Webtoon/Novel|Remarried Empress — I Found Best Boy~

Webtoon/Novel|Remarried Empress — I Found Best Boy~

Why hello BAYOG Fam! It’s your favorite boba and KBBQ deprived girl!~ I know I’ve been pretty garbage at doing new posts for the blog. Like I said…I was really lacking motivation to write over the past couple of months. I did consider doing a side podcast that would focus more on my real people stuffs related expertise. I figured it would be fun to do something more casual and simple with y’all. So that may or may not happen soon. Anyways, I’m trying to get myself back into that blogging groove. I previously talked about what I’d been doing [during quarantine]. I mentioned that I’ve been spending alot of time reading different manga/manhwa/manhua/webtoon series. I named a few of the ones I’ve been into. One of the ones that really, unexpectedly, caught my attention is called 재혼 황후/Remarried Empress.


It’s a [webtoon] adapted from the 재혼 황후/Remarried Empress [webnovel] by 알파타르트/Alphatart. The art for the webnovel is by 치런/Chirun. While the art for the webtoon is by 숨풀/Sumpul. I believe the series was first published in 2018. Currently, it’s not officially published in English. Not yet anyway. However, there have been fan translations online. The series has also supposedly been picked up for a live action drama adaptation. Which, if true, I’m super thrilled about. It’s one of those fantasy/romance series in a historical setting with kingdoms and royalty.

Warning: There will probably be some spoilers. I got super into this series. I raged alot. I also fangirled alot. Your girl needs to rant…so this may be a long post. ALSO…Y’ALL. I FOUND BEST BOYYYYY!~~


Navier spent all of her life to be the perfect empress. She’s calm, intelligent, elegant, and beautiful. Although she and Emperor Sovieshu were more like colleagues, not lovers. It was a political marriage. Still, they grew up together, were on good terms, and worked well together. She worked hard to fulfill her duties. She was truly, the perfect empress. However, things changed when Emperor Sovieshu found a runaway slave. Empress Navier found herself abandoned by the Emperor for this slave. Even worse, he promised to give his lover the Empress’ position. He pushed Empress Navier to divorce him. She agreed. However, they didn’t expect her to ask for the permission to remarry. The biggest shock was that they didn’t expect her to remarry in that instant, and to King Heinley of the neighboring country.

I know, the synopsis may not sound that interesting. To be honest, it took me a while to finally delve into the webtoon. At a glance, I wasn’t that into the art style. I also didn’t think the story would be my kind of thing. However, I eventually gave it a try when I got caught up on my other series. Bruh, I’m so glad I did. I really ended up loving it alot. I got one of my K-Drama Circle gals into it by telling her there’s a glorious ab scene. We would read it and react to it via chat. We really got into it. Like, I’ve really been into villainess redemption kind of stories lately. This one has been one of my favorites so far.

Y’all know how typical fantasy/romance stories are: A King/Emperor/Prince has a fiancee/wife. He finds some common girl, and falls in love with her. Supposedly, she’s harassed by the villainous fiancee/wife. He then ends his relationship with said fiancee/wife, either banishing or killing her. Then goes on to marry his love, and they live happily ever after.

However, I’ve just really been into villainess redemption stories because of the different perspective. Yeah, most of them are that the villainess comes to the realization of how wrong she is. She then changes in order to change her fate. That’s the common theme. It’s also common to see that the “original main characters” are pretty awful. However, Remarried Empress was a tad different. In a typical fantasy/romance story, it would seem to follow the premise that Navier is the “villain” for standing in between Soviesha and Rashta Trashta. However, we honestly see that Navier has done nothing wrong at all. She may seem a bit cold due to the pressure and mask of having to be a perfect empress. However, she genuinely cares for the empire. She works earnestly and with dignity for the people and Sovieshu. I really love and respect her character. She’s a strong woman with dignity. She’s actually really kind, just, and intelligent. However, at the end of the day, she’s human. She feels alot of things, but does her best to stay strong.

