Rant|Product Placements in Dramas Gettin’ Out of Hand???

Rant|Product Placements in Dramas Gettin’ Out of Hand???

Hello BAYOG Fam! Y’all know I’m BAYOG’s Real People Stuff expert, specializing mostly in Asian dramas. So I’m sure you’re probably wondering what’s with my lack of Asian drama posts. Although I did some short lists [here] and [there], I haven’t really had any specific drama posts in a hella long time. The last one I did was probably [Girl From Nowhere] for Spoop Fest? There’s actually a reason, or several, as to why I haven’t done any drama posts in so long.

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One is the obvious: there haven’t been any interesting dramas that particularly captured my interest. There have been some that I did watch right up until before quarantine. They weren’t bad, some were actually fun. However, I don’t think there was anything super interesting that was worth writing about. Except for like maybe 3 that are on my backlog to write about. Most new dramas just don’t pull me in. I’ll watch them to pass time, but I’m not super invested. I actually dropped quite alot of titles. Which is surprising since you know I’m not much of a quitter, and I typically [push my way through til the end anyway]. However, there’s another main reason that kinda ties into what kills a drama series for me: excessive and blatant product placement.

Product placements, or PPL, are nothing new. It’s typical, and I understand the need and use of PPL. They help back the production of a series, or it’s part of an actor’s brand. I get it. I understand. I’ve been watching Asian dramas for as long as I can remember. I’ve been watching K-Dramas since like middle and high school in the early 2000’s. That’s like 15-20 years bruhhh. So I’m used to seeing PPL.

However, I remember when PPL were actually subtle and not so in your face. They used to be in the background or show up very briefly. If anything, the most blatant one would be drink brand PPL. Just because of how they would awkwardly have to hold it where you could clearly see the label. However, it was still subtle-ish. I didn’t mind those kinds of PPL. If you can work it into the series without detracting me from the story, I have no problem with PPL. Just make it seem kind of natural, and it’ll be totally fine with me. That’s where we arrive to my current dilemma. The PPL is getting way too blatant and excessive.

I literally hate the sight of these Dyson vacuums now

PPL these days are smack in your face. It’s no longer just a few quick shots that’s only a few seconds long. Now you’ve got useless scenes that are several minutes long that are solely for PPL. I’m fuckin’ looking at you Dyson and Nescafe! Everyone bitches about the blatant overuse of Subway, Dal.komm Coffee, or Olive BBQ Chicken PPL. Those don’t annoy me as much. The Dyson and coffee machine PPL these days are probably the ones I hate the most. I shit you not, there was a series that had a character vacuum for 3 minutes. It wasn’t even like something to contribute to a scene like having to clean up the place in anticipation for a character that was gonna suddenly come over. I know that’s a hella cliche scene, but I’d rather any semi-legit excuse. Instead the damn vacuum scene was literally the character walking in to the living room going “Oh! There’s a vacuum. Let me vacuum.” It was hella shameless cuz 3 full minutes of vacuuming and like 15 different angles of the dude vacuuming. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK??

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I’m still annoyed that I can literally call out 2 specific dramas that did it: Melting Me Softly and He’s Psychometric. I’m just sayin’ it now, just cuz you show me the damn vacuum a dozen times…I ain’t gonna buy it. No K-Drama is gonna get me to buy a $200-600 vacuum. Honestly, these PPL make me want to buy it even less. I shit you not, I scowl and go, “FUCK THESE VACUUMS!” whenever I see these damn vacuums at Target now.

The coffee machine PPL, I’m pretty sure it was Nescafe and some other brand, was the same deal. It’s a bit more natural than the Dyson vacuum PPL. Usually it’s like a scene of a secretary or character going to make coffee for someone in an office setting. Sometimes it’s as some characters are having a conversation. Like, okay. I guess it feels less out of place than the awkward and abrupt vacuuming. However, it’s still pointless 2 minute shots of a character using a coffee machine. Then literally showing every angle of the machine and coffee. It’s like “OOOH! Look at this top angle! Now look at this side angle! Now look at this OTHER side angle! Now look at this low shot! Now look at the coffee dripping into the cup!”

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*Minty’s annoyance intensifies*

Like…why?? It was pointless and added nothing to the drama. It’s awful and annoying. It’s worse because these kinds of long and useless PPL scenes occur often in the SAME series. It’s worse if it’s several times in the same episode. Like I just saw you use this damn vacuum not that long ago. Why we doing this again??

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Sometimes it feels a chunk of the drama is just a straight up commercial. I hate it. It detracts from the story. It bores me and just ruins the flow of the story. Instead of being into the story, I’m now like, “Why the hell am I watching a useless 3 minute commercial??”

