Rant|Manhuas Have The Trashiest Characters and Moral Standards…

Rant|Manhuas Have The Trashiest Characters and Moral Standards…

This is gonna be a hella long rant post, so there will be some spoilers~ ☆⌒(≧▽​° )

Sup BAYOG Fam!~ So y’all know I’ve just been living my life in quarantine since March. Everyone in my family, except for me, is immunocompromised. So we basically temporarily closed our restaurant. We have no plans on reopening until things look a bit better and safer for us to operate. Hence why I’ve just been living the quarantine life. Now y’all know why I’ve been able to read over 300+ manga, webtoon, and webnovel series. For the most part I’ve been reading Korean and Japanese series. The stories are good, and so is the art. I’ve found alot of really good and fun series. However, me having alot of free time means I quickly blow through the updates. So I’m caught up on all the good series. I’m still bored though. So I will end up reading bottom tier series to pass time.

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**Note: When I say bottom tier, of course I mean a matter of my own personal preference and standards. You like what you like, but this is just based on my standards of what I find enjoyable.

It’s usually when I really need to kill time that I’ll read manhua series. So if you didn’t know: manga=Japanese series, manhwa=Korean series, manhua=Chinese series. I tend to stick to manga and manhwa because I feel like it’s better quality wise. I find the art super pretty, there are interesting characters, and the stories flow better. To be honest, I’m not really a fan of manhua series. There are some manhua series that have really pretty art. Sometimes there are some somewhat interesting story concepts. However, often times…I feel like the art is very subpar compared to manga and manhwa series. It’s kind of hard to get into the story when the art is “meh” for me. Still, ya know I can push on and pay no mind to it if the story is good.

Naruto Cringe GIF - Naruto Cringe Huh GIFs
Huh?? Wuht?? What just happened…??

Which is inevitably one of my biggest issues with manhua series. In my opinion, alot of manhua series are pretty bad story wise. Nearly every manhua series I came across really sucked in regards to the flow of the story. Like the flow of the story is awful. Instead of going from point A, to B, to C, etc…it’s like point A to F, to P. It throws me off and I’m like “Wuht…? What just happened…?” It’s alot of “Well that escalated quickly” moments. Sometimes, it just didn’t seem coherent whatsoever…and I don’t mean from translations. The choice of overall dialogue, speed, and delivery…everything just is like, “Wuht??” That’s what ends up making alot of manhua series hella bottom tier for me. Don’t get me wrong, some manhua series have really interesting concepts. However, the execution and flow just sucks. So it’s really not enjoyable. I usually end up just quickly scrolling through the chapters instead of actually reading and immersing myself in the story.

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“What is this bullshit…?”

There’s another main issue and true reason why I can’t really *enjoy* manhua series. That issue is the characters are all trash and the morals in these series are trash. I get it, it’s fantasy. Sometimes trashy characters and drama are necessary to make things interesting. However, I’m not talking about your normal situation where a villain or couple antagonists are ‘sposed to be trash and ‘sposed to have trashy morals. I’m literally talking about almost everyone in the story has really trashy moral standards. I was basically like, “WOW…YOU’RE TRASH, AND YOU’RE TRASH!! THAT FUCKER IS TRASH TOO! YOU ALSO TRASH!” Like I got mad and my brain felt like it was gonna explode. I kept stopping and yelling, “WHAT.THE.FUCK??? THAT DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE??” Alot of it got me like, “Y’ALL FUCKING DISGUST ME!” 멘붕 (MTBD) y’all.

정채연 버리다 버려버리다 핸드폰 휴대폰 휴대전화 쓰레기통 혼술남녀 GIF - JungChaeyeon Annoyed Angry GIFs
Into the trash y’all go

Y’all know I rage alot when it comes to [Remarried Empress]. Sovieshit and Trashta are utter trash. Like it’s unbelievable how stupid and trashy they are. Like Sovieshit is trash for picking up this chick despite having a wife. Not only that, he mistreated his hard-working wife like shit while devoting everything to Trashta. Trashta is a scheming, dumb, white lotus bish who stole another person’s man, and was greedy to think she was entitled to everything Navier had. Alot of manhua series have these characters that are just as trashy; Some with very similar character types and scenarios. Except manhua series are worse because it’s almost every character?? Remarried Empress is enjoyable despite the trashy characters because there are plenty of legit good characters. Plus those characters seem to have more depth. So Remarried Empress is redeemed and feels like a good story because of those characters like Navier, Heinley, Kapman, etc. There are like dumb, evil characters…however, it’s not everyone.