She knows that there is no romantic love between her and Sovieshu. However, she’s okay with that. To her, they’ve had fond memories together and a strong partnership. Despite being a bit concerned about Trashta, she didn’t make a big deal out of it. She initially thought it must be because the Emperor was a kind and generous man. She told herself not to be hurt should the Emperor take a lover. After all, it was normal thing. However, it became a problematic issue once he broke her trust and respect.


I Hate Snakeu Talk GIF - IHateSnakeu Talk Afraid GIFs
I FUCKING HATE TRASHTA AND SOVIESHU. Y’all fucking disgust me. You don’t understand the rage I feel…

Before I get into it, there’s something I gotta say. FUCK SOVIESHU AND TRASHTA! ESPECIALLY TRASHTA! Y’all I get so worked up because of the bullshit of these two. They’re worse than garbage. I haven’t been this worked up over bullshit characters since Itaewon Class. Nobody likes them. Everyone is united in hating them, especially hating Trashta. We’ve all come to the conclusion that she’s not Rashta, she’s Trashta. I mean…y’all…look at the comments from the team and the memes they make at the end.


First off, Sovieshu is the prime example of an awful “male lead”. He and Navier have spent alot of time together. They’ve been ruling this empire together. So surely there should be a good level of trust and respect. Especially considering Navier has always been commended on her capabilities. Yet the moment, literally the moment, he finds Trashta he forgets all of that. It’s as if the time and everything between Sovieshu and Navier didn’t exist. He’s cold to Navier. Even when she first inquires about how she heard that he helped a runaway slave. His response was ice cold and he basically told her to never bring it up again. Like, what the fuck bruh?? He basically abandons Navier. He ignores her, and is always immediately going to Trashta. He always accuses Navier of bullshit, never listens to to her, and never believes her. We’re assuming that they spent a minimum of 10 years together, although I’m sure it’s more than that. A 10+ year relationship of memories, trust, respect, and understanding was gone and ignored in an instant. All for a sketchy THOT that he just met and appeared out of nowhere. He really chose a dumb ass bitch over the woman who was beside him and worked hard for him and the empire. Like…bruh…BRUH…ARE YOU FUCKING DUMB?? SERIOUSLY??

Dude, fuck you.

He always puts and always chooses his dumb lover over his Empress. Dude literally doesn’t care how bad he makes it look for Navier as a woman or as the Empress. He never considers the situation, reasoning, or truth. He’s always disregarding how Navier may feel. He’s known her for years, but accuses and blames her for everything. That’s just gross and upsetting. Even worse, he tells Navier that while she may take up a lover, it can’t be a specific person. Bruh, really? She’s not even considering anything. Sis was just chatting with a foreign guest who doesn’t treat her like trash. With the shit you’ve done, you’ve no right to even tell her what to do. Dude be saying she shouldn’t do anything to smear the reputation of the empire. Bruh. BRUHHHHH!! Are you fucking kidding me?? Sovieshit is an example of a trash male lead. Fuck you dude!


Second of all, Trashta is a dumb bitch. Like, that’s just a literal fact. The Emperor and people around her become enthralled with her because she’s pretty and has an “innocent and cute charm”. I put quotes because I find it incredibly annoying, not innocent or cute. Trashta literally acts like a child. She speaks like a child, and addresses herself in third person. All she does is whine and cry… Giiirrrrl, you ain’t 7…like what the fuck?? She has absolutely ZERO common sense. I get she’s an uneducated slave. That part’s not a problem. However, common sense says you shouldn’t be running up to the Empress and address her with zero respect.