Of course there’s also alot of other blatant PPL in dramas such as drink brands, make up or skincare brands, and franchise brands. We’re pretty familiar with seeing Subway, Dal.komm Coffee, Olive BBQ Chicken, Mamonde, Laneige, Etude, etc. Don’t get me wrong, it’s like *Siiiiiiiighhhhh~* when I see these pop up alot. However, I don’t hate these as much as the useless vacuum and coffee PPL.

The reason being is that alot of these are just places or things that are used as relevant shit is happening. A character owns that business or works there? Characters are eating or drinking while having a relevant discussion about something? Okay, that seems like a somewhat natural thing. I can let that go. It’s something that can actually be built into the story. For example, how Subway’s brand was implemented into the story for [Memories of the Alhambra].

That series was about people involved with an augmented reality game. In the drama, the game partnered with Subway as a locations that contributed to the gameplay with benefits. I believe it was with items and leveling up or something. Either way, it was blatant PPL, however it was worked into the story. It didn’t feel like an awkwardly blatant and totally useless commercial. To be honest, I thought it was the most brilliant use of PPL in a story. Franchise PPL work as long as it’s somewhat worked into the story as part of scene that has a point of some sort. Of course, we’ve also seen dramas that just randomly show characters just abruptly show up in a franchise for nothing other than the sake of advertising. That’s dumb. Please stop that. Again, pointless scenes kill the story and flow.

I always know to expect a Mamonde PPL if it’s a Park Shin Hye drama

It’s the same thing with cosmetic, jewelry, or apparel PPL. I get it. Sometimes it’s part of the actor’s contract and brand. I have no problem as long as it’s subtle and worked into the story. Like those cliche scenes of the female lead getting ready to meet up with a male character. She wants to look good for him so she’s getting dolled up. Yeah it’s blatant, but it serves a purpose in the story a bit. It shows the character’s emotions and how they like that other character. So I can deal with that. However, again…enough with pointless multiple angles. I hate it especially when they do it when there isn’t a purpose. It’s just a “I just ate, let me touch up this lipstick for a whole minute”.

Look you can show me Subway, Korean fried chicken, or coffee all you want. I can afford that in my daily life. Like I personally don’t even like Subway (back in college I only went there for cookies). Still, it’s not a total nonsensical PPL. I can afford a $5 foot long sub or whatever. Make up and skincare? Fine. I can do that. Those are small purchases. Sure, they probably cost more than a $5 foot long sub, but it’s still a small purchase of something I can use on the daily. However, my broke ass can’t afford a $200-600 vacuum no matter how much you shove it into my face. Like that’s 40-120 trips to Subway. I’d rather have a full stomach (even if I dislike Subway). Plus, apparently the Subway PPL works. My hella Asian mom, who hates eating out and MUST eat rice for every meal, kept going “OOH! You want Subway?!”

Look, PPL is normal and acceptable. However, y’all gotta stop making it so painfully and awkwardly blatant. Stop showing so many unnecessary and lengthy shots. PPL should be subtle. When you make it so in your face, it’s a huge turn off for viewers. We’re here to enjoy ourselves with the story. However, these blatant PPL are tacky and pulls us out of the drama.

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Me dropping a drama where 80% of the episode is just PPL

I’ve literally just stopped and tossed my phone away from me when I tried starting a couple recent dramas. It was literally PPL in ever other shot. It just kills the immersion and fun. I no longer feel like I’m able to watch a story, instead I’m being forced to watch irrelevant commercials. There’s a problem when I spend more time thinking “WTF?? Another PPL??” instead of focusing on the story. Go back to how PPL should be: limit the amount of PPL in an episode, make it more subtle, make it appear more natural, in the background, keep the shots short, and don’t make a whole episode feel like the damn Home Shopping Network. Thank you. Or if you want to be blatant, at least implement it in a way that’s kind of comical so I don’t get mad at it. Don’t waste my time for nothing. At least let me walk away with a laugh.

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I swear…if I have to fucking see another long ass Dyson vacuum or coffee machine PPL…. (凸ಠ益ಠ)凸

Anyways, what do you all think? Do you think PPL have gone too far? What PPL do you hate the most?? Also, I know I said I was going to try to be better at posting more frequently… However, I’m just really overwhelmed with alot of stuff. So I think I might take a bit of a break for my mental health and to brainstorm some content for y’all. Thanks for taking the time to check out our posts, and thank you for understanding. Y’all the best, and I appreciate you. Take care and stay safe fam! I’ll see y’all next time!~

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