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I’m judging you hard

Most manhua series seem to have very wack moral standards. Often times, double standards too. Let me name some very common character types, situations, and issues in manhua series:

She didn’t cheat and get her significant other’s best friend pregnant…that’s for sure… (凸ಠ益ಠ)凸
  • Female lead’s significant other (boyfriend/financee/husband) cheats on her with the female lead’s “friend” or shitty sister/cousin. Not only cheats, but may have also gotten shit friend/sister/cousin pregnant. Verbally and physically abuses the female lead. Treats the female lead like shit. Sometimes calls her a slut/whore. Like he’ll treat her as if she’s beneath him, or as if she’s less than an animal. He’ll throw insults, emotional abuse, and sometimes physical abuse left and right. He’ll usually say shit like how he can’t stand her. Sometimes bragging on about how his sexual relationship with the other woman or women. Yet, he somehow feels and acts entitled to the female lead. Even if they’ve ended things, and she’s just moving on with her life. Also, always gaslighting. Bruh. GTFOH.
  • Female lead’s “friend” or shitty sister/cousin. Seduces female lead’s significant other, and tries to seduce the male love interest(s). Is a white lotus; AKA a bish who looks and acts innocent and weak, but is really a scheming bish. White lotus who always schemes to take things from female lead. Always scheming to ruin female lead’s reputation. Feels entitled to everything.
Worst mother ever 凸(`△´#)
  • The female lead’s shitty family member(s). It could be a parent, both parents, grandparents, siblings, or the whole damn family. Usually abusive and controlling. Always gaslighting. Always putting the blame on the victim and not the actual instigator. Doesn’t stand up for the lead, or side with the lead at all. Yet, will always side with the white lotus.
  • The shitty friends and family of the shitty previous significant other. They blind to all the shit shitty previous significant other did….or they’re aware, but shitty birds of a feather flock together. Also always gaslighting and physically/emotionally attacking female lead and male lead.
  • Manhua male characters, including the male leads, also tend to seem very misogynistic and chauvinistic. Like extremely pushy and possessive. Male lead is usually the female lead’s fiancee or husband, through a forced/arranged marriage. Sometimes it’s through a contract relationship/marriage. Either way, dude be hella pushy, demanding, misogynistic, and chauvinistic. There’s no respect for boundaries. It’s like even though it’s a fake or forced relationship without love, dude always forcing himself on her with some “You have to perform your wifely duties” bullshit. Um…excuse me, but WHAT THE FUCK?? I swear it’s basically rape most of the time. CONSENT. LEARN CONSENT AND RESPECT, Y’ALL. (」╬°ロ°)」
  • Manhua series in general have fucked up moral standards when it comes to consent. Drugging seems common. Rape scenarios appear alot. When that happens, it seems like the female lead gets blamed and hated rather than the actual rapist(s)?? Alot of times it feels like the male lead forces the female lead to sleep with him. It just feels rape-y to me. I just feel pretty grossed out by it. So it’s hard for me to like the “romance” aspect of these series.
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Actually, basically all characters in manhua series seem to be full of misogyny and chauvinism. There’s alot of the female lead having to follow whatever their family says, no matter what. Women must obey their husband and family. Even if said husband and family are all trash. The women are basically treated as tools. It’s also common where it’s like the guy cheated and has a mistress/concubine. Despite the female lead being hella loyal and dedicated, she gets gaslighted alot and told it’s her fault or due to her “incompetence”. Even if it’s bullshit by her husband and the concubine that causes her to lose her baby or something. I kind of get that these fucked up values and situations would be somewhat present in the stories since many of these manhua series take place in feudal/ancient times. I’m sure those values were viewed the norm then. Still, it’s like WTF??? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?? It’s often very, like hellaaaaa, extreme and I swear *everyone* is on that extreme?? It’s hard for people in the modern world to digest?? Or maybe it’s just me? I dunno. The whole time I’m pretty disgusted/outraged and channeling Masta Wu like, “That’s no-no…”

Sir….GTFOH before I bitch slap you with my rusty axe

However, it’s kind of gross that even the male leads are like that. Especially in contemporary settings. Like…that’s not hot bruh. Whether it’s in ancient times or a contemporary setting, that kind of attitude and values from a male lead is pretty gross in my opinion. I dunno about y’all, but I stan characters that show love with respect, support, and understanding. Also, the characters I stan at least have some common sense. I can’t stand characters that have like no, and I mean -NONE-, reasoning or common sense whatsoever. I can’t stand double standards and hella jealous and overly possessive types either. Like bruh, you a cheating man-hoe. Yet, the woman gets called a slut and gets severely punished just for having a platonic conversation with some dude. The fuck is this shit??

Okay, let’s go into specific examples. There’s a series called [就要宠坏你/I Must Spoil You]. In my opinion, it’s one of the better manhua series that I’ve come across. The art is actually really nice compared to most manhua series. It was actually high quality art for a manhua. The flow wasn’t that bad. The premise of the story is aiight, it’s typical for a drama kind of series. It’s just a C tier series for me cuz of the ridiculousness of trashy characters and morals. However, it is held higher in comparison to other manhua series because the male lead actually isn’t trashy. Surprisingly, the male lead is actually a nice and respectable dude. He actually trusts, supports, and sides with the female lead. He’s a legit decent human being who understands the concept of consent. Also, I was legit shocked that the female lead’s dad sided with her and actually cared. That’s super shocking and rare in these manhua series. So yeah, that’s why I consider it one of the better series.

