BAYOG Playlist|Massive Autumn & Winter Vibes

BAYOG Playlist|Massive Autumn & Winter Vibes

Hey BAYOG Fam. I apologize for the delay in my posts. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with things. There’s also been alot of tragedies in regards to Asian media. Rest in peace Sulli, Hara, and Godfrey… It was heartbreaking, and I just wasn’t in the mood to write anything. I suppose because it’s autumn/fall…basically winter as well. I enjoy the cooler weather that comes with autumn and winter. However, it also feels a bit lonely and sad. Autumn makes me feel a bit more somber. So I thought I’d share some songs that I’ve been listening to for this somber autumn and winter mood. “Uh…Minty…it’s basically winter already, aren’t you kind of late?” Autumn is from September 23 – December 21… So I still made it… ‘Kays? Thank youuuu~

Anyways… Sure, autumn is known as the start of the holidays, like Thanksgiving. People think of the holidays as being warm and festive. However, Autumn and Winter makes me think of when things start to get cold… People get their hearts broken… Things change. Like the weather or leaves on the trees, people and their feelings change. I feel like autumn is also when loneliness and sadness starts to creep on people. Especially for those who may not enjoy the holidays or have anyone to spend the holidays with. Sometimes there’s just this sense of loneliness, emptiness, disappointment, and regret. As I’ve said before, it’s not always a happy and festive time for everyone.

비 소나기 비탄 실연 최시원 GIF - Heartbreak Bittersweet Sad GIFs

Y’all know what a soundtrack moment is right? When you go through your normal life and feel like, “This would be part of some sad movie soundtrack or music video moment”? It could be just feeling sentimental, sad, lonely, and empty while talking a walk, being on a drive, or drinking or tea or coffee. Yeah. Those are the kinds of songs I picked. It’s times that embody those slow, sad, lonely, bittersweet, and cold moments. Something like soft, sad ballads. I also think soft jazzy/lo-fi hip-hop fits the season too. There are a few more happy soft feeling moments too though. You’ll also probably notice I was feeling more of those lo-fi vibes too. I’ve got some soft acoustic, indie, and lo-fi songs that also go with the more positive moments.

Image result for eun tak canada

They’re songs that remind me of the warm and cozy moments and feelings. Like a soft, warm and cozy feeling love? It’s like the warm and cozy feeling of coats, scarves, gloves, holding hands, or a warm drink like coffee, tea, or cocoa. They also remind me of when I’m in the mood to chill in a cafe. You may see some tracks that appeared in my other playlists. I just wanna say that some songs just fit multiple moods/vibes? Anyways, y’all are gonna be good for literally the whole day with this playlist. If that’s not enough, you can check out my [Winter/Holiday Playlist] from last year~

“WTF, Minty. Can you like…make shorter playlists?” Nah. I literally incapable of making short playlists. It’s just also cuz I like long playlists because I like having a variety. It’s cuz I’m ALWAYS listening to music. Like according to Spotify wrapped I listened to 626 HOURS of BTS?? That doesn’t even include the other stuff I listen to?? Anyways, enjoy the playlist~

Primary Feat. OHHYUK|Bawling

Now I’ll ask you for a chance
In the silence
Trying to find an excuse to let you know that I changed

This track is by hip-hop musician and producer, Primary. It features hyukoh’s OHHYUK. It’s an R&B/soul track. It’s a melancholy track that tells the story of a couple. They’ve changed, and so has their relationship. They’re sad, but continuing the motions of this relationship that has cooled. I love Oh Hyuk’s vocals in this. It’s soulful, but you can also feel a feeling of sadness and emptiness.

RM (BTS)| seoul (prod. HONNE)

If love and hate are the same words
I love you Seoul
If love and hate are the same words
I hate you Seoul

Okay, I know some of y’all gonna be like “BTS? Again, really?” and roll your eyes. However, this is a really beautiful track. I absolutely love this track. This track is RM’s solo mixtape mono. It’s different from his work as a member of BTS. It was a collab between the BTS leader and HONNE, who produced the track. It’s a almost chill and beautiful sounding track. Yet, it carries a bit of sadness and emptiness to it. The song basically describes the love/hate RM feels in regards to Seoul. It was a city that was foreign to him, but is now home. The city can be dirty and cold. Some of the sights, sounds, and smells aren’t exactly held positively. Yet, at the same time he grew accustomed to the characteristics of the city. In a way, it’s a part of the city’s charm. Still, it’s a love/hate relationship. The video has such gorgeous visuals and aesthetics too. For me I can relate to the feeling and idea from this song. I’ve lived in several places. A part of me hates it. It’s foreign, everything is different. It just feels cold and empty to me. Yet, it also has it’s own charms. I’ve grown accustomed to everything. Whether I like it or not, it’s the place I call home now. Anyways, I think this is a perfect track for when you’re contemplating things during a drive or something.

