Kakegurui XX Review

Kakegurui XX Review

So when this fun show came down the pipe I was only able to put off watching it because of the fact I was midway though the fun of Breaking Bad. If you read my last posting about the first season of Kakegurui, you know I’m a bit biased about the fact that I truly do enjoy insane gambling obsessed women enjoying getting their gambling freak on.

While I stand by the fact that Yumeko Jabami being an amazing woman and representative of chaos and insanity is a great thing, some people disagree. Specifically 95% of the cast and characters of the show itself. Season 2 becomes interesting with the escalation from last season and introduction of the Momobami clan, the family of Student Council President Kirari Momobami. During this season, Kirari offers to the auxiliary branches of the Momobami clan an offer. Whoever wins the new election for Student Council President shall become the new head of the prestigious Momobami clan. To this end, there is a massive gamble set with the stakes at hand being the votes of the student body.

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The first set of these newcomer transfer students find that Yumeko is insane. This of course is emphasized by individuals finding out that Yumeko and company have absolutely no concern for their own safety, life, and limb in order to win. Eventually they find out her insanity and figure a way around Yumeko but continue to lose to her. Once again, the secondary cast of Mary and the existing Student Council are fantastic and intimidating, not to be outdone by the outsiders. The only thing I’ve found myself disliking was the fact that Ryota kinda fell by the wayside even though he was practically the narrator and co-conspirator of Yumeko for the first season. In fact his love and affection he displayed then was completely overlooked during the course of this season.

All the games and gambles this season were fantastic, with a very similar feel and effect to season 1. The art and insanity keep escalating, and not in a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure feel but still quite crazy. However I did find the ending to be less fun and high stakes as the end of last season. Even with Yumeko betting her family name against 3 billion yen, the stakes just kind of fell flat. Otherwise I still find to be quite the interesting and fun time and I hope a season 3 comes out quickly so that I can get more of a fix of compulsive gambling girls. The entirety of the show has been pretty good and barring a delay on the release due to Netflix, I totally enjoyed the English dubbing and felt it was worth it. Let me know what you think of the Netflix model and/or Kakegurui in general and if you also enjoy the crazy that is Yumeko Jabami.

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