BAYOG Playlist|Summertime Vibes — ALL THE SUMMER TRACKS!

BAYOG Playlist|Summertime Vibes — ALL THE SUMMER TRACKS!

Why hello BAYOG Fam!~ I’m back with another seasonal playlist~ This time it’s my Summertime Vibes playlist~ It’s basically tracks I think fit really well with the summer vibes~ I also have a post with the Summertime Throwbacks [HERE]. So be sure to check that out~

Summer is a fun one. Alot of different genres go well with summer: R&B, Soul, Pop, Hip-Hop, House, funk, tropical house, future bass, etc. What comes to mind when you think of summer? You can think of chill afternoons or nights, the beach, and the sun. Love too. When you think of spring, you think of the sweet kind of love. Summer is about flings, a spontaneous love, or a passionate love. Summer is also about partying it up, kicking it with friends, and just having fun in general. When it comes to music I think of chill tracks for those afternoons or nights. I also think of those bright and fun songs that make me think of having a blast with friends. Summer can also be about more upbeat, energetic, and hard hitting songs. Basically perfect for summer parties or crazy nights with your crew.

Sailor Uranus GIF - SailorUranus SunGlasses Anime GIFs

I love chill and relaxing songs for the summer. I love the bright, energetic, cutesy and fun kind of songs. I love tracks I can dance/groove to too. You’ll notice I gravitated more towards Hip-Hop, R&B, lo-fi, dance, future bass,and tropical house. Lately, I’ve been feeling alot of tropical house tracks for the summer~ My Winter and Spring playlists were about the feelings/vibes you got from the music, with an emphasis on the lyrics as well. However, Summer is more about songs for that summer mood. It’s not so much about the lyrics, but more so about how the music gets you feeling.

As you know, I highlight some of my top favorites in my posts. I’ll admit today’s post is gonna be a long one. However, I always have a huge playlist with a variety of songs for you to check out; Like waaaayyyyyyyy more songs… Y’all are set for like 22 HOURS. “22??? Minty…do you like…know how to make a more compact playlist…?” No. The answer is no… ( ̄  ̄|||) So anyway…here’s my full playlist on Spotify~ These are basically songs that make me think of or feel summer. It’s alot of Hip-Hop, R&B, dance, and tropical house. However, there’s also pop, rock, and indie stuff too~ It could be songs that I could see in a video montage of summer, the beach, a drive along the beach, chill summer nights, kicking it with friends, etc. It’s basically like a soundtrack to summer fun, shenanigans, parties, love, crazy vibes, chill vibes, relaxing vibes, etc.

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Jessi (제시)| Down

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Groove/Dance; Sexy; Dayuuum Giiirrrrl; Summer Love
Jessi is a fierce Korean-American who doesn’t fall into your typical K-Pop look and sound. I love that she’s got her own unique look and feel. This is definitely a super sexy song/MV. It’s so catchy~ Random fact: She’s homies with Dumbfoundead, and they did date briefly.

Gallant x Tablo x Eric Nam | Cave Me In

Language: English
Mood/Vibe: Chill; Just kickin’ it back with some homies

This was a US x Korea collab right here. It was a collab by American singer Gallant, Tablo of Epik High, and K-Pop soloist Eric Nam. This track is completely in English. It’s just a nice, slow, and chill R&B track. It’s just a nice track to kick back to. Also, I just really love Tablo’s verse.

Hoody (후디)| 한강  (Hangeng)

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Chill, but with a low-key upbeat groove; Chill and sweet summer love

This is a chill R&B/Soul track with a bit of groove to it. The track has that groove, but Hoody keeps it chill and mellow with her sweet vocals. It’s a sweet song about wanting to be with her lover. I think it’s a nice song that fits a sweet summer love.

Hoody (후디) Feat. Crush (크러쉬)| Sunshine

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Chill, sweet, with a bit of groove; Sweet summer love

This is another chill R&B/Soul track with a bit of groove to it. It’s an easy listening kind of track that still has a nice beat and groove to it. Hoody keeps it sweet and mellow with her vocals. She’s joined by Crush, who is one of my favorite K-R&B artists. This is another sweet love song. In this song, Hoody is basically singing about how her lover is her sunshine and makes her feel bright and happy. Again, another great summer love song.

