BAYOG Playlist | Unison Square Garden

BAYOG Playlist | Unison Square Garden

I love the BAYOG Playlist posts that Mindy puts out and always wanted to talk about some music I’m listening to. I thought it would be cool to just some recommendations from a band I’ve been jamming to lately. It’s not going to be as long as Mindy’s posts and I can’t make a playlist with the band because they aren’t on Spotify or Apple Music. I know it sucks but I just caved and purchased their music. Gotta support when you can! Alright, let’s jump into some of my favorite music from Unison Square Garden!

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If this name is familiar to you, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. They have done a ton of OPs in the last few years. I believe the first song I heard from USG was “Sugar Song and Bitter Step” from the Blood Blockade Battlefront ED. As infectious as the song is, coupled with the visuals, it became an instant hit You can find many reimagining of this ED with different anime series. It’s pretty cool.

Sugar Song and Bitter Step(Blood Blockade Battlefront ED)

Since we are already talking about Blood Blockade Battlefront, I can’t skip the upbeat OP of its second season. “Fake Town Baby” was a perfect choice for this seasons OP just because of how zany this season was. I nearly found it impossible to skip, even when binging episodes after I fell behind. The lyrics fit pretty well too with Leonardo’s perspective of the world around him.

Fake Town Baby(Blood Blockade Battlefront & BEYOND OP)

I’ve talked about Welcome to the Ballroom quite a bit on this blog so you shouldn’t be too surprised that I’m talking about both OPs of the series. They are both pretty good and fitting for their arcs that are taking place. Most of why I love these OPs is because of how well the animation takes advantage of it. This is very apparent in the second OP Invisible Sensation.

Unfortunately, there’s like no way I can get the OP as youtube video without being a cover or just HORRIBLE quality so, their official music video would have to do it!

Invisible Sensation (Welcome to the Ballroom OP2)

The last song I wanted to talk about was from Run with the wind. I really loved this song when it was first released. The second OP is good but I really loved the first moments of the song where you see Kakeru running through the seasons. I was a big fan of how they animated it. The song itself is great. Even though this song is less hype then something like Fake Town Baby, it seems to really set the pace and let the listener/viewer know what they are in for.

Just wanted to share some of my favorite songs from this band that were featured on some of my favorite anime. As much as I love this band, I don’t talk about them to many people looking from music recommendations because the reason I mentioned at the beginning of the post, they are not very accessible since they aren’t on streaming platforms. Big fan none the less.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Not much work put into this post. Rough week to be honest but will come back better next week!

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