MANGA|Mieruko-chan — Why’d I Do This to Myself?|Spoop Fest # 6

MANGA|Mieruko-chan — Why’d I Do This to Myself?|Spoop Fest # 6

Hihi friends! I’m here to continue our Spoop Fest posts! I’ll be honest, I was kind of running out of things to talk about. So here I am at 1-2 am, with a sheet mask on (cuz K-beauty, and Asian don’t raisin), looking for some horror stuffs. I gotta say, I think I found one fam.

Today I’ll be talking about 見える子ちゃん/Mieruko-chan, or “The Girl Who Can See ‘It'”. Currently, it is NOT officially being published in English. It’s only been fan-translated online, but please do support the mangaka and series when it’s out. Gotta help them get that bread! It’s by Izumi Tomoki, and has been published since 2018.

Bruh. Sames.

Meet Miko, a seemingly normal high school girl. Except she’s suddenly seeing grotesque monsters/spirits. No one else can see them, only she can. Miko doesn’t face them or run away though. No. Instead, she tries to ignore them. She tries to keep a poker face, and acts like she doesn’t see a thing… Despite being absolutely terrified of everything that’s coming at her.


This series has me feeling weird. It can be so cute. Like Miko and her friend are drawn in your typical cute kind of art. Generally, the art is pretty typical cute art. Then it’s suddenly like, BAM! Super ugly and creepy shit all up in your face!


Like…some of the grotesque monsters/spirits are freaky as shit. It’s pretty unnerving. They leave me feeling really anxious and creeped out. Like I feel bad for Miko. Props to her for trying to stay strong. I also think it’s amazing that despite being so scared, she’s doing her best to stay strong and secretly keep her friend safe.

あの…. [Um….]
You..uh…got uh…a couple things on you….

Mieruko-chan is one of those short chapter series. You know, the ones where each chapter just shows a a daily episode or whatever. This series actually has horror and comedy. It’s got some funny gags and bits in all that horror. However, the horror part definitely sticks in my mind alot. The monsters freak be out. They just look so jarring and leaves me feeling pretty unnerved. Is this the scariest thing I’ve read? Nah. In fact a good chunk of it was funny. Still, the creepy monsters are etched in my brain. So I’m left here wondering one thing: WHY THE HELL DID I DECIDE TO READ THIS LATE AT NIGHT, IN THE DARK, BY MYSELF, BEFORE BED?!!! Why do I keep doing this to myself?? WHY MINTY??!

NOOOPE. Get the fuck outta here…

Ahem. Anyways, I’ve enjoyed the series so far. It’s done what it was meant to do. Provide laughs, and also freak me out. It’s interesting to see very different kind of art vibes (the normal/cute stuff with the grotesque/freaky shit). The mangaka also has some very unique, and definitely creepy, ideas for the monsters. I think it’d be interesting if there was anime adaptation too. Still, the series is relatively new. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes. Like why is this happening to Miko? What happened at the shrine? Anyways, if you like horror, comedy, cute high school girls, or big tiddy anime high school girls (if that’s your thing)…you might wanna give this a shot.

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  1. I think I ended up following the author on twitter thanks to a viral post! I was wondering how the rest of the story fared in comparison to the snippet I read!

    1. It’s still relatively short, but I’ve enjoyed it so far~ I hope you get a chance to read it. Let me know what you think if you do!~

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