Home Sweet Home Ep. II — First Impressions/Theories Part 2

Home Sweet Home Ep. II — First Impressions/Theories Part 2

Why hello dear BAYOG fam!~ It’s been quite a while! Minty here, finally back from my vacation/hiatus. It’s been about 2 weeks since I got back from the motherland, but I kept putting off blogging. I was trying to figure out how to get back into that blogging groove. Anyways, I apologize for the absence and late replies. I promise I’ll be replying soon~

Anyways, it’s October again! What?! Y’all know what that means. Spoop Fest will be upon us. Look forward to those posts~ Anyways, Home Sweet Home Ep. II finally just dropped. I tried to avoid watching playthroughs. From what I can tell though, it seems that it’s only covered the dancing ghost. It seems like more of the game will be released on Halloween? Anways, I put some theories and thoughts when I saw the trailer [HERE]. I realized during my trip that I never went through another little teaser for the game.

There were two other promo images that were dropped. One was of a monk, and another was of a witch doctor/shaman/exorcist/whatever you wanna call it. First of all, I gotta say that I find that quite interesting. Because typically monks and Buddhist temples are representative of good. A Buddhist temple and Buddha statues are seen as sacred and peaceful. They’re meant to protect you and be a refuge from evil. Although, if I were to be honest…some monks and temples are very controversial. There have been incidents that really brought down the public opinion of some monks. That’s kind of a whole other topic though… Anyway, I really wonder how the monk and temple will play a part in the story. Will it be about a monk who strayed from the Buddha’s teachings and beliefs?

Shamans/Witch Doctors are typically seen as sketchy and dark…cuz dark magic. Ya’know, playing with things that people shouldn’t be playing with. This guy looks like the dark type with all the skulls. Maybe he’s the cause of all this stuff. Maybe he’s not bad, he’s trying to keep everything at bay. Also, notice how he has the takrut (rolled metal amulet) around his neck. Is the exorcist knife related to him? However, I remembered something. In my breakdown post [HERE].

I talked about a newspaper that you find in the game. It had a bit of info about Belle’s case. However, there was some more stuff on there. One of them was a little nod to the game devs. There are also some other little news stories on there. I mentioned that these stories on the newspaper could be little easter eggs, or perhaps hint to future things from the game. There’s one in particular story I want to point out. “A Wicked Shaman’s Institution Has Been Destroyed”. Will I be right? Will I be wrong? Who knows~ It’d be cool if this headline does indeed have something to do with the continuation of the game though~

I also plan on continuing my cultural breakdown for the game. Although it may take me a while since it’s alot of information… I was thinking of doing it in a video or podcast format. What do you think? Let me know in the comments or via Twitter!~

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