BAYOG Playlist|Feelin’ So Energetic~

BAYOG Playlist|Feelin’ So Energetic~

AYYYYYYYYYYY BAYOG Fam!~ It’s time for another one of my massive playlists~ Like I said before, it’s been a shitty time. I know everyone’s been goin’ through stuff whether it be from the pandemic, personal stuff, the injustices in the world, etc. So I wanted to give you a bit of a break with some fun. Plus making playlists is my stress relief. I’ve made like 15 playlists this week…

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Anways, today’s theme is fun and upbeat K-Pop bops. We feelin’ energetic~ [We feelin’ BOOL y’all~🔥🔥🔥] Sometimes I just want something that gets me hyped up, or something I can dance and groove to~ For the most part I just based this playlist on my work out playlist. Cuz sometimes a girl just likes to dance (or horribly attempt to anyway). Also cuz your girl is lazy and hates physical activities, but dancing is fun…

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This how I dance lolol

But yeah…these are all tracks that always get me into a groove or never fail to make me wanna dance~ I put in some newer tracks, and some throwbacks too!~ Obviously, there’s alot of electropop and dance in this playlist. There’s some variety though. You got some hella high energy dance tracks, trap, bounce, some deep house, future house, tropical house, some future bass, moombahton, etc~ Some tracks are like chill groove dance tracks, and some tracks go really hard~ So there should be lots of fun options~ I figured fun bops were perfect for summer too~ So I hope y’all enjoy these tracks~

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You can find my full playlist on Spotify, here:

Some of My Favorites


Released: August 2017

I’m starting off the list with this song, because this is how I named my playlist LOL. “Feelin’ so energetic” is one of the lyrics and I thought it fit my theme and mood for making the playlist. This is one of them newer kids that I don’t really know about, but I always hear about them. Wanna One was a group from the Produce x 101 show. Kang Daniel was in it, and I know he’s like apparently super popular. Unfortunately the group was only together until 2019. The members like Kang Daniel and Ong Seung Woo are doing solo stuff now. Anyways, I don’t know much about Produce 101 or Wanna One. However, I know this song a bop. The [choreo] looks fun too~ I love the little piano thing they do in the beginning of the choreo~

SHINee (샤이니)|VIEW

Released: May 2015

UGH. I freakin’ love this track so much. SHINee was one of my favorite groups back when I was more of a hardcore K-Pop stan. RIP Jonghyun… He was such a great songwriter, singer, and dancer. It’s still a shame and super sad to me… But anyway, “View” is such a freakin’ great track. I like how it’s this smooth, retro dance vibe. I also like that the dance isn’t too complicated. I always relate this track to f(x)’s 4 Walls because they’ve got similar vibes.


Released: March 2020

This is one of the more recent tracks and groups. Like I’ve said before, I’m an old K-Pop stan that was more invested during the first and second generation days. I don’t know much about the current and newer groups. However, I’ll still enjoy their music and choreo (cuz I’m a sucker for choreo). ITZY is JYP’s newer girl group. I honestly wasn’t a big fan of their music at first. However, I really loved “Wannabe”. It’s just such a fun track, and it has such [fun choreo]. *super fast shoulder shimmy*

f(x) (에프엑스)|4 WALLS

Released: October 2015

f(x) is another second generation group. They were honestly so under promoted though. SM did them dirty… Anyways, I really loved “4 Walls”. Again, it had a similar kind of vibe/style to SHINee’s “View”. I just love how it’s this smooth and chill dance track. I also just love the simple and chill choreo too~


Released: November 2019

MAMAMOOOOOO!~ I really like them. They’re one of my favorite third generation groups. I just love how quirky, down-to-earth and real they are. They’re so talented and funny~ This is another more “recent” track. It’s such a good track and the [choreo] is fun too~ Their [dance practice] clip was also really funny haha. It’s just a fun and “I’m a bad bitch” confidence boosting kind of song for me~

숀 (SHAUN) Feat. (feat. 오반 (OVAN) & SUMIN)|생각나 |”Thinking”