Hoody (후디) Feat. Jinbo (진보)| Sunshine

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Chill with some fun groove; Fun and carefree summer love

This is a more fun and upbeat track. It’s a feel good kinda track. You can definitely dance/groove along to it. Again, it’s complimented by Hoody’s mellow vocals. It also features R&B singer/producer Jinbo. I think song makes me think of a fun summer love without a care in the world. It’s about love, having fun, and just enjoying the moment. Uh..the MV is kinda like..uhhh…though…

向井太一 (Taichi Mukai) | 声が聞こえる

Language: Japanese
Mood/Vibe: Chill groove; Summer love

To be honest, I don’t listen to as much Japanese music as I used to. However, I discovered Taichi Mukai a few months ago. I really love his style. This is a chill groove kind of song. My Japanese is rusty, but I think “Koe ga Kikokeru” means “To hear a voice”? It’s basically a summer love kind of song. Ya’know. Falling in love and wanting to know if the other person feels it too.

向井太一 (Taichi Mukai) | I Like It

Language: Japanese
Mood/Vibe: Funky and Fun; I’mma just enjoy myself

I love the funky, retro feel to this. I feel like it’s a perfect song for just tryin’ to have fun and enjoying yourself. So summer fun~

DEAN (딘)| instagram

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Lonely, melancholy summer nights

I love Dean. DEAN IS BAE!~ He’s one of my absolute R&B artists. He describes his music as “different R&B”, or alternative R&B. It’s a melancholy track, about those lonely nights. It’s about just browsing instagram, getting lost in it, but also feeling envy. I’ll admit, sometimes I feel this lonely, melancholy, and low-key jealousy kind of feeling. Especially when I’m browsing instagram and seeing everyone’s vacation pictures.

NO:EL Feat. Benzamin & Jhnovr|Summer 19′

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: We here to fun~

This track is by NO:EL and features Benzamin and Jhnovr. It’s produced by Gray, which is one of my favorite Korean producers and artists. It just a fun, and upbeat song. That’s all it’s about. We’re here to have fun~

Jay Park (박재범) Feat. Hoody (후디) & LOCO (로꼬)|All I Wanna Do

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: We here to fun~
; Summer Love
This is a track by Jay Park and features Hoody and Loco. That’s because Hoody and Loco are under Jay’s label too. Jay was a former idol and leader of 2PM back in the day. However, he’s founded his own label and is doing his own thing really well. The choreography is really nice and by 1Million Dance Studio. There’s an English version with just Jay too. However, I like the Korean version more. I just really like Hoody and Loco’s parts. I especially love Hoody’s voice and her adlibs. I just really love the beat and everything too. Cha Cha Malone is Jay’s friend and has always produced amazing tracks. I need a Cha Cha beat boy~ Anyways, it’s a fun song that fits a fun summer vibe. It also really fits that whole summer love/fling vibe too.

Jay Park (박재범) Feat. Gray (그레이)|Drive

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Chill and Groove; I’mma blast this while driving along the beach; Summer Love

It’s another Jay Park track, but this time featuring Gray. It’s just a chill song that you can groove to. It’s definitely a perfect track to blast during a summer drive along the beach~ The MV also features one of my K-Pop crushes, Yoon Bora~ Bora was a member of the now defunct girl group, Sistar.

Jay Park (박재범) Feat. Hoody (후디) |Solo

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Mellow with some Groove; Summer Love

It’s another Jay Park and Hoody track. I think this was the first song I heard with Hoody. It’s got a beat, but it’s a more mellow track. It still leaves you grooving along to it though. This song is basically about a guy gaining interest in a girl, and hoping that she’s single. However, she’s unsure about his sincerity. So dude’s trying to show that his feelings are indeed sincere. It’s a mellow summer love track~

Jay Park (박재범) Feat. LOCO (로꼬) & Gray (그레이)|My Last

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Groovin’; Summer Love

It’s another Jay Park with LOCO and Gray~ LOCO is one of my favorite Korean rappers, and he’s just adorkable lol. Anyways, here’s another track that you can groove to. It’s another perfect summer love track too. I just like it cuz I used to love blasting this as I drove along the beach to work.

HYOLYN(효린)| SEE SEA(바다보러갈래)

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Retro and Groove; Summer Love

Hyolyn was also a member of Sistar. This song’s called “See Sea”, so yeah…it’s definitely a summer song lol. It’s got this fun retro sound to it.

Gray (그레이)|TMI

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Laid back; Lazy Summer Day

This is a track by Gray. So as you can guess, “TMI” stands for “Too Much Information”. However, the Korean definition is a bit different from Americans and other native English speakers. We usually say something is TMI in situations where it’s like “Gross…” and/or “I didn’t ask…” However, the Korean version is more like “That’s really random and useless information that I didn’t ask for or need to know”. Basically, it’s used for very random and useless information. In this song Gray just sings about mundane things. Stuff like watching Netflix, sleeping in, or the weather. So yeah, this is the song for those lazy days. This is the kind of song I’d listen to during a hot and boring summer day.

