all for healthy relationships.

Friendship definitely plays a big part in the series too. Other than Nana and Rumi’s friendship, there was another big friendship in this series. This would be Nana’s friendship with Jung Deun (aka Jayden). Jayden is a close friend that knew her even during her university days with Rumi. He knows about the whole situation regarding Nana and Rumi’s friendship, as well as how Nana’s shitty boyfriend cheated with Rumi. If I remember correctly it seemed that Nana and Jayden were actually in the middle of a falling out during the university days. However, he quickly came to comfort and support her when he found out what happened. Even in the present, Nana and Jayden are besties. They’re roommates and each other’s confidantes and support. I love how he’s an honest and loyal friend. He seemed to be incredibly concerned about Nana. To the point it seemed like they were setting him up to possibly having feelings for Nana. Which I thought would’ve been a cheap move. Despite, how great Jayden is…his character is gay. I liked that there was some LGBTQ+ representation in the series. It felt like that typical trope where it’s like “JK so and so isn’t actually gay…they’ve just been lying and actually has feelings for blah blah” or the “You’re the exception” trope. Especially with everyone assuming they were more than friends because they were opposite sex friends who lived together. Jayden actually having/developing feelings for Nana despite being supposedly gay would’ve been a shit move. I feel like that would’ve been hella obvious and really cheap to do.

이종원]'엑스엑스XX' 우리 정든이 정말 보내줘야하나 Hoxy~? : 네이버 ...
Get yourself a loyal and caring Jayden
(who can apparently help you with your outfits and make up too)

I’m glad they didn’t and it was just a “you all just thought too hard and see too much bullshit plots in other series”. Instead they had Jung Deun really is just a faithfully great friend who is gay. Again, it was a realistic take in that it really just was what it was. It wasn’t like some complicated drama or manga trope. I liked that it just showed male and female characters can indeed just be platonic friends. I liked that they showcased a strong and healthy friendship, especially one that’s between the opposite sex. I loved how they showed Nana and Jung Deun just being totally accepting and supportive of each other. My only thing is I wish I could’ve seen more of Jung Deun, his issues, and him going through more of a process in regards to his issues. The thing with his situation (also a cheating ex) was just wrapped up too fast. I just didn’t really feel any closure. Although I suppose that can be realistic too. After all, not everything is satisfying or ends perfectly in real life.

Of course the main plot around the series is Nana and Rumi’s friendship, as well as the trauma Nana feels from Rumi and her ex-boyfriend betraying her. Nana and Rumi were incredibly close, almost like sisters. Nana was there for Rumi. She was aware of her family issues and would comfort her. Nana also seemed to really care about her boyfriend at the time, and did what she could for him. Betrayal is a shit thing. Even more so when it’s by the 2 people who are closest to you. Rumi seems to have moved on after 5 years. She seems to want to bury the hatchet with Nana, but honestly sucks at it. She’s got this snooty and bitchy air to her. She kind of acts like she’s above everyone else. Honestly, it was really frustrating and pissed me the fuck off. Both her and the ex were kind of acting like “It wasn’t THAT big of a deal”, “It’s already been so long ago”, and some other bullshit. It’s been a while since I watched the drama, but I’m pretty sure there was gas lighting.

엑스엑스] 쌩깐 친구가 날 찾아온 충격적인 이유 - 인스티즈(instiz ...

Rumi also just seemed super unapologetic at first…to the point I just hated her and thought she was a major bitch. Literally one of the first things she said to Nana was, “It’s been five years. Isn’t it time you talk to me now? Everything is behind us now.” I swear I flipped and was like, “Bruh. I’m ready to slap a bitch.” It wasn’t even 4 minutes into the first episode. It got more frustrating and rage inducing as we’re shown more interactions, and as we’re shown more pieces of the puzzle. You end up being stuck between being angry, but also somewhat sympathetic.

웹드 엑스엑스 살짝 공개된 하니X황승언 조합.gif - 삭제게시판 - 樂 ...

We’re shown that Rumi had been going through alot of stuff that affected her mental health. She had family issues, anxiety, depression, and an inferiority complex. She’s so affected to the point that she’s incredibly lonely. This is what leads her to sleep with Nana’s boyfriend. She’s realized she’s been used and discarded like trash by Nana’s boyfriend. She loses her best friend and eaten by guilt. Her mental issues certainly got worse after the incident and as she was consumed by guilt. It doesn’t help that she’s just been trying to be perfect and prove herself to others. Rumi is shown to have nothing to do with Nana’s ex after the incident. She’s currently in another relationship. Guess what though? She’s being cheated on. Karma. She has suspicions, but won’t face the facts. Despite the bitterness and awkwardness between them, Nana feels for Rumi. She tries to help Rumi even. Rumi is still kind of a stuck up bitch. However, you still sort of feel for her…especially since it seems to stem from miscommunication, insecurity, and not having proper closure. It still doesn’t condone cheating. However, despite how aggravating and frustrating Rumi was, I did appreciate that they tried to show her as a real person with real issues.


