WTF Treasure Finds|Stuff From Thailand #1 — Captain Pikachu…?

WTF Treasure Finds|Stuff From Thailand #1 — Captain Pikachu…?

Hihi BAYOG Fam! If you didn’t know, I love to travel. I don’t get to travel or go out much though. So I am that person that loves to take hundreds of pictures to look back at that moment, the things I see, and the things I’ve experienced. I also just taking pictures of cool or weird things I come across. So here are some of the cool or randomly odd things I came across during my March trip to Thailand~

Sailor Moon~

I came across this at a random cafe in the middle of the countryside. It’s actually pretty cool. I’ve gotten these little “lego” building sets before…but I’ve never had the time or energy to make them.


Ariel, Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn, and Snow White

This was at the same cafe. I apologize for the reflection. I was kind of in a rush, so I didn’t really get to take a better picture. Still, I found these to be super cute dolls of Ariel, Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn, and Snow White.

Pi..Pikachu…?? What’d they do to you??

I came across this at a rest area. Thailand’s version of a rest area is just a gas station plaza with a bathroom, some food stalls, and a cafe or coffee shop. This was probably one of the weirder looking things I came across.

Oh! I know this Pikachu~

I later found another random Pikachu at another rest area during my drive from Bangkok to Udon Thani.

Captain Pikachu??

A few steps to the side, I ran into Captain Pikachu. He was welcoming us to Cafe Amazon.

He had a couple of familiar friends near him….

There was Princess Hello Kitty and the PTT gas station’s mascot.

Anna, Olaf, and Elsa looked a bit odd… There was also a random AF My Little Pony…

BatPikachu was nearby too! So was Doraemon, Nobita, and Shizuka.

When I got back to Bangkok, we went to the HuaMum Night Market. We found lots of nifty figurines and other things. I’d definitely would get these to decorate my room haha.

Everything was adorable, and I honestly wanted too much. Still, I didn’t have room in my bag. I’ll probably buy a crap ton of stuff to decorate my house in Thailand though. Anyways, that’s it. I know, nothing fancy. I thought I’d keep it chill and simple today.

On a side note, I will be on another trip to the motherland. I definitely plan on alot of fun posts from it~ I’m also thinking of vlogging those adventures~ Also, comment if you’d like me to do a giveaway! I’m thinking of maybe getting one of these cute goodies to give away~ Anyways, I hope you have a great day BAYOG Fam!~

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