ZICO (지코) Feat. Crush (크러쉬) & DEAN (딘) [A.K.A. Fanxy Child]|BERMUDA TRIANGLE

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Hip-Hop; Our crew plays hard, and gonna do what we do
Zico is a member of K-Pop group Block B. He’s one of those idols who is known for being a talented producer. Anyways, he’s also good friends with by baes Crush and Dean~ Together, along with some other friends, they make up a hip-hop/R&B based crew called Fanxy Child. I believe this was the first official track released by Fanxy Child.

DEAN (딘)|bonnie & clyde

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Hip-Hop/R&B; Sad, bittersweet, unrequited love

DEAN~ *SWOOON~* Dean is bae. I’ll admit that this song doesn’t really scream summer. However, I thought of it as a perfect bittersweet love song.

DEAN (딘) & Heize (헤이즈)| And July

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Hip-Hop/R&B; I don’t know why I’m stuck on you; Hot summer love

Ah~ Dean, again~ *swoooon* This is a track from Heize and features my bae Dean~ It’s that track about that kind of summer love where you’re just really stuck on someone. It’s an R&B track that gets you grooving along to it.

DEAN (딘) & Heize (헤이즈)| Shut Up & Groove

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: I’m just here to go with the flow and groove

Here’s another collab from Heize and Dean~ The title is self-explanatory. This is just about shutting up, not worrying, and going with the flow. Just groove and have fun~

MILLIC Feat. FANXY CHILD [ ZICO (지코), Crush (크러쉬), DEAN (딘), & PENOMECO (페노메코)| PARADISE

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Chill hip-hop/R&B; Love

Fanxy~ This is a track from MILLIC featuring the Fanxy Child crew; Consisting of Dean, Crush, Zico, and Penomeco. It’s a super chill hip-hop and R&B track.

Taeyeon (태연)| Why

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Pop/Tropical House; I’m feelin’ sweet and happy; Dance; Summer Love

Taeyeon is one of my K-Pop girl crushes. She’s literally one of the Queens of K-Pop. She’s a member of legendary K-Pop group 소녀시대/Girls’ Generation. I love this song~ I love the tropical house feel. It makes me happy and wanna dance hehe~

Crush (크러쉬) & Han Sang Won| SKIP

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Feelin’ some R&B and Funk; Feel-Good; Let go, relax, and enjoy yourself~

Here’s a collab with my bae Crush and composer Han Sang Won. It’s a happy, feel-good song with some R&B and funk~ Sometimes we get so caught up in these, we forget to just relax and enjoy ourselves.

소녀시대 Girls’ Generation|PARTY

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Cute & Fun; It’s summer so let’s have fun~

SNSD or Girls’ Generation are my K-Pop Queens. This is a cute and fun summer song. “It’s party time!~” So let’s get out there and have fun this summer~


Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Chill, R&B, Lo-fi; Love

I love offonoff. It consists of singer Colde (whom I absolutely love), and producer/DJ 0Channel. Despite being called “Dance”, it’s a soft and easy going song. In this sense, this dance is love itself. It’s a love song and has some chill and sensual vibes to it.

SOMDEF(썸데프) Feat. LOCO (로꼬) & Bravo)| ONE PLUS ONE(원플러스원)

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Chill Hip-Hop; Sweet Love

Loco is one of my favorite Korean rappers. He looks like an adorkable little kid~ This is a track from SOMDEF featuring LOCO and Bravo. It’s a really sweet and chill hip-hop track. Like this is a super sweet, kinda cheesey, love song~

Nick & Sammy (닉앤쌔미)| Baby You Love Me

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Pop, Indie; Summer Love
This group is a bit lesser known. Nick & Sammy is a duo consisting of a Korean-American and Korean-Australian. They use alot of different genres from pop, indie, rock, funk, and rap. I just love how they both come from very music scenes/genres, but they came together and made it work. I remember absolutely falling in love with this song though. It’s got a nice funky and fun sound. Another perfect song for a blossoming summer love~

Nick & Sammy (닉앤쌔미)| O.o.O. (On or Off)

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Pop, Indie; Summer Love
I think this was the last release from Nick & Sammy. I’m actually quite sad, cuz I do like their music. I really hope they’ll be able to come out with something new soon~ Anyways, this is a nice funky song for the summer~

SIK-K (식케이) Feat. Crush (크러쉬)| party (SHUT DOWN)

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Chill Hip-Hop/R&B; I love to party on the weekend~; Love
This is a super chill and smooth track from Sik-K featuring Crush~ It’s produced by Groovy Room; They always make great tracks as well. It’s a track you could groove or nod your head to. Surprisingly, this song is kind of a love song. Sik-K is just basically singing about missing his girl. While he’s having fun a the party with his homies, he misses his girl more. So he’s gonna go off and see her~