Jhope Bts GIF - Jhope Bts What GIFs
MFW I see Trashta

Girl really be like “HEY YOU!” to the freakin’ Empress. She even just grabs and rips the Empress’ dress. Like even in a normal situation, you don’t do that to someone you’ve never met before. She did all that, fully knowing that Navier is the Empress. Also weird is how she’s literally a homewrecker and trying so hard to look like she’s trying to get close to Navier. Girl, you did damage. Stop it, you dumb bitch. Like she really went up to Navier to be like “We’re sisters since we’re sharing the same husband!~” She really be like, “We dick sisters now!~”

The look of a greedy bitch coveting what’s not hers
Fuck this bitch

It pisses me off how she’s obviously very sly and scheming bitch. She knows what she’s doing. She’s coveting what’s not hers, and she thinks she’s entitled to it. She wants everything despite not doing the work or having the qualifications. She can’t even read or write, but she believes Navier’s position is rightfully hers. The thing that pisses me off the most is how dumb she is. Like she’s definitely a scheming bitch, but she’s literally stupid AF. She really is like an immature and naive child. I literally can’t understand how she’s got everyone wrapped around her finger.The fact that everyone is acting like Navier is bullying her when Navier is trying to keep protocol and etiquette…ugh.



I stan.

I saved the best for last. This got me so excited about the series. It was a huge draw for me. Y’all I found the ideal male lead. So Prince Heinley is from the neighboring Western Kingdom. Guess he ends up being King based on how the synopsis on most sites about Remarried Empress. Heinley has alot of rumors surrounding him. People say he’s a young and handsome player. However, Heinley really is a true and ideal male lead. He’s actually very sweet, kind, respectful, supportive, smart, trusting, loyal, and a total gentleman. He instantly sees and knows Navier’s worth. He treats her as a queen right from the start! UGHHH~~~ MY HEARTTT~ He got my heart feeling all soft and squishyyyy~ Not only that, he’s not afraid to call out bullshit.

My hearttttt

The thing about Heinley is he can transform himself into a bird. It’s in his bird form that he first meets Navier. As a bird, he has a note attached to his leg. With this he starts this sort of anonymous penpal exchange with her. Dude is instantly smitten with her. Navier always acts calm and strong despite the Trash Couple bullshit, but she always breaks down in private. It’s in that time that Heinley always finds and comforts her in his bird form. Navier knows nothing about her penpal, but the exchange has been something that helps lift her mood. She also really loves the beautiful bird that’s been sending messages between her and it’s master. Not knowing the bird is a male bird, she names it Queen. Y’all. Heinley really is always looking out for her in his bird form and comforting her.

He’s also super sweet and gentlemanly. Even when he’s in his bird form! There’s a scene where he came to see her. However, he notices that she’s getting ready. So he turns around out on the balcony. He’s actually super cute and sweet. Dude is always blushing and smitten with her even while he’s in his bird form.


Dude isn’t just supportive in his bird form. Sure, he secretly supports and comforts her in his bird form. However, he does it in person as well. There’s a public banquet scene where Sovieshit quickly abandoned Navier to go to Rashta. Like how fucked up is it that the Emperor ditched his Empress, without even a glance, to go to his concubine? At a banquet that the Emperor and Empress are hosting, and in front of everyone. Navier is left alone and forgotten. But our boy comes to the rescue and helps her have fun.

There are alot of times where Navier is left hurt by Sovieshit. Heinley always shows up, genuinely concerned for her. Not just in his bird form. You can see through his expression, words, and actions that he’s concerned for her. He’s afraid that she’s hurt and worried. He knows that she deserves to be treated better.

A King

He also doesn’t fall for Trashta’s bullshit, and I love that. I love that he doesn’t even bat an eye at her. He refuses to dance with Trashta. He also tells her he doesn’t need a third wheel when he’s getting a tour from Navier. Although he does try to act sweet on her at one point as a scheme to call her out. He’s a loyal man who only sees Navier. That’s honestly beautiful, and an amazing contrast to her trash husband.

Honestly, I also love that he doesn’t take bullshit. Despite the risk of political implications, he’s not afraid to call Sovieshit out. He recognizes Sovieshit’s mistakes, and how they impact Navier. Like wow. A loyal man who’s ready to defend the lady’s honor.

