I Want To Become a Hero

I Want To Become a Hero

I honestly haven’t felt like writing lately. As much as I do enjoy it, I have almost little to no free time due to this crazy semester of school and work. I really just wanted to talk about what pushes me through on those rough days. How am I able to get up at 4:30 to go to the gym in the morning? This is because I want to become the best version of myself and become a hero.

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This is going to seem weird or kind of a stretch but honestly, anime always seems to motivate me to GO BEYOND. I just want to improve. I want to grow stronger. I want to be smarter. I want to be acknowledged and known from something great when I leave this world. These characters give me energy.

Senku | Dr. Stone

When I think smart characters, I will always think of Senku from Dr. Stone now. He is what I wish I was growing up. He has a massive drive to learn and create. As a new engineer within the last few years, I always kick myself for not really applying myself earlier in life. I can’t fix my mistakes from years ago but I can choose to actively want to learn in and outside of the classroom. Learning to apply what experiences I’ve gained to make life easier.

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Asta | Black Clover

As much as I wasn’t a big fan of Asta when Black Clover started airing, I do truly respect him. He learned early that he couldn’t use magic. Instead of allowing this to hinder him from accomplishing his goals, he decided to work on what he could manage, his strength. Even if things are out of my control in life, I will do what I can to help myself through those rough days. The gym has helped immensely with that stress. I doubt I’ll ever be as buff as Asta but I will try to be stronger than I ever have been and reduce my stress.

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Deku | My Hero Academia

I feel like you had to see this coming… Deku is easily one of my favorite characters. There aren’t many characters that I’ve been as emotionally invested in as Deku. His will to become a hero was never broken even when he learned he had no quirk. He saved his childhood bully when he had no means to help. He is an overall great guy that was able to be an amazing hero because of his early short comings. He spent so much time analyzing heroes and it paid off when he finally became one. We should all learn from those we look up to and strive to go beyond them.

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Anime has done so many great things for me in my life but I will say that the best thing it has done is help me prioritize developing myself. All of the anime protags of your favorite shonen manga usually have a crazy goal that seems so unattainable. We should be able to achieve these crazy goals too. Sometimes, I’m lifting weights and I have to remind myself what Deku had to do to gain All for one or what Asta had to do without powers to attempt to be the wizard king.

So let’s just blast You Say Run and GO BEYOND PLUS ULTRA!

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