Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? | First Impressions | Two-Hit Combo Collabo

Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? | First Impressions | Two-Hit Combo Collabo

Recently, I checked out some posts from our homies Irina from idrinkandwatchanime and Karandi from 100wordsanime and I was really interested in their collab posts! I thought it was a pretty cool format and seemed like they had some fun so decided to do something like that with my boy @rokutsu. We didn’t know where to start so we thought why not pick the most ridiculous show of the season, “Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?” Before we hit you guys with what we thought of this nutty light novel adaption, I’m going to pass it Nick and let him explain what this series is for those who don’t know.

So I heard about this from our mutual friend when we were all hanging in LA last year for Anime Expo and I genuinely thought the story was a joke. He described to me a series whose title had me rolling my eyes assuming this was some other  joke isekai, but not a good joke isekai like Konosuba but a joke isekai about someone being reborn as a vending machine or a slime. The light novel was about a ridiculously hot mom and her apathetic son getting sent to another world where she is insanely powerful and OP broken. While this sounds a tad silly, turns out the execution wasn’t that bad at all. Between the tropes, well time jokes, and really hilarious faces they give the son, Ma-Kun, the show ended up being better than the low standards I had set for it.

What a title

I do agree with you Nick. I was pretty surprised with how well the timing was for some of the jokes. I also absolutely love some of the facial expressions that we see for our main protag, Masoto. As great as some of it was, it does feel to lose its charm quite fast. I mentioned to you as we were watching, what happens when the jokes stop? I’m just not really invested in anything else at the moment.

I definitely feel like the show’s comedic pacing and animation styles are decidedly like a discount Konosuba. The jokes, the protag who’s whiney about not being the OP main character, and the supporting cast all have a very reminiscent Konosuba vibe. We had a bit of a carry over from the end of the first episode where the mother said she was going to interview the new party members. Turns out, mommy has a bit of a discerning eye and rejected all of them, opting instead to interview new members.The merchant they introduced, Porter, is a small non-combat character who the mother absolutely fell in love with, and basically was a perfect housewife companion between her discounts and carry capacity. I personally loved how quickly you sized up the “all powerful sage, Wise.”

OH YEAH! That was so funny. We immediately knew what this character was all about. I think it was great how they introduced her though. “Oh I’m just going to transform into my stat sheet and they will never know.” Then gets stepped on. 

I find that the author of the light novel may just be having the time of his life bringing this group of people together. He found an interesting way to make everyone follow their tropes but add comedic value to their relationships making them more interesting? Best example I can give you is the hot spings scene where Masoto watched as Wise rose from the water(or milk?) and before she sent him flying, he said all of his last words to his mother and Porter, ready to accept the doom he would face but ultimately return back to life because it’s a game. 

Yup, it was a great moment because of how well it was phrased and the face he made throughout the monologue. Her eventually calming down was great and they even left us off with the fun confirmation that the “Empress of Night” villain they had been sent to combat was in fact, Wise’s thirsty AF cougar mother, who IRL named Wise after her favorite host (See: Host Club). Wise’s mother ended up going completely darkside when she realized how powerful she was, going so far as to kidnap attractive young men and use them as half naked furniture, and even go out and kill the admin, Shirase. Overall, I feel the show has passed my 3-episode test and barring some true insanity, I’ll keep at it throughout the season. How about you Ken?

I believe the show is great watch with friends. There just some series that provide a better experience as a group watch than doing it solo. I watched episode 1 alone and found it funny but it didn’t quite keep me engaged. I can also see why most people wouldn’t be into it. Just from episode 2 watching Masoto’s mom and her very NSFW scene with all the slime. It’s a bit much for most. Also Masoto treating his mom like shit is hard to watch because she should protected. Okay I’ll shut up…

I had a great time watching these episodes and reviewing it with Nick. I can definitely see us doing this more frequently. It’s great for us since we are great friends that just don’t have much time to catch up, hangout and just chill. Especially since he lives far away… by choice. So I recommend giving it a shot but don’t come in with high expectations.

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