RIRI 荒井梨里|Rush

Language: Japanese
Mood/Vibe: Pop/Electronic with a dash of R&B; Summer Love
Riri is a hella young Japanese R&B/Pop singer. She debuted at 16, and is like 19 now? It just sounds like a sweet yet soulful track. It’s just basically about that spark you get from someone, and that rush you feel~ If you wanna take it down a bit slower, the [Seiho Remix] is really good~ She’s also got a few English versions of her tracks, including this one, too~

RIRI 荒井梨里|Maybe One Day

Language: Japanese
Mood/Vibe: Pop/Electronic with a dash of R&B; Summer Love
This is another track from Riri. This one has more of a tropical vibe to it.


Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Fun, cutesy, makes me wanna dance along; Summer Love

Twice is currently the top girl group in K-Pop. Not gonna lie, I don’t follow them very much. Like I’ve said before, I was a first and second generation stan. Still, some of their songs are catchy and alot of fun. I think “Likey” was the one that caught my attention most. I’m just putting this here because I think Nick or Marc is a ONCE lol. Anyways, it’s a cute and upbeat track that’s fun to dance to~ It’s basically about liking someone, trying to impress them, and wanting them to like you too.

Ong Seong Wu (옹성우)| Heart Sign

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Some kinda fun summer love montage

This song by Ong Seong Wu came out not too long ago. It’s all about love, but it’s a fun song. It’s one of those songs that can get you dancing along to it.


Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Tropical House Vibes; Summer love

I used to be a huge YG Family fan since the JinuSean, 1TYM, Se7en, Gummy, and Wheesung days. Up to the Big Bang and 2NE1 days too. However, I haven’t really followed them as much. I still enjoy some songs from the newer generation. I know…YG is pretty problematic right now…but let’s not get into the politics right now. Anyways, I don’t know much about WINNER. However, I found this track super catchy. It’s a nice tropical house kind of track. Yes, it’s a love song. It’s basically about “Really Really” liking someone, and wondering how they feel too.

iKON| 사랑을 했다 (Love Scenario)

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Summer Heartbreak

This track is by iKON, yet another one of the newer kids in YG Entertainment. Again, I don’t listen to many of their songs or know anything about them. However, this track is really catchy. Sadly, it’s a sad love song. It’s not really one of those bitter love songs though. It’s a track that talks about looking back at everything, the good and the bad. In the end there was love, it was good, and that’s enough.

Kero One Feat. Epik High (에픽하이) & Ben Westbeech|When the Sunshine Comes

Language: Korean/English
Mood/Vibe: Chill; Here to just kick back and enjoy the moment

This track is by Kero One, a Korean-American hip-hop MC, producer, and DJ. It also features my favorite group, Epik High. It’s a chill jazz hop track. You’d probably like Kero One’s stuff if you like Nujabes.

Moon Byul(문별 Mamamoo) Feat. SEULGI(슬기 Red Velvet)|SELFISH

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Chill/Easy-Going; Ain’t here to stress, just here to relax and be fre
e; I love myself
This track is by Mamamoo’s Moon Byul, and features Seulgi from Red Velvet. It’s a super chill and easy going track. It’s a track that definitely has that summer vibe to it. It’s just about wanting to be free from all the stress you usually face. It’s okay to be selfish, and to enjoy yourself. Love yourself y’all.

Steve Aoki & Monsta X|Play It Cool

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Dance; AYYYYYYY 😉

This isn’t Steve Aoki’s first time collabing with K-Pop artists. He’s also previously dropped collabs with BTS (Mic Drop, The Truth Untold, Waste It On Me). It’s a smooth dance track.

Sunday Moon (선데이문)|Million Miles

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Chill/Indie

Here’s an indie track for y’all. Vocalist Sarah Lee was a contestant on Superstar K. She’s got this wonderfully soothing voice. Anyway it’s a super chill track perfect for those chill summer days or nights.

이요한 John OFA Rhee|NIGHT OR DAY

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Chill/Indie

John is another former contestant from Superstar K. He’s got this super soothing voice as well.


Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: R&B/Groove/Funk; Summer Love?

Bumkey is one of my most favorite R&B artists. There’s also an [English version] of this track. I love the groovy/funky feel to this track~

ONE OK ROCK|Wasted Nights

Language: Korean
Mood/Vibe: Rock; Enjoy the moment

We all know how much I love [ONE OK ROCK]. This is a song that really captures living in and enjoying the moment. I could definitely see it in some kind of montage with friends and family.

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