WEBTOON|Nocturne — Junji Ito Vibes|Spoop Fest #3

WEBTOON|Nocturne — Junji Ito Vibes|Spoop Fest #3

Hello my lovelies!~ We started easing into Spoop Fest. Now we’ll be going into some more scary spoops with a webtoon! Today I’ll be recommending a webtoon called [Nocturne]. It’ll be a pretty simple post today fam~

Nocturne by Fyyaa is currently being published through Line Webtoons. It’s a thriller and horror anthology. The stories are all pretty short, with each chapter being made of at least 2 chapters.

The series is in black and white, and Fyyaa definitely has a unique art style and story ideas. They actually reminded me alot of Junji Ito’s works. It’s gives off a really similar vibe. We kind of talked about Junji Ito’s works in a [podcast] way back when. Nocturne gives off that Junji Ito vibe in both it’s story telling and art style.

Much like Junji Ito’s works, the look and stories in Nocturne make me feel a little nervous. It’s that nervous, anxious, uncomfortable, and creeped out feeling. Which is exactly what a horror series should be doing. I’ll admit, I found some of the stories tame. However, there are quite a few that really creeped me out and still says in the back of my mind. Anyways…Happy Spoops, friends!~

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