Music Monday|Taeyeon — Why

Music Monday|Taeyeon — Why

Hello my lovely BAYOG Fam! Your bobae is back with another Music Monday post! It’s kind of late, but I’m trying to make the current music posts summer themed~ You might have noticed it when I shared pH-1’s [Summer Episodes] last week. Today we’ll be goin’ with another great EP for summer! My recommendation for today is Taeyeon’s Why~ Actually, today I’ll be treating you to TWO Music Monday posts again~

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SNSD – [Party]

So if y’all didn’t know, Kim Taeyeon is a member of Girls’ Generation, aka SNSD. She’s the main vocalist and leader. You all knew I was a hardcore second gen stan. So you know that I was a SONE/SNSD stan since their debut! I actually knew someone who knew Tiffany, and she’s the one who told me about SNSD and their [debut] in [2007]. They are [iconic] [Queens] of K-Pop. They had a huge part in shaping the trends, concepts, music, and idols in the K-Pop that we know today. SNSD is one of the groups that caused the huge boom and popularity of girl groups. They basically became the base that most girl groups are based on. SNSD also had a huge part in the globalization of K-Pop even before BTS and Blackpink. They laid the some of the groundwork and made historical marks before BTS cemented K-Pop into mainstream popularity in the west.

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K-Pop has a plethora of idol groups. However, they’re typically short lived. It’s a cut throat competition to be able to debut, and even more so to survive and make a mark in the industry. SNSD managed to become known as the Nation’s Girl Group for years. They managed to continue rising in popularity, becoming cultural icons, and stay relevant for more than [10 years]. Though some of the members are in different companies now and focusing on solo projects, the group has stated that they have not disbanded. So I think they’re also the longest running K-Pop girl group as well.

Taeyeon has been recognized as one of the most talented and successful vocalists in the Korean music industry. She’s unarguably one of the most iconic vocalists of K-Pop. She’s had plenty of solo projects. She’s done [project groups], sub-units [TTS/TaeTiSeo] [Oh!GG] with fellow SNSD members), [K-Drama OST] work, and she’s had a very successful [solo] career. She also did the Korean version of Frozen 2‘s [Into the Unknown]. She was also on a [season] of [Begin Again], a show where celebrities busk abroad. She seems so tiny and cute, but she has such powerful vocals. She has a great vocal range, and is such a versatile singer. She does fun upbeat songs, chill songs, ballads, and powerhouse vocals. She’s super well-rounded. I also just really relate to her and appreciate her. Despite her massive fame and popularity, she’s an introvert and a homebody. She’s also very outspoken and vocal about mental health, since she’s suffering through it too. She’s honestly super strong and I love that about her. She’s gorgeous, talented, and strong. So yes, stan my Queen!

Artist: Taeyeon
Album: Why
Year: 2016
Genre: K-Pop, EDM, R&B, Deep House, Tropical House

Anyways, today we’re here to talk about Why, her second mini-album! This whole album, from the visuals and sounds, just scream summer. It’s a mix of K-Pop with EDM and R&B. I think the tropical house vibe makes it seem to really fit the summer vibe. Every track is a bop. They’re all really fun and match the different vibes of summer. You’ve got the super bright and fun bops that got you groovin’ along. There are also fun and sexy bops to groove to. You also got the dreamy, chill, and sweet feelings of summer. Honestly, I just loved the whole album~ I hope y’all enjoy it too!~

Listen to the whole mini-album on Spotify:

Listen to the whole mini album on YouTube:



UGH. I LOVE THIS TRACK. This was the first MV that was released to. Y’all already know from my previous playlist posts that I adore Dean. He’s like my favorite K-R&B artist. So you can tell I was ecstatic AF to see that there was a Taeyeon and Dean collab. They’re so freakin’ cute in this MV too. I forget that Dean is younger than Taeyeon in this MV haha. I thought the music video was so beautifully shot too. I recently learned that this track is actually hated by alot of people?? I like it though. I thought it was such a sweet and chill track with a dreamy and happy vibe to it. It’s sweet and chill, but still has that R&B vibe that gets you grooving a bit. I absolutely adore Dean and Taeyeon’s vocals here. I get that the lyrics could seem a bit cheesey, but Dean and Taeyeon just make it sound absolutely sweet. It’s a typical sweet love song about how much brighter and happier your world seems because of the one you love. The premise of they’ve become someone really important to you. UGH. I know. It seems sappy, but I love it.