Crush| fall (어떻게 지내)

My dream of the four seasons was all you
But my room remains as fall

If you’ve been following my music posts, y’all should know by now that I love Crush. This is a soft and bittersweet jazzy/r&b track. The Korean in the title means, “How are you?”. Crush is basically singing about a past love, and being unable to forget her. He can’t help but wonder how she is. Time has passed. However, he still feels the pain. The pain makes him not want to fall in love, but he was to ultimately fall in love again one day. It’s just a beautiful track fam.

Epik High feat. Younha| 우산

You are the umbrella above my head

I think you should also know that I love Epik High. In fact, BAYOG flew all the way to Chicago to see and meet them. Their music is so beautiful and meaningful. I highly recommend listening to their work. Anyway, here’s a classic track. “Umbrella” came out in 2008 on their Pieces, Part One album. It features one of my favorite artists, Younha. She’s well known for singing “Comet” for the Bleach anime. I think this is the track I played for Kenny and got him in hooked on Epik High. It’s a melancholy song for sure. It’s about how life can be like a rainy day. It’s cold, lonely, and disheartening. “You are the umbrella above my head” is such a beautiful line. It’ll always be a timeless track for me. It’s definitely one of their most well known tracks too. Younha also came out with a solo version of the track a while back. It’s much softer sounding. They have very different feels to them. They’re both beautiful though.

Epik High feat. Oh Hyuk| 빈차 (Home Is Far Away)

The standards of the world is becoming like Everest
The more I go towards the top, stress builds up like a mountain
I know I can never rest

Yeah, this song pops up in my playlists alot. It’s one of my ultimate favorite tracks. It features Oh Hyuk from the indie band, hyukoh. “Taxi (Home Is Far Away)” is another melancholy track. This one goes with when you’re feeling down and hopeless. Sometimes you can feel absolutely worn out by things; By life, stress, and expectations. We put up brave fronts and try our best, but sometimes the weight feels too heavy to bear. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could put that weight down for a while? This is one of the songs I love because it’s so relateable. There are times things feel frustrating because you’re unable to express what’s on your mind or what you’re feeling. This is one of the songs that does that. That’s exactly why I love Epik High and their work so much.

Epik High feat. IU| 연애소설 (LOVE STORY)

We were like magnets once
Cuz only when one of us turned around
We grew apart

Here’s another Epik High track. Yeah, there’s gonna be alot of Epik High and Tablo in this playlist. This track features IU and describes a love that’s become a sad love story. It describes looking back at the beautiful memories, and now only feeling pain when your love doesn’t work out anymore. It’s bittersweet. On one hand, you’re in alot of pain and sorrow. This love has become a scar and trauma. You wished you could move on. On the other hand, there are the memories that keep replaying. You just feel like you’re stuck in a sad love story. I think everyone can relate to this kind of situation and feeling.

Epik High feat. Suhyun (AKMU)| 상실의 순기능 (The Benefits of Heartbreak)

The nights are still bright without you
And autumn, too, will turn into spring
But why am I like this?
Are you like this too?

I think this was one of my immediate favorites from the We’ve Done Something Wonderful album. I love Suhyun from AKMU (formerly Akdong Musician). Epik High did a fantastic job in choosing her vocals for this song. She has such a sweet and soft voice, but it also carries this sense of sorrow and loss of what to do. This is definitely another post-heartbreak/breakup song. It’s basically the idea that the world will continue, and so should you. Sometimes we try to keep ourselves preoccupied. Especially with breakups, we tend to do things that will keep us busy while we hope for the pain to lessen and pass. This song is about how we try to stay positive and strong, after heartbreak. Yes, breakups are painful. People say the benefit is that we’re able to have more time for our selves and do the things we’ve wanted to do. It could be cleaning or reading a book. Yet, sometimes it seems like you’re just stuck. I think most people have moments where they tried to stay strong. Yet, we still remember the pain and wonder, “Why?”

