Ahiru no Sora Episode 7| The Troublesome Freshman | Review

Ahiru no Sora Episode 7| The Troublesome Freshman | Review

I mentioned this in my previous Oresuki post but apparently Ahiru no Sora is going to have a 50 episode season. WOW. I’m not too surprised seeing that the manga has had such a long run. I didn’t think that the series that would get me back into episodic posts would have a 50 episode season but let’s see how far I can go with this!


This week, we got more insight into the relationship between Sora and his mother and why Sora is providing updates to his mother via text instead of visiting. It hit me kind of hard because of my situation with my mother when she was dealing with cancer. She was also the kind of person that would push you away and try not to be a nuisance. Us as the children of mothers like that, it’s a heart wrencher but we have to find our way in and show our mothers that we are stronger than they think. Sora does this with his declaration to become a player with a perfect record and come marching in with a trophy.


This episode does play up comedy much more. I think it works but there just seems to be something off. Maybe it is the timing and how it’s being set up but I think I’d probably laugh more reading it. I feel that there were some great funny moments earlier in the series but this one did a whole lot but didn’t land much of them on me. This could be just something that didn’t work on me but you may have found this episode hilarious. Who knows? I was just happy most of it was with Madoka. I just wish we knew more about her.

This episode we meet a new character. I’m guessing he is the troublesome freshman the title of the episode is referring to. Troublesome doesn’t even fully describe this guy. He has caused a large amount of ruckus and I’m just not sure how they are actually going to enlist him on the team. Especially seeing as the team is not allowed to get in any fights anymore. His skill is undeniable but I sense no respect for anyone at all. We shall see what happens with that.


I will say that one of my favorite things about Sora is when he faced with conflict, instead of running from it, he pulls out a calcium bar and faces it head-on. He will never win but I respect his courage. I really liked that one of the teammates decided to kick him in the face to stop him from really getting hurt.

Since Ahiru no Sora is my first basketball anime, I feel that I am a bit biased towards it. Is there any other basketball anime that you would recommend? I’m probably going to try out Kuruko no Basket sometime this week and see how it compares to this series. Thanks in advance and hope y’all have a good weekend!

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