From Stone World to Science World|Dr. Stone|

From Stone World to Science World|Dr. Stone|

Hey everyone! I’m back with a quick post about Dr. Stone. Now that the first three episodes are out, I’d like to give my general opinions on it so far. I also have a manga POV since I started and caught up about a month before hearing the announcement of it being animated.

Good Morning World! by BURNOUT SYNDROMES

Firstly, I absolutely want to mention the opening. Its fresh, high tempo gets you excited about the adventure that’s unfolding. I don’t think the sequences that are shown are too revealing. It showcases a lot of future characters that will come up during the season and it kind of tells manga readers what to expect for this season. AniChart is showing it’ll have 24 episodes so there’s a lot to expect!

Next I want to talk about my thoughts on the voice acting, I guess not the really the acting part but my perception of the voices I had while reading versus the voices I’m hearing now are definitely off. Of course, this can be said about any anime adaptation from anyone’s POV while reading. In fact, after the third episode, I’ve grown to actually like it more than I thought I was going to. I’m hyping myself up to hear the rest of the cast because there are dozens of characters to be introduced with all different personalities.

One of the most lovable things about this series, is the comedic snaps accompanied by the ridiculous facial expressions. Viewers will realize a pattern at some point of when and why they use this combination so often. I personally can’t get enough of it. I feel like during this era of entertainment it’s important to find a balance of your main genre, while mixing in other elements to keep the audience coming back and not feel like it’s the same bland thing over and over. And then comes the obstacle of blending those elements really well and making them work.

Now that brings me to the core of this series, its science! I don’t know about you folks but science went over my head a few times during school. I did understand that science was a big part of what made civilization grow. And through watching Dr. Stone, we can all learn that again together! That being said, they don’t necessarily make it seem like a science lesson every episode (so far!). The formula ends up being something like, here’s a problem and how can science solve it. And I know I just talked about bland repetitiveness, but it’s a little different here. I think there’s just something about the characters that really make this series special. And learning new things along the way doesn’t sound like that bad of a deal.

Some final thoughts about this series:

  • Strictly speaking about what’s been shown so far, I feel like it wouldn’t be a bad idea to let this show build up.
  • Speaking from reading the manga, I stopped about a dozen or so chapters in because I wasn’t completely hooked yet, that and my attention always goes elsewhere when reading.
  • Don’t be a sucker to the hype, don’t force yourself to watch. This series may not be for everyone and I for one am watching BECAUSE I have read the manga and enjoy watching the adaptions
  • I do promise that if you decide to stick with it or let it build up like I’ve mentioned, you’ll find yourself enjoying it more as the story builds itself up.
  • I’m starting to realize how lighthearted this series is or should I say casual. Yeah, this is for casual enjoyment, so stick with your regularly scheduled programming.

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  1. I think the VA for Senkuu is exactly what I expected and Taiju is like better than I thought he would sound like in my head lol.

    I also miss reading “Get excited!” Which seems to be translated to “This is exhilarating!”

    Great post man!

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