The theme song is “가라고 (Gotta Go)” by 선미(SUNMI). UGH. I love Sunmi because I also stanned [Wonder Girls] since their beginning too. I was kind of sad (but understanding) when she left the group. However, I was super happy when she joined Wonder Girls [again]. Wonder Girls may have disbanded, but she’s always been a wonderful [soloist] too. Anways, I loved this track. It fits the series really well. It’s basically unapologetic bad bitch energy. I’m living for it. While I enjoyed the series, I admit it can seem a bit slow and bland for some. However, I thought this track really helped amp it up.

Next up we have “Fixx Me” by 적재(Jukjae). This was honestly my favorite track. It’s more of my style and vibe. I love this soft, sweet, and classy vibe. It definitely fit the vibe of the drama. Especially so for Nana and Danhee. UGH. The MV is giving me feels. I ship it.

The last OST was “Good Day to Love” by 와인(Wyne). It was a nice track. There are two versions: the regular version and the slow version. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it. I do think they suited the drama’s vibes and aesthetics. Out of the 2, I think I probably preferred the dream feel of the slow version.

Welcome to XX

Despite the frustration, I liked that the drama had a strong theme on friendship. I liked that the whole point was facing one’s traumas. Especially because typically these kinds of stories have female friendships fall apart and become unrepairable. There was a realistic kind of frustration with the issues and miscommunication. Ultimately, the drama showcased strong and mature friendships. While there is romance, there was a stronger focus on the bonds of friendship. The thing I liked most is how it showcased strong females and it was basically “screw these POS men”. I liked that it was more “I don’t need a man” *cue Miss A* and prioritized one’s self. I think cheating is a scummy thing to do, and there’s no excuse. However, I did think it was interesting how they showed the views on cheating through different parties: the person who gets cheated on, the cheating parties, and those around both sides. It was also an interesting take to show Rumi as someone who was a cheating party become someone who gets cheated on. To see her turmoil and to understand how her friend must have felt. Although I do feel a bit torn about the ending. I do wish it was a bit longer. I felt like it was so short that it felt almost like an abrupt ending? It wasn’t totally satisfying, and I didn’t completely feel closure on the series? Especially because ya know I’m that person that likes to, and needs to see assholes get karma served hard. You all know I’ll stick to a series just for the revenge. So a part of me was expecting and wanted something that was a bit more BAM! At the same time, I liked the realistic take. It kind of made it different in that it didn’t end or go completely to what you would’ve expected it to. It showed that everyone has their own decisions on how to deal with their situations. While it wasn’t super satisfying, it was kind of refreshing in that it wasn’t following the typical drama flow and plot endings. Sure, it can be a bit slow paced, and it isn’t the *BEST* drama. However, if was still an enjoyable short drama to watch.


Good for:

  • If you’re looking for something quick/short to watch.
  • If you’re like something that’s pretty straight-forward.
  • If you’re looking for a more mature series rather than a fluffy teen drama.
  • If you’re looking for something with a realistic take/feel.
  • If you like strong, independent female characters.
  • If you like sexy drink/bar-tending shots…basically if you like food porn
  • Revenge stories (kinda…)

What I Liked:

  • It’s a realistic take.
  • The characters actually feel like real people.
  • Strong and independent female characters.
  • It realistically portrays trauma and mental struggles.
  • Strong and healthy friendships/bonds.
  • Prioritizing one’s self.
  • Prioritizing female friendships.
  • Characters with great chemistry.
  • Main lead is a great example of ideal/wholesome boyfriend material.
  • Though it wasn’t always satisfying, I liked that it doesn’t follow typical drama plot expectations.
  • Great aesthetics/cinematography.
  • The plot was simple and straight forward.
  • It showed different perspectives and opinions as things are being pieced together.
  • Great OST.
Peace Onesie GIF - Peace Onesie Kdrama GIFs
I thought this was gonna be a short/quick post…I didn’t mean to make it this long…my bad…

Have you watched XX? What were your thoughts? Did you enjoy it? Did you hate it? What are your thoughts on cheating and the parties involved? Let me know in the comments, our Discord server, or through SNS!~ Take care, stay safe, and have a wonderful day fam!

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