MY HEARRRRRTTTT. He truly best boy T~T
Kpop BTS GIF - Kpop BTS Point GIFs
I love Heinley
I ship Heinley x Navier so much

Seriously, I love Heinley. He’s one of my favorite aspects in the story. He really is an ideal lead. Those positive aspects are honestly reasonable and actual attributes that a partner should have. I like him alot because he’s a good example of a healthy idea of what a partner should be like. I’m sick of seeing chauvinistic male leads. I’m sick of seeing male leads that don’t think and trust first. I’m sick of hella possessive male leads that act as if his lover is an object to possess or command. Heinley was a breath of fresh air because he’s so different from typical male leads. He genuinely cares and respects the female lead right from the start. While he loves and cares for Navier, he doesn’t treat her as an object to command or possess. Yeah, he wishes she could be his queen. However, from the get go, he treats her as a queen that should be respected. He knows she’s married, but she’s how she’s mistreated. He’s flirty, but he’s not pushing himself on her. He just wants her to be happy. That is the difference between a true lead and the trash lead that is Sovieshit. I stan a true lead.

Btssuga Serious GIF - Btssuga Serious Bts GIFs

Honestly, the story really pulled me in. I mean I hate trash couple alot. I rage alot. I can feel my blood pressure rising, and my veins popping from the seething anger and hate I feel. At the same time, I’m so in love with the Navier x Heinley moments. It’s honestly so incredibly sweet and romantic. Like y’all this is only 17 chapters into the webtoon so far. While I hate Sovieshit and Trashta, I do like the contrast. It truly is a good example of trash lead vs true lead. basically trash vs treasure. I also love that the female lead is such a strong and dignified character. I love that she doesn’t back down, and that she knows her worth.

Anime Love GIF - Anime Love Cupid GIFs

Of course, my favorite part would be the Heinley moments. Ugh. So sweet and romantic. My heart is soft and squishy. I’m super invested in this series. I’ve read all the available chapters, even the Korean ones that haven’t been translated. I was impatient. I had to know. Luckily, nearly 20 years of K-Pop and K-Dramas taught me enough to understand a good chunk of it. Still, I want to know more. I’m so impatient and excited. I ended up starting the webnovel. Again, it’s a super big deal for me. Y’all, I seriously don’t like to read novels and things. I prefer media with images. However, I’ve been really enjoying it so far. Anyway, have you read Remarried Empress? Whatcha think?? What are your thoughts on Heinley and Navier? Bitch about Sovieshit and Trashta with meee~ Also, feel free to recommend some other series for me too! Let me know in the comments or through my socials! Take care y’all!~

Edit: I know a bunch of y’all stumbled on my post looking for where to read the webnovel. WordExcerpt has a good chunk of it translated. However, they were asked by the author and publishers to stop. So unfortunately that’s all there is in English for the time being. If you’re still dying to know spoilers, go read the 60+ pages in the NovelUpdates thread…cuz that’s what I did LOL Let’s just hope the publishers do an official English publication soon!

Edit again: As of 2022, the webnovel is now officially available in English via the Yonder app (Webtoon’s webnovel app)~


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20 Replies to “Webtoon/Novel|Remarried Empress — I Found Best Boy~”

  1. MMMMmm! Thank you for writing this :))) I really got into the manhwa and read as much as available of the webnovel;;; It’s a shame it only got up to the part just after the divorce but I completely agree with all your points.

    Spoiler Alert!

    The thing that made me hate the emperor the most was when he said something to Navier along the lines of “I want you to stay with me after the divorce.” LIKE BRUH ARE YOU KIDDING ME :)))) And he like told Heinley after the divorce “Why are you stealing other people’s wives?” AS IF HE WASNT THE ONE THAT ANULLED THE MARRIAGE IN THE FIRST PLACE >:Vvv The emperor thinks he likes navier and then pulls that clown shi- … anyway;; I saw a few spoilers on the marriage life of Heinley n Navier and I got so happy;;; and forgot where I read it but apparently when Emperor dude finds out Navier is pregnant with her new husband’s child, he goes crazy because she wasn’t infertile ;; hehheh

    1. Hey there! Thank you for stopping by and reading my rant~haha~ I always love finding new people who love the series and wanna chat about it~ Same! It really is a shame the translations were dropped. I was dying to know what happened so I even read like 60+ pages of spoilers on a forum. LOL

      [Also spoiler alert!]

