Rokutsu’s Random Reviews – Is the Order a Rabbit?

Rokutsu’s Random Reviews – Is the Order a Rabbit?

Alright, so I’ve called this a couple things over the years but I figure alliteration is the way to go so the title of these stupid random things is going to be Rokutsu’s Random Reviews. That being said, let me explain for those of you who haven’t heard us talk about this on the podcast/seen us reference them in other blog posts. Essentially, while really drunk and hanging out together, most of the BAYOG crew decided a great way to kill time and enjoy ourselves was to click the random feature on Crunchyroll and endure the horrible garbage that almost always popped up. We had a few base rules that were kind of in flux but the jist of them is:

  1. Click the random button, bonus for not reading descriptions
  2. It has to be something that no one in the room has watched before
  3. Anyone can veto the show after 5 minutes, but had to be agreed by majority of the people watching
  4. Otherwise, watch the show to completion, usually to terrible ends.
  5. Movies don’t count, unless the group says sure.

This is kinda the high level but overall we usually ended up with feth awful shows that hurt the brain to watch. Sometimes we ended up watching great shows and realizing that the real treasure was the friends we made along the way and the mutual suffering we all endured. But with that lengthy exposition aside, I figured I’d do what I planned on having be a collab idea just be a solo article and for this, I randomly got stuck watching Is the Order a Rabbit? or Gochūmon wa Usagi Desu ka?

The show starts with a beautiful overview of a country European town and a girl wandering down the street appearing to be someone new to town and planning on living there. Stumbling upon a cafe called “Rabbit House” she enters expecting something akin to a cat cafe, but is unfortunately disappointed when there is just a silver haired girl staring at her wondering what is wrong with her. Already I can taste the sweet wholesomeness that this show likely was going to be. The new person is introduced as Cocoa and the barista is Chino, granddaughter of the master/cafe owner whom Cocoa is to interact with and work for as part of her school transfer program. Fun times in that Chino attempts to barter with Cocoa before knowing who she is to rather comical results

Turns out, the rabbit can actually talk, and with a rather comical old man voice at that. Additionally, poor Chino has to deal with Cocoa’s…eccentricities, such as her request that Chino call her Onee-chan. After going to the back, she also meets Lize-san, another part timer who is a tad more eccentric than Cocoa. And trigger happy.

After this, they go through some rounds and really, it was adorable to watch how the dynamic began to play out between the girls. As they begin to work through the special skills they have, it turns out that Cocoa has some insane rain man skills in her mathematical calculating skills. This sort of interaction occurs for the rest of the episode and they settle into a fairly sweet flow. We find out towards the end that the Rabbit House becomes a bar at night, with Chino’s father being the bartender. The final scene reveals that apparently the rabbit mascot, Tippy is in fact for some reason Chino’s grandfather.

Overall, I found the show quirky and sweet, the kind of thing I would watch to just unwind and relax. It seems to have some interesting components to it and it has some decent VA work and art for something over five years old. I enjoyed it enough to get it added to queue and I may give it a shot later on when I have no time to really dedicate to anything and just want to casually watch something. Let me know if you like the Random format, want to see more collab/random articles from us, or hear more about it on the podcast, as well as if you like the idea in general to find new shows!

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