Social Distancing and Quarantine? More Like Self-Love and Productivity!

Social Distancing and Quarantine? More Like Self-Love and Productivity!

Hey, everyone! It has been a very long time since I’ve written anything for the blog but I have my priorities in life and so does the rest of BAYOG. But I decided to take a little time, since I have a little break from school (Yay! ^_^), to jot some of this down and share it with you. I know you’ve probably read or seen hundreds of blogs/articles about “How to stay active while working from home”, “5 best ways to work out at home”, “How to be a comfy slob while zooming…” blah blah blah right? While staying active and healthy is very important, I’m here to tell you about some equally as important things.

I think you should try to commit some time to finish some things you’ve always to and/or have started but didn’t get to finish for whatever reason. I know there has to be dozens, maybe even hundreds of you, just like me who just fell off a series that you used to keep up with weekly.

Here’s a quick look through the bottom half of my CR queue, sorted by date accessed. There are a few things on there I have either finished, re watching, or never started.

As you can see, my queue on CR is horrific LOL. And it’s not that some of them are bad enough that I subconsciously dropped it. It’s just as life moves on, certain priorities rise above others and some get left behind, one of them being this blog for me *cough*. If your queue is as bad as mine, it might be a good time to finish off those series collecting dust. You might end of realizing one series was better than you expected when you first started or something might surprise you in the worst way and fail to have a good ending. Either way, you’ll still get that feeling of accomplishment from finishing a series and that is ultimately the goal. Just last week, I finally watched the last 3 episodes of AoT, a series which I never completely walked along with like everyone else.

On the topic of crossing some things off your list, have you looked at your steam library lately? There’s probably a few dozen games on there you’ve never played or finished to completion yet either, amirite? I’d make another gif scrolling through my steam library but that would go on for far too long. I almost feel like games are different compared to a series, in terms of leaving them off until later. To me, it’s not always as easy to pick up a game I haven’t played in a while (years, probably). Maybe, I struggle to get into the mindset of the game or I actually stopped playing because it was bad or I was bad. Sometimes I think that I get bored easily with some games and don’t commit fully to it. I find that some games I actually had tons of fun with but just dropped off because of certain RL factors.

I know there is always someone saying, “Man, I wish I had more time to play this or watch that or do this”, I’m one of them. This is the time to do any of those things that are doable at home, in your backyard or garage. There’s an old saying, “Time is what you make of it”, I don’t know who said that and searching for the main source on the internet will be exhausting, so I’m stealing borrowing it. Time only becomes wasted when you don’t make the most of it. Sure being quarantined sucks but that doesn’t mean you don’t have things you could do in the safety of your home.

Of course, this all depends on your personal windows of free time, whether you’re working/schooling from home or working on other priorities you have. Some people don’t have that extra time to put in for leisure activities but this is more about the time that has opened up from not being able to go out. I’m not sure what sparked this post or this amount of positivity but I hope you enjoyed it! And if you did feel free to share, like, follow, subscribe and do all the social media things. Stay safe out there, BAYOG Fam.

2 Replies to “Social Distancing and Quarantine? More Like Self-Love and Productivity!”

  1. Through this people have felt motivated of demotivated to do things they have been meaning to do. Personally I’ve accomplished a few things off my list and I’m satisfied. Usually afternoons are when I leave to have leisure time. And I follow a semi morning routine I’ve built up.

    1. Yeah, I think people have been unsure about whether to spend this time winding down or doing something meaningful. On my days off, I’ll usually spend my afternoons for leisure as well and my usual routines will follow before the evening begins

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