      I totally agree! Sovieshit (that’s what I call him because he’s complete trash) is completely frustrating. He’s so entitled, narcissistic, and a hypocrite. I raged so much! Like, BRUHHHH. This clown seriously told her she needed to be more careful of her actions not ruin their reputation?? I don’t know how much spoilers you know or are okay with, but he’s just so dumb and complete trash. I wanna yeet him and Trashta into a volcano. But I’m super happy about Heinley and Navier and their married life. Sovieshit totally got what he deserved lol Like dude always kept gaslighting and blaming everyone else when he was the problem.

  2. Okay I love this WEBTOON and I actually finished the whole series because I read it but I ain’t spoiling. And this isn’t even half of what Trashta’s gonna do to they’re life(it gets worse) and little spoiler and hint for y’all who need to read it Soveishit wants Rashta but at the same time he wants the empress and doesn’t let her go with anyone else only certain men and if the empress is with someone else he goes and confronts them (technically saying like back off or she’s my wife) to be specific he goes and confronts men the empress is talking to even allies to the kingdom and thinks the empress is flirting with them.

    1. Same! Even though I hate Sovieshit and Trashta, I still love the series!~ It’s a shame that the English translations were stopped, but I did manage to read all the spoilers haha~ Honestly, Soveishit was foolish and too full of himself. He just thinks he’s entitled to everything, and that he’s flawless. The hypocrisy and irony in him lecturing Navier about how to conduct herself to not ruin their reputation. I’m just like “Bruh, she’s literally just doing her diplomatic and national duties. Plus, you pretty much ruined the royal reputation all on your own…”

    1. Hey there!~ Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to read the full novel in English. The novel was originally being translated by WordExcerpt. However, the original publishers and author apparently cancelled their deal with WordExcerpt and had them stop and remove the translations. However, alot of people have been MTL (machine translating) the novel online here:

      There was never a paper format of the novel in English. However, I do think that there is a paper format of it in Korean. The novel is completed, and I believe there are 4 volumes. I think I saw it on eBay before. Although, I’m not sure if the seller is reliable or not. ^^”

      1. You’re very welcome!~ Sorry I couldn’t be of much help! There were rumors that Remarried Empress might get another official English release, but it was never confirmed. But hopefully it’s true and it’ll be released soon~

      1. Hi! Please please tell me everything about it! I’m so obssesed with the story, could you please tell me?

  3. I agree with you that Rasta and Sovieshit are annoying as hell. But if you read the story closely, you will remember that they both ate the cookies with the abortion pills when they were younger. If Sovieshit’s mother found out that Navier have eaten those cookies, she wouldn’t be the empress of Eastern Empire (or should I say ex express). It doesn’t say in the story but I believe that Sovieshit truly love Navier because one, he lied about Navier not eating the cookies. He grew up with Navier and he probably understand that Navier have prepare her entire life just for the position of Empress, and Sovieshit doesn’t want Navier’s dream to crush even tho it’s clearly his fault. Two, they are both in need of an heir. In I forgot which chapter, but Sovieshit explain the importance of them having an heir. If they don’t have an heir, then the person next in line for the throne will be some asshole (i don’t remember their name but they are not important). Sovieshit cares about the Easter Empire and he doesn’t want it to tremble in those people’s hand. Some might argue saying oh he loves his Empire more than he love Navier, but that’s not the case. It’s like someone saying oh I love reading manhwas but I hate those novels. (bruh) He knew that Navier can’t get pregnant so he decided to bring that asshole Trasta back. I hate it when people pity Trasta. She does not deserve it. I get where they are coming from; she is just a slave who wanted a better life. She hook up with Allen because she wanted to have a better life while having the identity as a slave. But when she was recognized by the Sovieshit, she became to greedy. In this case, she is not looking for a better life, but greedy for power. If she truly wanted a better life, she can just be a concubine, but NO, she wanted to be better than Navier, which is something you can never achieve judging from your position. She make other people’s lives worst just for her own benefit. You can see that she never truly love Sovieshit. She only stay with him because one, he got power, and two, he can give her shelter. Navier doesn’t even give a fuck about Rasta but then she wanted to have her identity as the Empress. Rasta’s child can’t have the identity of a princess but she can have the identity of Sovieshit’s child and his heir (since we know Navier can’t get pregnant at that time). But instead, she wanted to let her child be the Princess. There’s literally no difference but she just like the title better. Sovieshit have to put up all that shit just so he can have an heir. He likes the idea of having his first child as a princess so he decided to divorce Navier. But we can see that he truly love her, and wanted everything for her. But if explain himself to Navier, maybe she won’t leave him. But everything is too late and Navier ended up with Heinley. (it’s okay she can have him I will take Koshar, he’s the real deal >;} ) I pity him but at the same time I can’t really blame him. If we look at the time line, we know that this is probably from a long time ago, where Emperors can actually have concubines. The court officials would gift Emperors concubines so they can have a higher position or get what they wanted. So him having a concubine is alright. (BUT FUCK THAT SHIT, we don’t like a ML with concubines) Overall, I would blame Trasta and Sovieshit’s stupidity.