OFFONOFF| Cigarette (Feat. Tablo & MISO)

Come to think of it, love is like a cigarette
Burning at the tip of it, but quick to burn out
Like a cigarette, it may get you sick
But you’ll never get sick of it

OFFONOFF is a group consisting of Colde and 0Channel. Y’all know I love Colde. He does the singing and composing. 0Channel does the producing and DJ work. The track is really smooth, soft, and chill. This track is completely in English. It features Epik High’s Tablo and MISO. Tablo is a lyrical genius with his raps. MISO’s soft vocals fits this track so well too. Colde and MISO’s voices go together really well.”Cigarette” is basically a metaphor for love. Like a cigarette, love can be both addictive and destructive.

DEAN feat. Sulli, Rad Museum| 하루살이(dayfly)

The truth only hurts
So when the sweet lies touch my skin
I can live through another day
As I lock up that nameless night

You already know I love Dean. He’s probably my favorite K-R&B artist. For “dayfly”, he featured his homie Rad Museum. He also had the late Sulli, rest in peace, lend her sweet vocals as well. This is another sad kind of song. The song basically describes a story of someone who had a failed relationship. They feel both pain and also feel desensitized to everything So they try to feel desensitized from that pain, and to feel alive through a one night stand. The other person also seems to be in a similar situation. They’re complete strangers. They don’t need to know anything about each other, and are completely unfamiliar to each other. It’s because of this that they’re able to feel comfort and are able to escape the pain for a while. Not only that, it reminds them that they’re still alive. I think people can relate to wanting to feel desensitized from the pain of a heartbreak. Sometimes, things feel painful and numb at the same time. There are times when people are so deep in sorrow that they just can’t feel anything.


I embraced a large, swollen dream
and having only ever looked ahead,
dashing onward; what am I now?
As I look behind and all around me,
I see I had lost myself

Dasutt is an indie band. I only recently stumbled upon their music. I think I instantly connected with “Youth” when I first heard it. I think everyone, especially the younger generation, have moments like this. You feel lost, unsure, and you don’t even really feel like yourself. It’s kind of sad, but comforting at the same time. I think it’s a simple song that perfectly embodies that feeling and experience that everyone has gone through.


Okay…something kind of weird and random happened to me about a month ago. I got a notification that someone started following me on Twitter. Kinda weird cuz first of all, people don’t follow me since I’m not very interesting. Secondly, it was the producer from a Japanese band called citrusplus? Like that was hellaaaa random. I’m glad it happened though. It gave me a chance to find out about their music. I feel like “melt” has a really nice vibe that goes with this playlist nicely.

Colde|와르르 (Wa-R-R)

Hit by your sharp words, I bleed

“Wa-R-R” by Colde is basically about a love that’s falling apart. If I remember correctly “wa-r-r” is basically the sound of something collapsing. Love can be sometimes feel so very uncertain. This song is about feeling hurt and being left unsure by the person you love. You love them, but it feels like your love and relationship is just crumbling apart.

Zion.T|5월의 밤 (May)

We hoped that we wouldn’t change
But because we didn’t change, it became so boring

Zion.T is another one of my favorite K-R&B kings. The literal title of “May”, is “The night in May”. It’s such a soft and beautiful song. It’s basically reminiscing and reflecting on his relationship with a woman who met in May. Unfortunately, things don’t seem to be working out. She wants to end their relationship. He reflects on what may have caused their love to not work out. Perhaps they should’ve done more. Perhaps it’s because he couldn’t tell her he loved her enough. Perhaps it’s because they didn’t fight enough or grow. I think everyone goes through this kind of idea. We look back at the good times, but also stress out over what went wrong. We tend to replay things and think about when things started to change. It’s human to have regrets and wonder how things could have been different.

Colde|5월의 상실 (Loss)

We can’t comfort each other anymore

This is a soft and simple song by Colde. Colde basically sings about running into his past lover. He’s felt like he’s had no one, but can feel like she’s there in front of him. He can still remember everything vividly. He laments their loss, and wishes to erase everything. It’s sad, but some things just come to an end.

Epik High feat. Crush|술이 달다 (LOVEDRUNK)

Maybe while I was erasing you
I erased myself

Epik High and a Crush collab? You bet I loved this alot. The whole album was genius. The MV stars IU too~ In this song, Epik High is basically trying to forget their love with alcohol. Tablo said that out of human instinct, people tend to try to destroy their selves when things don’t work out. Many people tend to try to drink the pain of heartache away; Hoping that it’ll make them forget. It’s this idea that while you’re trying to destroy your memories and feelings, you’re also destroying a part of yourself.

