DRAMA|Girl From Nowhere|Spoop Fest #2

DRAMA|Girl From Nowhere|Spoop Fest #2

Why hello, hello friends~ For today’s post, I figured we’d go back to my specialty: real people stuffs. So today’s post is going to be a drama post!

The drama we’ll be talking about today is a Thai drama called, เด็กใหม่ : Girl From Nowhere. The literal translation is, “New Kid/Girl: Girl From Nowhere”. This GMM anthology drama series aired last year. It was released globally on [Netflix] as just Girl From Nowhere.

Our school days are said to be a time of innocence. Our school days are said to be some of the most beautiful times of our lives. Is that really true? There’s a pretty and mysterious new kid in class named Nanno. No one knows where she came from, or much about her at all. They’ll soon learn that there’s something more to Nanno as she proves that these school days aren’t as pure and beautiful as they seem.

Girl From Nowhere is an anthology series that’s focused around Nanno. She’s a mysterious girl that shows up as the new kid in school. Each episode takes place at a different school. In each episode, Nanno exposes different stories and hypocrisies that occur in that school. Each episode is actually loosely based on true events. They’re inspired by real news headlines from the Thai news. Though Nanno is a mystery, each episode reveals more and more about her.

When we think of school, we tend to think of bright, happy, and innocent days. However, this anthology series can get pretty dark. It’s a bit similar from the [Ghost Teller] webtoon series in that it shows the dark side of humanity.

I do have to warn you, there are some very mature and sensitive topics in the series. So [TRIGGER WARNING] the series depicts sensitive and mature content such as sexual assault, suicide, and violence!

I’ll be honest, unlike the rest of my family, I’ve never been that into Thai series. I usually find the story quality lacking. However, I found Girl From Nowhere to be pretty interesting. I was drawn to how it was kind of a darker series. It actually made me think of 絶叫学級/Zekkyo Gakkyu (“Screaming Lessons”) series, おろち/Orochi (Orochi: Blood), and Junji Ito’s Tomie series. After all, Nanno is a very mysterious girl. She first appears to be the sweet new kid. However, we realize that there’s more to her than meets the eye. Nanno can be hella creepy and crazy.

You may be left wondering whether she’s bad or good. She’s somewhat good for exposing the darkness, but she definitely exhibits behavior that seems bad. However, there’s something foreign audiences may not know. “Kitty” Chicha Amatayakul, who plays Nanno, revealed a little more info in Thai interviews. People wonder whether Nanno is human, a spirit, a god, or something else. Chicha said that Nanno is definitely not human. She’s also neither really good or bad. Nanno isn’t exactly a spirit, but she’s not a normal human being either. She’s definitely something supernatural. Rather than being good or bad, Nanno is temptation. Chicha says that Nanno is basically like the snake that tempted Adam and Eve with the apple. She only tempts them, but the actions are made by the individuals themselves. Chicha also does a wonderful job at her portrayal of Nanno. She’s able to play Nanno’s sweeter sides, and most importantly, her creepy and insane side. That sudden bizarre laugh, bruh. On a side note: I was hella surprised to find out Chicha is only 3 years younger than me?? Like WTF, she looks so young…

Though it doesn’t make an appearance in the series itself, Chicha (as Nanno) released a song called, “ช่วงนี้ “. It translates to something like “Lately”, “Right now”, or “These Days”. It’s a cover of “ช่วงนี้ (Karma)” by Atom Chanakan. Which is actually quite fitting. Although there are some differences in Nanno’s version. Nanno’s version is slower and has an eerie feel to it in comparison to Atom’s upbeat, jazzy, and snarky version. The lyrics also differ a bit since she has some original rap (?) verses.

Nanno ( Chicha Amatayakul ) – “ช่วงนี้ ” English Translation

Hey you, what have you been doing?
Why does your face look glum?

Hey you, what have you been doing?
Hey you, what have you been doing?
Why does your face look like you’ve been hexed?
Hey you, what have you been doing?

Hello, new friends.

It’s nice to meet you.
There’s nothing much,

I’ve just been worried
Since you seem to have something on your mind

What have you done? You don’t look so good.
Is it that you’re blind to the situation,
Or is it that you think that it’s no big deal?

The world keeps spinning each day along with the laws of karma.
Just because you’ve never told anyone,

Doesn’t mean that you didn’t do it.
I didn’t come from anywhere.
I know what you’re thinking.
Because I’m that voice inside that’ll always be with you.

These days be careful, I’ve seen you harming others quite often.
These days be careful
Be careful, they may try to get back at you.
These days be careful, go to the temple and offer some merit quite often
These days be careful, your merit (good karma/fortune) is about to run out already
Your merit (good karma/fortune) is about to run out already

Recognize what you’ve done.

How many people have you hurt?
Recognize what you’ve done.
Recognize what you’ve done.

Turn yourself around, it’s not too late.
Recognize what you’ve done.

No one can force you (to do something) if you didn’t already think of it.
You had the chance to choose. Will you do right or wrong?
You did things without a thought, now you just wanna close up.
Don’t go and feel guilty, because you have no right.
No matter how you try to hide it,
Even if you didn’t tell anyone,
Even if you’ve kept it inside,
You already know it inside

You can try to erase it all you want, but you can’t start over
No matter how much you try to run away,
Even in death, I probably won’t let you go

These days be careful, I’ve seen you harming others quite often
These days be careful
Be careful, they may try to get back at you
These days be careful, go to the temple and offer some merit quite often
These days be careful, your merit (good karma/fortune) is about to run out already
Your merit (good karma/fortune) is about to run out already

Lyric Translations By Me
Note: Thailand is predominantly Buddhist. There’s a big belief in karma. One should offer merit (aka donate or do some good deeds) to build good karma, or to atone for your sins.

Girl From Nowhere isn’t like a super scary kind of horror. It’s more of that eerie, mysterious, and suspensful kind of horror. While it isn’t perfect, I liked that it’s kind of satirical. It’s inspired by true events to point out some of the flaws and hypocrisies of our society and overall cruelty of human nature. While the series adds a bit of a supernatural element, it’s basically showing some of the real life horrors that we may face everyday. If you’re a fan of Tomie and Screaming Lessons, this might be up your alley. I admit, the series can be a bit dark at times. Although, episode 8 has been my favorite. I think it shows a much softer side of Nanno. I do admit that I did have a few questions left after finishing the series.. Still, I enjoyed the series alot more than I expected. I can say the subs were a bit off at times, and it’s a shame that they didn’t sub the songs. They added to the irony of the scenes and gave it a bit more impact. Still, it’s okies. Anyways, who’s seen it? What were your thoughts? What’s your favorite episode? What questions did you have?~ Let me know~

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