My ARMY Kit Came in — I’m Officially BTS Trash Y’all

My ARMY Kit Came in — I’m Officially BTS Trash Y’all

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Suuuuuuuuup BAYOG Fam. So as y’all know I like BTS. Y’all also know that for years, I fought to not fall into the BTS hole. Like since 2015. Yet, you’ve [seen] that I’ve gradually got pulled in. Guess I’m in deep now, and I didn’t even know it. I went from, “I ain’t fallin’ into the BTS hole” to, “Sup. IDK when I got here, but I live here now.” Like legit…I was fighting falling into the BTS hole. Basically like [emirichu]. I got the albums, including the different versions of each album. I got the LINE BT21 stickers and themes, as well as the BTS LINE stickers. I ended up playing their mobile games, buying tour tix, buying tour merch, and even the ARMY bomb (BTS fan light stick y’all).

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Me being dragged into the BTS fangirl life

Y’all know I stayed up watching [Bang Bang Con with friends]. I also bought the ticket to watch Bang Bang Con The Live (live streaming concert). To top it off, my sister pre-ordered the Samsung S20+ BTS limited edition phone and a second pair of the Samsung BTS earbuds (cuz yo’ girl had already pre-ordered a pair) as an early birthday present to me. Y’all. I honestly didn’t realize how in deep I was LOL

It’s also now official. See, I did cave in and officially got BTS ARMY membership. For the first time in my life, I officially joined a fanclub. Feels so strange to say that. To be honest, I caved in to get membership benefits. Cuz a girl was lookin’ to get BTS concert tix for her and her bestie. ARMY membership meant I could get the presale. So yeah. Anyways, yo’ girl is official BTS trash now~

It’s cinema themed. So the box looks like a film clap board

Official ARMY membership also included the BTS ARMY membership kit. Which honestly, I totally forgot about. I got my membership like January. It’s been about 7 months now. I just got the kit in the mail lolol So I thought I’d be BTS trash and briefly show you what came in my kit. Enjoy y’all.

Opening the box and it’s like TADAAAHHH

We got a review notebook, the user guide that has Jin on the back, ARMY membership card, a BTS Cinema pin, a name tag, and tap with BTS on it. There are so some photocards that look like movie tickets.

Each card has a different member and “movie”. They looked super nice. I would’ve taken pics of the whole thing, but I was in a rush so yah.

There’s also a photobook and poster. I didn’t bother opening up the whole poster cuz I didn’t wanna deal with having to fold it back lol Your girl has no space to put up a poster right now. So in the box it stays for now. The photobook was super nice. It had some new pics and like a little “filmography” that showed past pics as well. There was also a little interview section for each member. However, everything is in Korean. So….it was just me staring at the pages. Cuz yo’ girl can read enough to understand a webtoon….but she can’t read to understand actual shit LOLOL

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Anyways, that’s it. That’s all I got. I just wanted to do something quick and simple with y’all today~~ Have a fabulous day y’all~

Someone buy me the chibi figurines Q~Q


This is a difficult, but necessary matter to address. I’m not good at putting things into words, so I apologize. We all know the matter regarding the unjust murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many others. The current Black Lives Matter protests are being covered globally. I’ve even seen it being covered daily by the Thai news. Racism is a very real thing. Being Asian, I’ve personally encountered bullshit racism on a daily basis. So I can relate and understand the struggles. However, I’m also aware of how much more difficult and blatant it is for black POC. BAYOG strongly stands with Black Lives Matter. We’ve individually done several donations. Of course, donations to support the cause and support change isn’t the only thing needed. Support for the cause and change also requires conversation. Make sure to have those conversations. Aside from donating, I had several conversations with my family. I explained things to my parents, especially since some news stories were being reported inaccurately. I was afraid it’d be a bit difficult. However, as fellow POC and human beings, it was a necessary conversation. My parents and grandma understand, and now stand on the same page regarding BLM as well. Please remember to be an active supporter, be it through donations, sharing information, and/or conversations and speaking up.

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Keep it up fam!

If you can, please consider donating. I’ve donated more than once as well. For one of my donations, I donated through the BTS ARMY x BLM project. I recommend that if you’re unsure of where to donate. This is because the donation will be split amongst several different non-profit organizations. Of course, you can also choose a specific organization(s) if you wish as well. You can find that [HERE].

You can also check out the following:

Stay strong. Fight racism, police brutality, and bullshit. Don’t lose sight of the goal. We’re witnessing and being a part of history. Be allies and make sure change happens. Once again, BLACK LIVES MATTER.

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