Released: June 2018

This isn’t an idol track, but it’s still fun~ It always gets me groovin’~ Sumin’s vocals are also really nice too~

MOMOLAND(모모랜드)|BBoom BBoom (뿜뿜)

Released: January 2018

Okay, to be honest…I hated this song when it first dropped. I just thought it was really extra and kinda weird. It was just also suuuuper overplayed. However, it did grow on me. I admit that it is a fun song. It’s also an easy and fun dance too~

Girls’ Generation(소녀시대)|ALL NIGHT

Released: August 2017

MY ICONIC QUEENSSSS!~ SNSD are Queens of K-Pop. I’m obviously a SONE (SNSD’s fanclub for you normies) and I’ve been following them since the beginning. K-Pop has soooooo many artists. It’s honestly alot of tough competition. It’s hard to reach popularity and stay relevant. SNSD is one of the groups that managed to make it really far. They also just have a huge impact on K-Pop. Before BTS, SNSD was one of the groups that caused K-Pop to have some global attention. Honestly, I think SM did them so dirty. This album was to commemorate their 10 year anniversary. Despite SNSD being one of their biggest money makers and global juggernauts, SM didn’t do a good job of promoting them or celebrating their 10th anniversary. The disrespect really… “Holiday” was the lead track for the album and promotions. However, “All Night” was my favorite. To be honest, I think it was alot better than “Holiday”. It’s got that bubblegum pop with that nu-disco vibe to it.

SIXC (6 Crazy)/X1|MOVE (움직여)

I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about SIXC (6 Crazy). All I know is that they’re from Produce 101. I also know [Woodz] (Cho Seung Youn) was in this and X1. There’s a X1 version as well (also on the playlist for ya). Apparently the track is produced by Zico. We all know Zico makes great bops. It’s a fun song with fun choreo~ So yes, bop~


Released: February 2019

This was ITZY’s debut track. To be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of it at first. It just felt like 2-3 different songs meshed into one and it kind of threw me off. However, I did absolutely love the chorus part. So that got me to listen to the song enough for it to grow on me. The [choreo] is also just pretty fun. It’s like cute and fun~ I dig~ hehe~

BTS (방탄소년단)|쩔어 (DOPE)

Released: April 2015

Y’all shouldn’t be surprised. You all already know I’m BTS Trash. This is one of the first songs I heard from BTS when it dropped. However, you might be surprised to hear that I actually didn’t like it at first. It was just kind of too “loud” and “busy” for me at first. However, it ended up growing on me because I liked watching the choreo. It’s also just a good hype song haha~


Released: February 2020

Here’s another more recent group and track! It was dropped in February, just before COVID got hella big… Again, I don’t really know much about Everglow. However, this song slaps. I automatically stomp and clap along once the intro starts. It’s just a fun song that makes you feel like a bad bitch haha~


Released: September 2016

Ah~~ Red Velvet!~ You already know that I [love] them. They’re one of my third generation Queens. I admit the video is kind of like “…wuht?” But it’s a cute and fun song. It always brings up my mood and I’m always dancing along to it.


Released: March 2016

Here’s another track that isn’t a mainstream K-Pop idol track. Y’all already know I love Dean. I love that it’s just a fun and funky song to groove to~ It’s just such a freakin’ amazing track.


Released: November 2017

My third generation Queens appear again! Again, the video is like “wuht…?” But it’s a fun bop. It’s another song that doesn’t fail to get me into a good and fun mood. It’s one of the tracks I can’t sit still for. I will jump up and dance hehe~


“BANG BANG BANG” is a banger. It always slaps. Like it’s impossible to not dance along. BIGBANG is a group of K-Pop Kings. They’re a second generation group, and was one of the groups I stanned pretty hard. I stanned them since the beginning. BIGBANG is another group that’s iconic and had a huge impact that led to K-Pop being what it is today. BIGBANG basically popularized the use of EDM in K-Pop and led it to being the standard. Like Girls’ Generation, they’re also one of the artists to thank for leading the globalization and popularization of K-Pop in the west. Yes, even before BTS. Honestly, I was kind of hesitant to include them just because of the Seungri and YG scandals. However, the fact is BIGBANG had a huge hand in the globalization of K-Pop, shaping the standards of K-Pop, and shaping the current artists that everyone loves. I still love the other members. So while I can no longer and won’t support Seungri, I’ll still support OT4.