Bts Suga GIF - Bts Suga BtsSuga GIFs

However, like I said, there are ridiculously trashy characters and moral standards. So in this series, the female lead suddenly enters a contract marriage with her doctor. It’s a spur of the moment decision out of revenge cuz she’s pissed and heartbroken. Basically she had come home and caught her fiancee and best friend sleeping together in the home and bed she bought for after her wedding. Wow…just that sentence makes you think, “WTF? That’s some trashy shit.” It’s understandable to be angry. What makes it worse is that they insult the female lead and treat her like she’s the villain?? Excuse me, but what??? I’m screaming…WHAT???

That’s not how you ask for forgiveness and try to get someone to come back bruhhh

So female lead is just trying to live her life with her new husband. Yet trash fiancee shows up saying that he still loves her. He basically wants her to leave the doctor and be his side hoe. Gross. Trash. GTFOH. He gets rejected, but can’t comprehend “No. I want nothing to do with you.” Him and trash “friend” tell the female lead that they’re expecting. The “friend” is 3 months pregnant. Wow. They’ve been at this for a while… Anyway, they’re engaged and are telling the female lead she *has* to come to their engagement ceremony. Y’all. Considering how much I’ve been rolling my eyes, it’s amazing they haven’t popped out at this point. But wait! This is only the beginning! It’ gets worse! LMAO!!

Bobby Ikon GIF - Bobby Ikon FuckYou GIFs
Whose mom are you???

The female lead’s mom is just as bad! She literally treats her daughter like shit. She’s always siding with and defending the white lotus bitch! She knows this bitch slept with her daughter’s fiancee, in what was supposed to be their married life home and bed. She knows that white lotus is pregnant. Yet, she has the audacity to tell the female lead to “Get over it”. Not only that, she has the audacity to be like, “How can you treat your friend like that?! She’s such a good girl! You’re being an awful person!” I wanna pull out my hair…probably slap some bitches while I’m at it… Like…ugh…

So here’s how fucked up the logic in this manhua is. Basically the whole time the shitty ex keeps coming on to the female lead. Literally the female lead has, since the beginning, wanted nothing to do with him. She’s told him to GTFOH and leave her alone. Yet this psycho is always there. He’s literally going out of his way to go find her. It’s been going on the whole damn series. Since the moment he got caught cheating. Like he shits on her, but also proclaiming that he loves her, that she supposedly needs him too. Her freakin’ mom, white lotus bitch, and shitty ex’s mom are all raging at the female lead. They’re all, “STOP COMING ON TO HIM! LEAVE HIM ALONE! STOP RUINING HIS LIFE!” BRUHHHH. Major spoiler, but he ends up finding out the white lotus’ true nature and schemes. In the chaos of him trying to force the female lead to get back with him, he pushes the preggo white lotus. This causes her to end up losing the baby. I should note, he didn’t give a damn. Female lead, however, was the one who urgently called for medical help. Anyway, female lead’s mom and the shitty ex’s mom cause a scene at the hospital. They blame the female lead for the whole thing. “STOP HANGING ONTO *whatever shitty ex’s name is*!” Bruuuuh. The asshole came to her house and harassed her. “It’s your fault *whatever shitty white lotus bitch’s name is* lost the baby!”


BRUUUUUUUHHHHH. First off, it’s the fault of the shitty parents. One, white lotus bitch was using the baby as a tool. Second, pretty sure it’s the fault of that damn “precious son”. He’s the one raging, pushing her (for like the second or third time at this point), and not caring about white lotus bitch and the baby. I see why your son is trash. Seriously, I don’t think people understand what responsibility and accountability actually are. All y’all trash. Please just go jump into the dumpster and catch on fire already.

There’s soooo much more shit, but I can’t. There’s too much. It would take me forever. Mind you, this is one of the better manhua series. Imagine the truly, bottom, bottom tier ones. Yikes. Of course I’m not saying all manhua is trash. There are some interesting ones. It’s just that I Must Spoil You is hella rage inducing because of such strong trashy characters and backwards ass morals. As you can tell, it pisses me off. However, I do like how the female lead is strong and doesn’t stand for her shitty ex and friend’s bullshit. She recognizes how toxic these people are and she’s truly trying to live her life without them. I also really like that the male lead is actually a decent human being and not some toxic piece of shit. I’m also super happy that the female lead’s dad is actually a respectable guy who loves his daughter and stands on her side. I also actually like [一品嫡女/First Miss Reborn] and [《妃为九卿》-神医小娇妃/Goddess of Healing]. The art style is actually really nice. I love the watercolor-esque look to it. The pacing is considerably good compared to other manhua. Both series have female characters that are strong and cunning, and overall the stories are interesting. Of course, there are still similar very rage-inducing factors though.

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I’m just saying that many manhua series just seem to have some of the trashiest characters and hella backwards morals. Yet, I’m still reading them. Honestly, there are manga, manhwa, and Korean webnovels that have similar trashy characters and nonsense morals. However, I just find manhua series to be on a whole other extreme level. I’ll bitch about it, but I’ll still read it. Cuz yo’ girl still needs something to kill time while waiting for the series I really enjoy. Unfortunately, that just means I get to rage alot and my blood pressure gets to pop off. What are your experiences with manhua series? Y’all fans or nah? What do you like? What do you hate??

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