ORESUKI Are You The Only One Who Loves Me? | Episode 3 Review

ORESUKI Are You The Only One Who Loves Me? | Episode 3 Review

During my trip away, for work, there was nothing I wanted to do more than watch Episode 3 of Oresuki. After that cliffhanger, I feel that everyone was dying to watch this next episode. How is Joro going to get out of this mess? Was Pansy the one who planned all of this from the beginning? Will Joro have any friends when this all said and done? Let’s jump right in and talk about Episode 3 of Oresuki.


As you might remember, we left off where Joro was in the library caught red-handed talking to Pansy in front of Sun, Cosmo and Himawari. He is immediately attacked by the girls and accused of doing the worse and makes it seem as though he had the worst intentions. Yes, many of the things Joro was doing was questionable but he always had the best intentions and never actually lied. Full transparency. As much as it was initially framed as revenge, he did agree to do it because of their feelings for Sun and how hard they were trying.


Joro did what I wanted him to do the most in response. He let them have it! Joro came out in full swing and it seemed to work until Pansy accused him of making some plan with her that would ultimately make Sun her boyfriend. So yeah, everything bad that could’ve happened, happened.

I’m really happy that Joro really put it all on the table. He perfectly described how the situation seemed to me in the last episode. The way Himawari and Cosmo came up with a plan and then nonchalantly gave it to Joro to actually execute it. It’s just not a thing to do to a friend. I can see why he felt like a tool.


Now, that Sun reveal! I almost fell out of my seat. I did feel that there might be some situation where Sun was conspiring against Joro because of the baseball romance analogy but to learn that this has all been a plan because of a time in middle school where Joro was in Sun’s shoes. I was also surprised to learn that Sun knew about Joro’s other side. Just so many revelations and it’s only the third episode. I guess that is telling to how the format will be for this series, broken into a few encapsulated arcs.


I’m happy that Pansy had Joro’s back from the beginning and because of all the work that she laid down, Himawari and Cosmo now forgive him and will likely become friends again. Now we also learn that Pansy has been hiding something from Joro. The girl that he was looking for was her all along but will it be so easy for him to fall for her? No, he doesn’t know if he can fall for what’s on the inside and I respect that. After all she has put him through, he still needs to get to know her and understand her true intentions.


Now that this arc is completely, what can we expect going forward? I would hope that we see the true Joro more often seeing as he has nothing to hide anymore. I wonder if Sun and Joro can continue to be friends. I honestly would hope not, I really didn’t like the way he threatened Pansy in the library to do stuff to her. Gross. We also have some other girls that we have seen in the OP, what parts will they play and what will happen with Bench-kun? I guess we will have to watch and find out! See you guys next week!

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  1. My neck like to broke from looking so many way from all the reveals… Completely unexpected and leaving me wondering What’s Going To Happen Next.

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