I love Blackpink cuz Lisa is adorable and talented AF. She be reppin’ Thailand too. Y’all should know Blackpink. They’re incredibly popular, and have some of the most followers on SNS. Like BTS, their music is now mainstream in the west. Their music is also produced by Teddy Park, YG Entertainment’s most well known producer. However, I know him as a member of YG Entertainment’s OG gen group 1TYM (aka the first group I stanned). They got hella bops and great choreo. “Kill This Love” was huge when it dropped. It’s fun to dance to and just has some bad bitch energy to it.


Released: September 2019

This Nick’s ( @rokutsu ) group. I’m not a big Twice stan. However, I’ll admit that they got fun bops. I can also recognize them as one of the third generation Queens. This song is just super fun and uplifting. The choreo is just super fun too~


Released: September 2018

AYYYY~ It’s Got7!~ I freakin’ adore Jackson Wang, and of course I gotta support BamBam since he’s also Thai. I liked the MV. It was just colorful and fun. I also absolutely love the choreo. It looks hard AF, but fun. I know I can’t do the choreo, but I’ll still flail around to it.


Released: August 2009

Here’s a throwback! KARA is another group of second generation Queens. RIP Goo Hara though… I’d say the most notable and influential second generation girl groups would be: Girls’ Generation, Wonder Girls, and KARA. Honestly, they were right neck and neck with SNSD when Wonder Girls were focused on promoting in the US. I think “Mister” would be KARA’s most iconic song. Like everybody knows the “butt dance”. It’s just cute, sexy, and fun~ I remember dancing to this with friends alot haha~


Released: July 2017

Again, another “newer” group that I don’t know much about. I actually think they’re not as super well known as alot of other groups in general. I actually just randomly stumbled on the song while exploring songs/artists on Spotify. I heard the song and was like “Yup, this a bop.”

BTS (방탄소년단)|피 땀 눈물 (BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS)

Released: October 2016

Yes, another BTS track. This was probably one of my favorites when I first got into BTS’ music. It’s a moombahton trap track. I’m a South Florida native (who thought she was Hispanic up until she was 5) who grew up with people who always blasting reggaeton. This track kinda reminded me of that and so I instantly loved it. Plus, the [choreo] is freakin’ amazing. It’s hard AF, but amazing. This choreo and song is one of the things that really pulled me into BTS. Even my grandma likes it and I caught her dancing to this too LOLOL


Released: July 2009

My last track is another throwback!~ Cuz I’m old AF I freakin’ loved Clazziquai Project (or simply just known as Clazziquai). They were supposed to be just a project group consisting of DJ Clazzi, Horan, and Alex. They blew up though because their electropop sound was so different from other music at the time. It was chill, but it was also fun and funky. They’ve also worked with [Epik High] [before] and even had Tablo on one of their [tracks]. “Tell Yourself” is probably one of my favorite Clazziquai tracks. It’s another track that never fails to lift up my mood. It’s just a fun and bright sounding track~

Kpop Dance GIF - Kpop Dance GIFs

Y’all got over 10 12 14 hours of fun music to listen and dance to now~ Well…it’ll probably grow cuz I’m always adding to my playlists hehe~ Yo’ girl likes to have a wide variety in her music~ We always got somethin’ new~ Anyways, I hope y’all enjoy these tracks. Have fun dancin’!~ I sure as hell will~ Don’t forget to check out our Discord group! I’m always sharin’ tracks in our music channel, and I love to discuss songs, artists, and music videos!~ Seriously though, I basically just live in our music channel LOL Take care, stay safe, and have a wonderful day loves!~

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