Epik High|Lullaby For A Cat

Whoever said no pain, no gain
Don’t know pain
Intimately like I do
As infinitely as I do

The whole Sleepless in ________ album is a masterpiece. I love this track so much too. It’s a lo-fi track with Tablo rapping only in English. It’s soft, soothing, and melancholy. I think it’s a perfect late night song, or rainy day song.

Epik High feat. Yuna|No Different

I might not be the one…
Could you settle for half?

This is another track from Epik High’s Sleepless in ________ album. It’s another track that’s all in English as well. This one features Yuna. This is a song about two people who’ve changed. There’s an uncertainty. However, despite suddenly becoming different, they’re also the same. They’re both suffering from love. It’s rough, but they’re hoping to hold on.

Epik High|비가 온대 내일도 (Rain Again Tomorrow)

A sea of thoughts
I keep sinking, perhaps because I don’t know where it ends
Every night I try to swim freely
Only to end up breaking like a wave

Again, this album was amazing. I tend to listen to it alot when I’m stuck in one of those moods where I feel overwhelmed and sad. This song is definitely one of the tracks I always have on repeat. It’s a good song to listen to during a rainy day/night. I really relate to the lyrics too. Sometimes, things just feel gloomy, and as if it’ll always be a rainy day. We all know I have alot of sleepless nights. I have trouble sleeping alot because I have alot on my mind. Honestly, when I first heard this song I really felt like, “Wow. This is exactly me!”

Epik High|Spoiler (스포일러)

Your cold eyes and words are the spoiler
In your every action, I see our end
I tell myself it’s not true but I feel the spoiler
Should I watch till the end? Or should I leave now?
What if there’s a twist?

Epik High’s first album under YG Entertainment wasn’t my favorite. I think I only liked 2-3 songs from it. However, I really loved the Shoebox album. It made me feel like, “This is definitely an Epik High album!” This song kind of compares a relationship to a movie. The other person in this relationship seems to have changed. The song tells how they’ve noticed the changes, that perhaps it was a spoiler to the end. Still, they want to hold on and hope for a twist. Still, it seems like she just wants to let go.

Epik High feat. Cho Won Sun (Roller Coaster)|Happen Ending

It’s different this time
I deceive myself every time
But without fail
Like always
It will come to an end

This was another good track from the Shoebox album. “Happen Ending” is a play on words. 헤픈 basically means easy or inevitable. “Happen Ending” sounds almost like “Happy Ending”. However, that’s not the case in this song. This song sings about an easy and inevitable ending to their relationships.

RM (BTS)|forever rain

When it rains I Get a little feeling that I do have a friend
Keeps knocking on my windows
Asks me if I’m doing well
And I answer, I’m still a hostage of life
I don’t live because I can’t die But I’m chained to something

This is another track from RM’s mono. I think this fits that sad and lonely mood perfectly. I think sometimes it’s frustrating when you feel overwhelmed with your emotions and thoughts. Especially when you can’t express them. I really understand Namjoon in this track. Sometimes, the rain helps me pull out those emotions. Sometimes it helps hide the sadness I feel. It’s sad and melancholy, but also comforting.


I can’t forget the warmth
Will you come through those warm memories?
I’m still afraid
But I’m acting like I’m ok

I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m an old school K-Pop fan. I’ve been into K-Pop since 2002 or 2003? Basically back when S.E.S. was still big, and I got onto K-Pop cuz of Se7en, 1TYM, and DBSK. I suppose you can consider me a big fan from the SNSD, BigBang, 2PM, Wonder Girls, and Super Junior era of K-Pop. I love SNSD. I also made some great friends because of it. I absolutely love Taeyeon and her voice. “Blue” was from her solo single Four Seasons. It just came out earlier this year. To me, this song about the struggle with a lingering attachment and longing for someone who’s gone. For me, I can hear and feel a sorrow and emptiness of someone struggling to be okay after a breakup. You try, but you’re scared. You try to be okay, but you can’t help but feel sad. Especially because the fact is, some things are gone and can never come back.

Colde|사랑해줘 (Please Love Me)

From now on, please love me a little more
Look at me a little more
Please hold me once more

I love this song by Colde. It’s simple, but really hits the heartstrings. I think the simplicity of the track and Colde’s mellow vocals make it such a beautiful song. I can really feel that emotion of loving and longing for someone, and just that they would love you too.


