Music Monday|Irene & Seulgi (Red Velvet) — Monster

Music Monday|Irene & Seulgi (Red Velvet) — Monster

AYYYY BAYOG FAAAAM! Welcome to another Music Monday post! If ya didn’t know, Music Monday where I talk about and recommend a specific song or album~ We’ve already covered Agust D(Min Yoongi, aka Suga from BTS)’s [D-2] as well as ONEUS’ [Lit]. Today I’ll be covering Monster from Irene & Seulgi, two of the lovely ladies from Red Velvet. I’m sure Nick ( @rokutsu ) would appreciate this one. Red Velvet is one of the most popular girl groups in K-Pop right now. They’re probably one of my favorite girl groups, and probably my favorite 3rd generation group (other than Mamamoo).

Artist: Irene & Seulgi (Red Velvet)
Album: Monster
Year: 2020
Genre: K-Pop, EDM, Dubstep, R&B
Language: Korean

Anyways, members Irene and Seulgi have formed a sub-unit called…you guessed it, Irene & Seulgi. They just released their EP Monster like last week. First of all, I was super surprised when I saw the teaser and album cover dropped. Because, it’s clear that they were really pairing Irene & Seulgi. They kind did this insinuating girl on girl pairings in previous tracks like Red Velvet’s “Bad Boy”. However, I’d say that it was on the basic like fan service level that typical idol promotions do. It’s subtle and insinuating just enough for fans’ imaginations. However, they really seemed to imply a LGBTQ romance for this sub-unit promotion. Which is great! We know South Korea, and many Asian countries, are still quite conservative when it comes to sexuality and LGBTQ+ identity and issues. I think if this were a decade ago or several years ago, this would be highly frowned upon by the public.

Seulgi Irene GIF - Seulgi Irene SeulgiAndIrene GIFs
Oh? SM Entertainment and 2 of the biggest female idols goin’ where I think they’re goin’? (✧∀✧)

However, the good thing is that everyone is becoming more open and accepting. People are now more open to the discussion. There are even openly gay idols and celebrities now. It used to be something seen as very risky for idols to even speak about. However, we now have idols like BTS, Girls’ Generation, etc. speaking up, promoting, and openly supporting LGBTQ+ communities and issues. I think that’s honestly an incredibly wonderful thing, and a great step forward. Although, my only concern in using it for promotion concepts is that it can come off as companies only doing it as a shallow gimmick…which can be incredibly disrespectful to the LGBTQ+ communities. The people in those communities are still struggling with preconceptions, prejudice, and stigmas. Now I’m sure Irene & Seulgi don’t meaning harm by it, and I’m not attacking. I’m just saying that in general companies and idols need to be careful. It’s not like some kind of fun costume, but it’s a part of actual people’s lives. It shouldn’t be taken super lightly as a “fun gimmick”. I hope you all understand what I’m trying to say…I’m not great at eloquently phrasing my thoughts… Again, I’m not directing this at Irene & Seulgi. There are more artists and alot of other media in general that are portraying more and more LGBTQ+ themes. It’s just something people should take account in general to not offend actual LGBTQ+ communities.

Red Velvet Kpop GIF - RedVelvet Kpop MusicVideo GIFs
Dayuuuum. Like, okay ladies…werk iiiiit~ ∑d(°∀°d)

Anyway, I honestly love the EP and the MV for the title track. They look absolutely stunning the music video. Ugh…Irene and Seulgi are just so freakin’ pretty. Like most girl groups, Red Velvet started off with the cutesy and innocent kind of images. They did start showing a more mature, chic and sexy side with [Bad Boy] and [Psycho]. However, this was a really different kind of mature and sexy vibe. Overall, the EP had a very sensual R&B vibe going on. It also gave me nostalgic vibes to older R&B/Pop songs I used to listen to. I’m honestly really happy Irene and Seulgi were able to showcase a different side of their selves and from their typical work as members of Red Velvet.

You can find Irene & Seulgi’s Monster EP on Spotify, here:

The physical copy of the Monster EP also had a track called “Naughty”. It wasn’t not included in the digital version of the EP. However, it was released as it’s own single instead.
You can find the Naughty single on Spotify, here:



Also droppin’ this clip cuz choreo and they lookin’ gorgeous AF
Talented Queens~

“Monster” is the title track for the Monster EP. It’s like a dark kind of dance track with some dubstep in it. I honestly freakin’ love it. I definitely found myself groovin’ to it. The set and the outfits were really interesting too. Irene and Seulgi looked so freakin’ gorgeous. There are some theories on the video so I’ll just direct you to that [here]. I also really enjoyed the choreography for it. It just seemed so fun and sultry too. Fun fact: The demo for the track was in English. You can actually hear parts of it in the [dance practice video] from the choreographers. Another fun fact is that SM Entertainment producer Yoo Young Jin sang part of the demo. Honestly, he has amazing vocals in the demo. It’s super impressive. I high-key want to hear the full studio demo with his voice.

Seulgi Red Velvet GIF - Seulgi RedVelvet Irene GIFs
OH HOLY SHIT~ SM Entertainment really goin’ there~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Also, the MV straight up implied a romance between Irene and Seulgi’s characters in the video. There were very strong lesbian themes in the video. Which was wow~ It was surprising, but I wholeheartedly welcome it. Again, I think it’s great that Asian media juggernauts are trying to be more open and supportive. We’re seeing this come up in more and more music videos, dramas, and movies. Yet, on the other hand, I do honestly hope that companies aren’t just using it as a shallow gimmick. Using it only as a shallow gimmick would honestly just be insulting to the LGBTQ+ communities.


I instantly loved “Jelly”. It just sounds like a fun track that’s also still easy to listen to. It’s like a cute dance bop too? This is basically about a girl being interested in a guy. Yet, she’s also kinda jelly with how he’s interacting with others. At the same time, these feelings and interest for him also seems sweet.

UNCOVER (Seulgi’s Solo)

“Uncover” is supposed to be a bonus track on the EP. It’s Seulgi’s solo track. This is one of my absolute favorites on the EP. It’s this chill groove track. It also has this kind of dreamy feel to it. I totally dig it. Seulgi has such lovely vocals too. I’m always getting lost in her vocals and the dreamy vibe this track has. The track is basically about how one can feel insecurity and is plagued by darkness. However, you’ve got a light inside that’s waiting to shine. Leave your fears, uncover the things on your mind, and just go ahead and shine.


“Naughty” was actually the second track on the Monster EP. However, it only appears on the physical copy. However, it was released as a digital single shortly after the EP dropped. It’s a track that’s got a smooth and chic dance groove to it. The chorus then goes up to like an electro dance beat. The choreo is pretty sweet too. Actually the song, choreo, and outfits in the music video gave me like early 2000s vibes. I liked it. It was kind of nostalgic feeling in a way? I know Loha liked the choreo haha. I think Nick liked this track too. Also, can we talk about how freakin’ gorgeous these ladies are??

Seulkuma Seulgi GIF - Seulkuma Seulgi RedVelvet GIFs
Dayuuuum Seulgiiii~

Overall, I really liked the EP. I love the mature and chic R&B vibe it has. “Monster” was a great track with a great and fun choreography. Although I have some concerns (hoping it wasn’t just being used as a shallow gimmick), I’m surprised and happy that it’s pro LGBTQ+. I think it’s great that Asian media is embracing that. Irene and Seulgi also just looked hellaaaaa gorgeous and cool. I like dudes, but I fell for them~ Overall, it’s a great and fun EP that gave me some nostalgic vibes. What did you think? What’s your favorite track? Let me know in the comments, my socials, or our Discord server! Have a wonderful day y’all!

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