Ahiru no Sora Episode 3 | Momoharu’s Wings | Review

Ahiru no Sora Episode 3 | Momoharu’s Wings | Review

I think at this point I can say that I’m really enjoying Ahiru no Sora. It has definitely passed my three-episode test even though the first episode didn’t leave a lasting impression on me. What’s so great about this sports anime? Will Sora ever win a fight? Will Chiaki ever have an episode where he’s not doing something totally odd like pulling lollypops out of his fro? Well, I don’t have an answer to the last one but let’s talk about Ahiru no Sora Episode 3: Momoharu’s Wings.


It starts where we last left off on episode 2. Momoharu is still shaken by the amount of practice that Sora has put in. This seems to spark a fire under his butt and we find him practicing too. Unfortunately, he sucks. I say unfortunately because he may become discouraged before he even gets to see progress. Especially after what happened to him in middle school. While failing over and over, he decides he will force the damn ball in with this crazy attempt to dunk. As hilarious as the failure was, it was so impressive to see how much air and how close he was to make it in. Sora can only imagine how it feels from that perspective and just wants to know how it feels.


Unfortunately, a bunch of idiots had to ruin a moment for Sora to compliment Momoharu with their bullying. Thankfully this gave Momoharu a moment to open up to Sora. We are now getting to see this more lively Momoharu that’s found something to be passionate about.

We still don’t know much about Chiaki yet but they are definitely leading us to some development. Though he somehow made a mini hot tub in the locker room with the basket that holds the basketballs. Like what? It’s a fun time having Chiaki around but I think now we need more. It kind of reminds me of how Tamaki is in Fire Force. She is always in these weird situations where she gets naked or something related to that happens and you just lose sight of her character altogether. I fear this can happen to  Chiaki if we don’t see some development soon.


I wondered last episode how the other members of the team would be persuaded to play. I initially just figured they would do whatever Momoharu says but I was wrong. Sora made a sick play of making a deal that they would play if he would play basketball in his underwear and BOY Sora wasn’t playing. The basketball wasn’t the only balls on the court. Ha. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

We also got an introduction to this rival school and some characters that can make their first match quite interesting. I’m super excited to see how all this unfolds but honestly, Sora is just the main attraction. Yes, he is the main protagonist but this kid is just so charismatic and even if he was dealt a shitty hand, he will make do with what he is given to win the game.


That’s all I got this week. I will continue watching this show. It has totally won me over and I’ve really enjoyed talking about it. Even though I had a bit of traveling to do, I still made my deadlines and got to share my thoughts. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you next week!


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