Is this silence an opportunity or just my hopes?
Or is it just my thoughts?
Should I stay still or go out?
Is this just being pointless?

Although I don’t listen to it very often, I do enjoy K-indie. I really like hyukoh’s music too. They have their own thing going, and I love how Oh Hyuk’s vocals can be very soulful and mellow in this track. “Gondry” is a bit artsy since it’s a reference to film director Michael Gondry. He directed The Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. He tends to put a focus on dreams, imagination, and memories. There are two versions of this song. The first is the Hyukoh version. It’s simple, softer, and very indie. I think this version really goes with the autumn and winter vibe. The other [version] is with Primary, Oh Hyuk, and Lim Kim. That version of the song has alot more going on. As I said before, the track references Gondry. So the music videos are also reflective of those very themes. It’s very dream sequence-y. There’s alot of nifty artsy details about the cinematography. I recommend reading about it from [Asian Junkie].


As time goes on, it’ll become a scab

I’m typically not that into J-Hip-Hop. However, I recently stumbled upon BASI. I instantly loved his music. It’s basically lo-fi hip-hop. Which I love because it’s so chill. Not only are the tracks calming, but so is rapping. One of the tracks I instantly liked was “Scab”. I only have a hella broken and basic understanding of Japanese. However, this song is basically about how tough things can seem. Despite how tough it is, we try to tell ourselves that we should keep going forward. Over time, those wounds will become scabs that will just fall off. I find it to be a bit of a melancholy, but also comforting song.

Utada Hikaru|初恋

My chest pounds madly
Rain now gently falls on my shoulders
Holding back my welling tears, they overflow
Letting me know, this is my first love
I need you, I need you

I need you, I need you

You should all know Utada Hikaru from the Kingdom Hearts theme songs. I absolutely love her. She’s forever a legendary J-Pop Queen. This track is from her last album, “Hatsukoi”. “Hatsukoi” is also the name of this track and means, “First Love”. Funnily enough, Utada also already had a song called [“First Love“]. It’s one of her most well known songs, and from the earlier part of her career. “First Love” is one of my favorite tracks. I thought it was interesting that Utada was doing another song about first love. However, I really liked “Hatsukoi”. I think “First Love” is very reflective of how the teenaged Utada viewed a first love. I think “Hatsukoi” is more reflective of how an older and more mature Utada views first love. “Hatsukoi” has kind of a delicate and more mature feel to it because of the beautiful and delicate orchestral sounds in the track. I think this track really represents how beautiful first love is. At the same time, I also feel like there’s also that tinge of sadness when our first love is one sided.

IU|그 사람 (The Visitor)

Why do I still love you?
Why do I sing about you?
Why do I still wait for you?
Sing about you say love you
Baby I love you
Why I love you why you

I really love this track from IU. I love the simplicity of the track with the guitar and her voice. It’s about a “visitor”. Someone who’s come and made you love them, but they just leave you. In the end you’re stuck wondering why you still love them, still wait for them, and why you’re stuck like this.

IU|Love Poem

I’ll be there, behind you who walks alone
Singing till the end, this song will be endless
Take a big breath
For you who forgot how to cry aloud… I’ll Sing

This is a beautiful and comforting song. There’s a bit of sadness in acknowledging that someone you love is in pain. It acknowledges that some people really suffer and struggle from their pain. Sometimes they feel no love for themselves. However, this song is comforting because it reminds them that you love them and you’re always there for them. I really love that as the song goes on, IU’s sings louder and stronger. It’s like she really wants her loved one to hear it. It’s especially sad knowing that at her concert, IU dedicated this song to her late friend Sulli.

Kwon JinAh & Sam Kim|여기까지(For Now)

I can’t call you anything else but a good friend now
But I still look for you and I hate myself for that

OOH! I love this song too. I’ve always really adored Sam Kim’s vocals and music style. His voice is so soulful and soothing. I also love how Kwon Jinah’s vocals carry so much emotion. Both of these singers are label mates and former contestants from KPop Star season 3. Their styles really mesh well. This song is basically the story of two people are trying to move on from their broken relationship. They’re stuck unsure of what they are. Are they really over? Are they even really friends still? Yet they’re stuck reminiscing and longing for the other. What I like is that it’s sung from both perspectives. The girl sings about how she sees he’s meeting someone new. Though she thought they fit well together, she can see how the new girl is better for him. She tries to be happy for him, but can’t help but feel hurt. Sam sings from the guy’s perspective. He finds the new girl to be nice and sweet. However, she can’t fill the void that his ex left. He’s also only putting up a front and hurting.