You are my starlight, shine on my heart
When I’m with you, it feels like I’m dreaming all day
You are my starlight, I get so happy
Your love is like a gift

Taeyeon Feat. Dean|Starlight|[Lyric Translations by Popgasa]


Dance version cuz choreo looks like fun…and cuz Tae is cute AF

This another track that I absolutely loved. Like this song always got me body rolling and waving. To be honest, “WHY” and “Starlight” are probably my top two favs! This is the fun, happy, upbeat track! It’s a tropical house dance track which definitely fits the summery fun vibe!~ The choreo for this track also seems super fun. I also like how it doesn’t seem like an overly complicated and difficult dance. Yet it’s still full of fun energy. It totally fits the song perfectly. Taeyeon also just looks gorgeous and adorable in the choreography vid too. The MV itself was also super gorgeous~ It definitely fit the summer aesthetics. It’s the second MV that dropped, so it’s a follow up to “Starlight”. In “Starlight” we see Taeyeon leaving Dean at the end. In “Why” she seems to be traveling, enjoying herself, and trying to figure out herself and her feelings. That’s basically what the lyrics are about. It’s basically about how you can be having fun and enjoying life. To be free spirited and follow your dreams. Yet, you seem to be hesitating, you’re not sure why, but it seems to be because you’re falling in love. It’s fun and cute~

Why, Why, why are you turning around again?
Why, Why, just filled with dreams

If I leave now, Good, Good, Good, yeah
All the things I’ll encounter, great, great, yeah
My lightened heart work work baby
It flickers before my eyes already
So why hesitate?

Taeyeon|WHY|[Lyric Translations by Popgasa]


“Fashion” is such another great track. It’s not as high energy as “Why”. However, it’s still a somewhat upbeat dance track that’s more on the R&B side. It’s like a fun and sexy kinda track. It’s a track that still gets you groovin’ along to it~ In this track, Tae equates her love to being like fashion. Piece by piece, new patterns emerge. This is a love that won’t go out of style kind of thing. Which yeah, love can give you a whole new vibe and look. So I get it.

Piece by piece
You put together my emotions
You’re a new pattern
Towards each other
We have a secretive and risky motion

Ooh ooh ooh, you are my fashion
Ooh ooh ooh, my only fashion

Taeyeon|Fashion|[Lyric Translations by Popgasa]


You know…I actually don’t know how to describe this track or what to say. All I know is I thought it was catchy when I first heard it. It just had me feelin’ a type of way haha. I’m always bobbin’ my head and snapping along. I just really like it. I’d say this song represents when you meet someone you feel a connection with, and you just want to get closer to them. Yup. I know. I sucked writing about this track, but it’s just an enjoyable track~ I think my favorite part is how it feels like Tae just sounds very passionate about wanting to get closer to this person.

Put your hands on me, your warm touch
This moment, the old wishes shine the brightest
A sign has come to me, who is still dreaming
Your sign is getting closer to me

Sometimes, tell me with those smiling eyes
Put your hands on me Put your hands on me
The dream in my heart will make me smile brighter
Put your hands on me Put your hands on me

Taeyeon|Fashion|[Lyric Translations by Popgasa]

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Honestly, all the tracks on this album were great. It’s a good representation of summer vibes~ Anyways, I hope y’all enjoyed the tracks. Have you listened to this EP before? What was your favorite track? Hope y’all are enjoying your summer (despite the pandemic). Don’t forget to check out my [Summertime Vibes Playlist] and other summer [music posts]. Take care, stay safe, and have an awesome day fam!~

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