Rant|Justice for Second Leads!!!

Rant|Justice for Second Leads!!!

HALLOOOOO BAYOG FAAAAM!! It’s meeeee, Mintyyyy~ Slowly, but surely, trying to get back into blogging mode for y’all. It’s just hard to find motivation to actually write stuff. Y’all know I love to really analyze things. Still, today will be like a shorter(-ish?) post from me. Just a little rant really. Y’all know I’ve been spending my quarantine days just reading webtoons/manga/manhwa series and webnovels nonstop. I shit you not, I’ve read over 200 titles (I lost track after that). I’ve even read the raw/untranslated chapters. I’ve been completely caught up in every series that I’m interested or can bear. It got to a point I just picked up bottom of the barrel titles to kill time… Yeah, that was painful. Some of them were really bad LOL. However, I even ended up running out of those too! I have a problem y’all

Sir, I’m pretty certain you’re a bad guy…but damn dat face

Anyways, most of the series I’ve been reading are more romance series. As y’all [might remember], quarantine got me exploring and somehow really into romance/fantasy/isekai series. Cuz yo’ girl likes cute, fluffy, sweet, romantic, heart-fluttering moments. Also, bishies. I like bishies bonus if there are abs.

Shieeet…this legit me this whole fucking quarantine

Another thing y’all might remember about me is that often times I’ll suffer from Second Lead Syndrome LOL If you’re new to this term…let me explain! Second Lead Syndrome is basically when you find the second lead more attractive, and a better choice than the main lead. Sometimes you really feel for the second lead. Like sometimes you can feel the the heartbreaking pain they go through since they sadly don’t end up with their love interest. Sometimes, second lead syndrome isn’t necessarily that you think that they’re BETTER than the main lead. However, you see them really positively and honestly wish they could support them too. I definitely get second lead syndrome alot while watching dramas. However, with my new past time of reading so many series…it’s hitting hard y’all.

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Okay….so let me dive a bit more into why you get second lead syndrome. Why does the second lead seem like a better choice than the main lead? For some people, it can be due to looks. However, for me and K-Drama Circle, it’s mainly to personality and actions. Like this is what gets us deep into second lead syndrome/feels. In our experiences, the second lead has a much nicer personality. Usually he’s very sweet and genuine to the female lead. Often times they’re selfless and prioritize the female lead’s happiness, feelings, and safety above their own. Sometimes, they just seem way more romantic and sweet than your main lead too. Often times you feel more chemistry and sincerity. Especially if second lead is a gentleman. We usually get second lead syndrome pretty hard. Especially when compared to the main lead that can be a douche and seems pretty toxic.

In Ho be looking out for Seol, and giving her so many self-defense weapons.

Yeah, I get tsundere types can be attractive and cute at times. However, I’m talking about male leads who are straight up assholes at first. Sometimes they’re hella possessive (to an extreme, where it’s very off-putting). There are times where they may not seem to think of the female lead’s feelings or best interest at first. It can be a point where it’s just incredibly toxic. Clear example of this that I talk about time and time again: [Cheese In The Trap’s Baek In Ho vs. Yoo Jung]. Why I love Baek In Ho is that dude was ready to jump into danger, regardless of consequences, to help out Seol. Regardless of his feelings for her, her happiness and safety was a priority. Meanwhile, you got Jung being shady, literally put her in dangerous and problematic situations, and was pretty unapologetic for his actions. This why K-Drama Circle stans In Ho.

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Y’all need help and Jesus.
I’m legit concerned…

Some of these series I’ve been reading have got me all, “BRUH. RED FLAGGGG!!” with the main leads. I’m genuinely concerned y’all. Like for some of these series, the main dude is a ruthless, murderous, scary kind of tyrant. Okay, not that overly weird for now. What’s weird is like main dude literally murders female lead’s family and/or is looking to murder the female lead. Sometimes there’s trust and abandonment involved. Even worse, sometimes abuse and sexual assault is involved… Thus leading me to be like, “Whyyy? Why we shipping her with this dude??” Then you got some really toxic behavior shit. Like dude be hella possessive despite not really knowing the female lead or spending time with her?? Guys like that who also grab and drag the female leads around are not cool in my book. There are also the crazy yandere types who be like, “Should I break your ankes/legs so you can’t run to another man?” Like…nah bruh. These concerns are another part of why I jump onto the second lead ship for some of these series.

Currently, most of these series got me in hella second lead feels. I just really sympathize for them. Especially if they’re the type of character that’s always been kind from the get-go. Especially when you compare them to main leads who can be pretty cruel and have zero-interest in the female lead. That is until suddenly there’s another dude. Like, my dude be gentlemanly, kind, supportive, loyal, etc from the beginning. He’s also spent the most time with the female lead. When the author plays with your second lead feels by giving them good chemistry and time together. Like they’ll really tease you to think that second lead actually has a shot. That maybe, second lead will finally be the actual lead. Only to disappoint you, and break your heart…and the heart of the cinnamon roll you supported. UGH. Please. Author-nim….don’t do this to my heart. Don’t get me hella invested only to break my heart, and my poor cinnamon rolls.

Omg Sad GIF - Omg Sad Hoseok GIFs
Please…spare me Author-nim

It’s not so bad if the guy ends up moving on and growing stronger from the experience. Still kind of sad, but not as bad. What I hate is when these series makes it where the dude is just gonna forever hold what he feels in his heart, and just die a lonely life. Bruh. Author-nim. Don’t curse the poor dudes like that. Alot of times, these series are based on webnovels. My impatient ass wants to know what happens next. So I’ll often look for spoilers. Some of the spoilers got me hella sad and like “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK??!”

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Okay, so there’s this one isekai/reverse harem series I found last week. Female lead is transported into the world of a novel. There’s one dude who’s with her at the beginning. He’s kinda cold, but he’s spent the most time with her and they’ve got something (and some support). I find out in spoilers that she rejects him, but dude helped her go back to her world. Legit sacrificing himself and dying so she could be happy. What made me like WTF is that apparently despite that she married two, FREAKIN’ TWO, of the other male leads. Bruh. Dafuq. I kinda wanna drop the series because the ending sounds disappointing and hella dumb. Yet, I know I’ll keep reading it cuz of the art and cuz now I need to understand WTF?! I haven’t had any attachments to the characters yet, but like I’m curious as to why???

All I’m saying is JUSTICE FOR THE SECOND LEADS. They deserve happiness too… Especially with some of the things they’ve had to do. It can be happiness with another love (would be best for them), or at least happiness where they’re thankful for the experience and have really grown. Don’t do my second leads dirty, please… JUSTIIIIIIICE!!!


This goes for female second leads too!

Anyways, sorry for my little rant. I was just in hella deep of my second lead feels and feelin’ hella frustrated. Anyways, what have y’all been doin’? Anyone else constantly suffer from second lead syndrome?? Hope y’all are having a wonderful day! Stay safe and stay healthy fam!~

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Always contemplating how this is what my life has come to


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