Clazziquai Project|Brown Gold Eyes

Again today, I’m locked in thoughts of missing you
I walk on the streets filled with our memories, alone and not with you
Brown gold eyes, I hope to see them again someday
I close my eyes and cherish all the loving feelings

So I absolutely loved Clazziquai Project. It was originally a project group consisting of DJ Clazzi, Alex Chu, and Horan. They became well known through netizens who were digging their tracks online. Clazziquai was really cool because they had a very unique and experimental sound. It really made them stand out. I loved how they’d have some electronica, some bossa, and jazz. Their music was just really fun. Alex and Horan have such amazing vocals too. They were also really famous for their contribution to the OST for My Lovely Kim Sam Soon, a classic and OG K-drama. This track came out in 2013. I remember thinking how pretty sounded, and I instantly loved this track. It’s a bit bittersweet, moreso sweet. They’re basically reminiscing someone they loved. Although it is a bit bittersweet, it’s a song that reminisces sweetly and fondly.

Jung Jinwoo|Drowning

Sometimes I’m not confident
I can’t say anything
I’m lost in my thoughts

Here’s a brand new track from Jung Jinwoo. He was a contestant on KPop Star 5. I really love his soulful R&B vocals. Like I said, autumn and winter can bring a sort of depressing mood on people. For me, sometimes I feel like I’m so overwhelmed with everything. People keep trying to push me. However, sometimes it’s not that easy. Sometimes, things just don’t go how you want. In the end, you just feel like you’re drowning. Which is exactly what this song is about.

Loco feat. Colde|It Takes Time (시간이 들겠지)

I’m still not used to this feeling
It’s gonna be okay if I just pass by, but I don’t know how
When I open my eyes after forcing them to close
I wish it was the day after tomorrow

I think you should also remember by now that Loco is one of my favorite Korean rappers. So yeah, I was hella happy to see there was a collab between him and Colde. This is definitely a sad song about trying to move on from a heartache. It feels awkward. Time passes by, but he’s struggling to move on from the memories and the heartache. He’s struggling to get used to the change. Still, he has to remind himself that it takes time.

JUNGGIGO feat. Zion.T, Crush, & Dean|247(일주일)

The time is passing fast And I pass each day barely

This track is gold because it has almost all of my favorite R&B artists. I love this collab between Junggigo, Zion.T, Crush, and Dean. This song is basically about feeling worn out. We live in a society where most of us are working hard 24/7 and wearing ourselves out. I think it’s especially so in Asian countries like South Korea. People are practically expected to really push theirselves to the limit. We work so hard, yet we feel so exhausted that we can’t even enjoy ourselves properly. I think it’s a feeling we can all relate to.

Chai (Lee Soo Jung/Crystal Yi) feat. Sam Kim| Color You

If I’d let it all go would you
have maybe stayed
Color me a color
of a different shade

Here’s another former KPop Star contestant. Crystal Yi, also known as Lee Soo Jung, was a Korean-American contestant. She appeared in season 5 with Jung Jinwoo. She know goes by the stage name Chai. I believe she’s also under the same label as Sam Kim and Lee Jinah. She has a sweet and soulful voice. Her voice and Sam’s voice go together so well in this track. It’s such a chill track too. It’s a really nice R&B/Soul track. It’s basically about a two reflecting on their love that’s ended. Chai basically sings about how she colored his world and saw those colors fade. As for Sam, he basically sings about his regret and wishing she would color him again.

Clazziquai Project|춤 (Hold Your Tears)

Let’s not regret, even though we won’t be able to meet again

Here’s a hellaaaa throwback track. Like I said, Clazziquai was one of my favorite artists. Their songs will always be timeless for me. “Dance (Hold Your Tears)” is super old. Like I didn’t even realize it’s been freakin’ 15 years. Clazziquai tracks are still amazing though. There’s an official [English Version] of this track too. It’s a beautiful and soft jazzy/bossa kind of track. It has a melancholy feel. It’s the image of having a final dance together before they have to part.

