Webtoon|Sweet Home — Who Are the Real Monsters?

Webtoon|Sweet Home — Who Are the Real Monsters?

Hihi BAYOG Fam!~ I’m back with a webtoon post today! I know I’ve been posting alot of cutesy and happy stuffs lately. So let’s take a change of pace today, yeah?~ Today I’ll be talking about the ongoing webtoon called “Sweet Home” (스위트홈). It’s originally by Kim Carnby (김칸비) and Hwang Youngchan (황영찬). They’re also known for their previous work, “Bastard” (후레자식). It was originally published on [Naver Webtoons]. The official English version is published on LINE Webtoons [HERE].

Before we start….
This series contains themes relating to self-harm and suicide.
This series also contains some graphic images, gore, and violence.


Meet Cha Hyun, an 18 year old high schooler. He’s a social recluse with a history of self-harm. For the most part Hyun keeps himself locked in his room. There, he stays in his own little world on his computer screen. Tragedy claims his entire family, leaving Hyun all alone. Hyun moves into an apartment by himself in the middle of nowhere. With nothing left, Hyun plans to end his life. However, Hyun soon finds himself fighting for his life. A epidemic is causing people to turn into monsters. The world looks like it’s ending, and Hyun finds himself trapped in the apartment building. Hyun is left with two options: Hide and live in fear…or try to be a hero, face his fears, and survive. Will he and the other survivors manage to fight the monsters and survive? Most importantly, can Hyun fight the monster inside of himself?

[Some Spoilers Ahead]

Despite the title being “Sweet Home”, there’s nothing sweet about it. You’d think it’d be a happy story, but nope. It’s basically an apocalyptic/survivor kind of story. I’ve read and enjoyed the authors’ previous work “Bastard” before. Both stories are definitely more on the dark side compared to my typical reads. However, I surprisingly enjoyed “Sweet Home”. I also enjoyed it much more than I expected. The thing that makes this story really great is the character development. The amazing character development is what’s kept me following this series.

Honestly, I really didn’t like Hyun at first. He comes off as extremely unlikeable. He just seems like a major asshole at first glance. Even towards his family and at their funeral, he seems like a huge asshole. However, you pick up that there’s more to him. At first you just don’t like him because of what an asshole he is. However, as you continue to read you learn more about his thoughts, insecurities, trauma, etc. You realize the dude is in pain. He’s angry at everyone. Most importantly, he’s angry at himself. Little by little, you realize “Wow. That makes sense now.” He starts off as this weak and scared kid.

Dayuuum…you an ugly mofo

Although, let’s be honest…anyone would be weak and scared in that kind of situation. Especially because these monsters can be ugly and scary AF. Still despite his fear, he does his best to survive. He’s rather smart and quick on his feet too. Despite seeming like he hates people, he’s still always trying to help people. The world is going to shit, but he still has a conscience. He’s trying to hold onto his humanity. You start to see that despite what Hyun says, maybe he doesn’t really want to die after all.

Hyun has been infected. Slowly, he’s feeling the effects of the monsterization. Despite saying that he has no will to live, hating his life, and saying he has nothing left…Hyun fights. He fights the monster inside of himself and the monsterization effects. He’s shown to really grow and mature throughout the series. He’s such a well written character that you do end up truly cheering for him.

Hyun isn’t the only survivor in the apartment building though. Several of his neighbors have made it so far. They all work together to try to survive. There are a variety of characters. Some are really cool, and you can’t help but like them. Others are annoying as shit, and you can’t wait for them to get taken out by a monster. I will say I’m afraid to get attached to any character though. You gotta remember that this is a survival themed series. You never know who’s gonna go. I’ve cried and had my heart broken…

[Slightly More Spoiler-y Ahead]

Thomas the Train on steroids. CHOO CHOO MOTHER FUCKER.

Other than the amazing character development, there is another thing I find fascinating about the series. I kind of touched upon it earlier. A big theme is fighting the monsters. Not just the monsters the characters encounter, but the monsters they’re dealing with inside. A part of it is literally the monsterization infection. You have the fight the literal monster inside you, lest you want to turn into one.

Surprise mother fucker.

However, it’s also a matter of dealing with the characters’ traumas. Alot of the characters have a sort of weakness, insecurity, regret, and trauma from their past. A part of the monsterization does have to do with this. With the monsterization, the monster inside preys on that weakness to take over and turn them into monsters. So they have to face everything in order to not turn into monsters. However, on a psychological/emotional level, they gotta face these things in order to move forward and survive.

Yeah. I don’t like her.

Lastly, another reoccurring theme is: Who are the real monsters? Sure, the physical monsters that are attacking them are scary. We’re shown that maybe not all the monsters/infected are bad. However, we’re also shown how shitty and horrific some people can be. Again, are the monsters only the disfigured beings that they must fight? Or perhaps some of the worst monsters are the ones already beside them?

Who’s read this webtoon? What did you think? Which character(s) do you like? Which character are you ready to chuck outside? Let me know in the comments! On a side note: This series is actually going to be turned into a live action drama! It’ll most likely air at the end of the year. Are you excited? Who would you cast to play the characters?~

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  1. The artwork looks so interesting and different from other Korean graphic narratives I’ve seen. I like that the subject takes a more multi-dimensional look at what it means to be a monster. Stories like that are some of my favourites. It sounds like it was somewhat influenced by Frankenstein maybe. Thanks for sharing this! I’ll have to add it to my reading list. 🙂

    1. That’s another reason I was drawn to the authors’ series too~ I definitely recommend this one and their other series if you’re into that kind of subject/theme. I hope you enjoy the series!~ 🙂

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