    1. [!!! For other readers: SPOILER ALERT!!!!]

      Yes, I remember. The thing that really annoys me about Sovieshit is that he’s so full of himself that he always assumes the problem can’t be him, and just automatically assumes that it’s an issue with Navier. When realistically it could very be a problem with him (which we know it was), or even both. Yes, yes. I get that he assumes that he can’t be his fault because Trashta got preggers. But he’s also dumb to just automatically accept it’s his kid when he should’ve been questioning some things since he basically didn’t know anything about her. We do see that Sovieshit had been in love with Navier. However, his love was pretty shit. If he truly loved her, he wouldn’t have purposely gone out of his way to hurt, humiliate, and belittle her time after time. He always undermined her as his wife and as his empress. That just reflects really poorly. Especially when he didn’t even give her a glance at the event that’s being touted as being held by the emperor and empress. Of course they had concerns regarding having an heir. Still, as the emperor and as a husband/man, he should have communicated that to his empress/wife. After all, they’re partners. Even more so because it’s in regards to the future of their empire. While I do think he loved her, and expressed it very poorly, I think a part of him keeping the cookies a secret was because of his guilt. Like we know Navier is level headed and truly cares for the empire, and busts her ass for it. Honestly, we see she didn’t really have a huge issue when first heard about Sovieshit bringing in Trashta. She even understood that the emperor could/would take in a concubine. Like you said, historically, that was the norm and it was accepted. However, the issue is how he immediately treated Navier like shit, belittled her, and had no regards to her reputation as his wife, but most importantly, as the empress. It’s like, you’re supposed to be partners. That just looks bad for the empire. It’s just counterproductive to strengthening the empire. I think he definitely took her and her work for the empire for granted. Honestly, he’s the one who made things escalate so bad. So everything that ended up happening, that’s all on him. lol Literally, all the dude had to do was communicate nicely/reasonably with Navier. As the saying goes, “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes”. lol For real, Trashta is just traaaaash. She deserves no pity, even with her backstory. I still have zero pity for her. She got way too greedy. Again, Navier really didn’t give a rat’s ass about her at first. But Trashta went out of her way to undermine Navier and try to take her position, which we all know she was never qualified for. Honestly, she should’ve just been content as a concubine. It would’ve meant zero pressure for her, and she could have just lived a chill life eating and playing all day. She’s definitely one of the greediest characters I’ve come across. It’s just stupid for her to be greedy for that power, cuz it’s obvious that she can’t handle it at all. She also deserved what she got. Although, the slow burn was killing me lol Sovieshit and Trashta are just too selfish and greedy… also beyond stupid. lol They were just perfect for each other. I’m still pissed that all this shit happened cuz Sovieshit didn’t just communicate with Navier. Oh well. I get he cares for the empire, but if he really cared that much, he wouldn’t have been so incredibly tactless. I’m glad she got with Heinley. At least she has a man who communicates and treats her right~ OMG! Koshar! I love him! He’s such a great brother! lol Dude is literally ready to kill for his sister, no questions asked. lol

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