Jung Jinwoo|위성 (Satellite)

We don’t exist any longer
What you lost once
Never comes back to you
I keep breathing 
Yet I don’t feel like living

Like I said, Jung Jinwoo originally became well known due to appearing on KPop Star 5. From what I remember, he really impressed the judges with an original song called “Satellite”. Here’s the clip of him performing it on [KPop Star 5]. In 2018 he released a new and official version. It definitely sounds alot cleaner. It’s a soft and kind of simple R&B track. He basically compares himself to a satellite since he can’t help but seem to hover around his ex.

Jung Jinwoo|Nowhere

I feel like I’m cornered on the cliff
I can’t belong anywhere

This is also a fresh new track from Jung Jinwoo. It was released on the same single as “Drowning”. I think life can be so frustrating at times. People can especially feel so frustrating. There are times it seems that we build walls and put masks on. We feel so unsure of everything and ourselves. What are we really? Who are we? There are times you just feel so out of place as you’re desperately searching for an answer.

Zion.T| Yanghwa BRDG (양화대교)

Let’s be happy

Yaaas. Another Zion.T track. This is probably his most famous hit. This is a very personal song as Zion.T sings about his father and family. His father was a taxi driver who wasn’t home much. The reason was because he had to work hard to provide for his family. It wasn’t until Zion.T grew up and worked hard with his music that he understood the struggles his father and family went through. Ultimately, this song is about how people struggle and work hard to live. We struggle, but we hope that we can be happy.

Crush|넌 (none)

I’m still living
In the moments we were together

Yes~ Another track by Crush. “None” is basically about being stuck on a past lover. It’s a soulful track longing for this past lover who was your world, because there’s no one else. It’s a sad track and you can really feel the sorrow and longing in Crush’s voice.


Everything finds its place and leaves
You took all of me and left
But like the two hands of the clock in my heart
I keep lingering in the same place
I believe I’ll be over you

I love the guitar and Taeyeon’s vocals here. It’s again about being stuck on a past lover. She basically sings about looking back at things that remind her of him. She’s trying and wondering if she’ll be able to get over him. Things have a time and place. She feels like he took all of her. However, she believes that even if it’s slowly, she’ll be over him.

BTS V & RM|네시 (4 O’Clock)

The dawn passes
And when that moon falls asleep
The blue shade that stayed with me disappears

This is a song by BTS’ V and RM. It’s one of many unofficial songs that BTS has made and released for their fans. This is a song that acknowledges that we go through struggles and pain. Sometimes we feel like we’re stuck in a darkness. However, this song also brings comfort in showing that there’s someone beside you who will help bring the morning to your endless night.

Crush|가끔 (Sometimes)

I just miss it sometimes
Kissing you and hugging you
I just miss you sometimes
But why are tears falling today?

This is Crush’s debut song! It such an amazing R&B track. Also, it may sound familiar because [Artificial.Music’s “So It Begins”] was “inspired” by Crush’s song. This track is about missing a past lover and lamenting the end of their relationship. Despite no longer being together, he can’t help but think of her and miss her sometimes.

People smile with an effort, hiding the truth
As if they’re happy
While hiding the lie in the word love
As if it will be forever

WOO. G-Dragon from BigBang. One of the OG Kings of K-Pop. This track also features Jennie from BlackPink. This was before she debuted in BlackPink or was all, [“Bitch, I’m solo”]. When BlackPink were just trainees, baby Jennie was featured in G-Dragon’s [“That XX”] MV and featured her vocals on “Black”. This song was also referrenced during Lisa’s verse in [“불장난 (PLAYING WITH FIRE)”]. This song is basically lamenting over how G-Dragon’s love has turned black. Everything has become gloomy. They’ve changed. She was seen as gold, but she’s becoming black like him. It’s just about the deteriorating state of a love as it turns into hate and pain.


Erasing past thoughts with the fingertips of the night

Okay, we finally made it to the final song on this post… This is basically a citypop track by Dosii. I’ve only recently discovered it through my random late night music exploring on Spotify. Apparently this song was also recommended by BTS’ RM before? Anyway, yeah it’s a citypop track with a melancholy feel to it. It’s basically about two people spending the night together. Dosii sings about wanting him to hold her more, and to love her more. They’re spending the night together and trying to forget the past and things that bother them. It’s got this bittersweet feel to it.

Sorry. I know this was hella long. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed the tracks. Let me know what your favorite track was! Also, what are some autumn/winter tracks that you like?


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